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Wednesday, May 16th
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98713. Thirty KN SA is even though in the morning Steve back inside and Woodward just. How high could gasoline prices go in Kansas a Kansas information that. Eric Schmidt goes now ask an expert Jennifer hall with AAA of kansas' and there are things that have kind of claim that were unexpected like reimpose sanctions on Iran and so it's still hard to tell. We're gonna have a lot of outside influence of. And yes. The man and what an inventory we have we have more inventory in last year's levels but that's still coming down in I think demand is certainly not going to go down it was and years so it's going to be an interesting summer as Italy to. This also doesn't put into play any supply issues they could come from the late summer hurricane season depending on how it impacts Gulf Coast railway. An assistant US attorney in Kansas refused to answer nearly all the questions he was asked. During a federal court hearing a rising from an investigation into the taping of attorney client meetings and phone calls at a detention facility in leavenworth. Attorney Scott Rask said he was not authorized to answer questions during a hearing to determine if prosecutors in the office. Improperly used secret recordings of conversations between inmates and their attorneys. And yesterday's meeting. Wichita City Council adopted a couple of resolutions supporting this year's Wichita river festival the council first adopting a resolution to allow alcohol consumption during her professed. They did this by establishing a temporary entertainment district around sentry to and the Hyatt regency which top. The council also adopted a resolution to allow Wichita festivals incorporated. To gate a price water park and the lawn adjacent to the Hyatt regency river fest runs from June 1 through the ninth. Rodney price paid in SS news. Members of Kansas congressional delegation are pushing for faster environmental cleanup and a former ammunition plant in the northeastern part of the state. The army began cleaning up contaminants three years ago from the former some flirt army ammunition clip facility produced gunpowder and rock of opponents during south towards. The Kansas City Star reports the army says it's making progress but some federal lawmakers from Kansas are concerned about the 22 when he a target date to finish cleaning up to 5300. Acres. Senator Jerry Moran and representative Kevin Yoder both Republicans are pressuring army to speed up the progress. Yoder says Johnson County residents deserve to have this impact from productive views in the community. Sub Campbell came in SS news a new study sheds some light on those who have tried they being. A new study shows one in seven adult Americans have tried electronic cigarettes. That number is an increase from previous research but is offset by a small decline in the number of people who are currently using the devices. The new report in the journal of the American Medical Association also shows recently used by teams declined employees sixteen. After rising in previous years. While marketed as a way to help smokers quit there's uncertainty over their long term health effects. Rich Dennison Fox News. A new report indicates some Americans are spending too much time inside you've heard of Generation X. and Y what about generation eyes as in into war a report commissioned by a window manufacturer of ballots finds a quarter of Americans spend almost all of their time inside only venturing outside during their commute to work or school. The World Health Organization found many people spent 90% of their time inside the findings reported in The Washington Times raised concerns about breathing poorly ventilated indoor air. Full of pollution like germs and mold growth and possibly asbestos could actually be worse than outdoor pollution the indoor generation report surveyed 161000 people from fourteen countries in Europe and North America Kevin battled Fox News and now look at the forecast with K and us as staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Morning with a partly cloudy start to today we expect to be sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the upper seventies by lunchtime. 84 for the high later on tonight partly cloudy Arlo 65. Should be dry on Thursday with tomorrow's high getting to 86. And the system moving our way on Thursday night and Friday may bring us a few thunderstorms. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy skies and does some notes scattered showers in the Wichita area 63 degrees give northeast wind. At seven miles per hour. 835 now Steve intent of the morning on Kay yen as sick as and that means it's. It's time for entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward this morning he says he's got a lot to tell us about. Today right Dan we'll start out with the death from yesterday of a literary pioneer. Writer Tom Wolfe fop and seeing in his trademark white suit best known for bonfire of the vanities made into in 1990 films starring Bruce Willis and Tom Hank you wanna do the road or hospital. And you need a lot of money also known for the right stuff adapted from his book memorializing America's first astronauts and Chuck Yeager the pilot who broke the sound barrier. He's some kind of warrior wolf who's credited with popularizing the phrase pushing the envelope and dubbing the seventies the need decade also broke ground with a style called new journalism which used now ballistic techniques in nonfiction his agent said wolf died after an infection he survived by his wife daughter and son wolf was 88. Lillian blue Fox News. Dolly Parton. And his team what they none belonged to foray Jennifer Aniston film's soundtrack. Dolly Parton partnered with hit maker producer Linda Perry for the upcoming dump lent. Film starring Jennifer Aniston in the album which party executive producer. Well coming out later this year includes six new songs co written by pardon him Perry and teachers and number of guest appearances as well as newly recorded versions. Of several previously released parts. Former foreign I'm blonde singer is really huge hits for increasing regularity and Gwen Stefani. The film is based on Julie Murphy's best selling book about a plus size girl who enters the beauty pageant to fire mom was