The old airport terminal is coming down (very slowly) and tiny homes in east Wichita

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Monday, August 27th
Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell.

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1530 KM SS games in the morning now he's back inside to put words. 76 degrees at 7:30 on Monday morning. Emergency responders were called to an apartment complex and Wichita Sunday after. And after residents found a man unresponsive at the bottom of the pool the police in a man in his bodies found in the pulpit but what tree apartments. In 9200 block of east Erin. And taken to a hospital in critical condition. It's not clear how long demand was in the pool or if he was a resident of the apartments. The City Hall in our Kansas City was evacuated after someone brought in a bomb that was found on some property. Police in ark city say the person was cleaning a rental property when he discovered the bomb it was made of a sealed metal pipe with a cap and a fuse on one end. Police say he brought it into the station located next to the City Hall around 2 PM Friday not knowing what else to do with it. Police have been evacuated the city hall and close part of the surrounding streets. Which is top police's bomb squad in the state police help move the device to a sand filled dump truck. Which took it to an undisclosed location to be detonated Previn honor K in SS news. 36 year old woman who was facing nearly thirteen years in prison for dealing methamphetamine. Was given probation by a judge who says she had made significant progress. In dealing with her drug addiction. Sarah McKay Aaliyah Hutchinson was sentenced to three years probation by district judge Tricia rose. McKay Lee would face twelve years ten months in prison if she violates her parole. The Hutchinson news reports that Caylee pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school. She was arrested in a drug raid in May 2017. A code defended Kerry potter was sentenced to nearly six years in prison. Supporters noted Mick Haley has completed drug treatment is a public speaker for Oxford house and has been employed for a year. Rodney price KN OSS news. In southeast Kansas Highway Patrol found a pedestrian dead on US 54 in Allen county yesterday several miles west of Moran. HP says the man died by unknown means the victim was identified as 26 year old Billy Lee Montgomery of Springfield Missouri. This incident is under investigation remembering John McCain in Arizona. They tell us Quenneville is just one town over from Sedona and the day after John McCain died at his home there. Residents were remembering him especially that he font in Vietnam and was once a Prisoner of War he did. An awesome job of representing the country just in effect been served and that you know his record that. Serving the community. Timmy was exemplary sunny Arizona residents passing through counts that they like you couldn't pin McCain down politically all the time like the maverick. Edwards use. When he went there. Doubtless. Many though wondering who will take his place after this week's ceremonies Arizona governor Doug do you see little point in Republican replacement. To serve until the 20/20 election. It's a donut Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline fell two cents over the past couple weeks to 291. Well industry analyst Chile's Lundberg says the price could fall a bit more. What we have is the US gasoline market very flush with supply. But kind of short on demand. Demand has been a week so far this year and didn't see Italy also we're coming to the emperor. Which is a drop in demand. Bloomberg says there's a good chance prices will head down a bit more or less crude oil prices rise of the lowest average price could be found in. Jackson Mississippi at 251 for a gallon of regular drivers in San Francisco were paying the most on average of three dollars and 69 cents per gallon. Now look at the forecast with Kate and assist staff be eulogized damn holiday good morning Dan good. Morning any isolated thunderstorms that develop early on will wind down and we will be windy hot and humid this afternoon near ninety by lunchtime in 96 the high later on today. We could see an isolated thunderstorm popped up overnight otherwise are loose 77 a and is a cold front approaches tomorrow will be breezy in 94. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloud. 76 degrees of the south wind gusting to 25 wanna do power today is Monday August 27 when he eighteen on the state. In 1859 Edmund L Drake drilled the first successful oilwell. The United States at Titusville central Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania coil in the country and the Pennzoil a lot of time now yeah that's right. Authorities say a man that has been arrested in Southern California after deputies found out about 800 pounds of stolen. Lemons in his car. Riverside county sheriff's officials say 69 year old the NEC EOP rose was arrested Friday booked on a charge of theft of agricultural products. Yet these were investigating recent farm death when they stop euros are yeah thermal Friday morning. So I discarded piece they found several large bags of freshly picked lemons they say restored from a nearby pharmacy several. 800 pounds he can woo that's condemned and it had to be chock full allotments on life gives you lemons he was still them. You can steal the lemons not hear it now but so he's there he's been arrested. Talk about the first oil will grow up I guess I didn't realize till several years ago that one time. The the big oil boom was over there and in in Butler county. And huge oh heck yes for years and defectors and oil museum over there yes there is it. 735 Steve refinery activity over Ted Woodward had a birthday. Saturday night in celebrated with admiral. But sort of a the box tree it was but something good happened right you in your family get together I think so good they did some mode do dog diner in the golf I watched the gray grace aren't done that's perfect for you that's not I was gonna enjoy myself tremendously my yo granddaughter Evan performed Saturday United's east pizza how does that go to easily throughout the place was packed I mean a lot of the patio was packed and there was I have most of my family there