A new tax bill has made its way through Congress

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

Fox News' Rachel Sutherland joins us live from Washington D.C.


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Sure I like the direction that our country is had been. I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country. We are awesome and I love us so. Seven of thirteen thirty. Even 10 in the morning at 744. Or three big things. Congress working to avoid government shutdown in the seeing court documents reveal details in the death of public Evan brewer lives and dies in trench collapse in Bel Air. Three big things even dead on gay and assess. OK we have a traffic accidents. And this being described as a southbound IQ thirty conference zoo boulevard. So watch out there it's just a little ways north of sue both parts as you approach easy boulevard watch out again southbound in 1935. Approaching zoo both Florida traffic accident. Seven update from Kate and as Israel and get cheaper. Cloudy and turning cooler later today with a high of 51 degrees before cooling off late this afternoon. Mostly cloudy and cool tonight the overnight low of 25. Friday sunny and cool tomorrow's night 3751. Today thirties have been to Florida. Now followed and missed 43 degrees we've got to south wind at seven miles per hour. Davis has weather brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of grant burdens and Christie's in the state of Kansas. About our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. Give delay no. 746 now Stephen Ted on K and SS. And the esteem and Ted which Toppert dot com poll on our web page. In this as radio dot com check it out we've been talking about their Christmas mules and what are what are your favorite what's your favorite meat for Christmas dinner. Other. 90%. The other meet each other me currently I am 3%. When he put fish edited with no relief 12%. But other so fish and lesbian and Turkey 30%. And port 45%. Probably the big Christmas ham 45%. Still got time to be part of our poll. It's a web page in this has reviewed. There are some people that do that then that feast of the seven fishes at christmastime really had to work. It's it's something it's has some kind of tracing to Italian paired I know there's some Italians. Really kind of mentality they serve seven different kinds of fish at a pre Christmas meal and even though there were seven. Trip to get there at all. Saint Edwards Stoppard dot com poll available on our web site initiatives can bring that out not out it check it out are actively get to. Winter officially starting at 10:28 AM central time this morning it is 747 now. Which Stephen Ted and a congress is after tax bill first time in many many years Fox News radio's Rachel cellblock Sutherland is with us this morning from Washington. Good morning Rachel. This is historic kids when when you think your president triple put his initials on this side of the law. Well that's what are they backing in there's one thing that kind of standing in the way I guess and I have to do. With entitlement spending in the timing of the bill. It looks like it'll be two and it's not. In the next couple days in the right after the new year. You don't like a done deal the matter when it's not I think he would have been happy about it yesterday what they party they had going on at the White House. Okay elicit so that it didn't sounds like for what I'm seeing. And try to puts up an in air for just about everybody how about the the middle class Howard are the middle class people are going to be treated honest. Well that's depending on you that's right at this writing in numbers saying that the middle class etiquette and handed hitter and not been that way. Republican thing that they're gonna benefit if you look at the actual bill and believe me have been poring over it line by line most people will get a tax break. And depending on your tax bracket most we'll get a tax break. It is standard deduction dabbling. But the whole market interest deduction remain term mortgages that instead 150000 dollars a lot of market I think he'd be around. 500000 dollars well it's good that concern but it should be. Every week or many people. But I think that would Democrats if you really get down to it and be paid into what they're upset about is this getting rid of the requirement that people buy. Helped shorts or face tax penalties Paul people go away okay. So that's what they're they've they're there that's a hold up for the Democrats and. Paladin in a major way yeah it's. What's left of Obama care and captain and it's been teetering for. For quite awhile to pull that out and and keep my committee prior accident this year and repeal tax candidate ease if you don't have health insurers stopped it. It it'll take. But coming in the 2018 text here it'd have a significant impact annual speech. These help market these health insurance market. Just really starting to well are. Rachel thank you for your time this morning we appreciated Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland in Washington DC talk about that that. Tax bills passed by congress doesn't know. When the president may sign it