NFL Playoffs continue, wins for WSU and KU

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Monday, January 15th

Jad has basketball, football, and even hockey sports news.


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I'm what you thought man. Has been extradited to Kansas with my year old Tyler bears made his first court appearance Friday where he was officially charge of involuntary manslaughter. America was also charged with one count of giving a false alarm and one count of interference with law enforcement. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett says the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified and remains on paid administrative leave. Once every renewed entirely and that determination will be made public I'm featured charges. Through press complex. Paris is being held on a 500000 dollar bond his next court appearance is scheduled for January 25. Fire broke out it is southeast Wichita apartment Sunday. In a 9 o'clock hour fire was reported in the basement of an apartment duplex in the 4800 block of these Gilbert street in southeast Wichita. When fire crews arrived they reported heavy firing the basement additional units responded to the scene and by 940 the fire was brought under control. No injuries were reported that house for the fire and a damage estimate has not been determined. Rodney price K and SS news investigation into illegal gambling in Wichita results until me and pleading guilty. The federal gambling and income tax charges in a 9 o'clock hour fire was reported in the basement of an apart. A duplex that we want to be on Friday 46 year old DeVon flax pled guilty to two counts of operating an illegal gambling business and one count of making a false statement on a tax return. 67 year old Danny Chapman pled guilty to operating an illegal gambling business and tax division. US attorney Tom Diehl says both men's bones along with the phones of several of the Wichita residents were tapped as part of the investigation. It is believed blacks admitted to running several illegal poker games in Wichita. Chapman admitted in his plea to operating an online sports betting operation with a at least five people working for him. Fill all the brand Katy and SS news a casino ferry boat went up in flames just off the Florida Gulf Coast Sunday. Sending dozens of passengers and crew leaping into the cold water near shore. Port Richey police chief Jared you can deal. The operator both realize he has some issues that he was gonna but it processor kind of pulled around to go back to their duck. When he noticed the fire at any casualties ended up right here off and hope point. Our offices responded fooled by officers jump actually jumped in the water to assist the people that would kill multiple ones on flight. No one was killed but several people were treated for smoke inhalation chest pain and other minor injuries. Caused the fire is under investigation. Some members of congress are demanding action after a false ballistic missile alert caused panic in Hawaii. Represented calling had a booster. Says she wants her committee to investigate how the message was accidentally sent and why it took almost forty minutes to send a follow up clarification. How to get the message out that. Hopefully he's safe with Adobe probably is a very big place to be but it is it is event that that would not incompetent. An emergency message went out of hundreds of thousands of cell phones early Saturday morning local time. It's at a ballistic missile was inbound to the island with and urged people to take shelter the FCC is also investigating. And what happened. Take innocent Huston now 8033 minutes past 8 o'clock. Coming up in sports. Well coming up in sports we're going to talk about. Football is just the NFL playoffs going on and a basketball some basketball on Saturday and some good enough tonight track herb that's coming up in sports. Is president trump a racists or controversial comments and that's that's stories coming up on McCain and his his sporting news receive a dead. 16 o'clock these presidents cup races. The controversy in question stems from comments he said to have made during a White House meeting on immigration. Opinions vary on the racism question California attorney general and former congressman Javier Vista are on FOX News Sunday said it's clear to him that the president showed a racist tendency. Mental instability men gas city. Now bigotry. Having anyone of those in the White House. Is dangerous but civil rights icon Andrew Young when NBC's Meet the Press opted to say the president needs to be educated on race doesn't help to label people. You know you don't copy you don't help someone who has an alcohol problems. But consulate colon and LaBroque the president denies ever saying anything racist colonel Scott Fox News. Video circulating online chose a member of the Wichita police department at a local basketball game. Shouting a student refereed who was working the game. The incident happened at the league game between and government got stuck on Saturday. The video shows a man rushing the core after a player was hurt when a referee gets in his way he pushes her and goes on to take the injured player from the game. The Wichita police department issued the following statement that said in part that they had been made aware of the incident and would determine if any department policies had been violated. Embers still while president of the gusty youth basketball league said that the man's behavior towards the refereeing was unacceptable. And that the family of the refereeing was planning on pressing charges. She added that the parent has been banned from the building and likely will be banned from all the other league game as well. Any web page and SS news the governor. Proposed fiscal year Tony nineteen tensions budget is dropping some skepticism from legislative leadership. Don Heineman is a house majority leader. Wheeler when budget director Sullivan brief the appropriations and ways and means committees that the budget proposal sounds great there's additional money for schools there's additional money for employee pay. Hey additional money and several other areas of government where we probably do need to look at additional funding but no way to pay for that extra expenditure. And misses of budget works well for a year or two but after governor Brownback is out of office the budget is unsustainable. He and his excuse I'm now eighteen and ten minutes stance if life. And this morning traffic in terrible shape just got a call from traffic tracker didn't east southbound on I don't want 35. Traffic accidents said its 85. And 61 street north. She's had both lanes but five miles an hour. And I want 35 southbound getting calls from a much different traffic tracker throws in the same things if you can stay off the highway stay up a highly. They're all running fairy slow right now the roadways are slippery. Slushy. So did just maybe the side streets are. Even have a better option right now this morning out there so again that's up and I was 35 had not a traffic check for call and saying that he was on high 1835. Foot traffic accident. Eastbound hitters aren't in the west found links there on iTunes 45. 