The NBC World series comes to a close this weekend

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
We get a weekend sports preview with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock. This is McCain is this morning news with Stevenson to thank Steve Macintosh. 2 o'clock we'll remove himself from vote counting and gubernatorial primary we've got the story fire removes more joy from Wichita is joint land. I'm Dan O'Neill. Wildfires still causing big problems in California I'm it was toward those details just ahead. I'm Kenneth says meteorologist Dan Holliday but trough of low pressure moving in from the north will trigger a few thunderstorms later on this afternoon we'll talk about when to expect those coming up. The woman was shot himself Wichita Thursday afternoon in the 100 block of west Mount Vernon. Police say the woman had been shot twice through injury for the first described as critical. And then later as nonlife threatening police reported no suspect in custody immediately after the shooting. A fire at which it tossed oil land amusement park grounds destroyed and abandoned iconic structure. The fire broke out early Thursday morning in the wacky Shaq there were no injuries. Wichita City Council member James Klein denim tells can't send news the city has attempted to do something about the deteriorating structures but they are on private property. The city has had. Cases environmental court cases in the past on it. As a coming to colorful history there. There have been many people that are interested in buying the property they just hasn't worked out for one reason or the other. Officials say there are still attempting to find someone to develop the property. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news Kansas secretary of state Crisco boxes he will remove himself from the further counting of votes in his. Tight Republican primary race with governor Jeff collier but he says his move will be symbolic. Collier demanded that co block stop advising county election officials facing questions from CNN host Chris Cuomo. Collection at colonial wants him to remove himself from further accounting so I will. Three women were arrested after a disturbance in north of Wichita. On Wednesday morning police responded outside the Family Dollar store at thirteenth and growth. Officers arrived they make contact with a 26 year old female. Sure reported being physically battered by 23 year old female. Was a known acquaintance. The victim also reported. Eight point seven year old female pointing a handgun. At hurt during this disturbance. Officer Charlie Davidson says the suspects were located nearby the woman with a gun was arrested for aggravated assault. A 23 year old woman and a 22 year old woman were booked into jail on outstanding arrest warrants. And the younger woman also faces a charge of marijuana possession aircraft turned hillsides or read with retardant as homeowners. Wet their houses of the garden hoses in a battle to contain an arson fire in California. Which prompted evacuation orders from more than 20000 people south of Los Angeles. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Thursday night for orange and Riverside counties. As a four day old fire spread along ridges and hillsides of the Cleveland National Forest. Vice president pens laying out his case for the creation of a space force. What will it cost taxpayers. The deputy secretary of defense says that apartment has not yet made an estimate for what space force will cost. Patrick Shanahan spoke to reporters late Thursday afternoon hours after the vice president spoke at the Pentagon. Shannon says she won't not have a cautious and until November. A year ago Defense Secretary Jim Mattis opposed the creation of space force as a separate branch of the military. Asked what change message deputies said getting bigger budget. To address the growing threat from Russia and China. At the Pentagon that he's Thomason Fox News. National approval is it is required to start a new branch of the armed forces. A seven year old Independence, Missouri boy is in a hospital his face nearly unrecognizable. After an eight year old neighbor set on fire. Ashley loved busy injured boy's mother. Had received a call when I got the court. I'm now my family being rushed to children's mercy from a titled. I'm Johnny my son in thing in a polish remover and laid him on fire on purpose. Independence police say they are investigating. K in SS Huston now 7044. