Nebraska man shot in the rear testing flack jacket

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Tuesday, February 13th
The intoxicated "victim" took the .22 round in the keister when the shooter missed the jacket.

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He should win to talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good point 6 o'clock it's okay that's just what it isn't even says it. I can not. Help partly cloudy and 24 degrees. Which does. Polls will return your shorter school days and a longer school year of its faults. After board members unanimously approved the new calendar at Monday's board of education meeting. Two years ago the district shorten the school year and added thirty minutes to the school day as they cost cutting measure to help balance the budget the new calendar will now help 173. School days which returns the fifteen days the were previously missing. Board member Ernestine Crable questioned if recess time for elementary students will be affected by the return to shorter days schools superintendent Alicia Thompson. Policy or the recommendations of procedures that we developed. We developed a best practices for students not because of a calendar. So those will continue to be a place. Board vice president Shara Logan who served on the district's calendar committee said she and the rest of her team were pleased with the proposed change. The first day of classes for Wichita students will be August 15 on the last day will be on May 23 2019. They'll hold a brand Katy and SS news. Police have arrested a suspect in which could cause latest homicide case a man was shot and killed in southeast which taught Sunday night. The third title journal says it happened in the 900 block of south Anchorage where five people were inside the house. A known individuals knocked on the front door. When they went to answer the front door. Three or four of those suspects. In the residents armed with handguns. The eighteen year old victim and one of the suspects. Got it to the physical confrontation when the shots were fired striking and killing those victims. The victim died from multiple gunshot wounds early Monday morning police arrested a seventeen year old suspect near Lincoln and rock wrote. He was booked into the juvenile detention facility on multiple charges including murder. And bush are still looking for three other suspects. This is what you post fifth homicide case of the year. President trump unveiled his new one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan at the White House Monday to an audience of state and local officials from around the country. Which the mayor Jeff Longwell was in attendance. Under the president's plan the federal government would contribute 200 billion dollars. Forcing state and local officials picked up the rest. Critics of the plan say 200 billion dollars is not nearly enough federal help but mumble says it's still an improvement. We're picking up the entire tab now. And so we have had to have a lot of federal support and building out infrastructure. Congress shall need to approve the plan the White House is lawmakers from both parties will sit down with president trump to continue the discussion. And the infrastructure plan fulfills a number of campaign goals for president trumpet relies heavily on state and local government to produce much of the funding. Kansas fourth district representative Ron Estes tells K Unisys news. It is a lot of money and what one of the things that he talked about order a sport that is. Do a lot of public private partnerships so that the federal government doesn't have. Spin that over one and a half trillion dollars and so looking at things like the only haven't told postal bridges that things like that that. We see a lot more in some states more so than other. The administration's plan is centered on using 200 billion dollars in federal money to leverage local and state tax dollars to fix America's infrastructure. The senate is starting to debate a bill to replace the backup program in the many open house. Will not be far behind while the senate is going first there is no doubt lawmakers in the house have strong opinions about addressing the difficult issue of immigration. Tennessee congressman Marsha Blackburn is among those supporting a conservative approach. I say. Find an accommodation for a GM but no amnesty we cannot be happy individuals. Get in the queue it in front of individuals that have been legally working through this process for years. Fox News frightening moments for the president's daughter in law in New York Monday Fox's Shannon Bream has more. Vanessa trump is doing well after she was sent to a Manhattan hospital. After opening a letter addressed to her husband they contained suspicious white substance. Testing by new York city police later found the white powder to be non hazardous. Donald Trump junior expressed his gratitude for a Stanley safety on Twitter fanatic. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior. The Secret Service is investigating. Gay and assist youth I'm now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. McCain and his recording you whose team ended down six in ten minutes. And 6 o'clock. And this morning up there in traffic Willis traffic conditions. Looking pretty good it at this time. So left really not. Much in the way slowdowns that there at the moment and of course. Traffic volumes just now starting to pick up the gasoline prices which now appears he can download it to thirteen 39 yesterday and seemed. He's 38 becoming more and more comedy do 3721. Street north and a 127 beast traffic update from gay and if his radio edging. Don't let the forecast looking in his says staff meteorologist Dan holidays and good morning to and a good morning we're seeing some high clouds moved from southwest to northeast across south central Kansas. Looks like great weather today for us with temperatures in the upper forties by noontime windy and 54 this afternoon. Tonight some clouds with patchy fog towards morning Parlow forty sunny windy and 71 tomorrow. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays well partly cloudy southeast into the miles per hour and 25 degrees. Getting his chance date February 13 28 team. We had a chilly day across Kansas Monday just high temperature yesterday 44 degrees IC a little bit chilly it felt to remain normal life. For the date is 47. Authorities say a Nebraska team was shot in the box after trying to test to Vietnam era flak jacket to friends. The friends decided to test a flak jackets Saturday at a cabin. After the jackets successfully stopped the bullets a nineteen year old put it on and stuff the pillow underneath to absorb shock. And the nineteen year old fired a 22 caliber pistol butt missed the best and hit the victim. In the baltics yeah my next question was he wearing that jacket on his buttocks. Guess not mistreated for nonlife threatening injuries. The victim had been drinking but the shooter has not been their man was identified. Sure the shooter had putts that he shouldn't have but. A just you know you try to drug he did name two good hijinks like yeah. The painting hijinks in Nebraska nineteen year old hijinks and Prescott. A Texas parent has objected to a civil war related history assignment in which her twelve year old daughter was told to draw a picture of herself as a slave. Tonya Jennings of Austin contacted the Leander independent school district about seventh graders studying slave like in Texas in the 1850s. Students were told to draw a picture of themselves as slaves color of the picture than write a sentence that describes surroundings. Using each of the five senses. Smell hearing slight a slight taste and touch. Jennings who's black says there's nothing about slavery. That you want any child to relive. District spokeswoman Corey Ryans as administrators are reviewing the issue. The district statements as a tragic impact of slavery as well documented and relevant to Texas and US history. There's no. Vanilla it's like to be a slave just. Don't job broadcasting it. And then you describe it I don't know that I can do that I mean I could probably. Dropped picture myself as a slave but not curative described by surrounding the terms it's now. It can't be have to have some really creative imagination so interesting. Challengers. Are assignment but again. Those black woman didn't think she border kids. Portraying herself with a slate. Maybe eight maybe nine a lot of historical places you can visit may be a field trip would be more fielder Michael may be a good idea that it that it too. Too creative with this whole this. If you were listing to our news this sport your that the witch to a school board has readjusted its calendar. Becky shorter days and longer school year league where two years ago they adjusted it to try to do save some money. On school time and now they're going back to the future if that's what you would say it. Shorter days and the longer school years starting school in mid August now. Roof. While I was at that we didn't start schools after Labor Day and he would. Now end of that noise from. It wasn't an it was before my lifetime I think the legislature decided a few years ago that they needed a minimum number of days right. For kids to be in school for them to Philly could you know and that number is legally senate ya and I suppose it's a good idea but. On the other hand. If a 190 days is what they want by the go down a 170 dish teachable faster at the scene that you built in Ali's. Whether days and in service days and now that did not used to be the case the teachers have in service days when you're I don't I don't recall they called that going to. A Washington and educate out. And known what their favorite Dylan and I would think most teachers know what they're doing. Most teachers exit debtor teachers are teachers listening right now Steven den and isn't it. That qualified the garments and other plan that got their lesson plan. They go to the bank got my actually can take care of all the supplies say they have to for the kids you know. It is a challenge to be a teacher but it could that was done with it. And against Steve when you are in school they were teaching you know four elements as opposed to the over hundred and some new B and narrow they had discovered the other. Until muzzled from acting it was it was probably but I doubt that was the basic for much different than they are now. They're always like to think so. He's a class. Team but you can sit me in a geometry. And