45 that traffic updates from cake and at this radio and yet she's. As a good forecast now with candidates and staff meteorologist Dan Holliday devoting ten to. Morning we're seeing some areas of light snow across Wichita and said we cannot even higher amounts of Harvey in Butler county where winter weather advisories in effect. They'll come from within by midmorning with cold Arctic here. Plunging and by this afternoon. They'll send temperatures into the mid teens but wind chill advisory in effect tonight are low near zero with a wind chill of fifteen to twenty below sunny and fourteen on Tuesday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. No lights no 26 degrees in north wind. Gusting to 37 miles per hour and a few hours ago let's. Bridge of the above forty degrees in here so simple as just now we're down to 26 and this if we're lucky you only dropped. Well Tim according Greek for the day is over. They assessed whether it brought you by the monarch voted one of the best urban barge in America by the verve reviewed located at 579 west Douglas and historically no. The monarch. And again it is of course Martin Luther King Jr. day a national. Federal holidays and you don't have to be going out there pro via his stay put today because of the driving conditions not very good. On a January 15. 1967. The Green Bay Packers. Of the National Football League defeated the Kansas city chiefs of the American League. Football league. 35 to ten in the first AFL NFL world championship game. Retroactively known as Super Bowl one at it and caught that back then the name hadn't been conjured up by anyone at that time. So we just called the original pro football championship game record. And with Super Bowl sounds a lot better now and that is enough putts you know march at the social and a lot more it's like so sure. I don't win a warm day across Kansas Sunday the which does high temperature yesterday was 47 degrees. Normal high is 42 and it if you could seize this morning you know. It's gonna get it or not colder today before everything is done with your suspension venturing out this morning. You know be ready yes it is it's afternoon when you if you go someplace you have goals after it's going to be. Really cold and by the time we hope that that is the streets will be a little bit better shape maybe with those people roll over. They connected the slush down and in in May be beginners but right now it's just Motorola well crews out there work meted to get things cleared up but. And remember them not getting any help from the weather so that states are gonna be pretty bad today and he just going to be miserable if you have to get out of your car to put gas in your cocker. Republic over five minutes it's going to be awful this forget the terrible north wind now gusting to 37 miles per hour now. That's that's ugly somebody could have a couple of bad days here that's that's like me tell you start off the week by Wednesday things will straighten up a little bit. And Thursday and Friday are looking pretty good and that's the kind of long range forecast yeah. A rare two headed snake is on public display at the shepherd of the hills hatchery in Branson Missouri. The juvenile western rat snake which is not venomous. Was discovered under house in early misery and the Springfield news leader reports the snake went on display at the hatchery last Friday. John Miller a manager at the hatchery says so far the state is healthy growing. As it shed its skin twice. Once full grown it'll be about six feet long. Miller has both of the snakes heads and eat. And that the rest of its body is like any other state. Western rats snakes formally known as the black. Rats snakes are common in Missouri. Says they are valuable because the eat rodents. And an eight twice as many. Well it won't big ugly snakes I guess but they do it in this case. Which one of the heads will determine how much they eat but at that that. Two headed snake imagine being. In out oil mouse or rat what more terrifying thing could you see. Then attitude at its name to a company coming I don't. More nature news this morning the Kansas City zoo has a new arrival yeah. The zoo announced Friday that a female chimpanzee named Gracie was born earlier in the week. 221 year old tee to give him. Raissi is key to first beat BT two and her twin sister teel me. Came to the Kansas city's zoo from the sunset zoo in Manhattan Kansas in 2003. It will be several weeks before visitors get to see the new chip. Which is bonding with its mother behind the scenes who chip. At the zoo in Kansas City. A sad day for a for broadcasting in Florida sports casting. He's Jackson. Are right well the sport's great voice is one of the most popular play by play announcers. Has died he was considered the voice of college football by several generations. Are watchers. He died Friday at the age of 89 and I would just via Bible and my two cents yes. He's. His voice on a college football from the time I was a teenager. He was a guy used the man. He had yeah. What was is this board Nellie ball no telling him that was gone. Really interesting are fantastic on on court Ted Woodward. Has always said how much he he has enjoyed and loved listed he'd Jackson so it gives a lot of play Buckley front. Kind of followed that path the path. Jackson began calling college football game for ABC sports when it acquired the broadcast rights for the NCAA football in 1966. He also worked NFL and NBA games World Series winter and Summer Olympics at auto racing. For the job he traveled third to 31 countries for ABC's wide world of sports. Basically Keith could do anything that needed to be done. About you know somebody with a a lot of ability a lot of different areas he announced that he retire from college football play by play after the 1998. Season. But he did it continuing with a ABC sports in 1999 and then he retired for good in May of 2006 only. Retired a couple of tough yet but he just won the Britney. For those of us in broadcasting especially those of us who do sports broadcaster is considered. One of the big guys one of the top guys one of the greats on of the greats that is passed away at the age of 89. 