Oklahoma inmates getting new playing cards

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

These cards feature unsolved cases, other states have solved cold cases with similar cards.


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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the case and assists forty years was even dead I'm Steve thank you Josh. Girls will be allowed in the cub scouts and we've got story. Roseville woman in silver alert still missing behind him Woodward those details just ahead I'm Pam O'Neill. An official says the state works to find missing Foster children the major decision expected from president trump on Friday. I'm ABC's Linda Lopez that story coming. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we go from one extreme to the other very cool air that moved in earlier this week. And now more summer like temperatures today are forecast is on the way. The boy scouts of America has announced it will allow girls into the cub scout program starting in 28 team. The decision to allow girls participation was unanimously approved by the organization's board of directors. The decision could open starting up to hundreds of thousands of girls. Keeps got executive Michael swerve off says Detroit to admit girls will be up to a local cub scout packs so as we bring young woman and. We wanna make sure that are individual. Volunteer leaders of the pack level that they're prepared that they also need to make decisions as to whether they were remain an all boy pack or if they would have girls and boys and ball. The search continues for a rose hill woman featured in a silver alert. 86 year old Dixie Adair last seen Monday morning leaving the Kansas star casino near normal brain. Butler county under sheriff Tony will height tells KS in news and air search was conducted yesterday. The Kansas Highway Patrol area and Fuller who. Ralph's. As good as best they configure them from listeners residents who. To hear from then on in two Oklahoma Kansas Oklahoma border. That search did not yield any results a photo of it there and her car may be found in the news story on our web page KN SS radio dot com. A man was hospitalized after he was hit by a car in a parking lot in southeast Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Tuesday afternoon at a Dillon's grocery store at area and web. The driver of the US UV was a woman who had just finished shopping at the store. Between nine year old female was driving through parking lot. And struck a 78 year old male who was walking near the guest homes. The mail was transported to an area hospital. In critical condition. Which stop please farm accident followed by investigators and critical accident team members responded. The woman who hit the man remained on the scene after the accident. A top state officials say is Kansas works to find missing Foster care children swiftly the comments come after legislators expressed outrage after learning during a committee meeting Tuesday that more than seventy Foster children are missing. Department for children and families secretary Phyllis Gilmore said Wednesday that many missing children are located quickly and return to their Foster homes. Department officials and Foster care contractors noted that the percentage of Foster children who were missing is about 1%. That's in line with the national figure for Foster children who are runaways Dan O'Neill came SS news. 23 deaths are now connected to the devastating wildfires in northern California. Thousands of buildings have also been launched many of them were holds. Using a break guys that airs is sifting through his childhood home looking for anything made still recognizable. The cells in really didn't hear your feet but didn't passion and realizing that every photo if you guys you grew up you know on their own gone. His parents left the house in a hurry as flames came racing through one able to grab much. And now with so many people still missing the sheriff here worries more bodies will be found in the remains of these homes. Alex Stone ABC news Santa Rosa California. KE NS has used time now 80 for Foreman it's been at 8 o'clock. One more baseball playoff elimination game coming up tonight and a former Kansas jayhawk. Cashing in in the NBA sports coming up. President trap ready to announce his decision on the Iran that nuclear deal. That story coming up on the Canada says morning news was even dead. The cayenne is as boring users to even dead now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock on a Thursday morning. President's brother is expected to make his decision on the Iran nuclear deal Friday. President may have already made his decision but telling Fox's Sean Hannity he wasn't willing to reveal it just yet I don't exactly what it reveals but I can't give it away tonight but I would be announcing. But he was standing firm on his criticism of the Obama era plan it's a great. Deal I am not saying anything different tonight that I had been sick for two years he's expected to decline to certify the deal and take the matter sanctions against Iran to congress on Capitol Hill even some Republicans originally critical of president Obama's plan urging the president to stay in and enforcing it Lynda Lopez ABC news. Space X successfully launched its second rocket in as many days last night along Florida's space coast who. Or lift off from Florida's Kennedy space center at 653. PM hundreds watched from the observation platform as the flaming white falcon nine rocket. Raced through the sky this one carrying an Echostar won a five communications satellite. Into orbit eight and a half minutes later the first stage booster and landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Monday SpaceX successfully launched and landed a falcon nine from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Tony Marino ABC news' Orlando Florida. This is