Officer acquitted after punching drunk female Florida 'Canes fan

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 30th
The woman clearly slaps the officer before the punch was thrown.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Thirty down Stevenson in the mornings keep Macintosh. A man arrested in the murder of a woman over the weekend was charged Wednesday 33 year old Erin Souter. Is now facing one count of first degree murder. So there was arrested after his girlfriend Rihanna might but he was found dead at a home on north Litchfield in the Riverside area Sunday. Officers said the two got into a fight Saturday night in turn violent she was killed. Souter is being held on 300000 dollars bond and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 13. Now the forecast with Kate and SS staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning looks like we'll have a dry weather pattern throughout the next seven days with temperatures gradually warming up. Into the weekend with a clearing sky sunny and high 56 today clear in 34 overnight. Friday's high 58 and will be in the low sixty Saturday 66 by Sunday I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy and 39 degrees not much wind north at nine miles per hour three weeks ago nineteen year old nick carry more. Was shot and killed in Wichita in south hydraulic. Police believe the incident may have started as a drug deal. Officer Charlie Davidson says Tuesday afternoon officers closed in on the teenage murder suspect. Officers had observed the suspect and involved in the case. In her apartment sincerity and officers moved into the area and the suspect was arrested without. The sixteen year old was booked on a charge of first degree murder. Construction is set to begin Roman ninety million dollar bio diesel plant in Wichita cardinals ended a news release sent out 42000 square foot plant. Employs 35 full time workers is expected to begin operation in January 2019. The company adds that the new plant will allow Wichita to become a competitive supplier of biofuels. Which don't evil reports the plant will be separate from the construction of Cargill proteins news' sixty million dollar headquarters in Wichita. The new bio diesel plant is expected to produce sixty million gallons of biodiesel. And will add to their biodiesel plants in Iowa falls Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Many public allegations of sexual harassment continue recently that the lawmakers are no exception. Fox's Chad Peter Grimm says some lawmakers want John Conyers to resign. Over a sexual misconduct allegations. A big question as to whether or not John Conyers might resign whether he'd they could try to push him out again they haven't expelled members and all in a long long time Jim Traficant. Of Ohio was the last member expelled in 2002. The some people might find that a little bit harsh considering. What John Conyers is accused of here he hasn't been accused of breaking the lol which is what happened with Jim Traficant. He's been accused of sexual harassment and not to diminish that in stature but to those are not necessarily equivalency is when you're dealing with the actual legal issues. The house passed a resolution requiring all house members and staffers to undergo sexual harassment training. In New York City. Is now officially the holiday season with the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. And so it begins the Christmas season in full effect in New York City now that the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is lit the tens of thousands of flights were pretty dog to illuminate the subsidy but would always goes. And it will remain lit. Until the early part of January people are continuing out here now to hang around the tree with cellphones now getting the best pictures they care and the take home here in the city or where ever they hail from summer singing in getting into the Christmas spirit. Even though they're still a day of November left on the ground. And that's common from all stuffed Fox News. 634 now even Ted in the morning other you know it's something that we look forward to every year you've been in those who don't live in New York City that giant. Christmas tree there at the Rockefeller chatter. At forty Iraq and so that is assignment in the course at the tree lighting at the water at the White House another sign that the Christmas season. Is indeed here hey it's not even December yet. We got a few hours before he's ever gets here today is the last day of November 30 days half November remember. Idea. The little ditty that you memorized as acute thirty days has September April June and November it is 634 now. A Pennsylvania man suspected of firing a gun in a New York State mall crowded with holiday shoppers. Has been arraigned on reckless endangerment and assault charges. There's no charge apparently no misdemeanor for being just absolutely stupid. Should be Michael Perez Rodriguez pleaded not guilty at his arraignment yesterday. Two people sustained minor injuries from the gun discharged debt gallery at crystal run. In the Orange County town of Walt killed Sunday afternoon. The gunfire sent shoppers scurrying for safety can you imagine. The panic can you imagine the panic. All. He just like you know thinking about maybe maybe I'm there at the the mall like grandkids and we're just walk on and that. First of all I think I would because connected to jump and try to shield and again and get him on the floor and get on top commerce up. But the panic which is deputy. A injury. This guy you know. Somebody's gonna really nailed him for that I think hope so okay we got to have a sort of a Florida right shirk. A Florida police officer who punched a drunken female football fan. Has been cleared of wrongdoing okayed it and here come the details earlier this month with the but at the video showed university of up Miami football fan slap an officer. Who then punches her in the head OK let it go along with a one. Bridget free to us was a charged with felony battery on a police officer. And misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The incident occurred as Miami Dade police officer Douglas Ross and other officers tried to carry her out of the stands. Going to report provided yesterday to the Miami Herald. Ross of supervisors found the eighteen year old veterans at eighteen year veterans actions were within the department