A new fitness chain for the Wichita market opening on the south side

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 18th

Vasa Fitness is opening in a former Albertson's near Harry and Oliver


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All these little little nudge yeah vessels are glad let you have holes you're gonna end up with a car. Godaddy gender and where it's detrimental to. 9713. Cents. CNN sits deep into it in the morning now 745. Is. Very big thing. Numbers according to avoid a government shut down. A City Council approved common consumption liquor ordinance. Summary caddie deputy injured in crash your mold played a very big things Steven dead on tape and the answer. We have a traffic accident being reported now this northbound. On Ike to 35 years zoo boulevard. Whatever slowdown there again northbound on eight to 35 years new traffic updates from Kate and as this radio and yet she's sunny and warmer today with a high of 32 degrees. Not very warm month. Yesterday's time which seventeenth. Clear and cold tonight the overnight lows seventeenth. And Thursday sunny and warmer tomorrow's night's 4646. To borrow. Now partly cloudy two degrees so we did six miles per hour the wind chill is not saying it below. They can assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your level of America's native spirit every Wednesday that today. With four dollars select Rubens embassy. Located at 579 west Douglas in historic that I know the monarch. 747. Stephen Devin in his net and Goldman Sachs. Says it lost 14. 93 billion dollars in the fourth quarter one that as the bank yet to record it now. More than four billion dollars in charges related to the new looked at a have you with the new attack yes I attacked us and impact. Bank of America. Says its fourth quarter profits fell by nearly half from a year ago. As of bank had a book two point nine billion dollars in charges related general and the new tax law. After the thank you get hit today watch those stocks today with the banks and what's gonna happen with stock market car sales in Europe. Top of fifteen million mark for the first time in a decade in 2017. The fourth straight straight year of higher registrations. Or in the association of European carmakers. Registrations of new cars were up 3.4 percent. From. Fourteen point six million in 2016. Most major carmakers registered gains as did for the top five market so that. Let's let the car market in Europe doing quite well it. 748 now losses by industrial technology companies pulled stocks lower Tuesday. Erasing an early gain that sent the Dow past 26000 points for the first time. General Electric and electric slumped 3%. After reporting a six point two billion dollar right now yeah Dow fell ten points at the end it was up as much as 282 point earlier. Yes and 37 points. And to scale look at him look at the futures here right now is like the Dow. Trading in and up 97 points desperately to end this appeal nine. Point so looks like another it's good start it apparently. To the stock market today. The expected to wave of litigation against the Federal Communications Commission to repeal of net neutrality rules has begun. A group of attorneys general. We're 21 states and the District of Columbia sued Tuesday to block the rules. So it'd Mozilla. The maker of the Firefox browser public interest group free press and you America's open technology institute others may file suit as well and a major. Tech industry lobbying group has said it will support litigation so net neutrality. The Libyan courts it's going to be in the courts for a lot equipped with everything resounding yeah. Travel industry represented sounded an alarm Tuesday overall long term decline in international tourism in the US to the US. And it would work of the trap administration to reverse that trend may be cope with a good ideas there recently about that. And Wal-Mart. Is helping customers get rid of left over OP joints by giving them packets. That turned the addictive painkillers into a useless jail. We have something going on locally on a couple weeks ago than me and in the same thing is being handed out via retail giant announced Wednesday that it will provide the packets free. With Opie would prescriptions filled at its 47000 US pharmacies. So laugh. It just turned middle third populist and a much from the they're set to expire. 750 now Steve and I am not supposed to flush from now on the toy gun not supposed to do that both put him back into the water and I don't know give to the dollars like now don't know. And about a foot and a pet food and now. The united 751. Stephen did new lodging to northwest which time editor bill and Roy of the which I'll business journal is with us this morning good morning bill. If Marty Steven Pitt yeah hotel in northwest Wichita and now open the eighty room Hampton in near 29 street north of days. Opened its doors for the first time Tuesday it's the first hotel for each CW development company of Branson Missouri. Tens of hotel corporation is properties manager Crosslin construction built hotel it was designed by LK architecture. Each CW has built it'll you know tell they're their keeping green which. The Wichita area housing market will have in the 2018 with some momentum. South central multiple listing service data shows home sales in December jumped three point 6% over December. Last year 26 team the weather might be cool with the market remains red hot real jerk or short says housing values continue to improve. Options are getting thinner. The trap administration is loosening the rules imposed on banks during the 2008 financial crisis we heard that report. Goldman Sachs and other pranks the effort appears beginning support from congressional Democrats in the senate Democrats joined Republicans. The first major revision of the Dodd-Frank act. The bill would allow hundreds of smaller banks to avoid certain elements of federal oversight. Local breaking business news every day out and a sense and which topped as mr. dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill. Seducing Democrats or Republicans get together a little bit to say you know those series stretches of time to polls often. And going to another direction and we've recovered far enough right. Right that is one of the things we hear from bankers around here is that even though some of the things were not done correctly by the big banks back in New York City. They had to if they had big rules imposed on them so well existing data out. So many times and government we we. I just overdo it you know he's a one size fits all scrambling government work as the gap. In FC. How would you know park the big truck outside the U yet. If you're an indoor generally know I try to get it in the rush you get one of those they're big great big four or five car garages like in the movie Sabrina. Without her heparin and now that quiet and finish just to go fer with a daughter who looks like robbery at that. I didn't script a windshield this morning and a little little light does not much not much. But you know it kind of works like their physical worker in the mornings and it's a point attempts very difficult for it and we are you. Politically on need the flu shot are you a a person who gets their own population of the vaccine. And that's say I didn't this year I have in the past generally. IE I usually pass because when I get a flu shot I feel crummy for about a week after that. Yeah well I got Shelly nicely Jelena what the villains and got our Lucia yesterday. I just wanted to put that out there because. I just want to feel I don't know little superior to you. It well yeah. To be your ammo most guys is used to build a excuse. Well I have a solution. He's doing the church lady superiors renteria. Editor at today is national hot buttered Ronde. A mixed drink containing the run butter hot water or siders sweetener and spices typically cinnamon Nutmeg and cloves hot buttered rum is especially. Favored during the fall and winter months that is sometimes associated with the holiday usually more of a hot Christmas thing you're that out that's thousand. Awful uploaded Rome route. Ever try I don't think I've ever for a way to me Yuba. A little bit ago along when it may actually have very much that putt but run Ted if you ever done but I believe and you really as just another version of a hot body. I tasty. I have done some room temperature PBR before but that's about it cause I keep. At least do it. Those wildcats last night basketball team up there. Nice game last eight state just clobbered Oklahoma their men hand that was great. They played a great aren't aren't thank you bill as always thanks for being with us this morning coming up. At 8 o'clock the McCain is this morning users even as it. Sumner county deputy injured in the crash cymbal played that story and more views on the place Stevenson in the morning on CNN sense.