fire prevention week in Wichita fire lieutenant Jose oh Katie says. There are activities planned every day this week. Thursday will be taken out our mobile prevent an experience. Our fire safety house to a couple schools to teach them about the importance of smoke rises gitmo ago. Friday we will be throughout the city installed and smoke alarms. Team is every second counts plan to waste out. Eight or nine now nine minutes past data plus receiving death. And we've got a couple places in traffic right now that are particularly slow. I won 35 who wanna watch it especially northbound. Around first and second street from their aftermath of thirteenth also watch a closer to the north junction just a couple of areas slowing down and heavy traffic traffic update. From Kate and SS radio and has Jesus and now the forecast we've K and it says staff meteorologist Dan holidays this morning dead. Good morning with a mostly clear and cool start this morning in Wichita you won't need a life jacket once we get to this afternoon. Temperatures are going to be soaring well above average or normal high this time of year is 71 with today's high eighty with a gusty south winds at. Clear overnight Tarlow 62. Sunny Friday with a high of 85 and K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays. They'll partly cloudy 52 degrees the other southeast wind at fourteen miles per hour. 810 now was Steven did own came in and says since we have some. Some menu developments. Today in any story about eighth Louisiana hazing death of university there. And this morning is ABC news correspondent Jim Bryant tells more about a good morning Jim. In researching that I was surprised to see how many incidents like this are happening around the country rarely has serious is the one. At LSU in which eighteen year old Mac Serb Gruber died this past and past months. Now ten members of the fraternity that he was that he had pledged vital that they up. Have been brought up on charges that it Boeing of the more facing only hazing charges which is a misdemeanor. One of them always facing an additional charge of negligent homicide which will be a felony so they are being serious about his that LSU. At fraternities were on the country undoubtedly sororities and as well are watching the progress in this case. Jim what happened. How does young men die. Yeah you did it blast. Mark during the pledge ship he would ditch specs Gruber had been at two LSU for less than a month. Decided he wanted to join the Greek system it went through Russian and pledged quite open it up. Now 1 evening last month he and his fellow pledges were called to their house for something that the actives were calling Bible state. Turns out it was a quizzed about the fraternity at about two Greek like a general Gruber apparently was having trouble with that the Greek alphabet. Every time that he a pledge made a mistake they were forced to drink a 190 proof and I'll call take this week. Very extremely powerful alcohol. Well several hours later I keep he couldn't even stand up was brought to a couch the next morning yet at an extremely weak pulse. And his serve fellow pledges reactive there in the house and couldn't tell whether we news briefing he was taken to a hospital and died. And a ten members of the organization or at least associates people who were part of that tape that nice to have a quizzing. Now or looking at charges. In my experience over the years that at times. And I sorority and fraternity houses. Some drinking will go on but it sounds like this there's some very very serious drinking going on down there and LSU. Yep very seriously and again directed apparently it some sort of training program at least that's the that till one of the the active said there was trying to instill here. And others apparently according to some of the witnesses who talked to police and in information and affidavits. Chose that they were telling him to slow down to stop doing that stupid to give these are kids a break because of what it was finally over back through the eighteen year old from Georgia. Had a blood alcohol level of point 49526. Times the legal drama that limit to even drive. You wonder if those young people understand that you can overdose on alcohol and died just a solution bad debt. Absolutely are they the duke formal cause of death was tipped. Alcohol poisoning and asphyxiation or loved words he choked on his own vomit. Knives has the opportunity lost it's a charter. It has national fight Al has pulled that you order from that chapter. Build day appeal at some point down the road I suppose to try to get the quarterback for now. Building the entire university used is taking another look at. Add to its fraternities and sororities the whole Greek organization is under a microscope now at LSU. Of the school which is you probably know always. It's considered sort of a party school being that close to look New Orleans in the French Quarter. Now Morgan good time though that. Some serious things are happening to some of these young people and that it if you're sending your kid I have got to I've got one that. Grandson who's about to enter the university next year and I hope his mom a dad did if they don't have a dog Wear them I certainly will about this very saying. Well you're right yeah I mean I I was there fraternity it in college my son now is his sophomore at University of Arkansas he dinner fraternity. And and you try to have to look to alert them to warn them to about the dangerous it is to keep a cool and then people level and don't do anything that you don't wanna do. All right Jim Pate thanks a lot as always for your time Wednesday ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. With the latest on this Louisiana hazing deaths or ten people. From that fraternity. A arrested it is a serious deal. 814 Stevens Ted in the morning here on a Thursday October 12 Tony seventeen. Nine