rules apparently she was so drunk and disorderly. That they had to get her. Out of the stands and the only way but it was to carrier. And she didn't like it so she slept an officer. And guess what the slap back at. It murder now in the video in the in subsequent investigation shows that he was completely within his rights to do that today. Again complexity of the wavering if you kids and is if you confrontation with my top my kids. The disagreement with a police officer which I've had a timer to I've done this dream of a just they annoyed that academy. You don't say anything you just you know. Rate may be later Buick by elegantly defied the don't get don't ratchet up the situation nobody has actually do not intense and intensify. In adult way that red flag in front of the bull. Yeah and we'll get a Smart behalf of street smarts about these days are almost just as likely to get shot artist LAPD faster tip. You really are you could have been tees and maybe even more if you had away opener and anything can happen yeah so she. Count her lucky stars I guess it would look yet. Eye to the holiday season you know go to shopping season is underway were talking about that crowded mall. And I was talking with my son last night at eight. I don't know how I'm gonna get out shop. If you want to if we wouldn't help me with the may be a Santa's Christmas list from your you. Family a it's not that I did you know and I have no imagination but on the other hand I'm obese. I think it would be squeezed for time this year that yeah and then above life is recovering from her knee surgery and register. Get a lot of appearances since all of edit personal appearances and your radio show every. Such a huge celebrity tell them your time is so precious that you carried away. I'm like everybody also my time is precious generally a day. By the way what holiday movie are used grinch who stole Christmas. Find out by taking our quiz of the day it is as radio I can assist radio FaceBook today. Oh and out of faced a dot com. Size Kansas radio we'll pick five lucky people who take the quiz to win a four pack of tickets to attack eliminations. It's fun. Which movie are you most like Anthony's was eight questions something like that gap or any doesn't take very long and it didn't take long in person it's just fun I mean these. I'm I'm most like elf the movie elf movie elf what you haven't seen amateur scene in it it and Ted got elf too and yours was one. My discouraged thirty Santa are under now leaders discouraged as pretty bad it Karadzic is mystic about the could be. He could be on Santa's naughty list I suppose so yes all right voters. But here's somebody who's never and is not a list McCain is as commodities update but I'm more mettler of wealth are commodities about Tom. Look good morning Steve. The live cattle feeder cattle futures when we traded mostly higher in may new highs for the week it close poverty and new position. But others yet been occasional treat our featured in the Fed cattle change yesterday also killed himself in either kill list. Not a big blue eyes for the week informed me it was and divert context making the contract. And oppose it than in December brought a decent iron probably forty to the net gain up about it and let it. Keep it in there will be politics he used to forward 79. But wheat corn trade in old spot and yesterday won't fully be straight to the extent closed slightly negative. At today's first newspapers have recurring futures and also the final trading session for the month of November the Dow made a new all time high yesterday for a third straight session. And from the police seventeen wrote yesterday tide has been a gain of 4282. Points. At the moment mark's case he week opinion airport sport Turkey. March corn and opening an accord reached 52 and a quarter in January being banned in May have hit that nine dollars by the senate. January crude oil 49 cents higher at 779. February gold to their dollar or 1218380. The support of some peace six and three quarter point 12631. And three quarters the number of our indicate intent hired many 329. In December that just futures up eighty points at 23000. Buying 98 but the commodity trading like. Marketing advisory contact club for commodities on the program on the web by using 86602. O'Donnell would you please explain to me why the stock market. Soc parts continue to go up and never come down again. I think what kind of given up right now it is. Respect we're gonna see tech. Yeah and be in the senate passed it yesterday it's even more fuel for the fire and I think that you would prefer to we're seeing at the moment. Well end of the way it's written as I understand it corporations will see their their taxes go down. And so that would be a business decision right to. People like to see that right. I don't know anything about business obviously but you do. The cavaliers it was obvious they were coming continued growth and GDP through their stuff that was partly bloods. And you know several things that do you know it just continues to look like economy is getting better public has given stock market strength which you know. Somewhere and it's gonna ever collection. Everything as a correction what are gullible hide it from where it will have a correction. It's right when you're out they're doing something really bad. Misses left or finds out about it sooner or later. Yeah I don't try and I didn't camp stove. And go right in the old ball doesn't. Try. Q what did back up your life will for a the operation because I had to pay any one time which she at a rotary cuff surgery on shoulders and say what. I expect in the world for nurses because there's no way I could ever do you have for a living and those are struggling to put somebody who. No no and I understand and a her rehab your wife's probably is some range of motion stuff that was pretty dog gone painful shoulder right. And we want to look very painful and inevitably defeat the pension were absent an overflow recovery. Absolutely absolutely well looks at thanks for those kind words and Rick were hoping for the best as a full full recovery from double knee surgery forcing shelling and thank you sir for your comments today Christian. In his testimony just stayed with some left sort of left the commodities you right here Don fancy him beat the bunny tracker. You can talk about the health savings. Account surgeon. Stephen death on KUSS.