Oil flowing through the Keystone Pipeline again after spill

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Wednesday, November 29th
Guest: Fox News Correspondent Jeff Monosso

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First we're live team coverage of breaking news. It SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station depend on the this is the case and as a sporting news and Stephen says the instinct Macintosh. NBC's Matt Lauer fired. Wichita City Council taking new look at fireworks policy we've got story. Kansas governor Sam Brownback to meet with Mitch McConnell today in Washington I'm Taylor just meteorologist Dan Holliday the latest system that moved through is on its way out hey quiet weather is expected throughout the rest of the week. We love our complete forecast of a few minutes. In his his breaking news a big change for one of the network. News television shows of the morning's today show host Matt Lauer is no longer greeting morning TV viewers now. Lauer has been terminated from NBC news. Cart chairman has released a statement saying a college had come forward reporting behavior in violation. Of our company standards. That's his co host Savannah Guthrie. The statement from NBC chairman Andrew Lack says the details complaint was received Monday night and accused lauer of inappropriate sexual behavior. Lauer has been with the network for more than twenty years in New York City Tonya Jack powers Fox News. Which of our officials are considering a change in fireworks policy during a workshop meeting the City Council and fire chief Tammy still met to consider changes in the policy and current regulations only allow for novelty fireworks that don't travel or six feet when they're set often keeps no says it's tough to enforce the city's law. The bush art art and the police department our officials would actually issued citations in regards to the fireworks violations that. When ordinance is written is that we must observe. The violation. The easy for the possession to actually issue a citation. Also cannot issue citations to minors. Chief now says Wichita is on an island surrounded by other communities that allows that follows state law which allows much louder class C consumer fireworks. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy next month. Darius Warner. Was charged yesterday and Sedgwick county court with voluntary manslaughter in the death of thirty year old steel Lawler. Was found stabbed in the 3300 block of east some view last Wednesday. Warner is a parent educator at north high he's on paid administrative leave his bond set at 200000 dollars and a preliminary hearing. Well beyond December 12. Kansas governor Sam Brownback is in Washington to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell spokesman David popped confirmed the meeting is scheduled for today. Kansas City Star reports pop would not discuss the reason for the meeting. But it comes as brown backs confirmation to be next ambassador at large for international religious freedom has slowed. With no final vote scheduled. Brownback said last week that he hopes his appointment would be voted off before Christmas. Is already handed over some of his most important duties as governor to lieutenant governor Jeff call here including leadership over the state budget. Rob back was nominated in July. A senate committee narrowly approved the nomination and October. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS and. News a suspect has been arrested in connection with a serial killing spree in the Seminole heights area of Tampa Florida. The suspect identified as 24 year old how all Emanuel bottles in the third. Tampa police say the arrests came after the got a tip about a man carrying a gun at a McDonald's. Tampa mayor Bob buck Horne says he's grateful have a suspect. Tonight. Is the beginning of when justice will be served. And then the process for occur. When this individual rots in hell. Four people have been killed in seminal heights in less than two months after the launch of what may be North Korea's most powerful missile ever. The trust administration it may take more steps. To cut Kim Jong-un nuclear ambitions. He tells the Hudson Institute award dinner at the administration is ready to. Bring economic. And diplomatic pressure to bear until North Korea abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs for. And trump said earlier in the day that North Korea is a situation we will handle. Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile Tuesday that reached 2800 miles into the sky. And landed without harming anyone off the coast of Japan but that type of missile may be able to reach this far into the US as Washington or New York. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. Kagan as an excuse time now eight all 4 reportedly spent 8 o'clock. Big sports night last night hoops action for a couple of our top ten seeds Kansas and Wichita State both in action we'll have highlights. We'll hear from coach Marshall. Big night for the shocks last night saw coming up in sports imagery here just few minutes Kansas gas prices could be going up during the holiday season that story coming up. On occasion as this morning news or Stephen dead the. The good news this morning you've received about 8 minutes past 8 o'clock. Gasoline prices in Kansas probably higher through the holiday season season. Then they've been since Tony fourteen even though they're going down a little Nell Jennifer hall. With Tripoli cancers. Of that had to do with the tight supplies we've got to and understand them higher maintenance issues going on in refineries. It's sort deemed are back. There so we're not sitting with this much in the readers at this time a year. The low priced as of Monday in Kansas was a Cunningham and Kingman county at two dollars and 43 cents a gallon. With the highest at Saint Francis in shy and county at 264. As an ethics investigation of sexual harassment allegations against congressman John Conyers begins. A third a former staffer of his is claiming he sexually harassed her Fox's Kristen Fisher with details. Her name's Deanna Maher she says it happened three times between 1997. And 99 the last one according Lamar took place in a very public setting it town hall meeting in his home district of Detroit. Was just described it in an interview on CNN he stuck his hand up my dress and lift your third in my ear. While you got great looking legs up Conyers is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus and some of his colleagues are reportedly pressing him. To resign but the caucuses chairman