The next phase of Wichita's Union Station and new baseball stadium

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Monday, September 10th
Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell.

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It's like Steve until the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward at 730 here on a Monday morning. And and it's been arrested after an assault with a handgun in southwest Wichita police say this happened early Sunday when police responded to a call about a disturbance with the weapons. Two men were inside all the three juveniles when an unknown suspect approached the home began banging on the door and shouting. The man fired two shots into the air boxes arrived at the scene and arrested 59 year old David Englander of Wichita. On five counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal discharge of a firearm. England was in possession of three handguns and marijuana. Gasoline prices holding steady across the country but there could be a slight drop on the horizon. If crude oil prices don't jump we're going to see a decline at the pump I think a modest one by the end of the month. In part because of the summer bland requirements disappearing and in part because there's plenty of gasoline around. That's industry analyst will be Lundberg referring to the more expensive formula that refiners used for summer gasoline. Over the past two weeks the average price for regular gas held steady at 291 per gallon. Avoiding government shut down that's the goal for congress working on a tight scheduled to beat the clock. House and senate leaders must hammer out differences on spending bills and then convince president trump to sign off to avoid a pre election government shut down at the end of the month. So far no spending package is included president trumps request for border wall funding the president has signaled a willingness to shut down the government over the issue but more recently said the funding they need to wait until after the mid term elections Republican leaders are downplaying the threat of a shut down. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern and Fox News is. Trump is back on the campaign trail for GOP candidates in the upcoming mid term elections well former president Barack Obama is on the campaign trail for the Democrats. Fox is Gary Teddy has more. While top Republicans say there's always that chance they could hold onto the majority in the house they are not overly optimistic because going back a 150 years the president's party almost always loses house seats in mid term elections. And the senate though GOP leaders are a bit more optimistic and believe they'll not only keep their majority but will likely add a cedar due to it. Now president trump is planning to attend to dozens of rallies between now and November to help his party out. And with former President Obama hitting the campaign trail as well the shaping up to be a faceoff between the faces of both parties. It's seventeen years since the terrorist attacks on September elevenths 2001. A local firefighters on their fallen comrades by taking part in the annual Wichita stair climb. The Wichita stair climb has been a tradition for several years more than 200 firefighters took part in the event which took place inside the epic center in downtown Wichita on Saturday. The Klein is a way for them to remember the 343. Fallen firefighters and first responders who died in the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Participants climb the equivalent of a 110 floors are represented the height of the former World Trade Center Twin Towers. The fourth Wichita stair climb had firefighters from across Kansas Oklahoma and even his first Colorado. It takes roughly two hours and it's hard work to complete the firefighters say the journey was worth it anyway add king and SS news. The Kansas State fairs welcoming some unusual food vendors and new attractions this year from deep fried Kenya a lot goes to an inaugural bread sculpture contest. The parent Hutchinson opened Friday featuring a food line up that attempts dog do outrageous concoctions from the past. This year street vendors are serving deep fried double legs pickle stuck with a sour hard candy and burgers topped what they moon pie. Meanwhile many new amusement rides animal exhibits competitions and other attractions have filled the state fairgrounds. September works lumberjack show will be a main attraction this year Kansas wheat is also hosting a new contest at the fair to scope bread dough into creative pieces. The final day for visitors to taken the extraordinary food offerings and attractions. Is September 16. Rodney prize Kenny an SS news. And now with the forecast with K innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with a few low clouds as we start today mostly sunny are hi this afternoon 78. We will be clear in 61 overnight. And in sunny on Tuesday with tomorrow's high in the low eighties it doesn't look like we'll see any chance of rain throughout the remainder of the week or ride on into next weekend. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now partly cloudy coal no wind out their 56 degrees 56 ads almost almost you know there's. That he is Monday September 10 when he eighteen on this date in 1956. Elvis Presley made his first of three appearances on the Ed Sullivan Chicago. He sang love me tender hound dog. Don't be cruel and ready Teddy just about the hottest act in the world at one point and I it was six year old was watching on that Sunday night the insult and joke my Brothers. And learned that the lyrics of that wonderful song. Hound dog. You ain't nothing but a hound dog and Tryon crime all time. Are there and dog listening to the dog. That was on the state in ninety which we have video of that which and it. From what the mayor which the mayor Jeff Long Will witness a sporting after it a long long night at dinner. And jubilee meal tonight good morning mr. mayor. And a great time. That her lead in. Alum dot. Well at least they what's been. Wow really okay well. We yeah we try to be respectful whenever possible with you and I. And we appreciate your rage. How did you enjoy example the other night you were. You know that that that's rated bring outlook and the people together. Have a good time right all a lot of money. Do which is. Out and we don't want the bad news in the country. No doubt no doubt I listened my wife and saint Chile and your wife hit it off and I didn't think we're we're gonna prime apart those two started talking and it was like the aid they don't each other all the law keeps. Is that they can plot behind our backs. I. ABC Helio did. Didn't give you your like the old recipe for her chocolate chip cookies and and you'd be one happy guy either us live there. Are. You got a pretty good start on that right now they don't have to go on your backs the plot I think they're going to cry in front. To act on it. It was that I see that on the agenda for the City Council meeting tomorrow at Union Station tax plan could give us a brief look at them what's at all about. That the next phase of Union Station and they. Chair rendering. It. Eight that doled out nearly all way to water. The only spray. It. Just part of the renewal of Union Station ought there aren't you Erin. Built pretty stop bringing jobs. A welcome or am in January the nice thing about. Being. Simply better and are. Our public structure. A great program or that you'll. That's going. The ghetto and them seeing that you're also look at it gonna consultant's contract for baseball. The stadium where you made a big announcement last weekend and I don't want to follow up and see what what's an ex diplomats state future. We finally after. Three years or not. Sooner. Or liberate all back. Well thank app you opted. Out are there. Only one week or so we are out there are cracked. Also at any time Iraq War. It they all all the ultimate lion has Tripoli. And then we're going to be now are. They stadium out. That noble elect at the bill. Thought out. Articles that prop. These acts that they only moral and now meeting that it. Something that really going to help all are brought. Brand spirit out many of there are going to well but we try brute. Op well all our I am art and it beat our and immunity at. All. Recruit more people out. How how much is a violent willingness so much into it too by a talk about. Now I'll point to middle. All of them are on the new stadium grant. So we knew that we are gonna have to buy now calculated and news all of the dollars that we need to generate. Locals are pain. Was pretty. Eight strip that will be coming up all. And it overview of the different between the news. Am a new team will be famous about greener out our year grip. The old beating pages on it by now here. And I had a question some people ask me about the potential footprint of the new stadium is is the church there at the corner of McLean and Douglas staying there or are they moving. And we don't know that are sure. Been down a couple of different rendering. You know that really Newt church and private developer. On it looked at. Opera late developer on the baseball stadium as Newt. Want that he has kind of a baseball only bring out when we have the team on bring them. Opt for them that close art. Alpert. But I bird church on down by a grant and they're all over here might. Totaling. Vehicle area can be redeveloped then paste all relate that. Still remain to be seen on. Potentially want that become. Okay and also lip of the affected McLean boulevard will be preserved on the west side there the you're not at that point yet Ariza making the nor a don't. Not at that point one wanted to thank were only app at Ausprey. Figure out exactly news developing a all orders are we need to master planned area that is that is. Worked well. 10. Plan that works well baseball. That means going to get an opportunity to develop some land around there were out of they wanna like. And Utley. You know wide variety. Like a collar. Are. Along with them being perhaps strong that they looked like he become an around the stadium and and that stadium itself out night you'd been there are brought in. It's going to be all unique experience. And completely. Different experience that. I believe that non baseball and joy out air well. All right mr. Brad thanks for your time as always is sporting we look forward CNET talking to you next week at this time app or Mondays with the mayor which the mayor Jeff Long Welch in ten years it's. Seven. 43 now coming up we've got to look at business you would business journal update on. And that's only traffic and weather coming up beat a dead on K and is fast.