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Friday, February 9th

Ted Woodward has a movie weekend preview on The Blur.


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98 cents at thirteen thirty KC NN says we are Stevenson in the morning. At 830 years on a Friday morning Steve Finley Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway assassins of athletes parading into the Olympic Stadium here on cold nights in the South Korean mountains. Team USA wearing special battery Pallet heated jackets to fight chill. Watching the ceremony in the VIP seats the group including vice president Mike Pence South Korean president mean Jay and and the younger sister of North Korea's leader Kim Yang Jong. It's the first time a member of North Korea's treating family has visited South Korea since the Korean War and came and South Korea's president made shook hands at the Olympics in Kyung Cha and South Korea Simon and folks. And here in the US house moved swiftly early today to reopen the federal government and paso. 400 billion dollar budget deal overcoming opposition from both Liberal Democrats and Tea Party conservatives. To endorse enormous spending increases despite looming trillion dollar deficits. The toy 240 to 186 vote came in the predawn hours. Putting demand a five and a half hour federal frees up relatively few would notice that shut down was the second in three weeks. A chemistry professor. Living in Kansas who face. In imminent deportation to Bangladesh has been granted a temporary stay. Lawyers representing 55 year old Syed Kamal announced Thursday that it judge issued the temper its day. Jamal teachers at park University of Missouri. He was arrested January 24 at his home in Lawrence he arrived legally in the US in 1987. But after pursuing a doctoral degree overstayed his visa. Since his visa expired his been allowed to stay in the US and report to immigration authorities on a regular basis. He and his Bangladeshi wife have three children who wore American citizens. It wasn't immediately clear how long his temporary state would be valid. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. And armed woman robbed a story in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Wednesday evening. At the C store at Lincoln and. All over the unknown suspect entered the business. Armed with a silver handgun. They employees stayed at the suspect point the handgun at him. And began demanding money. Money was taken by the suspect within fled the storm put. Wearing a black jacket black tights and carrying a black gym bag. Kansas governor Jeff collier addressed a joint session of the Kansas legislature this week. Collier outlining a four point framework of school finance legislation that he would signs. First we must keep our schools open. Second we need a definitive solution. That ends the school finance lawsuits. For good. Three increased investments in K12 education. Let's come through a phased in approach that doesn't increase the tax burden on Kansas families and lastly and most importantly. We must insist on accountability. And improved outcomes. Collier did not assign an amount of what those objectives might cost on Wall Street yesterday the Dow down over a 1000 points this morning trading up. Over 300 points to the plus side. And you survey shows overwhelming opposition to president Trump's plan for a military parade in Washington. The military times did a survey asking it's readers if they supporter president Tom's idea to get the Pentagon to put on a parade to put America's military on display. The times says about 51000. People responded. 89%. Of them have said no it's a waste of money and troops are too busy. The other 11% responded it's a great opportunity to show off US military might. Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White says parade plans are in the very beginning stages. In Washington Joseph NATO Fox News. The FBI releasing its findings about what may have happened to a couple border agents in Texas last year after three months of investigation. The FBI has announced there are no signs of Border Patrol agent was attacked before he died of severe head injuries in November agent wrote how Leo Martinez and his partner Stephen Garland were found east of El Paso, Texas Martinez died the next day. And Garland couldn't remember what happened. They're injuries fueled extraordinary speculation. Rated judge president of the national Border Patrol council has said from the beginning. They were attacked it looks like he was he was literally beaten to death the FBI is offering a 50000 dollar reward for information in El Paso, Texas break spoken Fox News. Now look at the forecast with K and assist at meteorologist Dan Holliday get more Dan what this morning colder air is on the way a strong fathers pushing from north to south across the state. And will be here by around noontime our high today 39. Wins we'll turn to the northeast and remain gusty throughout the afternoon. Breezy and sixteen for a low overnight. Cloudy windy and 25 tomorrow and a good chance of snow late Saturday night in the Sunday morning I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday 834 now seem until the morning on KE NN says here in a Friday morning February 9. Time for entertainment news Butler with Ted Woodward it. Into I'd start off today with another obituary of an entertainment figure to a couple of deaths in the music industry. Singer and a rock drummer has passed us. Pat tore feet fell in love with the drums when he was seven years old after watching a polka band at a picnic. Before he became a utility man on the skin is working with Ted Nugent Robert Plant Belinda Carlisle and many more but he's best known as a member of the super group Mr. Big. The band was so popular in Japan and Asia tore be released two solo albums as a singer overseas. In 2014 torque he announced he had Parkinson's disease but toward B continue to work to the best of his abilities serving as drum producer for the band's latest album defying gravity toward B died Wednesday of complications from Parkinson's disease Steve Rappaport Fox News. And the death of John Barlow he's considered one of the founding fathers of Internet freedom he also wrote songs for The Grateful