Nebraska schools invent a new game

Steve & Ted
Monday, June 18th
Schools in Nebraska are asking kids to play the "Good Behavior" game.

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The age seven and thirteen thirty candidacy ST that morning seat back inside Tim Woodward at 730 years animals. The remnants of hurricane help battle wildfires. In the flash the moisture from her came by this curb wildfires burning in Colorado and Wyoming. A wildfire in southwestern Colorado has burned more than fifty square miles since June 1. But local emergency management officials say the amount of rain that came in was the perfect amount to help firecrackers. But there's concern the rain could trigger flash floods in the areas that have already burned. In Wyoming prior murders were able to get more of a handle on a fire burning near the Colorado State line. Because of the extra moisture. Rob Dawson Fox News. As the Latino population grows in southwest Kansas. Residents are beginning to talk with a new accent even those who do not speak Spanish K state said at a news release the researchers part of its chances speaks project which is docked in any language change because of rapidly changing demographics. They are calling this new way of speaking a liberal accents or liberal sound. Liberalism Seward county population 25000. About 59% of the town's population was Hispanic or Latino in 2010 according to the US census. A couple of decades ago it was about 20% Latino. The change is happening and liberal are similar to how the Minnesota accent developed through northern European immigration to the region. The changes are more prominent in youths Ronnie Price K and SS news the Justice Department's inspector general testify and the house and senate this week. Following his long awaited report on the Hillary Clinton email probe and the focus of that report may soon follow in the witness chair. Michael Horowitz will detail his findings before lawmakers his bombshell report found that former FBI director James cool we was in subordinate in his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. But at the same time was not politically biased during that process. While congress hopes for more clarity there the Washington Post reports FBI agent Peter struck. Who was singled out in the IG report for his anti trump tweets would also be willing to testify without immunity and without taking the fifth. And he struck appearance has yet to be schedule colonel Scott Fox News. A seven time jeopardy winner faces sentencing for cybercrime 48 year old Stephanie jackass of tecumseh Michigan. Pleaded guilty in this week to a charge of unauthorized computer access. And horny twelve her winning streak on TV's jeopardy. Set a record for female contestant but when she's 2 July 20 adds she could get a prison sentence of up to five years. The jeopardy winner taught history of the small Michigan college she was able to sneak into the email accounts of other professors. Administrators and even students during the four day period last year the college reset everyone's passwords. And the signed everyone the same temporary password. Just logged into other people's email accounts without permission. She was fired Debbie Hadley Fox News this. A smaller wheat crops some farmers are seeing higher profit yields. Kansas farmers are harvesting a smaller winter wheat crop amid an ongoing drought but the size of the crop is offset by some higher quality weak and rising prices. Yields are down but test weights are mostly good cars are also seeing higher protein levels in many loads which leads to higher prices. Kansas is the nation's leading wheat producer even with the crop forecast began 19% from last year. Amy wet Kate and SS news. The oak leaf if you might has returned to Kansas still a relatively new past here. Kansas State University horticultural entomologist Raymond claw it and it was. Introduce in 209. And then we had really three dead years where 201420152016. True wasn't too bad. There really isn't any disease danger from the oak leaf it might as they don't transmit such things but it will bite anyone and lands on. Entomologists suggest wearing long sleeves and gloves if you have a handle on or rake the leaves. The oak leaf H money team. Now that was bad a couple of years ago right now it's forecast with gay and assess stepping urologist damn holiday good morning and. Good morning it's gonna be another hot humid day in Wichita but temperatures start to trend down a bit as a frontal boundary moves are way by mid week. The hi this afternoon 93. Tonight's lows 75. And a few storms possible on Tuesday with a high 91 with. A much better chance of rain on Wednesday and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 77 degrees and we have a south wind at ten miles per hours 735 Stephen Ted. Here on a Monday morning June 18. And it's it on this date in 1983. Cash not Sally K. Ride it. Became America's first woman in space. As she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger on a six day mission. And is there a Kansas connection there. Yes certainly there is now Sally ride was married for about six years Steve Hawley from Salina and astronaut who now. Is a professor at the University of Kansas as I write died and when he felt the Borough mostly young woman. And of course Steve