NBC fires anchor Matt Lauer

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 29th
Lauer's co-hosts were told about the change just minutes before air time.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. We just cause number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. Okay is this morning news was even dead at ninety Macintosh. NBC's Matt Lauer fired it. Wichita City Council taking new look at the fireworks policy. We've got a story and the governor Sam Brownback to meet with Mitch McConnell today in Washington. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the latest system that moved through is on its way out and quiet weather is expected throughout the rest of the week. We will have our complete forecast in a few minutes Palin as his breaking news big change for one of the network TV shows. They show host Matt flowers no longer greeting morning TV viewers and Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC news. Cart chairman have released a statement saying a college had come forward reporting behavior in violation. Of our company's standards. That's his co host Savannah Guthrie. The statement from NBC chairman Andrew Lack says the detailed complaint was received Monday night and accused lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. Lauer has been with the network for more than twenty years in New York City Tonya Jack powers Fox News. Wichita officials are considering a change in the fireworks policy. During a workshop meeting the City Council and fire chief Tammy Snowe met to consider changing the policy and current regulations only allow for novelty fireworks that don't travel over six feet when they're set off them. Chief doe says it is tough to enforce the city's law. What's harder are and the police department our officials that would actually issued citations in regards to the fireworks violations. That's. When the ordinance as written is that we must observe. The violation. The ease for the possession to actually issue a citation. And also cannot issue citations to minors. She's those as Wichita is on an island surrounded by other communities that follows state law which allows much louder class C consumer fireworks. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy during a meeting in December. Darius Warner was charged Tuesday in Sedgwick county court with voluntary manslaughter in the death of thirty year old steel Lawler. He was found stabbed in the 3300 block of east some views last Wednesday. Warner is a parent educator at north high he's on paid administrative leave. Bond has been set at 200000 dollars and a preliminary hearing set for December 12. Kansas governor Sam Brownback he's in Washington to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell spokesman David popped confirmed the meeting is scheduled for today. Kansas City Star reports pop would not discuss the reason for the meeting. But it comes as brown backs confirmation to be next ambassador at large for international religious freedom has slowed. No final vote scheduled. Brownback said last week that he hopes his appointment would be voted on before Christmas. Is already handed over some of his most important duties as governor to lieutenant governor Jeff call your including leadership over the state budget. Brownback was nominated in July. A senate committee narrowly approved the nomination in October. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS. News a suspect has been arrested in connection with a serial killing spree in the Seminole heights area of Tampa Florida. Suspect identified as 24 year old how all Emmanuel Donaldson the third. Tampa police say the arrest came after the got a tip about a man carrying a gun and an area McDonald's. Tampa mayor Bob buck Horne says he's grateful have a Sus. Tonight. Is the beginning of when justice will be served. And then the process will occur. When this individual rots in hell. Four people have been killed in Seminole heights in less than two months. After the launch of what may be North Korea's most powerful missile ever the trump administration may take more steps. To cut Kim Jong-un nuclear ambitions. He tells the Hudson Institute award dinner the administration is ready to. Bring economic. And diplomatic pressure to bear until North Korea abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile Tuesday that reach 2800. Miles into the sky. And landed without harming anyone off the coast of Japan but that type of missile may be able to reach as far into the US as Washington or New York. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. It. Cain is as use time now 7055. Minutes and simplified. College basketball watch it last night shocker in the jayhawks both with the big wins at home we have highlights and we'll hear from some of those involved coming up in sports Kansas gas prices could be going up during the holiday season that story coming up. On McCain as this morning news was Steven says it. McCain and his fifth point. In minutes past 7 o'clock gasoline prices in Kansas will be hired for the holiday season then they have been since 4014. Even though they're going down a little now it's according to Jennifer hall with Tripoli Kansas. I had to do with the tight supplies that we got to and there's been some higher maintenance. Issues going on refineries. It's sort deemed are back. There and so we're not sitting with his match in the readers that this year. The low price as of Monday in Kansas was that Cunningham and Kingman county at 223. And highest at Saint Francis in Cheyenne county at two dollars. And 64 cents a gallon. As an ethics investigation of sexual harassment allegations against congressman John Conyers begins a third a former staffer of his is claiming he sexually harassed her. Fox's Kristen Fisher has details. Her name's Deanna Maher she says it happened three times between 