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Pre season openers in the book for the Kansas City Chiefs about that and we're down to the final four teams at the national baseball congress World Series. We will discuss coming up in sports Samsung is releasing information about its newest technology that story coming up. On the case and as a sporting news was even dead. Okay and this has morning news as Stephen did now own 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. Samsung is releasing information. About its newest technology. Can't converging in Brooklyn to check Santa's latest offering the galaxy note nine. It's not sheet that starts at a thousand dollars they get faster processing more memory and a Bluetooth and not only today announced a new phone offering but they also. Announced it re branding of its wearable knuckle the galaxy watched but the announcement that got the tech world going crazy today is the announcement and it's keys of homes speaker that will be available in November just in time for Christmas and that means that Sampson is going head to head for space your home against Google and Amazon in Brooklyn this season league for Fox News. Want to keep your car getting stolen. Forget about fancy alarm system. First you have to learn to drive a manual transmission but then your odds of losing your card if he's gold's way down. That's what happened in Bethesda Maryland where cops say two guys tried to carjacked a car but when one of them got behind the wheel he learned to his dismay. That was his stick shift. Which he didn't know how to dry so instead of driving away with the man's car they ran away on foot. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. Start he was founded in Wichita in 1930 director of communications Jamie Reid tells can't assist news start he served more than 500 people with disabilities in the Wichita area. And we do without her Brady programs we have employment programs like enrichment case management we have a large residential program in Wichita. And we provide those supports Tony four hours a day 365. Days a year. Jamie reed is our guest this weekend and issues when he 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and SS. Davis has used are now seventeen and 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. Seem quite a bit of traffic right now on east Kellogg in this is right around death rock road area so watch for traffic slowdowns in heavy traffic there traffic update from K and has as radio. I'm Jad chambers and now the kids in storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist run L Williams DeMar Iran well. The morning save it out last evening looking around and look like some thunder clouds were built up around town different places that guess nothing ever happened near Wichita where it was there any rain last night anywhere here in south central Kansas. Yet there was actually officially only a Trace of rain and that thunderstorm that you mentioned it was actually mainly north Wichita I was the rain has the fall it. Eisenhower airport for two officially be recorded ride but yet that those thunderstorms especially the one in north which time it was pretty crazy bubbled up. And then it rained for about five or ten minutes and it was gone. You know just just that summertime pattern that we're in right now and you look and it are we keep in 10% in net for today in your forecast and yeah I got I think we'll still have a chance for some spotty storms as we are you ready to kick off the weekend mainly during the afternoon hours currently there is a few showers rumbles of thunder. All the way out towards northwest Kansas. Media a random pop up shower. This morning similar to what we saw happen yesterday morning around the time but other than that I think that battering chance we. During the afternoon and it's gonna be tournaments you know so which talk may stay drywall somebody else it's a downpour hurt somebody picked up. About six tenths of an inch yesterday Wu Rao OK that's next good. This and noble Georgia forecasters we edited the weekend here okay yeah not too bad of a sudden we can today mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky Temps and chance for that. Shower storm mainly during the afternoon into the evening hours. Any storms that are still. Up and still going though quickly fizzle out fall apart as the sun goes down. And that's guys are gonna clear right back out tomorrow. Mostly sunny skies may be some fair weather clouds developing in the afternoon but I don't expect those clouds who was it develop into showers storms should be pretty dry all day. High of 920. And I forgot to mention hive 94 today. So we're definitely still in the dog days of summer it's gonna feel like it today a game what we got right now. Yeah right now not all that that 69 degrees partly cloudy sky wins pretty calm. Duke point of sixty seven's so once again nice temperatures sky looking pretty nice is well still feel a little bit humid out there visibility no issues. Ten miles if anybody's getting ready to head off to work I don't think they'll have me travel troubles mother nature being nice to us don't go travel. Also look at urged him to run Al places in the cages and storm tracker three forecast for Kansas State meteorologist Brian L Williams and not bet it began toasty again today but. Not that yesterday's high in which dollars 94. What we're looking for today and the record high for the date. Yesterday 111. Or that back in 1936 we had a heck of a neat way. Wow. Well now all I can say is while I'll no doubt about summer of 1936. Kevin thirteen now Stephen Ted and a today is. As is its August 10. Not gonna be here tomorrow but did the eleventh of August is is it dates