Ohio man tries to rob a Circle K... with a fake gun

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 27th

The "rifle" was made out of 2 table legs.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning needed them like the Macintosh Ted Woodward to. One person was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene of a mobile home fire and widgets off firefighters were called to be 111700. Want to be to water. A near green which just after 2 AM. They found heavy spoken flying cause of the fire is under investigation. Now a look at the forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with some clouds across south central Kansas citizen dry and cold start to the morning forest. Temperatures expected to be in the mid teens by noontime 23 later on this afternoon. Cloudy overnight Carlos sixteen and the clearing skies Thursday we're back to 38. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy skies thirteen degrees we've got to northeast wind at nine miles per hour the windshield. Is one that. Wichita police are investigating a stabbing. It happened around 9:30 Tuesday morning in an apartment near sixteenth and ash. Police say they were called to an area hospital at around 1015. After the injured woman went to the hospital on her own and then underwent surgery. Her injuries were described as not life threatening. No arrests have been made but additional details were not immediately available. Dan O'Neill ping an SS news. There were only sixteen people arrested in the entire city which it's on Christmas Day. Seven of those cases involve domestic violence. And six involved people who already had arrest warrants there were also four arrests involving drugs or alcohol which is the mayor just Longwell tells Cain is is used he's looking forward to an exciting and new year. On the new training centers to create open up group got to finalize yeah. Baseball team and get that new stadium under Ryan Mendez and apple and a recurring and it seem there and then. You know earthcore or were getting ready to work her way through this all century should engagement process. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Stephen 10 in the morning show here on K and as ash. Extra workers are being brought to Erie Pennsylvania to help clean up the town. After sixty inches of snow fell emergency management spokesman dale Robinson says they're looking to clear the main roads first so help can arrive. We're also uses National Guard resources to bring in. We sexual personnel whether it's learn she responders. Hospital staff expects arrows that can't get him. Flights in and out of the towns have been canceled a tragedy averted in Florida after two boys ages six and seven were left and hot car. They're fathers facing charges. Seven use Miami's Brandon buyer. With the story Davey police say the father of two young boys left and locked in a car for an hour and a half luckily there was customer walking through the parking lot Hertz. Kids you know crying in distress in the parking lot customers' in store employees pleaded with the boys to unlock the door kid knowingly as perfect stranger didn't unlock the door Davies fired rescue would eventually free the boys and thankfully the children are okay but officials say it was close within minutes. To throw the verge of going into extra police say Allen Luna left both of his children in the car when he went into search for parts. 734 now Stephen just in the morning on K and his assess near miss there almost a a big tragedy 755 now police say a man who tried infielder rob Ohio convenience store with a fake gun made from pieces of furniture. Has been charged of robbery. Akron police say the man walked into a local circle K store Monday afternoon waving what appear to be a rifle and demanding cash. An employee realize rifle was a fake and confronted the man with the help of three customer op. The man tried to flee but was subdued and detained by the people in the store until police are and he's been charged with aggravated robbery and scheduled to appear in municipal court. Now police say the man had a poll. A fake scope. A spring and two table legs facet the other two look like a rifle. All of aid rifle. Apparently didn't look that good up there or not he's trying to scare someone at least spotted him in a hurry and work didn't work. Well today is so Wednesday December 27 when he seventeen on this date. The 27 in 91947. The children's TV program Howdy Doody mead mainstay view on NBC. As a youngster I can remember the show Williams of black and white music and is it freckles the dot net money. It you could see the strings. And a puppet and daddy duty. If for a guy named buffalo by government of fringe finisher for many kids in the baby boomer generation that was basically the first thing this song tell in 1947. People didn't have televisions really nearly seven very scarce I don't think we got one to what we did get one in my house till the early fifties now but. But then I saw howdy duty and drew up Howdy Doody and of course Captain Kangaroo for our generation. In the afternoon come home from school to get to Mickey Mouse