National news reaction to the firing of Matt Lauer

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 29th

We speak with Fox News Commentator Todd Starnes about today's breaking news at NBC in New York


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. I've been touched at Woodward's case tennis is breaking news. NBC news has a long time today show host that low earth has been fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. Powers co anchor Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of. They show. Guthrie read a statement from NBC news chairman Andy lack stating that the company. Has received detailed complaint from a colleague Monday night and of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. By one hour. Donald Trump junior says his father's a successful run for president has given conservatives the ability to feel free to speak up on issues. Trump appeared Tuesday evening at a fund raiser for Kansas secretary of state Chris cope buck's campaign for governor at a suburban Kansas city hotel. Now forecast with K and SS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can mourning day and the. Morning we have a storm system moving east out of north central Oklahoma and most of the moisture is off to our east so clouds and dry weather will stay around through much of today with a high 52 of tonight's salute 38. It will be dry on Thursday and Friday with a warming trend at 56 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy 44 degrees we a little. Wind at twelve miles per hour Wichita officials are considering a change in local fireworks policy during a workshop meeting Tuesday. The City Council and fire chief Tammy Snowe met to consider possible changes current regulations. Only allow for novelty fireworks that don't travel over six feet when sent off in the city. Chief snow says Wichita is on an island surrounded by other communities that followed state law which allows much louder class C consumer fireworks. Wichita vice mayor Janet Miller says she has always voted against expanding firework sales. Every time fireworks season rolls around. You know my inbox fills up I know my successors. Inbox to a Fella was fireworks complaints and so I would be doing huge disservice to the hundreds of people that are written to me over the past eight years. About our existing fireworks let alone expanding it to allow everything. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy next month. The federal appeals court has refused to hear the appeal to Kansas man who tried to set off what he thought was a bomb at an army post to support the Islamic state. A three judge panel of the tenth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Tuesday the appeal filed by John Bucher junior of Topeka. Challenging some conditions of his supervised release. It ruled that the command had waived his appeal rights in his plea deal. Booker was sentenced in July to thirty years in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release. He pleaded guilty to one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to destroy government property with an explosive. He was arrested in 2015 outside Fort Riley. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news looks like we have a winner in the battle to lead the consumer financial protection bureau for now. Former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard corn trade picked his deputy reentry English to take over as acting chief. The president trumpet picnic mauled Amy did temporarily lead the bureau. Maldini moved into the office as English try to filer restraining order against him. A judge denied that order a lawyer for English says he doesn't think the judge's ruling is the final stop for this case. Meanwhile mauled manes told staffers dude disregarded instructions from English. President trumps expected to pick a nominee to take over the job permanently. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. As states grapple with how to handle newly legalized marijuana a terrible accident in Vermont. Shows how dangerous it can be to drive high. The driver behind the wheel in the wrong way crash that killed five teenagers in Vermont last year. Heavy concentrations of TH CNN's slide the Psycho active ingredient in marijuana gets people hike. That's from the state toxicology report found ten. Mammograms any amount in Vermont is against the law but even illegal land of Colorado the limit is only five nanograms. Vermont's report concludes effective. Marijuana on driving ability may include wheezing in attention poor coordination and slowed reaction time with increased error rates and complex tasks. The drivers pled not guilty to five counts of murder Teresa Crowley Fox News. Death some Kansas roadways are up this year in the Kansas Highway Patrol says distracted driving. The big cause especially when it comes to cell phone although it is against the law to text and drive in Wichita. Some cities in Kansas taken a step further with a hands free ordinance which means you can't even hold your phone while driving. ASN news spoke with trooper Tom Heilman who would like to see that ordinance becomes state law. We see some with a cellphone and her hand while driving. Right there that's all we would mean. According to Tripoli Kansas 420. People have died in Kansas traffic accidents so far this year. That's up more than 12%. From this time last year. 736 now Stevens on the morning on K and ash as CNET news Wednesday November 29. And Tony seventeen. Few days. Past Thanksgiving as our look at now toward Christmas winding down November pretty quickly apparently Christmas season is here on this date November 29. 1972. Of the coin operated video arcade game all on me. Created by Atari made its debut it handicaps tavern in Sunnyvale Calif or a classic. 