Nude radio in England

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 19th
BBC host agrees to bare it all while interviewing a guest from British Naturism.

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ID 713 thirty K an SS. Being in the morning Steve back in touch and good birdie at 730 Dowling do we have some left. We have some activity. In traffic for not only affecting traffic that much but the buyer for rolling. Tim what's gone on with Izzo on the east Kellogg. Looks like a car verses of building it. 6600 block of east Kellogg descendants the building at this even motor group old apparently the car. Drove into a building there and did some structural damage. But again it was a 666600. Block of east alone aren't. Grass fires continue to burn in many areas of Kansas on Wednesday Reno county crews were battling a grass fire near lake cable road southwest of Hutchinson. But in some fire chief Stephen viertel's tale send news they've battled for structure fires and around fifteen grass fires so far this week. Crews have been busy out last night alone every single fire apparatus in Reno county was all around it's fine fighters everybody's right now on about three hours of sleep in the last two days. And it's just it's taken this post chief. Beers says that current dry conditions and high winds have made fighting and getting fires under control more difficult. Dan O'Neill take an SS news. Wichita police are looking for a man who resisted battered and fled from authorities Monday night officers responded to the reporting east Wichita was stolen GMC Yukon from Davis more. An officer located the stolen car on east Ponte near the Kansas turnpike saw the suspect pumping gas and getting in the car. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the officer made contact with the suspect who began resisting arrest refusing to comply and injuring the officer in the mouth. The suspect then jumped into the passenger seat of a blue Pontiac G six and fled from Massey. Another officer did locate the Pontiac G six party and all over shortly after it flat and traffic pursuit ensued. Which was discontinued due to excessive speeds and residential neighborhoods. The police department is asking for the public's help in locating forty year old Brandon pack send a person of interest in this case. There's a picture of Paxson accompanying the story on our web site Kate and as as radio dot com. Confirmation hearings continue for secretary of state designate Mike Pompeo Kentucky senator Rand Paul remains the lone Republican holdout on the senate foreign relations committee to oppose CIA director Mike Pompeo is confirmation to be the next secretary of state. But despite that opposition Paul says he is open to meet with Pompeo after exiting the phone call from the president. Colorado Republican senator of Cory garner who also sits on the foreign relations committee tells Fox News that night I think we can work with Rand Paul I hope that and of those conversations continued to gain his support Pompeo is also facing criticism from Democrats on the committee elect New Jersey senator Bob Menendez for failing to be forthcoming about his meeting when North Korean leader Kim Jung soon. In Washington some Angel Fox News. Former First Lady Barbara Bush will lie in repose in her Houston church tomorrow. A private funeral is scheduled for Saturday. Her family were calls a young girl who met her husband at sixteen the only man she ever cast. A mother who kept them together after the death of her three year old daughter. And the woman who reminded them you have to look for the joy in life so yeah. You don't stop and her husband former president George H. W. Bush held her hand for hours the day she died and was at her side until the end. The 92 year old had struggled with health issues in recent years on Sunday her family announced she wasn't seeking further medical treatment. Her son of former president George W. Bush says she had no fear of death. In Washington Caroline Shively Fox News. 734 now Steven did a signal to the forecast with Candace says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday in born Dan good morning may wanna grab the jacket on the way out the door a chilly start today than sunny upper fifties around lunchtime at 63 for the hi this afternoon with light northeast winds. Clear tonight are low 41 and breezy and 65 on Friday and a good chance of rain forest moving in early Saturday morning. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 33 degrees we have northwest wind at denying it miles per hour 33 degrees. Windy days across Kansas says central Kansas yesterday to say the least I temperature was 64 degrees felt wonders about 34 normal life. 69. Which star recorded a wind gust of 49 miles per hour. Still blown out there. Still blowing stuff up in the air for use those of us who are suffering from allergies. It was only state in 2000 at four tornadoes. Struck southeast Kansas strongest was an F three. It'd downtown Parsons catches barreled down the center of Parsons now they hit and an outdoor carnival that they had enough warning that they can evacuate that. Mr. caused major damage to 750. Buildings it was. Injured 47 people died and they secured 750 buildings in part just into the heart of the city that biggest city but it is. Another tornado there's been rated F two. Moved through injury not too far away from Parsons and injured three people heavily damaged twelve homes. Those four tornadoes caused nearly 72 million dollars in damage. It was on the state in 2000 pound bad day for Parsons hard it is Thursday April 19 2018. Who is on the state and 1775. The American revolutionary war began with the battles of Lexington. And Concord. And Ted did pretty interesting. Developments in the history of mankind. Colonies fighting there. There regal rulers to put it in perspective today. You headed to rag tag group of militia here. And they're taken on what was the biggest primary strongest fighting force and military