Nominations announced for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 29th

The Latin single "Despacito" keeps its winning streaking alive by snagging nominations for both song of the year and record of the year.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which is because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The morning okay and it's nasty back and son Ted Woodward. NBC news has a long time today show host Matt Lauer has been fired for inappropriate sexual behavior of bowers co anchor Savannah Guthrie made the announcement of the top of today Phil. Guthrie never a statement from NBC news chairman. And relaxing at the company has received detailed complaint from a colleague of Monday night about an inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by allow our. Donald Trump junior says his father's successful run for president has given conservatives the ability to feels the free to speak up on issues. Truck appear to Tuesday evening at a fund raiser for Kansas secretary of state Crisco box campaign for governor at a suburban Kansas city hotel. Now forecast McCain and as a staff meteorologist day and holiday good morning Dan. This morning we have a storm system moving east out of north central Oklahoma and most of the moisture is off to our east so clouds and dry weather will stay around through much of today with a high 52 of tonight's salute 38. It'll be dry on Thursday and Friday with a warming trend at 56 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. I'll cloudy and 45 degrees northeast within ten miles per hour. Which of our officials are considering a change in a local fireworks policy during the workshop meeting Tuesday. The City Council and fire chief Tammy Snowe met to consider changes current regulations only allow for novelty fireworks that don't travel over six feet. When set off here in the city. Chief snow says Wichita is on an island surrounded by other communities that follow state law which allows much louder classy consumer fireworks. Wichita by Anderson vice mayor Janet daughter says she has always voted against expanding fireworks sales. Every time fireworks season rolls around. You know my inbox fills up I know my successors. Inbox we'll fill up where fireworks complaints and so I would be doing huge disservice to. Hundreds of people that are written to me over the past eight years. About our existing fireworks let alone expanding it to allow everything. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy next month. A federal appeals court has refused to hear the appeal of the Kansas man who tried to set off what he thought was a bomb at an army posts and support the Islamic states. A three judge panel of the tenth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Tuesday the appeal filed by John Bucher junior of Topeka. Challenging some conditions of his supervised release. It ruled that the command had waived his appeal rights in his plea deal. Booker was sentenced in July to thirty years in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release. He pleaded guilty to one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to destroy government property with an explosive. He was arrested in 2015 outside Fort Riley. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. Looks like we have a winner in the battle to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For now. Former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard core trade picked his deputy reentry English to take over as acting chief. But president trumpet picnic mold they need to temporarily leave the bureau Maldini moved into the office as English tried to filer restraining order against him. A judge denied that order. A lawyer for English says he doesn't think the judge's ruling is the final stop for this case. Meanwhile mauled manes told staffers do you disregarded instructions from English. President trumps expected to pick a nominee to take over the job permanently. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. As state to grapple with how to handle newly legalized marijuana that terrible accident in Vermont. Shows how dangerous it can be to drive high. The driver behind the wheel in the wrong way crash that killed five teenagers in Vermont last year. Heavy concentrations of TH CM has to mind the Psycho active ingredient in marijuana gets people high. That's from the state toxicology report found ten. Mammograms any amount in Vermont is against the law but even a legal land of Colorado the limit is only five nanograms. Vermont's report concludes effective. Marijuana on driving ability may include weaving in attention poor coordination and slowed reaction time with increased error rates and complex tasks. The drivers pled not guilty to five counts of murder. Three Crowley Fox News. Deaths on Kansas roadways are up this year. Kansas Highway Patrol says it's distracted driving it is leading the cause especially when it comes to cell phones. Although it is against the law to text and drive in Wichita some cities in Kansas taken a step further. The hands free ordinance which means you can't even hold your phone while driving tea send news spoke with trooper Todd Heilman who would like to see that ordinance becomes state law. We see some with a cellphone and her hand while they're driving. Right there that's all we would mean. According to Tripoli Kansas 420. People have died in Kansas traffic accidents so far this year. That's up more than 12%. From this time last year. 836 now Stevenson in the morning it's time for entertainment news the border with Ted Woodward did talking about met all our. The NBC today show host and tech news just breaking in the last few hours NBC today host Matt Lauer has been fired. A memo from NBC chairman and the lack was read on a year by today co host Savannah