algebra class day you can sit me there all day. Eight hours solid drove home and I'd probably still not get. It be a waste of time on this common either that's got that's got a teacher that's Mickey. And I don't think. If we need to understand there's some kids who are still slow can't be taught certain things but anyway. And longer school I think Indian kneeled I don't know how they do it now but in our day the teachers usually had some sort of a summer job. So they did make you make ends meet. The coaches. The coaches usually Reynolds swimming pool somewhere somewhere at a quality of the teacher I don't of the a one of the teachers midwest I think it was mr. Mr. Kristol. I saw him I would see him it aunt and a at the hamburger place cal Wednesday on there at variance etiquette now the summertime that's what he did so over time you he flip burgers. In mind it's great to see images of it is up. And that there was replaced at Amber's well then it. Shorter days longer school year killer instinct we just as began only used at a time when professional athletes also worked in the offseason right to supplement their incomes. Now many of perceived me your early days of their salaries all grown you know those pollsters I'm not right right. Are celebrating teachers today as we did today is the day after the school board being eight opal you teachers are up and go on get to date plan. At that. If that debt you're already to take care of our. Our wonderful lovely young American children another day of learning another day of furthering their education or knowledge filling their heads with timely and relevant information maybe you just. Take your kids and let him listen to Steve internal war. I know some that do. A great edge at age 68 games Stephen to edit this type leadoff sportsman Ted Woodward and depth. Basketball. While that was insightful. I mean. I don't know what's going of course that's what we have you here. Don't think that's elements. We do have hoops tonight. Actually I got the yeah thirteenth ranked Kansas is on the road tonight going up aims to take on Iowa State Kansas right now is in second place in the big twelve. Iowa State is in last place in the big twelve all the old. The cyclones have won their last four conference home games. And they beaten three ranked teams in the last three weeks yet they're still the bottom of very deep Big 12 Conference. KU is a six and a half point favorite going into this one tonight to outsource coming off a weekend loss is Kansas State coach Bill Self. We just don't have enough margin prayer to have. You know three or four guys. Really be into it and turned up and and and ending emotionally and physically ready and then they may be a Warner to. That but maybe is an actor best position is not the margin of error. So we have to be pretty good as a unit each and every night. Dale hawks have lost two of their last three on the road. See how they go to night live pregame coverage of KUN Iowa State begins at 5:30 PM game will tip off at 6 o'clock tonight. And that is live on Sports Radio cake at 81240 AM 975. FM. You beat the cyclone by five points last month in Lawrence Knight is the rematch in aid. The new college basketball rankings coming out yesterday in the AP top 25 and the coaches poll. Kansas dropping three spots in both polls down the number thirteen in the nation. And Wichita State moved up three spots in both polls shocker now on number eighteen in the coaches poll number nineteen. In the Associated Press. Hockey action tonight on the road for the Wichita thunder there in Cincinnati taking on the cyclones at 630 tonight. Under trying to snap a five game losing skid thunder right now in fourth place in the mountain division. We'll baseball obituary for you of former National League rookie of the year with the St. Louis Cardinals Wally moon has passed away at the age of 87. Started his career with the cardinals in the 1950s. And then I got a couple of World Series rings with the Los Angeles Dodgers who say I remember mrs. Dodd in the fifties and sixties yeah. But does a guy that was pretty talented. One year he led the National League on base percentage another year he led the National League in triples. And for a couple of years he's one of the best outfielders in the National League you've won a gold gloves they accuse a left handed hitter pretty well rounded guy. The article they were and his former rookie of the year Wally Wally moon has passed away at the age of 87. That and a happy birthday today to Wichita State's women's basketball coach Keith Adams. She's 51 today I was out of the Keith Adams a radio show last night and pianist that they had an agent you don't cave reader makes the whole key is I guess you probably. Not like it's the secret only. I find it fifty million places on the Internet today. But try to be taxable and anyway that's not old she's denying it and that's startled to bury you need more than it. Happy birthday to you that it was as she celebrates a birthday today. That's sports was Steve instead. It's 622 now the editor for Fox News commentator time starts he's gonna Phyllis and it on the controversy and involving the Catholic Church gay rights and teachers in Miami it's all coming up. Seated there in the morning on K and assess.