A new home for an historical stump

Steve & Ted
Monday, October 23rd

Wooden box made from a tree stump Abraham Lincoln stood on for a speech donated to Illinois historical society.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 630. Kansas reports its unemployment rate dropped slightly to three point 8% in September but the state saw a small decline in the number of private sector jobs over the. This year. The State Department of Labor says the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate last month was lower than August raced a three point 9%. And the four point 3% rate for September of Tony sixteen but the number of private sector. Nonfarm jobs was 5000. Lower in September. There's some timber 26 team. Wichita area jobless rate was 4% in September down from four point 7% in August. Now look at the forecast with K UNICEF staff be college's Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning it is a fairly quiet start to the workweek but a series of cold front will move through. One of those occurs mid to late morning and that will bring us a gusty north wind this afternoon and fifteen to 35 miles per hour are high close to seventy clear and 45 overnight 61 on Tuesday and by Friday night our temperature could be dropping below freezing I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a partly cloudy 46 degrees we have a south wind at nine miles per hour. Which Duff fire crews battled a house fire Sunday morning. Chris responded to the 16100 block evolution Sunday morning when they arrived flames were visible from the two story home. The back of the house was burned up in the blaze. Three residents had two dogs were in the house at the time of the fire but no injuries were reported the cause of the fire is being investigated. Rodney price K and assets news. One man died after a deadly rollover accident in western Kansas Highway Patrol says it happened early Sunday. In the area of US 56 in US 400 near Dodge City. Troopers say the driver was speeding on US 400 when he passed another vehicle lost control sending his vehicle into a ditch. Man's car hit a Colbert and rolled multiple times a driver was pronounced dead at the scene identified as Robert absent from Vazquez. Despite some bumps in the road president trumpet and Republicans are still hoping for an agreement on health care. For president trump repealing and replacing obamacare has not been easy he told Fox's Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning futures are resent talks with Democrats may mean he has support now. People criticizing me for saying that I think we actually have the votes that can we were basically one short Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on NBC's Meet the Press says a recent bipartisan deal could get some Health Care Reform done we have a very good deal. McConnell should put it on the floor it'll pass overwhelmingly president trump has wavered on whether he fully supports that compromise from all stopped Fox News. US Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in the Philippines today speaking briefly to reporters. Ahead of the meeting with Japanese defense minister. This is our one of our foremost allies over many decades it's simply the usual coordination and collaboration. As we stick together to. Maintain peace and stability and work out our plan for the future. Mattis was asked by reporters at this included tensions with North Korea and he responded by saying absolutely including North Korea. A 22 year old Kansas man has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide charges in connection with the deaths of four Iowa residents in western Nebraska. The North Platte telegraph reports that just are cisneros Hernandez of liberal entered the pleas Friday in Keith county district court. Cisneros Hernandez is charged with four counts of motor vehicle homicide and reckless driving and driving left of the center of the road. Prosecutors say he hit two motorcycles carrying two people each on July 1 near over law. Authorities say 54 year old Sheila Metheny and 61 year old James Metheny from Bedford Iowa were on one motorcycle. The other riders were 58 year old Michael wiese and 59 year old Caroline wiese who lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Cisneros Hernandez's next court appearance is scheduled for December 8 built all the brand Kagan SS news. A small historical society gets a piece of presidential history he was six foot four and didn't need it at the time when the average American man was five foot six inches tall but then 23 year old Abraham Lincoln stepped onto a walnut tree stump. And in the history in the town of Rochester Illinois and he towered over the crowd as he delivered one of his first political speeches in a bid for the state general assembly. Someone took that stump and made a simple wooden box out of it. Now Terry Campbell of green city Missouri and has presented that box. To the Rochester historical preservation society on behalf of his family which it treasure did for more than a 130 years. The society's president calls the boxing great linked to mr. Lincoln for the small community just outside the state capital of Springfield. Kevin battled Fox News. 635 Stephen did in the morning on 97 and thirteen thirty K in and shifts. Here on a Monday morning and a school officials say there will be no more civil war related student press of activities. At a Georgia elementary school after its civil war day. Spark conflict among students parents and others. Big shanty elementary school last month invited fifth grader to dress up as characters from the war. The mother of a ten year old black child says a white student dressed up as a plantation or approach commit said you are my slave. In a Thursday letter to