1972. All of a and at that time we all thought wow this is amazing. It's more complicated can still hear those sound effect has netted him pretty nip it yeah if on the state in 2001 George Harrison the quiet beatle. Died in Los Angeles following a battle with cancer he was 58 he was only 588. Home and now it's official there are all kinds of questions about the newly engaged couple British prince. Harry and American actress Megan Markel one of them centers on her citizenship. Kensington Palace as she does intend to become a British citizen after the wedding of have a dual citizenship. But could take awhile Markel faces a lengthy application process may be years before she can call herself. A Brit or tell me the queen can't push that through I would say she could probably bank cut little red that are right. 737 now Stephen Ted Fox News commentator to Einstein's. Willis this morning good morning Todd. Good morning hours ago well bitumen by do you think we should talk about breaking news you and me this morning they think. Well I think we can cut a hole I used to talk about Matt Lauer well. Value broad enough that yes about dead and I. The question is there any anybody who's not go to the accused of this. Yeah I yeah yeah it got me on this one a lot of a lot of I pollute stuff going on across this. Quickly your slaughtered the same or. We have. It's our lives. Oh that's OK and we'll listen let. No probably glitches happen. I lucked out a lot of crazy stuff happening across the street there at at 30 Rock. And a map flower you're a it has been fired and apparently I got against this were really surprised me about this they didn't help us to have. Up until right before the show's start. No and Doug. I mean they were very emotional you know this morning and rightfully so I mean the guys got their work in two decades. But apparently. That they say it was so he was fired every single complaint of an appropriate to behavior. And but it may not have been an isolated at the so. The copy I'm seeing from any peace incident in May have been something as recently as Monday night that happened. And etc. it turned it around and are dated this mess around obviously he's injured off. Yes absolutely I mean an and that to me is rather. I'll be honest with you sort of shocking to me that the guys ever had any sorts of issues and all of a sudden there's an issue and you know. And move your ball but look this is a very interest in climate we're in right now. Where there seems to be this Wednesday. In the mainstream media and in Hollywood and and the politics quite frankly. So. Honestly in my estimation I think that I think everybody in America needs to go back to church on Sundays at listen to what the preacher tells. And yet and pay attention this time. Now that he'd do you remember do you remember the movie a few years back with will spare Earl anchorman. Oh yeah. It was it was a comedic set up but you know inappropriate behavior in the future write rights. Or they advertise it as the top but he but I I I suspected actually may have been a docking. And I that was a documentary that you know and I. I don't have any experience with network TV some local TV but. There is anything like that net to be don't I don't see it radio frankly we've been so. I mean. You know it was several years ago they started in. The people who own radio stations come in and say hey this is what's appropriate this is what's not. And you know Arab almost everybody knows gone through some kind of training about office. Oh yeah I mean we had to go through you know that training and I did it years ago and I was in Sacramento. And basically. All you're allowed to do is is still stared directly at the person up it's like the way. Shaking hands. I was always I was trying to figure out because you know it in the south where sort of it's it's you know it's up. We read a lot a lot of folks on campus now that yell the other banks. But don't yet they they have that they stopped doing that real quick appeared New York City. Did you read this site it is cutting about it which he hears what you're right it continues Steven in New York City noble ladies do here. They do decide. Decided to cheek air tickets. Well I'll like much to do it. Reviewed like right cheek air Hispanic or thought I hit it very confusing. Well that. A site cheek air kiss OK okay. And there you're asking me again we do we work and in it in a climate here in broadcasting where. Every now and then we do little teasing on the air a little double entendre but did you got to watch it. Because in the workplace. We make somebody feel uncomfortable we can be in some big big trouble. Yeah outlook that's why in my you know my radio show that we actually have a hotline to HR right there in the studio. Really it's somebody in hr plus you all the time until that day it's rather followed. A Tuesday. Well it's it's. It's a new world and you know it. These these guys at the of the of the people who are alleged victims were more coming out like this years ago and it just it's a new issue it is a new day in day. And the odds of this is that the climate is changing in. Care yeah. Yeah outlook I mean it's it's not a frat house kids and so you know it's it's a work place sand out of people but again here's here's interest in paper approach to stool on. This morning. How many years has has the last intelligence and Hollywood quite frankly they've been preaching analyst morality doesn't matter it's an anything goes world well gas supplies. That is the result of an anything goes world. It morality does matter and by the way between now and a that big holiday coming up I will say Merry Christmas to. Well Merry Christmas had to get a Polonia budget over. We will I thought hey thanks they're appreciated 742 now Stephen did Fox News commentator Todd Stein's himself. Little bit of the background information about them and feelings about. Matt Lauer being fired from The Today Show this morning. 743 Steven did a look at local whole price is editor bill Lloyd that would stop visitor coming up. Steven Pitt in the morning on tape and assess.