conducted many word on that just. Aren't it says 750 now Stephen did dominate your listing. To Stephen jet are driving on Kellogg right now. Or you will sometime today or tomorrow which does main east west highway carries thousands of cars and trucks everyday along the people behind the wheel and their passengers. We recently talked about Kellogg with Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay ice. Still think we can have a great reality TV show called the Kellogg daily drive. It is something else I don't make it definitely gives it during the afternoon you know boring drive very often that when I do well yes it's amazing yeah. I've written two tickets on Kellogg this year. Myself just because of the craziness but also I also pulled a guy over who had debris fall not a mistrust and I almost. My life flash before my eyes and a guy came within inches of me it is a dangerous roadways we ha yeah and there's no doubt that we've got to focus more on. That was part of my interview with police chief Ramsey that's going to air this week and an issue Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on Kahan SS I found him to be. Informative he has good sense of humor ended in a lot of good information so. Grab on Kellogg what tell the police. Might pull you over a very nice stocks bounced around yesterday finished little changed after congress passed the Republican sponsored tax bill. Smaller companies faired the best of Standard and Poor's 500 index lost two points the Dow fell 28. And the NASDAQ. Slid nearly three point shot health officials say they're investigating a triple play restaurant in Los Angeles. After the company reported that some workers were ill with nausea vomiting and I really don't know. He says it reportedly illnesses to local health officials. And of the employees are being held out of work. Which has a restaurant was inspected Tuesday and remains open for business and come on and on and are those three fried greens and help those are you for being negative seven fits it and make it's I'm 52 Steven dead. At a time permits look at local business news from the Wichita business journal US Commerce Department is upheld import duties of nearly. 300% on bombard EAC series passenger jets. In relation to a trade complaint brought by Boeing. The ruling upholds a preliminary decision from earlier this year sparked by Boeing's claim of price dumping related to a sale of 75 C series aircraft to. Delta Airlines. Mumbai day which has since taken on Airbus as a majority partner of Lucy's series. As maintained that Boeing's claim has been a deliberate attempt to stifle competition and innovation in the industry. Which does City Council this week meant to extend property tax abatement periods for three companies. Atlas aerospace LLC. McGinty machine and red guard all received approval from the council for the second of 25 year tax abatement terms all three companies and when he twelve. Qualified for an economic development tax exemption. For expansion projects. As a stipulation with the city the companies were required to meet certain capital investment and job creation standards during the first five years it triggered final five year period. Which they did on Tuesday Christie with a doozy there are some strings attached. That that did bond money or those tax abatements right and it's a good idea ID dental and take the money and looking to open a restaurant and Ted always is one space that is available as the older. Blue river Mexican grill building at regency lakes 2431 north dreamers that a restaurant called disclosed its doors December 16 now on the market and looking. For a tenant. Local breaking business use every day on king and assist in Wichita business journal dot com. Well the would stop business journal I Steve Macintosh 753 Stephen did today. Is pro dog day. Can. India's stresses of the holiday season have piled up many of us start to feel a bit like Scrooge. The state was created to allow us an opportunity to express our frustrations. Yet are you feeling any frustrations this morning you would like to express. Yeah but let's say good big bomb bug your nominated I'm doing okay. Jan are eager okay and your team to be you know terror and they go we're not stressing at all and I have a shopping done now. I'm more thing to do in the next four days Tina I'm only bought one thing of my Christmas shopping on cents to look again and a couple of he's only got two aborted due cellular and a tea. It's been a challenge for for me a little bit this year my wife with. Double knee replaced you've had to admit you had a busy December yet named his sensible lines up close and if you got to get to a new knees that's a good place to go on line. Editor clean up talked about unions and deliveries of deliveries I guess it online to help you Allison and I say go that's as someone deliberately do it bring it right there to the house just like Santa Claus. 755 now Stephen tad bit coming up at 8 o'clock McCain is just boring is complete look. At today's news including an early morning robbery. Poorly armed robbery in northeast Wichita that story in Borneo all the way Stevens head of the morning on carry and has SaaS.