it's. Not seared into my brain but I never forget the eleventh day of August that's since 1976. I was a young man and I had been called it was a guy it was all night and pundits are workday had been over at K Ewing in radio when I was at home. But I got a call at five former remembering this right. In the afternoon or mid day in who's heading someplace there was a record something that was gone and all of a sudden. We had a sniper firing from the top of the Holiday Inn in downtown Wichita. So I veered over there on the Waco street had no idea what I was getting into. And asks and got out the card I can hear the shots ran across the street. Behind a building there and you know like a block away there's a Holiday Inn somebody's firing again up. And finally got the all clear and we've I was right there with an ambulance crew were behind a building. Taking shelter. Got the all clear red across there and it was pandemonium in the street terrible all the holiday in Michael's soul had been up there. Almost 26 floor with a gun or rifle shooting people the tallest building in Kansas and the Jimmer had to people it was like the middle of the day in every angle everywhere pretty much lunchtime he just start picking him off he killed three U wounded eight. Frankly because of a whole lot higher. But if you. Police officers while the Mike hill who became sure they'd they'd rush to human up there got into the room next door and they were able to. Go through the balcony unit about 3-D share balconies of the year ago able to go through and if they've fired and shot him in the legs and brought him down. That so that was that was on this on August 11 1976 like that. Especially might feel who've been an oddity of the sheriff's right for years he never forgets about it and I don't either new tennis. Together on net but that's tomorrow the eleventh. Wells the deal on Michael souls a low day brought out a lot of psychological mumbo Jumbo with the trial and which are all going to be. Basically if and young man from what sand springs Oklahoma messed up his. In new fears something and that they never could prove insanity so he's still on the he's still in the present and it every. Now and in his he comes up for parole only they denied this but every two years later rubber stamp on his I don't think these guys ever gonna get out of there. But 1976 after the at Trenton they stopped shooting I can continue the narrative then of who get out of here and and until next year after the shootings stop we went over there and and I. I go get a couple of interviews one of was. The share for the time which Johnny dar. On Hedo and he gave me I mean within its. This thing had been over a minute and a half and he gave me accurate information on how many overshot. And what was going on he knew everything. And John Davis it was perfect site run back than I do a cup Hillary votes you know claimant like cars or car radio and a couple of broadcast back live on the air about what's going on. And then we went haven't backed the radio station of course we'd reduce and cutting and you know how these things you know. And that the phone started Reagan and it was people from radio stations all over the country. I wound up speaking with somebody in Australia. So it was one of those stories that it wants a lifetime stories and those who won awards for it now that the it was very scary for a little bit better and big day yet. Yeah I would hate to say that today are the things that people probably remember which Belfour in the national media is things like this. And be the case reopened but you know these things happen. And it and it not a happy ending debris did get the guy and he's in prison so the ago. Now certainly dated many in Wichita will never forget pled no one of the yeah. People who was killed was a photographer for the but he but the equally well yeah he did he did he was contract yeah he would filled for channel three. And he did other photography work here is name is Joseph guru Martin who do have been paying his house listening to scanner Diddy putting issues openly. Deputies guarding got right there in front of century two minute drive there and get killed right there you don't want the bullets guns ago. So my wife is I don't know where she was at work or something and she's it. You heard it one at a news Manhattan Beach it's too cute as me so I have a caller majors you. But definitely it was an interesting date at its blogs that day. After Zia once a lifetime and maybe you don't want it to happen now but. You do your best and those circumstances that. Well look like point 15 years right on the tucked obviously things about you know keeping your cool. In that situation in which is not easy to its right to maintain our adrenaline is Golan and keeping your cool and in doing what you need and being safe net. Through all our. It's 718 Stephens analyst cheer things up a little bit talk about sports which Ted Woodward this morning. Hey we are of course gay and assess the radio all the Kansas City Chiefs and we. We rolled out last night and at arrowhead Ted. Yeah I got the first