is not one of them he says he met with Conyers and told him that any decision to resign before the ethics investigation. Is complete is up to him and him alone. Some former Conyers staffers have come to his defense saying they believe in due process and support allowing the ethics probe to run its course. It's sparkles and it's pretty. But isn't a threat to the environment. Glitter it's used to decorate various things like stones glass and even the scantily clad bodies of exotic dancers but now scientists at meiji university. In New Zealand say it poses a threat to the oceans where marine animals have been known to eat plastic often killing them not only that the scientists say. When fish eat the glitter and then we eat the fish we have deporting their plastic into our bodies Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Case in SS used I'm now. 08 and 10 minutes that's 8 o'clock Greece today. And this morning we got. Right in traffic out there right now we've got that traffic slowing down from 1935. Over I won 35 they're the north junction. That's what perfect trip to slow down northbound on I 35 there. Traffic efficacy and if his radio here at chambers. And now the sport has smooth pianist is stepping urologist Dan holiday good morning and good morning what we may see a few spotty showers across south central Kansas most of daddy's going to be over the southeastern section of the state today. We will be cloudy with a high 52 and in northeast wind clouds will break up tonight or overnight low 38 and sunny Thursday with a high 56. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now flouting 45 degrees via the northeast wind at ten miles per hour. Eleven now with Steve into dead in the morning. And that we've been following this story now it seems respectfully yours and that today has been several hours. Tracking the Keystone Pipeline. But it has been built across the northern part of our country and trying to move some oil from Canada down to the states and as and it's a bit more developments. In the past couple of days here and Fox News radio's. Jeff and also as witnessed this point from Chicago good morning Jeff. We thought that this that the I'm sure people bought yours ago that illegal but now but it's just been one thing after that. Yes it was a shut down a couple of weeks ago the keystone XL pipeline the through portions South Dakota Amherst. Into a piece of land that's been out dart into oral brown because a Major League there we weren't sure. Old the extent of the leak but we're now told by officials at this point it was 5000 barrels. But that's equal to about 2101000. Gallons at least it was a slow leak. Appended to the date tracked these back to something to happen in 2008. I don't know. Well also the pipeline that the federal the federal federal investigators the bulletin that the people who overseas spotlight but the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. They believe that delete key interest can have his team's total par put yourself tour it was likely caused by damaged reconstruction. Back in 2008. All the way to installed on the pipeline. Back. May have damaged that pipeline in the pipeline toting. So right now with the devils their best to excavate around the pipeline in the deadly serious and excuse expletive around BP oil spill. Which. Were told by state investigators. And state officials that they did. We've got about 4550%. Of that after that leaked oil. It's a vacancy to them which around around pipelines and their vacancy you don't what. What may have cost about music investigation into the cause it's still continues there's something definitive. But that's what officials are telling us this morning. Kind of wonder whether they'll ever get this thing done whether it's ever actually. Going to get done to his completion it. Yeah why didn't do their gut it got a little flowing through they've had a little move to so that is presumed slowly. Of of crude through that pipeline. I've got to capacity of 830000. Barrels. Of crude per day so it's a huge thing it comes to the midwest. And then ultimately you know to a Port Arthur of the coast of the Gulf Coast there at Texas. It's so it's it is two world Canada's main oil export routes to US refineries obviously. Are keystone. You electrical access were. You know high profile. Politics is is being played because of the fact that the Obama administration hampered efforts. That you get these up but wrongly wealthy drug administration were the first things. The president did was was to get these things back up and run it. If it's so well right now we're told is that the keystone is back up and running although it's it'd do the movie crude. I was much it's not full flow. They're just it's kind of a soft flows through to the pipeline as they test exam to make sure it's. It's so it's it's viable it and say it's safe for everybody but we're also told by state officials that there were no threats to surface water bodies. In the registry key water systems. All right Jim Pate thanks for being with us we appreciate it Jeff but also Fox News radio's Jeff and also reporting from Chicago. On the Keystone Pipeline that's problems with the likely resumes after a spill. A period in the northern part of the US 815 now with Steven tidbit. And Alaska womanly came home to find out a thief had broken into were Holman and stole clothing jewelry prescription drugs. And the mounted head of zebra she handled a wall. Turns out that to Stacey Scott got some good news about the incident eventually can't drive earth. Who helped suspect drive off with a stolen goods. Fell to zebra head in his truck and returned it. The missing zebra head has been returned not an item you think could be easily. This place now apparently that Linden in well like I Ailes a candidate as a puts truck here. It's as you've as a team. The New Jersey woman has. Has raised more than 835000. Dollars for homeless man who came to her roadside aid. That's enough to buy him holding his dream truck and provide him with the small annual salary. Kate McClure said on her go fund B page and an attorney had finance and financial advisor helped 34 year old Johnny public junior come up with a plan. When she was stranded he gave heard the last forty dollars he can't. And his return on that when a dollar is 8385000. Dollars deed that has reaped rewards. Now. Not every good deed is gonna see that kind of snow to return but but. You don't do it do good things to help people sometimes good things coming oral. Did the right thing authorities in Ohio say an eleven year old girl was driving in a few feet. When