a former pageant queen. Michelle Perino Fox News. Test slows guitarist chats about his newest projects. Fans of the rock band Tesla know this screaming licks of guitarist frank cannon well I. I noticed the lead guitarist of Tesla. And I love playing the guitar don't get me wrong but I also love singing. Haven't sat down with me at our studios with his guitar to talk about a soul cover song project now in its second installment from one place to another volume two and the motivation behind it. Peter Frampton Joseph Walsh great gay or injured Ted Nugent those got a guitar players as saying that that's always been something that I love. He also got a huge push to pursue a singing from Dickey Betts of The Allman Brothers Band he encouraged me to learn a bunch of different songs so that's how you learn to sing I could coach she's my father in -- how married his daughter that's amazing he had this amazing she's amazing between touring with tempo and playing his solo stuff all signs point to some killer army is that common app to live this summer. Laura Ingle size is Fox News. I you that mad. Let's take a look at some new TV lineup coming up on fox issued a hot celebrity profile on the new fox TV stars heading into the 2018 schedule including three new comedies after a highly contested hiatus last man standing heads to fox for season seven's star Tim Allen says it's all thanks to fan demand the it's all right I don't. The cool kids features a cast of grades including Vicki Lawrence and David Alan Grier it said in a retirement community which they call prime placement for how Larry the dynamics are the same as middle school but they're just over get out slow ray howry gets his own shell based on his post divorce life co starring Sinbad. Always been comfortable talking about things that happened to me out rule book crazy admit so whatever also coming up fox Gordon Ramsay cooks up some things him with 24 hours to hell and back I think he's met my best because I'm relentless pharma hot shot crews economics and I've got the class damaged four get that has no BS. I sing your heart in Fox News. The television academy about to give some unique insight into the history of TV. Carol Burnett says the idea of her famous star lit O'Hara dress came from costume designer Bob MacKey. Well Michael J. Fox recalls he was at the bottom of the barrel selling parts in this couched in order to live in Los Angeles. And it's something really major Napoleon and this of this that it isn't. And down running in addition to and we heard these stories and more are part of the interviews and oral history of television and extraordinary collection. A 4000 plus hours of video Q and a.'s recorded over more than two decades by the television academy foundation. Home Wednesday the new website will make some 800 interviews and more become available free to all visitors Michelle Perino Fox News. Let's check in with some of the comedy last night about the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. Khloe Kardashian posted that the first thing she ate after giving birth was McDonald's hash browns. When asked when she's very craving McDonald who is like right after they offered me two million dollars to mention half. Yeah it's. Let's check in on the late late show would James coordinated. How things so the gap has created a bit of an international opera often being criticized by the Chinese Government. The company issued an apology. I'm pulled a tee shot featuring an incorrect to map of China. Yeah it really necessary for them to do news. Like it's okay GAAP nobody is using notation the knock against him. I'm like honey. Chucky T shed drugs from. Good man Jack what does. I guess it's good that they apologize now I would like the guy to apologize to me for what they consider a men's medium. Things Gordon last night we have a few anniversaries to note thirty years ago on this night the series finale of the TV show Cagney & Lacey. That's 18. And Emmy Awards during its run on on seven seasons on television. If you watched tag you know and tonight I'm models they used pictures that right thing. That had wrapped up thirty years ago tonight twenty years ago on this night the series finale of doctor Quinn medicine woman. Jane Seymour playing eight frontier doctor in Colorado Springs that was on the air 406 season was it. And had its series finale twenty years ago I'm like like death. He should have been damaging he now Sonoma now. And Steve we've marked in movies today that is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary fifteen years ago today it came out in Wichita movie theaters film called. The odd couple. While woods which is Neil Simon. Wrote a great script written and it's two very different men forced to live together but I'm very fastidious. Won a nicely slob. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau playing those rules in the movie. They thought about casting Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason as those to whom. As the fastidious Felix they thought about Dick Van Dyke her Tony Randall with Tony Randall ended getting pardoned TTV who else. They also thought about Jack Klugman and Mickey Rooney is Oscar Klugman and I'm getting TV room but they ended up with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were Matthau and played the role on broadly as well let's get a little odd couple action. Oscar didn't want. So it's something that's something it nonstop. Music cooking cleaning crying exactly. It's a talking initially. So small schools that open furious at 2 o'clock in the morning. Leave me little notes in my pillow. Audio 158 times like cannot stand little notes on my pillow. We roll out on late Jeff you took me three hours to figure out that that you wish Felix Unger. Oh boy ask us sir I think unless Neil Simon. Nalen and right brilliant brilliant stuff. The movie the odd couple it came up fifty years ago today. That's entertainment news in the blur brought to buy are good friends at pizza Johns the end early he is serving a tasty pizza Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM. It's right there often take fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. He certainly Pete saint Johns and our age 44 now you've been here for editor being lauded the was tough business general Jones and company expanding in the UK. Steve is head of the morning on tape and ask yes.