New Kansas licence plates are delayed

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Monday, July 23rd
Delayed until Aug. 15th due to technical issues.

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I don't Lori now here on Q&A sense on Monday morning at 630. 74 degrees a Cedric county man is dead after three vehicle crash in coffee county Sunday. Kansas Highway Patrol reports that happened seven miles south of Burlington a pickup truck rear end of the car and then wound up in the oncoming lane. And was hit head on by a semi truck. The driver of the pickup truck eight year old William Castle of Clearwater. Was pronounced dead at the scenes driver of the car we stick to the coffee county hospital with nonlife threatening injuries the semi driver was not hurt. The victims of last Thursday's deadly boat accident on table rock lake where remembered at a memorial church service near Branson Missouri yesterday. Branson mayor Karen best. We honor the seventeen lives. That were lost. We honor the fourteen survivors. And we aren't the many heroes. Who did everything in their power. To save lives. Investigators say none of the 31 passengers on board was wearing a life jacket there are also taking a closer look at the safety record of the amphibious vehicles secretary of state Mike Pompeo went on the attack against Iran Sunday night saying the country's leaders are like gangsters. And accusing the regime of supporting terrorist attacks around the world. This tells you everything you need to know about the Rashean. At the same time they're trying to convince Europe to stay in the nuclear deal there cobra would plotting terror attack in the heart of Europe. That audio courtesy of the Reagan foundation Pompeo was speaking at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in California. The legal process of Kansas man facing charges in the 1999. Disappearance of two Oklahoma girls is continuing slowly. As a teenager families wait for answers. Miami news record reports that a Craig county district judge has postponed Ronnie DB six case until September. In the next step to schedule a preliminary hearing eight. The new court date was set after prosecutor Aron a Quinn and beat six attorney Gretchen Moseley met for nearly two hours discussing discoveries in the case. The 66 year old faces four counts of first degree murder first degree arson and kidnapping charges for the 1999 disappearance and murders. A sixteen year old Lori a Bible and actually Freeman and the murders of Ashley's parents. Basic is the lone surviving suspect in the long running case and has declined to disclose information on the case. Rodney price Canadian assets news Kansas officials have delayed the launch date for its new vehicle plates. State officials said Friday that the original August 1 launch date for the license plates has been delayed until August 15. Due to issues with the new digital processing equipment. Wichita senator industries will create the plates on demand using a digital printer. At Princeton tag information on a background and bonds the background material to a metal plate. The new plates will be mailed to the customer's home within ten to fourteen business days. This means license plate customers will leave accounting office with a temporary plate and registration sticker but till the permit played arrives. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. And I'll look at the forecast McCain and assist FB neurologist Dan Holliday devoid Dan. Good morning a complex of showers and a few thunderstorms for weakening off to our west. But the clouds associated without will likely start our workweek here in which a top today's high 91 and tonight becomes partly cloudy Arlo 71 it. Dry weather expected Tuesday with a high back in 91 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now mostly cloudy 74 degrees and we have a north wind at eight miles per hour 6:34 here and Monday morning was Stephen Ted. Jockey Victor Espinoza was injured when the horse he was writing a Del Mar racetrack in California. Collapsed during training indicted. Two racetrack officials say Bobby Abu Dhabi. Suffered an apparent heart attack. During a workout yesterday morning Espinoza was thrown off the horse and lay motionless for several minutes before being lifted with the neck brace and taken by Minnesota hospital. Agent Brian beach says the 46 year old hall of fame jockey suffered a fractured vertebrae in his neck tool. And the stinger to the left shoulder and army says doctors expect a full recovery will. And an off. The jockey did this all result or. Somebody told lies still does exactly what you need to do if you're afraid you have Evan nectar a back injury. Don't move yeah they don't want you know what you move on and it is just the right thing and appears. It appears he's gonna recover now however how often that happens race horses just. Galloping along dies that's that's pretty strange it's not them have Mary I think that the those animals are so big and so strong that that's gonna happen right off. We've pretty good there have a great show here your arm on a Monday only to Stevens at 71010 minutes past 7 this morning. Crime stoppers of a crime stoppers update you know some thoughts about the crime he could make a little money there. 735 Mondays with the mayor right there Jeff Long Will I guess of course then at 8:10 this morning. In her senior we've done these interviews with candidates for governor them. We're gonna have Greg Norman dog he's an independent. And we had him that they we had a moment few few months couple announce ago. Talk about his book yet he dropped by a few months and now he's got these post be your date in the sport we'll talk about running for governor very nice so we get the usual. Excitement going on here on Monday morning. It today early voting starts in Cedrick county. For the August 7 primary started started 8 o'clock this morning. Says McKenna residents can vote early in the Kansas primary it's a Sedgwick county election office at the camp Teddy cornice the old county courthouse by ten north main. Hours for early voting and voting are eight to five Monday through Friday until August 3. Last day for early voting will be August 6 from eight into new primary elections are August 7 yeah so. I will do at least from