New movies hitting theaters this weekend

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
Ted tells us all about Dogs facing Megladon and Slender Man in theaters this weekend.

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The voice of the 10 in the morning here on cape and it's as seed packets Ted Woodward. President trump calls a Chicago shootings. An absolute and total disaster. Calls are now coming in to get leadership in the city to step down. Fox's Griff and Griff Jenkins as the latest. The president is blaming. Chicago's leaders for this unbelievable surging gun violence as the local leaders trying to figure out. How to stem the spike in the shootings according to Chicago Tribune at least 74 people were shot last week in twelve. Were killed 41 people were shot and a seven hour period early Sunday morning their ages range from eleven to 62 of the largest attack. Was on aid to the south side just after midnight on Monday included three teenage girls Chicago's police superintendent Eddie Johnson stressed the need to crack down on un ruling large outdoor gatherings city officials are blaming the bloody weekend on gangs and access to guide. President trump has threatened to send in federal officers to help local law enforcement. A man who owed about 400000. Dollars in taxes and was convicted of shooting and wounding at Wichita tax agent. Has been sentenced to nearly fourteen years in prison Ricky Woertz was sentenced yesterday found guilty in June. And attempted first degree murder for shooting Courtney Holloway five times at a Kansas department of revenue opposite twin lakes and Wichita back in September appointee seventeen. At shooting happened the same data Holloway Serb attacks warrant on worth's home. Kansas governor Jeff collier who's campaign is set up a voting integrity telephone hotline to. As he is a close Republican primary race for secretary of state Crisco block remains unsettled. Call your campaign and counsel hotline Thursday a spokesman says they received council's report so voters experiencing issues of the polls. Cold walking is the State's chief elections officer. And told reporters Wednesday that he knew of no reports of irregularities outside of a long delays. In the reporting of results from the State's most populous county because of issues with its new machines. Collier's campaign announced the new hotline as election officials confirm that a mistake shortened call yours vote total for another county in the states results by 100 votes. The discovery of the state cut call box lead to 91 votes Stan O'Neal can't and SS news. The White House political team mapping out its strategy for the midterm elections president trump has expressed confidence that Republican congressional candidates will win with his support writing in a tweet that he expects what he called a giant red wait. To that and the president is expected to hit the road all thing in September and October. Campaigning for Republicans running for seats in the house and the senate. Some Republican strategist youth Tuesday's result in Ohio special congressional election. Has a dark omen three months ahead of Election Day Democrats need 23 additional seats to take over the house. And two seats to take control of the senate at the White House Jon Decker Fox News. Signals in Connecticut say a man has taken stalking to a global level. A Korean man's been arrested in Connecticut accused of stalking his ex girlfriend around the world. Police in Bridgeport say they arrested 61 year old quote if you don't this week after responding to a report a woman was screaming in a bank parking lot. The woman told police she had fled her home country to escape an abusive relationship with the on. And he tracked her down in Hawaii Alaska and eventually Bridgeport where she has a friend. He also apparently gained access to her banking information. He's now jailed on a stalking charge. Rich Dennison Fox News. 835 Stephen Douglas ago to forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with temperatures starting in the 70s across south central Kansas will see a quick warm up again in the afternoon and our high today 94. Isolated thunderstorms begin forming later on today if you those two pretty some heavy rainfall scattered storms in this evening Carlos 67 if tomorrow will be dry in 92 but rain chances increase again on Sunday afternoon. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan holiday help partly cloudy cold and 69 degrees. 835 now Stephens and it's time for entertainment news the blurb with Ted Woodward it. He still knows about they rap video a much the viewed rap video out it's. Getting a lot of play. Halsey Al West Warwick, Rhode Island taking the FaceBook to share footage of her recent performance wrapping all the lyrics and this LE 50000 U hates working its. Mean we're being. Now hammering her. Here yeah. The only show Austin news and beat boxing skills are town. It's not the attention of Eliot herself this year on Twitter telling fans just found out I have a funky white fits her saying she straight killed this solemn. That's been viewed over seven million times on Christian good when Fox News. Enough to it has found out he has a funky white sisters well and a boon amazing. Seven million views seven yeah that share is turning her latest film appearance into a new album shares. Back behind the Mike this superstar will at least dancing queens new album love how that covers on September 28. She treated good news Thursday with a musical. Apparently starring in the film follow me here we go again actually inspired her recorded album. She released a statement saying I was reminded again of great timeless songs they wrote and started thinking why not do an album love their music adding the songs are harder to sing. And I imagine. Shares scheduled to be awarded a Kennedy Center honor on December 2 in Washington DC. We share show musical opens on Broadway December 3 shall we know Fox News. You know sometimes Steve when in the news business here when reading a story and so they have someone's name spelled out genetically that might be hard to play now yeah. I did notice at Fox News today actually did spell out shooters name phonetic informing and copy. This vote. SH AR EUS. Air the other indices higher. Probably some younger I'm gonna