Dead. John Perry Barlow who wrote the lyrics to songs like slow wave black throated wind and dozens of other songs for The Grateful Dead and founder of the electronic frontier foundation has died. DFS says Barlow passed away early Wednesday morning in his sleep. Barlow was known for his belief in cyber liberties and co founded the EFF in 1990 in order to champion free expression and privacy online. EFS says Barlow quote only saw the Internet as a fundamental place of freedom where voices along silence can find an audience. And people can connect with others regardless of physical distance John Perry Barlow was seventy Jacqueline coral Fox News. An accusation of rape against one of The Backstreet Boys former pop star Melissa Schumann filed a police report against Nick Carter claiming The Backstreet Boys singer breaks during 2003. She human sitting at a tweet saying I'm doing what I thought I could no longer do I and filing a police report. Schumer and a former member of the band dreams says it happened when she was in his apartment and that he was relentless refusing to take no for an answer. Carter says he shot by the accusation. In a statement he said Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since then anything we did was not consensual. Till they don't Fox News. Yesterday it was a celebratory day in the city of Philadelphia the big Super Bowl parade. For the Philadelphia Eagles after winning the Super Bowl some of the action yesterday from Philly I'm here a lot to Ben Franklin parkway where there is a CD of Eagles agreed here this is a holiday in Philadelphia schools are closed businesses are closed streets are closed as Eagles fans celebrate this once in a lifetime victory so far for the Philadelphia Eagles in the super ball they eat beat the New England Patriots. Authority once had 33 of Super Bowl Sunday and the fans here are ecstatic many lined up at 6 o'clock this morning. Try to get the best parade watching spot and all kicked off at 11 AM eastern time. The rate still going on roll it up broad street toward their Philadelphia art museum steps the steps made famous by the movie series rocky fans expect to be here tailgating throughout the day in Center City Philadelphia Derrick Dennis. Fox News and. Report filed yesterday during the viewing of Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia. Of course we're heading into the weekend we have movies coming up let's get a preview of the box office. I'm Jacqueline cards. The movie to 1517. To Paris is a true story about three American friends riding the train to Paris in August 2015. And foiling a terrorist attack. Clint Eastwood directs and decided to cast the actual three friends in the movie. While on FOX & Friends they were asked what it was like Britney had to choose fight or flight. And that we don't have any seconds to really react it was really just go now aren't. It was too late. Eastwood let the three men who foiled the attack contribute to the script. The 1517. To Paris out this weekend James Gordon hosted the late late show with James courting is the voice of Peter Rabbit in the new movie of the same name. Semi safe. It's how are you incited the Peter Rabbit out this weekend that's bucks on bill on Fox News. It's something that Eastwood it's been around long time. He's still doing new and different things all eyes are what are we gonna work with using those guys were not accurate finding a way to stay relevant and it should be interesting in your box office preview for the week and yet this weekend does mark the 25 anniversary of a classic sitcom episode. Signed build episode called the outing. In which a young. A young college newspaper reporter overhears Jerry and George talking and she concludes that they are gay lovers. They were just messed around me that she thought that was a real and and they spend the rest of the episode vehemently denying they are day that there's anything wrong that became the catch phrase of course they almost did not even do they show they were afraid of offending the gay community. One of the writers Larry Charles then used the phrase not that there's anything wrong with that he put that on a post it note attached to the story born. Kerry signed builds audiences. That's it that's a neat that we can do league I don't making this work. That line was added to the script in many places as you'd add that line and I remember all very socially acceptable and it became huge catch phrase. And some people say it's still the most popular phrase to originate from the series. Jerry Seinfeld himself says he's particularly fond of an episode is because it was just pinpoint satire on both homophobia and political correctness right and they just nailed yet and it's still funny to this day. Great outing. That's in dull and it episode assigned felled. Celebrating its 25 anniversary this weekend all right let's finish with some of the late night jokes tonight show Jimmy Fallon. The new movie fifty shades freed comes out this weekend and that. Or as emergency rooms but it oh god not again. Let's chick in the late late show a James Gordon a restaurant in Boston is offering a 3000. Dollar Boca. That comes in and engagement ring on the bottom. Yeah. Recommends that man whose life. Let the bug or join pick out the ring of. And finish up with Jimmy Kimmel Live from ABC. It lawmakers in New York proposed a bill this week. To make tide pods less appealing to kids so they won't be as a tie because they'll be as inclined to eat them or post videos of eating them on social visit think all the talk about challenge. And apparently. Really resulted in hundreds of cases of poisoning and hospitals around the country teenagers. Have been having they've been had it coming go to the emergency room from doing this so state legislators are asking that each pod. The individually wrapped with a warning label on it now tell you right now that's not gonna do anything. Teenagers who are reading Todd iPods don't care about warning label and a little kids who don't can't read so it doesn't break. I have a simpler solution how about we just make people are stupid. Ottawa I could not agree morally. Day and our right. Entertainment news. 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