holly his brother Jim. A younger brother believe that actually worked as a as sports director KFH in the eighties and have yet to get to know the Collins the terrific family. From Salina. The ego Sally ride. Taken off in space some Nebraska schools they have students play a game next year. The officials say. Will help disruptive students bee haven can potentially prevent violence is going to be patients who decide. The Obama the Omaha world herald reports at the Nebraska board of education. As approved spending two and a half million dollars a US Justice Department grants to implement the good behavior game in thirty schools. Supporters say the game has improved the classroom environment but many are skeptical calling it wishful thinking. The game requires teachers to divide students into competing teams. The best behaving team will be rewarded with prizes and privileges zone brother. And teams we've penalized for violating Klan rules. It is partnering with a Rand Corp. to implement the game and sustained on a large scale the only thing that'll work. Make the kids behave better if they get to play. The south and a board game monopoly so. Anyway. I think it sounds completely see attitude about the I think these teachers have it but challenged though of the skill I can I agree with that man. Some of them is go have no like it and EPA now. City of the bigger the heaven forbid we actually teach something in school now that's the idea I mean bring elected and some teaching get done there. Instead of distilled social and spending two and a half million dollars to play good behavior game ego so shut that's where up and okay your Father's Day was Sunday that today I was cynic cook out of my son's got a house in derby yesterday. Nice grandchildren man in Rancho sounds good cook in his cook and it was a it was a little warm but there was some breeze Celadon and we stayed in inside most of the time he either also it's. A family cause got a son that we thought theaters now you you're out Indian. Alliger how's that wanted to Angelos pizzas we decided to carry out. Very well but not the wrong. How was it a but it was absolutely. Outstanding. It laws haven't been there now Angelos new place is open I've been there. It's on these Kidd also far away you know enough time when the issue and elements. When I was younger they had like eight or nine locations. Mean you go there was two other men on the west side one of 25 an imminent 1 over at central and West Street they had to we can go to. What a great great restaurant chain and operator errors are still. Do a fantastic yeah now okay well I've been there for awhile ago I gotta get up experience that now Saturday night. Ice because of circumstances scheduling. Saturday night I went with my daughter and her family and Shelly Porsche for Father's Day what does droughts. Well you managed to squeeze to me Father's Day events out of this weekend guess what I needed to sort of -- chicken in some teeters gravy green beans and does that sound yet Kevin was there you know he's caters. He has what two years now he skated art art Christmas luncheon here. And the attendance is up you know. It is arguable Alamo knew it was it was outstanding. No doubt about it I think given for evidence he made us feel like we're special police beat for others that's good stuff okay. As I on Myanmar mom and dad and I were driving by in your neck of the woods on Saturday night we thought about stopping by your house the scene if you had something going on. You ban went really well and you wouldn't you wouldn't stop. Would you cute you know where my house is a don't think so it's that big I have an idea is that big mansion. To the media. To the north of the bunny bing mansion well think about that in as it's a lot of mentions in our area out. Very affluent neighbor gets its so affluent and my yeah my blog had been mowed and age did you notice that you know who knows it. Associate. We were on our way to bills charcoal grill and we got there and they said close air conditioning busted now. Ultimately deadly should stop by and seen midget beds broke down we deny it believed with the let me tell us out of here were not far off. Dublin enjoy himself and his whole family there their thing was the they have good yes we had a good time yesterday and two is super time. All out there and do enjoyed your Father's Day and then you back here on a Monday radio. Go to town aren't there Tuesday. Yeah it is getting getting getting Carter thing. Actually Shelley nice yes he did get a few cards Chile said to me Saturday and we we went to a funeral Saturday morning Indy and afterwards it looks. Just little shopping for fun Thursday. Got a self couple articles and flow and what bookstore and got to vote that's perfect for me it week or dead Tuesday and a I got my data book. We hear to get the Rogers anatomy book about a Rodgers and Hammerstein what he could be attempting I don't really think about those guys except they were terrific. Music writers in. Some people just full story is about the now. Probably a lot of anecdotes about start let's hopes it will be a fund. 741 now Steve attendant coming up editor bill war of the which positional. He's gonna look at the local employment and unemployment rate that's on the way Stevenson in the morning on eight and has sent us.