the mother Corey Davis a Cobb County assistant superintendent rights. Of the school systems assurance that the student dressed up activities related to the civil war have come to an end. I'm nuts that was at some strange. I'm thinking this stuff my kids summit of Euro mostly I think I would be a little upset. Protesters kneeled outside of the US bank stadium before the Minnesota Vikings game against the Baltimore Ravens. About fifty people took part in the demonstration Sunday. While the National Anthem played inside the Minneapolis stadium protesters say. They wanna raise awareness about shootings by police officers. Organizer mill Reeves says the protest was not about the vikings United States flag or the national. And he says. They are simply trying to bring attention to this national problem. Reid says the group plans to protest whenever the vikings play at home. And three police shootings in or near Minneapolis have been have drawn protests and widespread attention. So Minneapolis and have some problems of this and now they're citizens there. Demonstrating outside Tuesday. And pretty soon lot counter protesters and well four dozen people showed up and a 1080000 walk into the stadium and not do anything and then there okay. I'd really isn't like everybody protesting something except Ted Stevens Ted we call protests and right and our process we have things that we we do angry about. I know one thing I'm not angry about that is the murder mystery at saint Vincent Catholic church and hand over. Coming up Friday and Saturday evening in election is a news release here but it don't see Friday night I'm lineup. And line up my granddaughters. For to get this thing now and Shelly and me have you what six them and it is to say what time starts. You you know off topic here yet I do not exhibit when. I was seeing when you buy your tickets need to ask them okay. Or even it I guess your batteries are six of force. I have nothing to do it tickets I'm not personal contact you have to do that the F dealt okay have the cult of all the old church will do now. Enough by the way period and it's a it's a fund raiser for a or design area kids involved and it. There's a Friday and Saturday performance and if you want more information need to give McCall their it to the church at 7331423. Saint Vincent and over. Friday night tickets are fifteen bucks Saturday night tickets are 75 bucks they may raise a lot of money for the lord's diner and help feed the hungry. He is a fund raiser. 638 now Steve intent on Kahan SS in time for our commodities update whip Tom Butler of what we're commodities appoint Tom. Good morning Steve. Practically cattle complex traded mixed in came back late decision to close spot that he. ID catalog didn't portable naked people placements 13% larger than a year ago. Cash cattle trade on Friday was mostly won eleven of them won twelve being paid in the north and only the Oakland pot and several context make a new contract size Friday. December webcam on Friday were 45 since I won 1660. November if you put thirty cents at 152 Williams seventh assembly broke sixty cents higher 6485. Wheat corn and soybeans on Friday may be lows for the week closed maybe for the fourth time last week. December according December Casey we traded very close to a contract closed last week December Casey we'd want 14%. November soybeans about Tony Houston police have accord brought eight cent for the week. Overnight trading has been mixed into that narrow trading range but very good volume. At the moment December Casey Blake a penny higher port 23 and three quarter. December corn up three quarters of a penny 345 and a quarter but what we're told me that perhaps opening 979 a quarter. It's similar crude rose pretty important its entire 52 PM December gold three dollars and ninety cents lower club 176 to speak. December S&P the point three quarters 12575. And three quarter. Number dollar index 27 entire 9385. December dollar index up nineteen points at 23002. Bloody stick. A commodity trading great marketing advisory contact club for commodities on the phone on the web by using 866. PM to. W about a half inch of rain add to Eisenhower airport Saturday here in Wichita. I didn't check other than you know. Dance smaller amounts rain amounts of around the area do you know how much you've got to do it if at all to me in the Butler county yurt against. Two and a half inches. At holy smokes. And it was Saturday night. When did you grab bars open go out there and you're saying your right. And slid out of sleep most of gunfire I didn't have the opportunity. You were sleeping during the rain and routes that you knew you need to get your rest you don't stand. But that wasn't very welcome right. Yeah you get this big bags underneath your eyes with a collector out half asleep. Always great grade and end and looks like we're not gonna have anymore this week but it's gonna be turtle Kelly. So it'll get to dig your that your jacket out to you can where you're that letter jacket from a what was said green belt high what was Naimi. Northern lights yeah. It was a night where is that legal located. Outside look at. Northern Hines danced innocents Dhabi where you'd. Well I wouldn't like all of Levy because just I have a mile north high schools feed yard. Eddie up a minute that's a little more doubt. Others what was the name your mascot in that northern lights. Wildcats and that's pretty original. Are right third alt to always good to talk to in and out we will Moret in here sometime before Christmas the lead on sent. Could be could be exempt. Left and left for commodities coming up. With Stephen did Don grants the FB the bunny tracker. He says hold off just one more years he'll explain coming up beat a dead in the morning on MSN.