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Tuesday, October 10th
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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. They're pretty good quality Stevenson in the morning Steve factions on Ted Woodward did. Nine people injured in a house fire on which both west side around 6:45 this morning fire fighting for Goldman situation and mentor. It's reported that two people were hospitalized in critical condition. It's only those two are adults seven with minor injuries believe those seven are minor. Children. Three people hospitalized after they were struck by lightning on the Kansas turnpike near cash today and Butler county. Two were treated and released a 37 year old man was held in the hospital in fair condition. Turnpike authority says of people were working along the highway when the lightning bolt struck their car. One person was inside the car the other two were standing nearby. Now what's the forecast with K and as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning an area of low pressure spinning just to our west that's pulling in some moisture across parts of south central Kansas this morning we'll see a few scattered showers and those will come to an end. Cloudy and breezy today but a high 53. Tonight some frost will settle in its weekly Iraq our low 37. Tomorrow warms back into the mid sixties I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Not cloudy 45 degrees northwest wind at fifteen miles per hour. A deadly shooting at Texas tech university and public officials say campus police officer was fatally shot. Briefly leading to a lockdown on campus university spokesman Chris Cook says. Texas Tech police had found evidence of drugs and a student's room Monday evening leading to a deadly confrontation at a campus police station. Also brought suspect police station standard precinct. During this on the suspect pulled a gun and shot an officer at nineteen year old fled the police station but was later. Caught. The danger is far from over in northern California where a dozen fighters continue to burn. Jennifer has a story like thousands of others here in Santa Rosa forced to flee in the wee hours of the morning seeing coffee part. On fire. You can hear the popping from his gunshot that gun shop now burned to the ground all that's left are few states that nothing you say not here. I don't want more fires sparking out now that I just. Gotten home and that's a danger as ruptured gas lines continue to burn in these fires which stretched for miles are nowhere near contained. Jason Nathan's and ABC news Santa Rosa California. Well which is our man was sentenced to more than ten years in prison for his involvement in twenty thefts. In several Wichita area stores and homes the Cedric county district attorney's office says 58 year old Timothy Kelly was sentenced for two robberies to thefts. And sixteen burglaries. Crimes happened between September 2016 and July 2017. Most of the break ins took place at night after he broke windows to gain entry. Kelly was also ordered to pay nearly 4000 dollars to the victims of the two robberies at these short Mira apartments in June. Where he attacked and injured the residence. Prosecutors say Kelly sold such things as candy cigarettes batteries. And other small items from several stores. Dan O'Neal came in assets news Wichita State university's center for economic development and business research. Is forecasting Wichita and job growth of less than one half of 1% and 2018. Just over a thousand jobs which the mayor Jeff Long Will tell scheme SS news he's been more optimistic. We batted. 11100 jobs just in the last three months in Wichita. We spoke competent that we can had a few more but I and I'm not sure. His spoke on. Attracting New York just broke it employers. Well well commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve intentional on K and ash ash. A federal judge in Wisconsin has struck down a law that gives members of the clergy tax free housing. The 1954 law saves ministers 800 million dollars a year in taxes according to one estimate. US district judge Barbara crab ruled the exemption provides an unconstitutional benefits. To religious persons and no one else violating the establishment clause of the constitution. ABC news legal analyst royal Oakes has more. The court held giving tax benefits to ministers regarding housing benefits is unconstitutional. Saying it violates the ban on governmental establishment of religion the trump administration disagreed arguing that tax rate is just one of many legitimate rules that confer benefits on religious education and institutions. KN SS news time now eight to 35 Stevenson in the morning here on Tuesday October 10. It is a time for a look at entertainment you and simpler with Ted Woodward this point hit a rough go of it recently foreign. Formerly revered name in Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein marries Merrill Streep is now speaking out against Harvey Weinstein. We stand on principle when Merrill Streep won an Oscar and Golden Globe for playing Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady producer Harvey Weinstein got quite that banks in her acceptance speech and god. Harvey Weinstein. Now she's changed her tune. The statement to the Huffington Post she calls the sexual harassment allegations disgraceful and appalling she claims she had no idea. But Weinsteins alleged abusive behavior and says the women who raised their voices to expose the abuse our heroes Jason reasons and ABC news Hollywood. The view is coming out with a new line up and Angelina Jolie's super spy. You're good. You play this buy and sell but now realize maybe imitating art for Angelina Jolie according to the French investigative web site media part a massive document leak reveals the actress had been approached by the international criminal court to take part in