police stopped it and arrested a young woman writing in the backseat. The woman doesn't have a driver's license and indicated that she thought it would be better to let the child drives. The girl was cited and released her mother of the nineteenth annual passenger. Has pleaded not guilty to charges including child endangering. Not know what's going on it and it was aiming about being Drucker inebriated and a bit. Maybe she's just that I'm sure there's something terribly irresponsibly impaired judgment. Dumb burst out. That could be eleven year old. Monica our Christmas shopping vendor waits at you it's apparently so far been a great shopping season as far as the the retailers are concerned gonna continue on for the next few weeks I guess I better get out there for a but he snaps in ala Eminem to get out there and it. A limit myself to five dollars everybody you know or less well. And apparently to get. Now when he when he gets on for the products we accompany Christmas lunch and come up here and nice pet rock couple weeks they've they've scheduled at a wonder at what that's going to be like this year. We don't we're not we don't have the office parties here. Nobody. It's inebriated and puts election and it we have the morale noon some folks have to go back to work after the parties over usually there's some pretty good shall. You know and the and the boss has some nice things and we go away now that their Christmas parties being planned for the week or two out and a in the past you know. Places of work they've had pretty elaborate Christmas parties in. Some freedoms and what we talked about that in the weeks ahead as you know I've been many Christmas parties who work I get to some general should tell you about now woods Tibetans. And will be feature we've had some fun at some Christmas parties over the years. We have 818 now Stephen dead. That is forged look at what we're looking at those shocker last night. And dead in the Savannah State team likes to throw the ball at the group which put it that way. But 55 attempted threes left. Now they 553 pointers last night which is the most this season so far in an NCAA division one game. I don't know that's what Savannah State does here's what they do they they get the ball across mid court. Then within about 0456. Seconds they're jacking up the shots wherever they are. And usually it's the three so. It it ends up being a fairly entertaining brand of basketball let's say the least you're there you're not certain I think in most boring sits back and forth and shots are lineup and rebounds to go on everywhere and makes for an exciting game taking advantage of that pace and all was going on was Wichita State junior some odd date means Jones. As he lit up the tigers for a big night. Mike Kennedy days all of the whole game last night on 103 point seven KE YN. And its outlook on it way short rebound walk out of here grenades you know throughout the fourth planet will not be able to cut it off. It's hardly. Did see him but let's get him. They do all these appreciating the effort last night the shocker junior. In only his sixth game with Wichita State a career high 31. Points. As Wichita State pounded Savannah State 112. To 66. Was the final score. Soccer's didn't cut the tigers check for 90000 dollars for coming here and provided him with a post game meal. And a 46 point loss on the court. Here's a shocker head coach Gregg Marshall thought he got his start the game with some logic means you. So my shape it was his night 31 points really proud of him. And I think he's you know he's just got to get more comfortable because obviously he's talented and quick and fast fairly strong and athletic. And if he could shoot the basketball and never hunted shot never have the sharp except in transition now when he got those numbers you know he's warned that basket. Shots of 142. Straight nonconference games that Coke arena streak is now six years in the making. Sox back in the win column now five and one on the year rank number eight in the nation to view the big win last night or Savannah State. Let's take a look at Kansas men's basketball up in Lawrence last night the undefeated number two team in the nation Kansas hosting the rockets of Toledo. No problem for the jayhawks you heard the game last night on CFA. And that is not sure what it was seasonal Jadox massive around the globe itself is overkill. Pitch on the block text book execution against that don't get the bulk of the battle over the stick. We'll put it past that should give him. Beautiful offense for the jayhawks they're on their way to a 9658. Win over Toledo. Dovonte Graham was just all over the place he made fifteen baskets for the jayhawks last night that's the most by Jay how player decade. On his way to a career high 35. Points. In case you get the big win two dozen straight wins for the jayhawks against nonconference opponents at Allen fieldhouse. Kansas State hasn't nonconference home game tonight the wildcats hosting Oral Roberts up in Manhattan K state is off to a five and one start. Feet 22 and a half point favorite going into this one K state has won its last twenty nonconference home games. And tip off the left at 7 o'clock tonight in Manhattan on fox sports Kansas City. Congratulations to the shocker volleyball team of course unbeaten in conference play conference champions of the American conference. Already had into the NCAA tournament hosting a regional and no sleeping the big conference awards yesterday player of the year. The American Abby layman from Newton. Setter of the year Italy Hebert T from Newton and coach of the year shocker head coach Chris slammed doctor preparing that regional begins on Friday it still green. Soccer women's basketball has Coke arena tonight posting their old rival the Missouri state lady bears to 7 o'clock tonight tipping off the Coke arena. And we have to go men's basketball tonight right here on tape and assess Dennis Higgins led the call at 715 tonight as Butler to be. He colleges hosting independence and elder radio tonight right here in 987 and thirteen thirty K and that's that's that's sports which Stevenson a 22 now keep it here for the handed to you morning minutes. The media and a White House. Eyes. An early morning minute cabinet but it's I think it's some sort of a group. Oh that's coming. Stephenson at its cypher. Prairie fire coffee is a precious coffee in the Wichita area because very tired coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very fired coffee at your office just like Stevens and a little like going to 673771. Or all line. At prairie fire coffee dot com.