club. With a net. Among other things that Dario. Oh there's another one. And oil gusher shouldn't bring it up as much remembered the name of the may be one of artificial help me out. There was a lady. A woman and she had a show which like a grandmotherly type and who's always pitching sweethearts soul. In these live spots and now now today. Are never doubt that I can't remember what the show us with a lady up maybe you're gonna mention a couple of Fran and obviously a friend and all with you know that. Pup was one tooth that was on the air that was another kid show up from long long long ago. All right we gotta talk about the Jack Russell Terrier. Had to be rushed to the vets after managing to blew its teeth together on now owners of the pooch said he was looking extremely agitated and couldn't seem to open his mouth. At energy said I see if something goes wrong which theater daughter returned home after a shopping trip. Says she brought him back a treat and he wanted to needed but he couldn't open his mouth. And resolve this saliva an there the it gets better and better. Then when she looked closer she saw that he had apparently. Got ahold of some mailing chewed up up a leaflet. That's it chewing delete that had turned into a sticky wallpaper like substance inside his mouth basically is stuck his mouth shut polluted state gets up. Little doggie dentistry to trick it Oscar Oscar the rough Jack Russell Terrier. Has media good recount of the Jack Russell Terrier ms. Francis. That was her name I got a decent Google here. Bring it shall backed like for me yet that you just read stories and want them very simple stuff. The chief of sweethearts opens separatists. And mothers and skin. It or not that's awareness Francis one of the things that it TV did I think well in the early days as a base. They get the kids in to the audit into the future viewers. They get kids involved early on you know some. Some very good stuff and an annual kids have parents by product yeah of those kids and you grow up in the sixties and you got Soupy Sales come on and yet dead. All those great not Hannan I didn't like Hanna Barbera cartoons but those others with them you know what did Peabody and Sherman and fractured fairy tales or real legal yeah bullwinkle. It's a very very innovative and funny how some clever stuff. Today is I don't think you're too and so well I'd 738. It was Stephen Ted. Well that's why is that's good point I mean that's why bullwinkle and Sesame Street and stuff like that also successful it is appealed to kids. But it had. Somewhat sophisticated humor at some points and adults adults can relax on to what is La via the stuff our stuff that's on today is not. Geared for anybody over the age of one and half. You know those cartoons even to lean into the Mike teams out power there aren't funny and good to watch but yes some of the stuff they they offer for keys today is we'll. Boom and then the bit. What do what do they got sponge Bob and square pants about. People who live under the Indy V8 years ago and and he via I don't know what the latest is I gotta I gotta ask a grand kids solo right. 739 Steven did serious offer just a minute Ted. This that they enroll over one over on I seventy near gambling problem or people from Missouri for. Emails killed in this thing. Terribly bad weather how fast. Could have been going for all four of them to to to be killed in this accident they're probably 170. I'm sending to simply fire radio most people are gone that fast I didn't notice is slick spotters nothing and just. That they must have roll roll roll and a sense of tragic story we're sorry to hear about that jeopardy gets more. I alarmed just taken a look at tech can't drive and thirst. There are some issues out there in Kansas this morning as far as roadways and the roads via some of the roads aren't necessary looking so good mostly in the northeast. But. Down towards the southwestern part of the state to either some. Partially covered area writers there are some doubts southwest right now. But apparently we are terribly cold here but we don't have enough moisture in the air to create progress slow death and around here but they're. Parts of Kansas where we've got some slush and even some snow on their roads we had a cold day yesterday was at the highways 25 and a I'm a match lot of people taking their Christian returning gifts and whatnot that. You said do you go Barlow shopping centers and is pretty full yesterday afternoon right at that town east was. Jam packed yesterday and I apparently and I think it also demonstrate that a good many people taken a few days off at the end of the year. And around the holidays. We art where here. But few people gather a lot of there. Problem now a lot the analysts several companies in town pretty much. Don't take the Christmas to New Year's and just don't even do that things that week I think it's true the media and advertising. That is tension down last week in and movement are 741 now it was Stephen tad bit. Coming up the Wichita business journal update retail stocks enjoy coach Chris as well. Stevenson in the morning on K and a sense.