say there's probably young people in the industry that CNET word they don't know who that is rock star juror. I'm. I did pronounce it correctly scare ya ya doing good job. I let's get up close about the new movie eighth grade. I'm celebrity profile on both are not as director of the new film exploring not pivotal time in life eighth grade I think you're sure a lot sleep so cool. I Burnham is loving the critical of clay. It's you know beyond what we thought it was never going to be some were over the moon but the same time when you will taste that does is he more more of that buzz you don't have a buzz tolerance very quickly. Now I I love seeing. I don't believe the film is sparking a big conversation on modern day adolescents. I think there's like one of the first things that just gives people out real for trail of what kids are living right now because everyone's curious about it even nationally we're kind of having that. I'm a big conversation about what it means to it being young right now and how it's affecting the he said that not a message kind of felt thing has on people that feel we just yeah not really worried about as low as item. Wag its finger and try to you know speech to us is trying to give you an experience so we just hope people leave having felt something at Cinemark and Fox News. It say eighth grade may have been my least favorite worst year ever. If it weren't for seventh grade seventh and eighth growl. I won't go into a candidate instrument. I had a really good Easter is that right now and that was the highlight of my athletic routes. Not me it's all been downhill gloom. That movie's rated. Aren't they are. Singer Lance Bass looking to help HGTV. Remodeled the Brady Bunch no must. Chilton body or two possible holes a day after it was revealed HDTV outbid former N'sync member Lance Bass on the house feature any Brady Bunch property Brothers -- Jonathan Scott took to Twitter hints he may be helping out in renovations responding to NASA's tweets congratulating the cable channel on the pie Scott wrote would love it to work with you this is such an iconic comedy it really played an important part of my childhood reinforcing strong family values HDTV also telling that to consider himself parts of the HDTV blanch the singer tweeting back if you're looking for a host I'm paying HGTV's parent company discovery says it plans to restore the home to its 1970s. Glory. I'm pressing Goodwin Fox News. Let's check out the movies coming out this weekend. I'm simply don't and then meg Jason state police's action packed thrillers Jason Taylor. After escaping an attack on what he claims with the seventy foot shark Taylor must confront as fears it's never gone he's getting right. Davis trapped in any sunken submersible. We talked out of Massachusetts girl friends fascinated by the Internet rumor of this undermanned. Attempt to prove that he doesn't actually exist until one of them mysteriously. Goes missing quite a officer deployed meaning when they meet face to. Black Klansman Spike Lee tells the true story front slower. An African American police officer from Colorado who successfully managed to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan. And become the head look. Obviously your dog he he yeah. The film dog days files a group of interconnected people Los Angeles who brought together either who laughable. Canine counterparts got stuck some film. This weekend marks the thirtieth anniversary of the film and IA and the huge huge fan and a little Tucker the man in his dream. I just love this month I've seen I don't remember much about it and impress me at all yes ma. By its biopic about it's just every there was and it became an edit carmaker yup me cards and a Big Three auto makers pretty much put the quite pleasant gap stop the thorough on an input and out of business or even got started. The really interesting move Francis Ford Coppola directed. At Jeff Bridges and it. That Martin Landow who won a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination Joan Allen. Christian Slater. A movie. Making of the album Clark company like Tucker demanded his dream celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this weekend. We got an actress with a birthday today Rhonda Fleming is 95. I have today. And in her day back in the 1940s and 19 of the most glamorous actresses. She was known as the queen of technicolor has her Derek complexion and flaming. Red red hair. Rhonda Fleming he was in spellbound. The spiral staircase Connecticut Yankee in king Arthurs court many other. Movie appearances in ten commandment that opens. Rhonda Fleming Rhonda she is nine beef. I have today that quo and technicolor. We market it is seven years ago today it premiered on television. Yeah. It's not a donkey okay. Minnesota and Melissa look this it was Larry yeah. Started on radio and on his tandem Michael's life. And minutes started on CD in 1948. People related Nazis. As this goes until. And then it played in various forms for decades and decades and decades and Allen's funds. That's I can't remember any of the business they are the rules that would do little practical jokes jokes you Sunday. Hugely popular. The mere seventy years ago on televisions on. There's days. That's been a simple a couple of yards about the late late show James poured non CBS. Yes I think in New York City Council voted to stop issuing licenses for new scuba drivers. Topping the sub is free via while they study the effects of ride sharing in this city. That's going to be about way to end and even isn't it paycheck if uninvited driver should arrive October 29 win. And it. Other stick out a late night with Seth Meyers on NBC. Construction workers variously found out 124. Year old time capsule underneath us school in Massachusetts that contains two newspapers. Civil war medals and the first season of Grey's Anatomy. Entertainment news in the blur brought to you by pizza Johns Mary at a closed on Sunday. But check him out here on Friday and Saturday they're open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM right there on state fifteen to 208 south Baltimore. He says Johns and me he's 44 now see the dead even here. Editor bill Roy of which about business journal coming up. You can take a look at some local sports business Stevens hit the morning.