1997. And 99 the last one according to mark took place in a very public setting at town hall meeting in his home district of Detroit. Let's just described it in an interview on CNN he stuck his hand up my dress and lift your third in my ear. While you got a great looking legs Conyers is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus and some of his colleagues are reportedly pressing him. To resign but the caucuses chairman. Is not one of them he says he met with Conyers and told him that any decision to resign before the ethics investigation. Is complete is up to him and him alone. Some former Conyers staffers have come to his defense saying they believe in due process and support allowing the ethics probe to run its course. It's sparkles and it's pretty but isn't a threat to the environment. Glitter it's used to decorate various things like stones glass and even the scantily clad bodies of exotic dancers but now scientist said me she university. In New Zealand say it poses a threat to the oceans were marine animals have been known to eat plastic off and killing them not only that the scientists say. When fish eat the greater and then we eat the fish. We have deporting their plastic into our bodies Gary bombed and Fox News. Davis has used time now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. David did in the morning. I just got on Genesis. Don't I just got a call from traffic trackers daily okay he actually watched any gasoline station changed or sign a freely. Yeah coming down a sense down its debt that the district seven Broadway. T 27 gal and I checked that earlier this morning but there. Secretary Christine Pelton says they were changing them to 26 gallons of coming down just a little bit by a little bit. Traffic updates from K and it's it's Radio One catching just as was forecast yesterday it rained overnight. In south central Kansas. I'm for the king is installed secretary forecast with Kansas State meteorologist for the announcement and in good. And Leon. And I didn't mean to sound incredulous that you got one right. I. Yeah weird driving into work this morning and it was a little bit of the you know those blue sprinkle my Winchell by the time I got to we're here on the east side it was. Rain pretty good and shrink those wipers up to full blown in in getting crushed council it was much needed I don't know how much there was to be getting any idea at this point. We we get the official number at the airport was portents of an inch and so. It was it was good it will shut the advantage fortunately Miley may very little bit because it was herbal amount it's still you know that was one of the things are really wanted to. Under promise and over deliver Leo. Point we have been so dry so yeah a little rain unfortunately a lot of the state came up high and dry that we we just cataract south central Kansas program if those showers but got a rated comic. That the state witnessed today you know we are in that kind of cold and planned restart in the morning temperatures in the mid forties right now. We're probably gonna get the mid fifty cent at 55 Portland forecast the wind died of mobile little breezy this morning that they should ease up but I think today but those kind of gray cloudy good napping afternoons but the rain is coming to an in an ad comes. Hey listen I'm looking at McCain is his Brothers and a radar screen here and there is a line of blue line up there brown Hutchinson. RUC and that is that just clan elders or some light rain in them as well. I am not the end that I India and got a winner right radar up right now and ten. A lot of fun mom might have a little bit Christmas sparkling yours may be. No no silly not to dump some gum on the computer screen here classless. Yeah I guess it's. If anything that might be a little bit light drizzle on the back at banks but not yet. Everything lined out to classic and stick around for awhile wait there's not clout it's cold out there west can't. And we're we're at Wednesday now creeping down toward the weekend in Tokyo. Bill Christmas shop and they're gonna wanna work and yard may be rake some leaves or maybe just enjoy the weather. And how's it shaping up I don't say it's a few days out but can you give us a little sneak peek on that. It would be happy to sneak peek to the weekend among Republicans. That aren't we by the time we get into tomorrow we start his. Kind of set the table if you will or what's gonna turn out to be a great weekend and nice is forecast we had a nice days of the week capped in the fall on Saturday and Sunday we got low sixties disguised will be clear you know maybe partly cloudy by late Sunday afternoon but mild. This time a year which can be fairly light and and delightful looking weekend Friday looks nice too so you know any had a plan is not going to be warm and -- no records but what you get sunshine and sixty is that good caddick. Crisp fall air yeah yeah it actually bill lot of folks have been you know call here or taped piece which means an eight horse winner. Okay I'm an opponent pitcher on the hotel and you don't have an answer is don't want to but you've you predict things lying on the Letterman. And I predict who the next national figure to be accused of an appropriate behavioral way. Now boldly and how only smokes we hold the B arm. All rocked by that Adam and Matt Lauer used losing his job while I ask you what you went down he was assistant it was terminate yeah they didn't mess around. Now I get this one allegation it's when we're just fighting that we get the scene email that NBC got an apparently Savannah. Guthrie and Otis were on that sort of the show this morning they were just told minutes before the issue. Well yeah I hit it really it shocked us all we were all taken aback. When we heard on the air this morning in a elect another topic though the weather can. Pay. What topic I