needs. And have to help and encourage her and did John that the owner of the east peace and never met him before he was very very nice to us. They have two rotations now they're gonna open a third you know that I did not know they were expanding that quickly out by northwest times when he forgot that. Not a done outer gate you know I think Whitman's very well received think she did well. And disease by the way repugnant. Angry pizza where there are other performers there out they had was still little trio kimono after OK and they played together. But we had leave had to go to the airport pick up and up pop person coming in from the events via. 737 now Stephen Teddy here on Monday morning time for Monday's with the mayor with Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell that answer. Good morning and yes. App news Adam. Cheryl so for years and it gave repeat that in the mayor's youth council may meet and they helped sponsor them and and beat those. Pipes fool folks from the gathered in China and stop better bite them. So they got at the Aggies beat. Well yes he has a nice listening as I mentioned there I was at the Saturday night at the Eisenhower airport and just once again struck by. The beauty of the place the cleanliness of the place and just what a wonderful wonderful front door that has become for the city which that is. It's just fantastic I'm impressed every time we go out there. We have a lot of people who command and experience or airport that truly use them biting. Apps news. I'm an airport that China airport has been Iron Man. Pretty well placed hang out. Our old terminal still sit there. Dodi other. I am a little bit and remind me old. Song where it was building that are ones let's. That they they add news. Remove all of were expense and excellent aren't too net but I believe that. There to serve pretty quickly during down most of it. There are apportioned understated because we we kept our computers system that are well he's gonna preserve them part of so there are there will be. Small or reserve but then it will. They live. The mere good news. Eight hey who'd do that toy homes would cause such a big problem. Yelled at some annexation last week the proper down and in east of Wichita southeast and some folks down there apparently don't like the idea may be haven't toward homes built next to. Well and the reality is that knowing that the definition. I mean come through those that are foreigners were Peter last. These are 500 square feet about. Really. Two I have a toy home yes. Well there are a lot of those younger players all. Probably around map out where the party's been and that's Canada target market site. I hear that some of these soldiers going to be built what you. Abdullah separate story though. Is there any as is the excitement. Settle down let neighborhood out there and there were some of them were pretty I learned. I answer that. There spill. And probably get a better right what exactly do you bill and so. One of those. That's our division you actually via. Kind of neighborhoods and we keep hearing there's going to be going on and material all. App I use apt sisters are in the app being next Monday law. Many people are enjoying their day off. I get this spate let a good friend of mine who's turning up and entered in the one years old he. They're going to have a special for their part aren't as he has pay well more. Than actually survived that and that march stores auto. Less than ten people living. Now have survived the panda marks on next week I don't know one years old Malia. And has started gonna have a birthday party or Eminem mean for anyone ought to come out and and meet any drama and a computer or next Monday. Mean hungry. You know World War II veteran that survived the panda. As evidenced by anybody out there if you never studied or known about the Bataan. Debt that's marching might look into it that is some real bad stuff that happened. That marked out loud chorus yeah boat and under so much. Obviously many of them did not act and I have met and eager and quite the guy it'll walk on its own power built sharp look cheat at cards I mean plagued. Art yes. So does in my understanding is it tomorrow you're gonna have a City Council meeting and there's going to be a workshop involved is that correct. And so we've just general things that we're going to be discussing on of them and some new plans for the great point nature center and we're gonna get an update on the fireworks or. How well work this past year and then. The police chief ones that are just about looking at additional light and being or. After our establishments because of some of the issues that. We're starting at the at these after hours. You have low last week and I talked with that the principle over west high schooler and their whole field is going to be. The issue's going to be French University Stadium. We talked about the fact when we were kids when I was a kid the home stadium for west was a large Dumont stadium and when you get a new and it's going to be multi purpose you think that'll be the home for the pioneers. Sign all of America although we do wanna play. A game every week there. And and I Olympia. Great continue to watch cites both football and. All right anything else on your mind did you know anything. Before we let the mayor go go to work and I'll use somebody's got to jam packed week coming up. I do impact have do that the investment that I'm on a committee they're Thursday. It all week forming. All right well thank you respect is time with the elite take a limo up there. I don't have a let's not start. It's my understanding about Lleyton as a resident of the city manager has Wimbledon. Now the murderer like an hour. I. Always something we YouTube the but I. Thank you mr. mayor appreciate it that's Mondays with the mayor with a Teflon Wichita mayor and did some 43 we've got a concert coming up. This will be on September 9 and interest bank arena featuring the offering and 311. I get a pair of tickets right now everybody go to that gives at all. 86913. 386913. Thirty you'd like go to countered. 311 and the pump spray it all well 74743. Stevenson coming up we've got to which stop business journal update. And we're really talking about the local company looking for workers stevens' death on a in a sense.