Ohio Woman who pulls gun on barber sentenced

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

Cleveland woman pleads guilty and gets 6 months for pulling gun on a barber for a "slow" haircut.


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We just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Fourteen to ten point 730000. Back into my head Woodward. Kagan as his breaking news authorities say a woman has died in the house fire in central Kansas. The haze post reports that Dickenson county sheriff Darrell Hoffman. There's the hole was engulfed in flames Tuesday when fire crews responded the body of. 48 year old Patricia fumes. Was found inside the home. The Boy Scouts will start to accept girls the organization will have a cub scouts program for girls as well as the scouting program for older girls. The cubs program will be separated by gender. Check eaten at the boy scouts of America eastern Massachusetts character education program is so vital and so strong. But the girls and lots of families have wanted to be part of it. Or should did girls will be up to local cub scout packs. Now the forecast with K and is his staff meteorologist Dan holiday good morning Dan. Good morning with a mostly clear and cool start this morning in Wichita you won't need a life jacket once we get to this afternoon temperatures are going to be soaring well above average or normal high this time of year is 71 with today's high eighty with a gusty south wind clear overnight Tarlow 62. Sunny Friday with a high 85 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Partly cloudy and 51 degrees we have a southeast wind at twelve miles per hour. Wichita police are investigating the case of a neglected animal was early Monday morning a van that drove through an Alley in the 18100 block of north. Drop something off the drove away. Resident had observed this activity and went to see what was left and he found a brown in color. Female pit bull that was nothing but skin and bones. I was left for dead the dog was picked up by the resident take it to a local vet clinic. Where is currently still being treated in extremely critical condition. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the person who left the emaciated dog in the Alley the driving a 1990s. Model blue van. A Kansas inmate accused of stabbing and injuring a corrections officer has been charged in that case what to peca capita patrol reports 27 year old Alan Schroeder junior was bound over for trial. Following a preliminary hearing Tuesday. You be arraigned later today. Shawnee county corrections officer lacy and all ledgers Schroeder became angry after she threatened to write a mob for screaming and inciting a riot in April. Witnesses testified that Schroeder sharpened our broken door handle to step at all. She says she was struck on her face back comptroller. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. The city of map. Is now under advisory for evacuations because of the ongoing wildfires in northern California but doesn't mean residents have to leave now. But at a town hall community meeting last night fired TC brass field ask for full compliance. You cannot be overly prepared. Be prepared to the point so when we come into your neighborhoods and we say now's the time to go please go. Commit us that you go in these days ago. President trump was selling his tax cut plan to the nation's truckers Wednesday. The president hope to grassroots pressure gets congressional support the president Pennsylvania standing before an eighteen Wheeler with a sign declaring truckers for tax reform what you shops clothing. A match is growing the president repeating his tax plan Al lying saying it will benefit the middle class and small business not the rich but he needs congress' help you better get it passed a similar plea the president made with health reform that failed this year in field ABC news. 734 now Steven did in the morning on 987 and thirteen thirty K in and says some beautiful day across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature 67 normal height seven beat do. What a beautiful beautiful they know we and a nice October day while. The a woman accused of pulling a gun on a Cleveland barber because he was taking too long. Because her seven year old sons there has been sentenced to six months behind bars. 31 year old Andrea Smith was sentenced Tuesday. She previously pleaded guilty to menacing. Child endangering and carrying a concealed weapon who. Smith apologized at sentencing and acknowledge she briefly pulled a handgun from her purse at a barber school in April. And that she had no license to carry the weapon. But she denied waving it or threatening the barber as police alleged. And I take one and cut your kids here and you fought again I find that I would I'd bet a little threatening when due to the circuits over yeah. I can get upset when barber mean at. Or are nice people. They're trail she's a mother she's probably got time crunch means to do hurry up right very very busy person. And just needed to get that you know that here on its way probably on now she's getting a break he's guilty of six but right now apple break you had to. Care about kids although it does get done today. Are negative it get a haircut for six what's the meaning that. Some will take care of real. A 300 pound black