do not predict that do not want and involved in those predictions that it appears that spot the weekend looks good next week letter. They're Tuesday and Wednesday bottom dropped out of or look at forties and cooling even from there as well as our next shot cold. All right hey now thank years serve the case as sands storm try to through forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Lee Huntsman them in this morning. Wrinkle process south central Kansas and a SE as as you heard. He Leo till about not to portents of the nation's southern half inch. High temperature which I usually was 61 degrees normal life of the date is 72 so we're still. Elizabeth a little bit below what notably now is on this is November 29 always stayed in 1888. You remembered says that. Which are recorded snowy ist November on record. With a total of nine inches. Now and the key there is on record yes. This occurred during the first year of Wichita us climate records so this is the first year they were keeping track is such things now. There could have been. A snow here at November somewhere back in the 1870s. Or sixties now or fifties but this is a herculean records. So. Yes shaping up for a nice weekend here right there Ted and in next weekend you'll have a good chance it. Put on your sweaters in here in the long sleeved shirts certainly no snow in 2017. For the Wichita area now not. You know. Wonderful have a white Christmas tough that's another story today 717. Now Stephen dead in the morning and it's time for sports with Ted Woodward shocker basketball last night we. We didn't think he would have much trouble with this Savannah State that. Banana state came out prior to weigh those guys don't waste any well that's an area that's how they operate at Elena stayed in the Wichita last night taking on eighth ranked Wichita State. Here's what Savannah State does they they love to come down and they don't waste any time they don't run offense they don't run plays they just kind of dribble across midcourt then somebody shoot the basketball quickly. The shot clock operator did not have much to do not accept reset the shot Claudia gives. Usually about. Five seconds into the shot clock the tigers have already put up a shot that was going the other way shocker for pulling down tons of rebounds last night. Meanwhile on the offensive end things Wichita had a star last night's Aman. And he was light it up last night against the tigers might Kennedy and Dave gold color of the game on 103 point seven KEY and. It needs you know and I think drivers right around McClanahan all of it's impossible once again outside the perimeter. Pumping is this young man very you know Rachel no he just little quick you can expect really quick he left handed. You know check. He is quick only is it that basket that's tough to guard. Yep he Savannah State was an interest of guarding much and anyone. Some Monty named Jones with a career high last night 31. Points in his six game as a shocker. In Wichita State dominated the tigers won twelve the 66 was the final score after the game comments on his star soccer head coach. Gregg marshall's. My -- he's don't look like he was back home because he looked very comfortable. Short of being knocked in the mouth and have in the blood. If it appeared to be like a city league game he was that he was getting to the rim he's really really explosive with that first step. And I took pretty good care of the ball five or there's only two turnovers. Nicely done Darryl Willis had a double double for the shocker is off the bench fourteen points twelve rebounds. Rashard Kelly also had a double double for this doctor's twelve points ten rebounds. Talked up a lot of big numbers last night now five and one on the season back in the win column. The shocks of 142. Straight nonconference games ARCO Arena. Street that is now six years in the making it streak you know and they clobbered Savannah State in last night. Up in Lawrence another nonconference win for Kansas ranked number two in the nation undefeated Kansas taking on Toledo last night. And Kate you've got the job done a huge performance. Four KM Kansas senior Dovonte Graham you heard that hey you game last night on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. We've got about they grab a few minutes Graham Watson we've built. 35. Points for the putts neighbor. Fourteen of nineteen from before five of eight from to two for two from the stripe. Five rebounds five business and personal best for lots of great big night for Graham he made fifteen baskets last night. Most by a key player in a decade. Fifteen field goal yes. Look at a yield is now 124 straight nonconference games at Allen fieldhouse jayhawks are now six and oh on the season. Mean basketball action tonight in Manhattan for Kansas State wildcats are five and one and they are hosting one in six Oral Roberts tonight. In Manhattan Kansas State is a 22 and a half point favorite going into this one. Capital to buffalo after 7 o'clock tonight in Manhattan televised on fox sports Kansas City. And K state has won twenty straight home games against nonconference opponents. Jim go men's basketball tonight inhaled Laredo Butler community college hosting independence Dennis Higgins of live coverage about the grizzlies basketball 715 tonight that's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Kate and SS. And the Wichita State women's basketball team is home tonight ARCO Arena. Posting an old rival Missouri State. The lady bears come to Coke arena tonight take on Wichita State medals but left at 7 o'clock it Coke arena tonight we're shocker women's basketball. That's sports with Stephen said Kate and as at 721 now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Liberals want Sanctuary Cities to continue. To defy the trump an administration. That's coming up even get in the morning on KC NN cents.