in ten restaurants and takeaways in London. Are feeding sewer clotting effect Berg's. By letting Greece oil and scraps slide down their waste systems had burns now. It's like an iceberg goalies made Arafat and refining these groups bands of great big and London. And refining it and in American cities as well lead in the short to get clogged up by gunk. It's not going to grow. Tim's a water says the visits to hundreds of food outlets across the capital in London reveal the majority had no system for dealing with excess gunk. The company which spends around a million pounds a month cleaning assures. Called the findings staggering. The recent fat virgin London have weighed the same as eleven of those doubled her buses. And stretched out the light of a couple of football fields that is a matter now clog things up moment that would sink the Titanic and it infrastructure partners. They're composed of Greece. Congenial fact. Wet wipes diapers. And a lot of other pretty disgusting things which I won't go into on this family program. But they are discussing well. Well I don't see that happening in Wichita out we keep our fat above the era that's right reads. It right we don't. We don't put our fat answers we know we keep it about any better at all they sing Caro we're here every plus services at no fat version in which for sure. And Alan King down there at the public utilities. Have you rash of about it and he probably a period of fat Bert I'm sure he has some stories right get a charge of some of the big fat virgin founder of around the world. Oklahoma authorities are hoping to solve killings and other cold cases by selling playing cards that feature of the cases to predators. The first in a planned series of Dex is already on sale for a dollar 42 cents at six of the State's lock ups a second deck is already being planned to. The cards are reminiscent of those distributed to US troops during the Iraq War that featured members of Saddam Hussein's government. These features unsolved cases from 1978. Through 2013. I'm looking into is and really is that it's Smart idea of a dead. You've done some research they've been there already do this it. That penal systems and other state trials like kind of a funky idea that the apparently. The report states that have done is Colorado Connecticut and South Carolina and there's one other state apparently. They solve like. More than forty homicide cases might do I do this Decker cars yeah wow well that works it works so you know prisoners know. They hear a lot of saying oh yeah and there's so much going on and others handle you know all about every out so I apparently this has led to a lot of information unsolved. Cases and you know good media. Prosecutors attorneys will tell you that. Think it's a pretty good information. About. The people the prosecuting if they can get to. To a prison or jail and not an all time is that testimony considered very good. Because of inmates are such people that sometimes they will trade bad information for subs Aybar. But anyway there you go playing cards. You know strike that you can't just made with a right here in our penal system as well. If we've got some unsolved crimes are at 818 Stephen Ted. On kaine is says here to Thursday morning at today what we're in the middle of what about five different seasons going on right now. Baseball probably that the toppled we've got some more developments in the playoffs. That have gone on here in the last Ayers also Ted will refrain is up to date on everything at torture or right after it. Up. We have one more team eliminated the from the baseball playoffs last night and it's the Cleveland Indians. Who had a two games to zero lead over the New York Yankees in the best of five and lost game three lost game for the last night they lost game five all the Yankees win that series three games to two. 1 three game losing streak for the tribes since late July early August. Now there are eliminated it's the wild card yankees to move on played Houston Astros the American League pennant. Tonight we have. The deciding game five over in the National League at the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs in the nation's capital taking on the Washington Nationals. Washington won yesterday and the cold in the rain in Chicago and Wrigley Field shut up cubs five nothing in game four. That sets up tonight's game fired in the nation's capital. Loser eliminated winner moves on to play for the pennant live coverage of the nationals and the cubs at 630 tonight listen live on Sports Radio hate FH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Some news out of the NBA for former Kansas jayhawk Andrew Wiggins. Who has signed a five year extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Mats for 115. Million. Dollars Andrew waited for. Working for this my whole life you know for the prime and no long term deal. The commitment you know on the treasury bills started moving the process so we. And wait for this his whole life policy in 4201. An accurate statement adds averaged 24 points a game last season the timberwolves. He's got a 150 million dollar contract in his pocket going for pretty nice and government regulated from the university. These are all year well that's. You learn substance. That. Another guy and there's only pay you for years and also trying to make it in the NBA rookie Josh Jackson. Distracted this a year by the Phoenix Suns Phoenix in pre season action last night. Hosting Portland. Josh Jackson got the start at small forward for the suns last night 22 points seven rebounds well. Just Jack can put nuts nice number in the door he sees very where the Phoenix Suns. That's sports with Stevenson defeat in Afghanistan all right it's eight bloody one now keep it here for the Hannity morning minute. Democrats the NRA and above stocks on Hannity on the way seated in the morning on K and assess.