a plan to capture African warlord Joseph coney one email even went so far to say that Jolie had the idea to invite colony to dinner and then arrest and Tony is wanted for a wide range of humanitarian crimes and is still large. Is welcome our new cult almost Megan McCain well I tell people give me chance honestly Monday. It was day one for the view's newest show us Megan McCain daughter of Senator John McCain she tells in the chair vacated by the show's lone conservative Jenna Diane Dele I'm now wolf. British pop group banana rabbis back together after thirty years. And they're going to tour the US for the first time. The girl group's original members. Say they began rehearsals this week for the shows which we'll start in February. I've gotten to bonds' face he left the band in the late 1980s to form the group Shakespeare's sister. We're done. The other two is Sarah Dahlan and Karen look word have been performing as a duo in recent years. Band members say they got the idea to regroup after having it dance around Javon face kitchen a few years ago. Banana ram its North American tour begins in Los Angeles in February. The hitting some other cities well I have not seen which it song list yet. Tickets go on sale on Friday. Banana drama big back in the 1980s. Not gamble cruel summer though and panoramic getting back together after thirty years. And bill let's take a look at a few more episodes for one episode of the fox TV show and let. Yeah the new star horse trailer came out yeah. Mark camels Luke Skywalker without warning about his new Jen I apprentice rage in the final trailer for Star Wars the last Jett died. It's a much darker trailer than the earlier preview setting up a clash between the forces of darkness and light they seriously Drake caught right in the middle. He's some. Star Wars the last gen I opens December 15 from Lucas woman Disney parent company of ABC news. Bob has ordered five more episodes of Lee Daniels has girl group drama star that raises stars season to total to eighteen episodes the same as Daniels as other fox music drama empires MSHA to move the briefing to 2 o'clock c.'s best remembered for playing Josh Lyman on the west wing actor Bradley went for 58 years old Tuesday. I'm Christopher Watson. Mean Star Wars trailer coming out I watched it. What are your thoughts are it's all right. I I think it's it's good they density creative editing to make some things seem kind of ambiguous. It's good we needed at the trailer and don't give away all your best you know. Completely agree. Seven years ago tonight. Let's back seven years ago tonight. Think about Broadway thing that Rodgers and Hammerstein write collaborated. Their first big hit with Oklahoma. Monster smash. Their next show up to that was carousel. Monster smash and you there's third show. You're not going to get an anchor third show together was called allegro. News did not perform as oil out there and so even Rodgers and Hammerstein come out with a good. They I was about you know it is about a the that was kind of the concept was the normal person having to deal with the rush of daily life. There in the Hammerstein was writing a script based on man from all the way from his birth to the age of 35. And it just it just didn't work. And then had to send that disasters out of town tryouts of course. There's a Rodgers and Hammerstein show so everybody bought tickets before the thing even open right Broadway bank and ran about nine months. It's not evidently that denied a long run peoples to really care for the work allegro. And yeah but you know at least and it's it's rarely been that it rarely gets revived so Lotta Lotta people of CNET. But you know the Rogers never Stein got together in a couple years later they came out with a little show called South Pacific so it it did regroup that's okay they did regroup and come up another big. And other third show together a legroom and it's Broadway debut seven years ago tonight. Here. All right let's finish up with some funny in his monologue last night Jimmy Kimmel on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about the weekend. They had a good weekend. I certainly did well why don't we all went to a wedding in central California on the weekend on the way home morrow electric car ran out of electric. It got a flu shot at Wal-Mart always charging for three hours. Gotta fight with the president's son what Twitter is a distant. It. And Kimmel a second would Jimmy Fallon on NBC. They got today's Columbus Day. I. Heard that some cities are observing indigenous peoples things that. While most people say call what everyone has won Vienna mattress for 30% off that's always. Allen last night. And let's check in on the Big Bang theory last night levels doctor Sheldon Cooper. Trying to pick a date for his wedding. To eat just pick Claude it's not just to date it's a textbook optimization problem here is a perfect date just like is a perfect room temperature perfect dessert. There's no perfect dessert yellow cake in the shape of the dinosaur chocolate frosting scoop of Vanilla Ice human side not touching. You'll see you'll have and our wedding. Sheldon Cooper last night on the Big Bang theory. Entertainment news on this day brought to you Larry good friends at pizza Johns in Saturday. What you do you get your vehicle you drive on down Kate fifteen 08 south Baltimore now and you had in Amman there's a picture Steve intent right there aren't all they're on the wall right there on the front right there in front counter. So we need to step yourself a super tasty pizza who who I'm guaranteeing that right there and you'll love it he sits on Syrian army 42 down Steve and Ted. Optimism that Textron aviation. Editor bill Roy without story coming up. Steven did in the morning on KE NN cents. Are you looking for that perfect new home did you know our Citibank can help would mortgage financing that's right those same men that.