of four pre season games taking care of last night the chiefs hosting the Houston Texans up at Arrowhead Stadium last night. And get all their body some playing time and make sure nobody gets. Hurt you know and I get pretty much got accomplished in the chiefs ended up losing to Houston Texans 1710. Last night. The chiefs only had one touchdown in the game it came late in the first half pretty much with the second string guys on the field of course you heard it last night here on innocent. Yeah opinion really right to the end zone for the masses. Are the guys Robinson. Around kids. The city but 24 yard over the shoulder grab it by DA rod. The longest play of the night for Kansas City is a touchdown a 24 yard touchdown penny to the Marcus Robinson who continues to improve candle. At that wide receiver position. I saw the video of that system and you know that's pretty that was a pretty bland it's it's over the past does that add any okay. The back up what one of the back at quarterback but it was pretty. They realize. Now the starting quarterback Patrick my home was only took nine snaps last night five for seven passing for 33 yards nothing big but no mistakes now. The chiefs ended up. Over two in the red zone they didn't go to move the chains eleven for sixteen on third downs we've talked about that with then we told us about wanting to make sure that it's done this year. However the chiefs defense did hand Houston five of the first downs via penalty. Who has not well known so no that's early season actually running the circle and get better at and of course we'll discuss it all with. The play by play voice the chief Smith told us our daily chat with Mitch one hour now about 8:15 this morning to secure your beer that. The 84 national baseball congress World Series at Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday they fourteen of competition the quarterfinals. Four games the winners advancing. In the end we had three of the four games were run run games so they were close affairs yesterday the San Antonio angels beat the San Diego waves eight to four Santa Barbara forresters beat San Diego stars 76. Both San Diego teams eliminated. The Wellington heat over the Seattle does for three and in the late game last night did you go national team beat Colorado cyclones nine to eight. You go team was down 82 in the seventh inning came back and won that game any game that ended at 1:40 in the morning. So we're down to the final four the semi finals tonight at Lawrence Dumont stadium. First up at 7 o'clock he got the Santa Barbara Forest Service in the San Antonio angels late game at 9:30 PM the Wellington heat and the Jim go national scene two winners tonight we'll play Saturday night at 7 o'clock. In the championship game. Tonight is college night featuring three dollar and daddy lights. Tomorrow night of course championship game there is a post World Series fireworks extravaganza tomorrow night I'll buy it and extra innings party on the field with the local band favorite big fat fun. Tonight is college tonight at the NBC World Series featuring two dollar Beers. Don't forget if you want more information on NBC baseball dot com that's the online source for information about the NBC World Series. The party pavilion is open tonight and tomorrow night. And on championship tonight tomorrow it's also educator appreciation night and Fan Appreciation Night. Wrapping up money that fourth edition of the national baseball congress World Series. The Wichita wing nuts we'll spend the weekend and cleaver in Texas taking on the rail or voters the first before game series tonight. We nets are two games back for a playoff spot with two dozen games to go in the season when it's on three game winning streak right now. Kansas City Royals are home this weekend hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Kauffman Stadium tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon all those games live at. On Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM. And in golf the 100 PGA championship is underway at bill read country club in Saint Louis. First round leader is Gary one blunder at the former Kansas jayhawk. Six under par 64 yesterday first round leader. He was at one over seven holes in and then he shot seven under on his final eleven holes or so I'll caught fire and just. Yeah all the way to the first round top the leaderboard former jayhawk Gary Woodland. And be a guest Steve you are right bill Reeve. The name the golf course they're in Saint Louis that is the same names. The last few walk the streetcar named desire her family's estate losses fell reaction different spelling by the way it all yet. Taxes and so for them to lock bell Aurilia bill read is all also referenced in streetcar named desire that's. Sports with Stephen Ted KN SA or did we needed asked me to call this an hour from now he knows what Mallory is. Yellow. Which is going to be with us one hour from now because there's 743 now getter for the Rush Limbaugh morning update a gender battle at Harvard. That's coming up Stevens head on cape and it's as excellent and Ottoman.