Guthrie. As a result we have decided to terminate his employment. While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he's been an NBC news. We were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incidents. Our highest priority is to create a workplace environments where everyone feel safe and protected and to ensure that any action that run counter to our core values. I met with consequences. No matter who the offender. Guthrie reported the news came through a company memo this just moments before today went on the air this morning. The latest accuser of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein coming forward telling her story and explaining her lawsuit. Ian noble says her experience with Harvey Weinstein goes beyond sexual assault attorney Jeff Herrmann says there was sexual trafficking when noble was lord from England to France. Stand by use of force for urgent fraud. And spices and causes a person to engage in a commercial sex acts sex trafficking violates federal law noble citizens Weinstein touched her she realized it was inappropriate and telling them to stall and you can raise his voice and at the same time he kept reassuring me that everything is a severe case amid dozens of other accusations are Weinstein spokesperson says he denies Noble's corny. Colonel Scott Fox News actress. Angela Lansbury now kicking off a firestorm of criticism. Interview with radio times actress Angela Lansbury suggested women must sometimes take blame for sexual harassment saying quote I really do think that although it's awful to say we can't make ourselves look as attractive as possible now being knocked down and great fans and fellow performers were quick to criticize Israel some argue the 92 year old was raised with very different ideas in very different times others don't buy it went tweeting she knows exactly what she's doing her wits are about her big blaming is never okay actress Patricia Arquette tweeting it doesn't matter how young or old how beautiful or hopefully rapists rape. End of story Christine good when Fox News TV actor breaking his silence on his immigration status. I'm coming now and I'm not an integrated and because. I didn't so much from them. The voice of actor Bundy John Obama who is best known for recurring role on the NBC comedy in good place his Stanley came to the US when he was a child fleeing war torn court to bar in Africa. And he took to the Internet to release a video along with a group defined American announcing his immigration status and calling for congress to finally address the issue. Of dreamers Hollywood. Has an opportunity. To make real changes. To help everything. It's in a deadline imposed by president trump congress has until March 5 to act. And Miley topless Fox News. The recording academy announcing the 2018 nominees for the sixtieth annual Grammy Award. Jay-Z is leading the pack with eight Grammy nods this. And Bruno Mars got sick. Daisies for 44 and morris' 24 K magic both nominated for album of the year along wit. Kendrick the Mars damn among others record of the year nominees include Jay-Z the story vote today Mars is 24 K magic Lamar is humble and. This class yeah. Says Sissy Joba Lewis on T Daddy Yankee and just to beat her this sixtieth Grammy Awards being held at New York city's Madison Square Garden on CBS January 28. Jacqueline Carl Fox News. You say Daddy Yankee yes by the way just for the benefit of our listeners Steve Macintosh was over here jamming out to Jay-Z. Easily at record while all that was pretty impressive. She's our leaders concede that. He's good. Of venue has been selected for the royal nuptials of prince Harry NN American actress Megan Markel. Royal family saying Prince Harry and American actress meg and Markel. Will married next may at saint George's chapel in Windsor just outside London it's part of Windsor Castle one of the queen's main residences and the family home of British kings and queens for almost a thousand years the royals also saying that Markel will be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England before the ceremony. And that she intends to become a British citizen working towards that status in the coming years. In London Simon nine Fox News. It was nine years ago today contract is lit for a new theater in Wichita off 150000. Dollar theater to be built near hillside and Douglas. They started clearing the ground at ninety years ago today June. And theaters Stiller steam the uptown dipped down and out. Spanish type architecture seating capacity of over 12100. Still it is nice now that was nine years ago today. And the we'll take a look at steam a show that assists and cool way. But house excited you're Steve five years after it left the airwaves Jersey Shore is coming back. It's. Money you. Yes the announcement made on social media Jersey Shore family vacation a multi episode reboot. Will be on MTV this comes after a one off reunion road trips special over the summer that includes some of the cast members how happy you're used to eyes yeah. Just almost overjoyed I'm upbeat. There you go off in a waiting for this I know you have your all the single over there counting the hours. Entertainment news in the blurt this morning is popular good friends at pizza Johns in curbing. They're the best we love pizza Johns. You know you can get any size feet do you want there on medium large NB giant. Me and my brother Ned got the giant ones we couldn't finish. On one slice left we couldn't finish out my gosh. You can build your own you can get the only special of a veggie lovers and a supreme. So tasty right there on K fifteen a 208 south Baltimore pizza Johns and our business. 43 now Stevens says he keeps their the woods on business journal updates. Good editor bill walk away it's something you what's next for us. Stevens in the morning on case and ask pass.