forces on the planet now and about it do with today's dip 38. I mean did the navy that the pretend is terrific outstanding. And I frankly it more I read about the more right dived to scratch my head and think. Maybe the British really didn't want us keepers of if it's too tough but yeah then when you look at debt if you if you study your history you find out that all the wheat we celebrate. The people. A million. Primarily. Who got this who who it wanted to be free wanna have a free country and all that. You study that you find out that. About half of the people in America still wanted to stay seven east of England now are theoretically adding I think British subjects. Going on with their lives without fighting a revolutionary didn't think the taxes were that bad and you had to you know you you were part of the the biggest baddest country in the world. And so it was an of one of those things where everybody got that rose up and like Nady fight to the people were for it anyway. We it's it's of two great date in our history. The American revolutionary war began in it was a tough struggle. But we got it done as Tuesday that it got a story another story from England today. Neuter radio. That's what was going on a BBC radio program in Sheffield England. Hosted there did part of the show naked. Rodney Robinson speaking to a male guest from British nature is and who also agreed to strip off for the half hour chat. This countdown and both were hurt taking their clothes off while on air. The interview as part of a regular feature on the show called bearing ball. Where a local guest is invited to talk about their life and what's she ate them as a person. So what does it matter Ted why does it matter any make it on the radio who wears well I think I think people use their imaginations and young people. That kind of thing although somebody's naked we could be make it right now limited amount noted no protective if we were we would be so embarrassed of Republican talk. And be sort of be three boring hours and it really what did yes doing us sitting or make it not talking yet to be awkward. Well disabled toss sort enough he taught her clothes I was on its pretty opera sometimes he got it right there. OK we get it we get story of the posthumous another story out of Florida. The story of the possible okay. Where deputy responded to a 911 call from a woman who is backs. To discover and all posh some in her bedroom. Now there's an Ol on a possible we usually just started to possibly here in Kansas. But it's all possible. Palm beach county sheriff's office said de need Deke hyper. Called 911 Saturday to request help with her and usual while like problem. Quote I don't know how to explain this I'm a single woman I'm 53 years old and I think it's a possible. Ever told by one little. I pursued the apostle had keyed on her bed with before claiming her nightstand in refusing to budge. Apparently the launch itself and opinion for there is imminent it was a baby apparently don't have animal control who's counting little baby pos and it hurt her but you know. He is upset. The big deposit was taken into custody without incident and released back to his parents with a stern warning the sheriff's office. And. Awesome and a story can have been worse at least at least the caller did know that it was a possum. It wasn't another story of a Florida person saying that they saw a giant bear or a in a huge Choo put copper or something in Dallas and police come buy and they find Erica inner edge of Fordham part for story where it just a little posthumous. Misbehaving and outs and human being because at that seems like everyday we have a Florida story about Toledo some crazy wealthy little Beagle alone you don't want wildlife you know critters and you're talking earlier about the possible how can that be scary when you have now there's in the middle of the night mute Avalon also new here knowing isn't what and I was and I'm saying you know with my whole life if that happened and she would have been. Beside yourself. Bounce off walls yeah exactly this. Any free creature there that it's not the dog year cutie to go crazy so anyway. The possum in the drawer. And at the pandemonium that that it brought him good night last night at the Tucker baseball game called the right there in SS night in his last night days and we recognize there ended. You and in their team is Kia says radio station at great. On after you left the wind died down noted that although it's you know that's what they say about me. The wind dies down royally so enough Shelley was Italy was he's got to weather was respecting my life so we thought we'd. But yeah I had a good game is game. The shocker Nancy and I deficit with. With a friend of mine from childhood days element Ed hill. And I was telling you while ago that it all the or talk about expected to and a little bit of ever seeing a bigger baseball fans and it. Start in Little League played right on through ovals developed college and he'd he slows baseball. Even more than I do so we just sit there with him to out of oak mines and also the guy who is same guy who's. The best man and a wedding and so. I lost interest in folks murals section there at a good section to Connie and was there privacy and Motorola double rows behind yeah. I thought that was him but he yelled need to sit down one point I was insane Iberia is up there by offended Dickenson Wailea not to ask him. Approach probably have looked like there are a lot of members of the bishop Carroll baseball Seattle Arizona and there and they were loading up on the fifty cent hot dogs last night fifty cent hot dogs what can be better than. So now. So those long lines concession stand people want those who have decent leaders that they ought like. There are like hotcakes. It did 742 now seen the dead coming up that would stop business journal update. And bill's gonna talk about. Local government support for expansion at spirit Spirit Aerosystems. That's on the lake Stevens head on in assess.