tomorrow if I can agreement if my if I have my mind made up about. The governor. Primary on a vote here in the next couple days. But and I have met up my mind yet. There get a lot of I know it's right down there is close to where I live. Islands of a go home from work. And a drop in there and usually are not many people that I don't know but in a very. Turn of the primary like this but you have probably how can you vote until you've heard all the candidates interviewed right here with Stephen and I have a lot of well look intuition. And know exactly where they sentinel is a really the big to have most of them. I think we've got almost all of multi year I think all we did we elect cult law. In her back from him yet but. And you know my checklist over there and we're gonna be able to everybody on here all. Yeah he get if you've been listening to Steve and anybody have a good idea somebody. Admit your mind thinks of what we're doing here notes. There's a quick. Thought about the Branson duck boat accidents. As more and more facts come out to it's just. These people out their courses there on the there on this lake in him and apparently when the wind came up from what we're hearing the pilot or what you call the person driving the vote movement says there's life preservers billion dollar leading him. And so on know what people one on one. And I get Italian and in this is. I made this is the way I feel about it personally I. I'm pretty good swimmer my Brothers and I overall talk to us from early and like I can. I can do well but I've always had a little bit of the fear about deep water whether it's a lake. Or a via or the ocean idea makes me little giddy little scared. But I'll tell you what I don't think I would ever go in a boat without one of those like prisoners. And I said I'm pretty confident in their pockets either shore. And so I know I don't know it just looks like they used comedy of errors communion and seventeen people died because. And you have you have water skier he personally though. And never did my Brothers water ski but I know I had this you know we get on the deep we Richard Branson right downtown there reduced water skier at their legs and he Kumble. And I just I went up once or twice in I don't really wanted to that you probably don't do it severe weather Ohno now. So everything came together. Actually the the perfect storm he has have a seventeen people died and your idea dark cell about a minute ago from me. The memorial service that they held. Near Branson. Chapel there. Ellen NBC and the NTSB is down there they're going to be investigating this thing in Arcandor. That probably have everything you need to know already but they'll come to conclusion about what happened there. I'd be some rule change we talked about. There have been fatal accidents with these duck boats. Several times in the last twenty years there's a lot of Arkansas a few years now. Does not unheard of I would say about look government Dave wouldn't be that hard to tip Medina. Now it's not really the Bradley landing craft from World War II but I think it's kind of built off that a little bit. The Bradley landing craft that he used it to. That's so much he he got a lot of troops when they needed to an injured in a short amount of time very efficiently. 639 ST it is time for the commodities update mr. Tom left or outlook for commodities to boring hum. Good morning team. Internal conflict of negative Friday but will bode session load a lien loan closed negative they ignored new contract rose. Kevin people toward driving will be in line with expectations. It continued to shoot on these important larger than a year ago levels. In the group virtually all Kevin Kim the 1% the camp crop up 2% camera number appropriate that. Didn't report about put any price friendly news can be cattle wrote Lucas cattle trade. As far as we could find as propriety. Of a close all of our described campaign since I went away by the can't. August Peterson have simple one to keep drink 67. And obviously no damn it and since that 6645. The price of corn and soybean futures are close partners and also made new highs for the week we. We saw last week that it would she think we gained seventeen since Wimbledon and thirty cents December corn gained fourteen cents story of the week. You're seeing continued upside to running the timber can complete this straight into the corner and tired by two and three quarter. The federal court opinion of course 37 million a quarter of that would certainly be in the quarter of a penny at 865. The timber program sporting a new one since hired 6897. August gold Lipton since the 1213120. The timber hasn't condemned to a quarter point to point 782798. They have the timid in victory could Lower Ninth Ward nineteenth of September that is Peters seventeen points lower. Point 5013. We're concentrating right marketing advisory contact Patrick levity on the program live by using. The sit room team. Tom I'm trying to interpret what I'm saying and Kansas weather center radar screen and looks like we may have some showers developing or centric right now. Ed your your pretty much clear looks like a Butler county but it could be some developing down to the southeastern USC. IDC I'll let you get a pretty good radar screen. I think the same friend Steve he just visual and hello to gimmick. Pay no never put them all out pretty quickly. Well you know we had some pretty looked like we have pretty good raining Kingman county over the past couple of hours and that's. But things pretty well collapsed. Around yet if we get anything is trying to become spot and that's where is DeVon is its slot nitro is more or less than human or something. Yeah it is yeah. You know a lot. Yesterday were a lot nicer than what we've seen a relative. At timbers on about earlier about this in the evenings over the past few nights is there have been some pretty nice pretty nice evenings and cancers so we'll take and a yeah it's important. Tools brainy weather here and get ready for football season start from there but a debt right. Tom thank you sir 642 now Stephen says. That's a kiss as commodities update but time went through leopard commodities coming up Don ran GMT the bunny tracker doesn't talk about switching attitudes at work. Stevens head of the morning on K and assess.