Older women are taking over

Steve & Ted
Monday, December 18th

Moneytracker Don Grant says women are living much longer in retirement, and the rules are changing.


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I'm spending more this Christmas because they were too. Max had who added members of handling sound and some baby Geoff since you're. I need seven and thirteen thirty yeah end. Since we are deep into the morning now 6:47. Here on Monday morning. Three pretty big thing. Republicans moving forward with tax code overhaul package seeing. Power outage shut down Atlanta airport for eleven hours. Big wind farm proposed for Reno county. Rebate things. Even dead on Kate in advance. So far traffic this morning looking good it would be a good idea to be cautious now they're overnight and thought it missed. And freezing temperatures a good conflicts fodder to out there. Traffic on KN SA has brought to budge go to Robin throws Goodyear tire located downtown embarking and Waterman. In the east every street Moline on my girls are dot com your home for complete dark hair. Sunny today with a high of 58 degrees mostly clear tonight you'll Michael's 36. Tuesday mostly sunny tomorrow's highs again 58 degrees. Now fog mist and 28 degrees southwest 23 miles per hour. Review in the car out tonight. It's a scraper ready to go this morning twenty degrees status as whether brought you by the monarch. Open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon Sunday. The menu can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch in delay no. Stevens Edwards Toppert dot com poll right there on our web page K and as says radio dot com as always and we're gonna close up this question how will. Do you do most of your Christmas shopping. In brick and mortar stores 22%. On the Internet 28%. And nearly even mix of online and offline shopping 50% about half. An area that's me as Ted he's right in there. Knew with two yet. People who do have a mix of online and offline and to question today. What's your favorite meat for Christmas dinner. Which are protein on Chris snapped beef. Turkey. Pork. Lamb. Or other. In pork are you including hand there I believe that would last ballots that would account and now covered to be pork shop forehand I think are a thing in hand when about a Christmas goose goose is done. And I get very specifically says other at their bottom other readers do reduce it or duck and view all inaccurate and that one Yasser. And you and there's a question and Steven did which suffered stock tumble on our web page. In a century that I can. A report by Refugees International says housing is urgent urgently needed. Where tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who lack power and safe water nearly three months. After hurricane Maria hit. The nonprofit group recently visited the US territory to survey needs and examine the local and federal response of the storm. The team was shocked by the poor coordination and logistics on the island the problems that team says delayed aid. There's still not get things together. This visit is the first time Refugees International have organized a mission to any US. Jurisdiction. About that they're forgotten nobody cares about me in pottery repairs. Three months you would think if you that things up or. I mean a year that's not a good situation and now. We're here in Kansas we gets into power goes down west stars out there and fifteen minutes usually. But this is a bigger figures he's a different situation all that got an eye on pretty much regret anything. So it could take longer than treatment he would even close to normal again for those that are best to you real things turn out well. Investors are welcoming signs of congressional Republicans are solidifying support for a major overhaul the nation's tax laws. Ahead of an expected vote this week as a result. Wall Street capped the week the broad gains propelling the major stock indexes to a new set of milestones Friday. The S&P 500 rose over 23 points. The Dow climbed a 143. And the NASDAQ added eighty. And if you can pretty robust there because there indicating and it just few minutes on the commodities updates on since futures indicating the Dow. Futures. About a 150 up right now won't. Minutes after it's midnight deadline to get get electricity back on at the world's busiest airport Georgia power announced early today. The power had been fully restored to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international. Or more than a thousand flights were grounded just days before the start of the Christmas travel rush. They had an eleven hour power outage thanks to a fire under the Johnny unplug the court again and is now announcing Miller sound bites from fox news's. Some moments saying they don't have a backup system. At the world's busiest airport there's no backup system. Didn't question. Well we had a backup generators or something there's a fire at its tail off this well. Good question though what happens if there's an international emergency room. Japan's exports rose 16% in November from a year earlier driven by robust overseas demand for cars and manufacturing equipment. That is helping to sustain the longest economic expansion in more than fifteen years. Business is good there is a time when meant everything in the world is made in Japan you can necessities in the seventies. And get away and then China and Taiwan kind of took over that. That mantle and Japan count got shoved on the list like to instantly those pants come back and now. 652 now Stephen Ted older women taking over Don grant CFP the money tracker Guevara Don. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT created the MIT H lap it's research program the studies the population. A fifty and older the creator of the lab Joseph Coughlin says that retirement needs to be updated. We seem to concentrate on the years getting to age 65. But with life spans growing well into the eighty's and ninety's we're spending a third of our lives in retirement. The Census Bureau shows that there are nearly fifty million Americans who are 65 or older. And that number is projected to double by 2060. S 101000. Baby boomers celebrate their 65 birthday every day. And well for more than a decade to come. The fifty plus group handles 70%. Of disposable income in the country. Age sixty and older controls 30%. Of wealth around the world and the future is clearly female. Women live longer they are the primary caregivers and the main officer of consumption and home. And according to compliment this major demographic is largely being ignored or marginalized. Worldwide women consumers are more educated in all fields except engineering. Females are starting more businesses employing more Americans and continuing his primary caregivers. Women influence more major purchases like automobiles and real estate so sharp marketers need to create rituals practices and products. That cater. Two older women. If you think about growing up there are parties for a berth. Sweet sixteen celebration and graduating and growing career milestones Mary. But after the big retirement party what is there rather than the annual birthday cake US companies are missing the boat by not coming up with products. They keep older consumers engage in productive particularly for women. All Americans embraced technology believe it or not so there is ample room to market to them. Coughlin hopes that boomers will leave a legacy. That a longer life can be a better life and of course if you have any questions you give me a call number 6342222. You're done today is national roast cycling pig day. And now what is I think when the last time you credit roasts are I got got what it meant to this guy that is a dog on silly today. Now cycling magazine young pig between the ages of two to six weeks which is still fed by its mother's milk. The thing is roasted whole until skin is crips the meat is tender and sacrament. Cycling pagan range between eight and thirty pounds. And expect between twelve to twenty dollars a pound depending on the market. These factors coupled with the daunting task of roasting whole small pig and makes the but it product. A delicacy most everywhere in the world on sorry it's not one of the specific choices on our new head and his grip and pleaded Danny or listed but I don't get parts don't learn more specific circling big cycling pig. I'd like I said I know it's goofy but I I thought the outage or we use. Roasts and there had road cycling I can't say that I have yet while close I get ideas media grilled pork shop outdoorsman. That's pretty close and management. 655 Stephen dents. Coming up in assists and 7 o'clock to complete look at today's news gasoline prices down over the past few weeks. See that in the morning on Kate and SS.