bear has been killed four after wandering into an Anchorage Alaska post office. Apparently Ted looking for picnic baskets. The bear got inside the building Sunday after walking through an open door near the loading dock door is open. Going in facility was closed but a US Postal Service spokeswoman says about 75 employees were there at the time. Sorting mail. The bear climbed onto a convey her pelt. Took a ride I wound up in an area where garbage is compacted. Officers who found the animal there's several dozen people. And the bear was killed and officers'. Efforts to get the animal back outside fails they couldn't get American back outside so they killed. Black bear. Or under or better bashful animal like dad. Prowling around it during the day. In the senate a few you know. Cautions and maybe there's something wrong with that there. I have the bears get rabies probably just hungry apprentice and we look at for. But for a handout because of that of that picture and it's gone on him. All right the very very listless in the bear realizes Oilers humans around it's usually food around. Most them figure out the ones that are around humans and and do as you've been listening to this point you bruegger's talking about the emaciated dog story while. The photos of this dog left in his north Wichita Alley or just really really disturbing. Is now I editing an animal to get to that shape without. Saying well obviously was pretty close to yeah very close very close is that as a police said another looking for a blue van Toby. The north the pad around anymore than propping up an Alley and said hey now this problem becomes somebody else's problem. Obviously for a new unit if you're not going to take care of an animal you already have from. Some personal problems in my installations. Anyway that's making a lot of news this morning and now there's of if you wanna see the dog units. There's a picture on our web site our news story came in a sense radio dot com right and it's not pleasant now it's not. Making and policy and make it out stat. You got the story that went viral immediately when he came out yesterday so I always people talking about it that I mentioned a while ago talking to you were. Watching our granddaughter Sammy Jo who's five Mike. My sends. Youngest child in and they have a dog. It's one of those little miniature. Dachshund. A Wiener dog yeah. Wiener dog. And the dog it's a little a little weird little crazy out. A few a lot of those little dogs cannon not. In that dog up on your lap. Davis Payne. And you uniter fueled lick your face. If you can't stand it and it shouldn't. Yeah it's eight putrid for. Allowing her dog named peanut via net yep peanuts peanuts. And I would probably not go with that how it goes on and like Johnson bill. Bratwurst now. Oscar Oscar Meyer yes or mailed might be Oscar. Well tonight did tended to my alma mater the prison of the prairie. Which style West High School they're going to induct. Number of people into the there's new sports hall of fame over there. The skull has a talk about it rich tradition to choose from my god opened in 54 so that we've been around awhile. Some of the people who will be honored were on the as I understand it the nineteen the first football team has won the arc valley conference. As I understand the luckiest man bit the wrong about this but. Some of these several these guys are going to be there tonight nights and that's pretty good. They're going to be guys the people who graduated in the sixties and seventies and eighties and quite a group about I don't know how many people looked at the gun on her. One of the teams that my brother Mike went late brother Mike played on that west of football team so my brother Jerry and are going to be years. Honorary. People are. Going to be awarded and what was the significance of the team and he was gone. They have sort of one of those undefeated team okay. And they they tried if you had many if they had several of an in the sixties and every year they. Try to inducted in tighter team very nice I'm looking forward to a Jerry are gonna go on our good friend dead hills going to be just down there and int he was for all grads and and in admirable boring to people that. We haven't seen. For many many years and that's overlooked for Malia usher and so it just in the point kind of got a point to the except that we're going to be tonight when your time. Pa WM titles alive less formal I've been told that did that tie is not necessarily. Something you're aware but yeah. They're gonna they're gonna fetus I guess in the in this school Capitol Hill like a great event and likely said you're going to run into a lot of interesting folks from all the years you probably haven't connected with the and I just it if you had eighty of what high school here in town I don't know how did your alumni associations are for the and schools south north and east but don't we start to ramp up with a pretty active. Alumni. Association west over the past couple years and I know a lot of debts goes in a lot of kids. A lot of baby boomers and yes so anyway we tried it. Take care of that tradition there very nice. It's 741. Now Steve and to add and death old. Bill Roy coming up communities try to attract a big company with many great job doors until about that. He's the head of the morning on CNN sense.