A new owner (again) for Warren Theatres

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 6th

A local business update from editor Bill Roy of the Wichita Business Journal


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At 745. This. In the morning your. Speaking in a few moments where it. This bill roll it with the Wichita business journal updates and editor royal palace not a major announcement coming up today which song. Now it's time three big things three. Like we said big announcement expected this afternoon at Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. President trump. Expecting recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital that move welcomed in Israel but drawing criticism from other places line. Sixth ranked Wichita State in basketball team thirteen points down in the second half comeback to win the Pope arena last night for big things need to dead 97 and thirteen 38. And ask. Traffic no running smoothly in the woodsy area right now do a little bit slow down on pay 96. At the junction tonight 135 in north which is. It's gone. Surprise there usually gets slow down there. At the state of faith in him. You Stevens says thick look at that weather forecast here on Wednesday morning. Looking for the increasing wind out of the northwest after a chilly morning is sunny skies today with a high of 47. Much colder air tonight partly cloudy overnight low down to one team one and looking ahead for. Tomorrow it'll be sunny and colder Thursday high only 34 degrees currently in Wichita with a breeze out of the west northwest. We are under sunny sky it is 31 degrees on a week high of 47. That's your forecast. Pac man Jack says he unique holiday gift idea that work for anyone. Including cancer data gets about that hat's always make great gifts now open Sundays from one to 5 PM all the way until Christmas. Pacman Jackson's. Six so one less Douglas by the clock tower in the Leino. Had men Jack's. KNS as snooze time is a 748. Which Stephenson. Eighty Hawaii woman is waiting to hear back from Guinness world records to find out if the Massey avocado that she snagged. Is the world's largest. Panel weighing found a five pound avocado Sunday on a walk. She told the west Hawaii today newspaper or a C avocados every day and a pick avocados everyday but this one was just too hard to mass. Winks and it was as big as or had. She and her friends checked it may think it might just be the largest on record so she submitted the application to Guinness and expects to hear back within a couple of months. Way Saatchi filming avocado under a tree that hangs over straight. And I think the overhanging or dropped outside private property line is free for anyone to claim or have to. Clean off the windshield appeared driving down the street net falls in spots in your windshield yes. Santa Claus no disputing nailed chimney is that for one day a year dozens if not even hundreds of Sanders hoped to avoid tumbling down a mountain. Today is Sunday. Eighteenth annual Santa Sunday event through Sunday river resort. Is scheduled to take place in western Maine video of this on YouTube by the way it's great to look at. 250. Cent isn't full Santa costumes. Skiing down a slope of all they read on the oh that is a it made for TV event only it is give him very definitely is. There's serve. Honestly I need you mean in the place they. It's said by the way season obviously and money raising thing. The entry fees does tennis pay to speed on this slope goes to support charity not okay so they are but he has to support. Donate money to support. A nineteen year old man chose to rob the same KFC in Pennsylvania. Where he was employed last. He did not Wear a mask he's tough hide his face and anyway and nor did he get any money. He tried to force open a safe. That was time locked. That was a detail obviously he should have known since he worked as a cook there for two years loud yeah op. Apparently his is a MO. It was planning ahead skills were not very good. Yeah he didn't think they'll wrap around at all anywhere he worked for two years and it it apparently nothing went right this guy. I don't understand these people robbing a fast food restaurants anyway I mean. In risking your freedom you gonna get bought twenty bucks if you add and yeah it's not like there's. At some are only a handful nuggets on the side that missed dogs. Makes no sense to Maine tonight on TV series premiere show called happy new series based on a graphic novel of the same name. Christopher Maloney stars as a drunk corrupt ex cop now hit man. After a hit gone wrong his life is changed forever by a tiny super positive imaginary blue winged horse named happy voiced by Patton Oswalt. This is on site five on scifi. That's not Rother you're going to attack it's too interesting names and that's that's so wacky concept. My instinct could be AFC that goes scifi has not whereas like your own thing and it is a 751 was Stephen Ted on KN SS. Looks like a big announcement in Wichita today let's get details from editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal mr. Roy yeah. Hello go to bed now where a few hours away from what can't is lieutenant governor Jeff collier says is a major announcement that Spirit Aerosystems. Call your tweeted Tuesday that he would be in Wichita today for a new news conference spirits company would only say that I news conferences scheduled. At least one report says it would be a major economic development announcement of course we'll have coverage here can assess and at Wichita business journal dot com. Including aviation is going to add another hanger at Eisenhower airport location and increase employment by 25%. The company plans to tear down several smaller tankers to make room for a larger one of the aircraft urban maintenance aircraft storage and office space. The City Council Tuesday approved the issuance of up to three and a half million dollars an airport special facilities revenue bombs. And more in theaters just got a new older and now the that company is going to have a new owner. Regal Entertainment Group bought theaters from Wichita as bill Warren now a British company columns in the world. Is going to buy regal that's a deal valued at three point six billion dollars it would create the world's second largest movie theater owner. Local breaking business news every day out can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com. For the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Well. Let's just get Freddie east of by the whole regal French guys and they can we get our town. Serve those Freddy's steak burgers and side with Fries and tell me that wouldn't be hit really oh my gosh a little liberal popcorn M Freddy's dog in my other hand and you can be sweet. That's a pretty good day right there at. I don't even have to go to the movie for that honor to track now we got that big announcement today as Spirit Aerosystems in that now they're really built this up with some major. It sounds like hit nine though it it sounds like elected leaders are kind of excited about it too there'll supposed to be their self. Yeah you don't do you say you stand news conferences all the time you don't have news conferences very often these days they just put out a news release that. This is they're kind of making a big deal out of this announcement so we'll see what happens. LC what the details come up and see what state has to do and it's his or some state bridal showing up so that in. There are no hints out there yet. Not really not not exactly you surely it it means more jobs you know the Boeing has increased production rates on several several. Programs. And that of course Spirit Aerosystems does work on those programs so. Right you that you wouldn't you would imagine it did it's going to call for. For more jobs in May be significantly more. All right we'll keep us updated will keep my comment you've met opera set for a few hours from now we'll talk to you one hour from now get the latest now that. That is editor Gilroy from Wichita business journal with a local business update 754 with Stephen Ted. All of our ball all that gas now and you know he was criticized because he did not thank president trump after the US president helped. Ball son Lee Angelo get out of those shoplifting charges and I. Alan Al Lavar ball is insists that he is the one that should be getting a thank you why. Ball says. Eighties it Billy is that. He should a ball says he's learned nothing new out of this whole thing but he did claim that he sent the president three pairs of big Boller brand sneakers. As a gesture of good faith. And then never heard anything back. I'm sure that's top of the line of what the president is really wants solicit me and he's done is thanking parents are all for three pairs of these. Ridiculous big ball. You know they are ball. He ever heard of it parade for your maps. One day a year in Maine. The city of Farmington celebrates the man credited with inventing the air maps by throwing a parade in his honor on Chester Greenwood day. He was fifteen years old Greenwood has when he fashion mouse on a farm fire in his grandmother's so fur on them. He improved his creation obtained attained a patent and manufacture hundreds of thousands of the ear protectors of Farmington this was 144. Years ago. Similar versions of courses here still sold. Newer versions now wrapped around the back of the neck which. Doesn't mess with your hairdo. In addition to the parade there's a gingerbread house contest a polar dip. And nearby lake and maybe Santa Claus might even stop buying wearing his air left no doubt the that's in Farmington net app Portland Maine. Another main story you're all over the state of Maine that it gas. We'll tell you about those fires that continue to rage out in California coming up decay in as this morning news was even dead in his 756.