817 now Stevens head on KE NS as and speaking of sports let's go ahead and. It was only the world of sports. Dead chambers on the sportscaster Jim Woodward today and really get football talk about that's right or gets a basketball to. That's right and everything we'll we'll just talk about the NFL here real quick over the Minnesota Vikings think. It took control early in the NFC divisional playoffs yesterday in Minneapolis and the New Orleans Saints team. Roaring back in the second half they took a one point lead on a field goal with less than a minute left south. Because Minnesota score here's the final play you heard yesterday on KFH. He Nimitz in the gun from his 39. Performance run sixth in the. It's. No no I am. It's. Marty heard people calling it the Minnesota miracle. I don't know if it's played it needs and you know a nickname like that but that other Uga of defense Rumsfeld. Yeah that's one of the defenders took the other one out there there was a defender that was trying to break up the pass. The the receiver jumped and got out of the way. And the receiver that was stranded and make the pass incomplete hit the other defender that could have made the tackle that took him out of the play. That's football enough. That's just kind of and I got it's like you guys run around both the retailer gap stuff happens I was able to scramble his way into the end zone and eight. That was a really solid that Minnesota wins it 29 to 24. Here's the interesting thing both the vikings and the saints. Lost the lead it twice each in the final three minutes. It would it would get back and forth a lot there at the end. That massacre really get actually in the final three minutes and 12 it 301 was when that. First of those supporters that at. A exchanges happened. That's so that's a Minnesota Vikings. And it they win on Saturday to Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons and that's at the NFC championship match up. Minnesota Philadelphia kick off at 5:30 PM on Sunday we're gonna hand it came over on case FH. The Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC title game for the first time in nineteen years. They got a 45 to 42 victory over the Steelers in Pittsburgh. On Saturday the New England Patriots defeated Tennessee 35 to fourteen. So well and that's that's at the AFC championship. Jacksonville vs new England and game is going to be at 2 o'clock on Sunday. And again here that game over on eight at age on Saturday college basketball Connor frank camp and Landry Shanda. Getting sixteen points each and number five Wichita State beats Tulsa. 72 to 69 on the road you heard that game over on one or three point seven KE YNN. Doctors need to slow. And Americans in possession game. And that's when it was worth more to break camp up. Okay. The night and really good match I got more thought he got two daughters went straight. You know that's crowd sounds like their play at all. Yeah it earlier it's also that I bought about a 5000 fans from what you thought that it's not like I imagine a lot that's yeah well I mean that's that's the I don't all breath. That's a dry but it's not. It's definitely not too long drive for the shocker fans love it support then yeah exactly soccer's improved to fifteen and two. I don't know in the AC shoppers return home for three of their next four and it's now Wednesday night at S and the you know this the next game. And you can hear them talk about it tonight right here on cape and has as its the WSU basketball coaches show with that coach Gregg Marshall. On the air at 6 PM tonight. Followed at seven by the which the state women's basketball coach Joseph would head coach Keith Adams. Which the state women coming off of a 64 to 56 road win over two lane on Saturday afternoon in Louisiana. Next to the lady shoppers picking vs SMU tomorrow night. Charles Pickering. Saturday was the big border showdown KUK stated Allen fieldhouse in Lawrence. Right now under the wire jayhawks outlasting a lot of that's not by much 7372. The win gave Kansas its third straight win. The jayhawks are fourteen and three on the season four and one in league play these state falls to twelve and 52 and three in the big twelve. K state plays again tomorrow night they're hosting number 90 you know. The jayhawks haven't even quicker turnaround they're playing tonight they are traveling to West Virginia for a game with a number two mountaineers. You hear that action tonight pregame starts 630 and it is on KF 81240. AM 975 FM. And but what can we can for the which stuff under hall and it they lost two games back to back they'd. Lost to Utah grizzlies Friday and Saturday and now they have a break XP EC HL all star break. The only under represented the mountain division this week in Indianapolis is goaltender Sheen start they deserved honor its twelve wins this season the league has only taken. Four losses in three overtime losses started at two point 69 goals against average save percentage at point 92 if you follow hockey. Delegates and wins and gets a lot of wins. So let thunder not an action again until Saturday. When they host Colorado Eagles at sports and Stephen Ted in the morning 822 now people here. The Hannity morning minutes. Senator Feinstein is changing story about releasing transcripts she's gonna tell us about debt that's coming up. It's time for our prairie fire coffee break on Kenyan ancestry fired coffee. Is a precious golf in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very fired coffee you're office by calling 2673771. All online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight voting and ousting the head of the morning on eight and ants ants.