Omaha bus driver punched for not stopping, where there wasn't a bus stop

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 21st
The irate passenger eventually made it to a bus stop, then punched the driver and ran away.

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This is the station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of OK. Get SS widget because number one. News talk bad weather station depend on us. Good morning 730 feet hit the morning's Macintosh. Authorities are investigating a threat found on the note posted in the girls' restroom at McPherson middle school. The note stated there would be a bomb threat at 1 o'clock tomorrow. Administrators from. USD 418. And the person police are actively investigating the incident. There will be additional police presence in and around the school throughout the day today. Now with the forecast with K and SS stepped meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning clouds of settled in across Wichita as a cold front makes its way through and with a clearing sky this afternoon if we can expect the windy day with a high 56. That's a little above normal for this time of year but it won't be by tonight. As high pressure builds and we dropped to 23 by tomorrow morning sunny and 48 for Wednesday are high temperature in the upper sixties on Thanksgiving. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy forty degrees not much wind north at three miles per hour. The which does city manager says the city will likely cut back its use of candid camera security video for writing tickets for minor traffic violations in the old. Only area but Wichita eagle reports videotape it's were part of a pilot program that ended after about three weeks. City manager Robert Leighton says he'll meet with police chief Gordon Ramsay this week to discuss how to use the camera system going forward. The ticketing system has led to a firestorm of criticism. Seven camera network gives police observers nearly 100% video coverage of the old town Boren nightlife district. But Lleyton says the purpose is not to generate revenue but to help ensure public safety. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Wichita man was charged Monday with a drive by shootings that killed 51 year old Michael Nelson Wednesday morning in the 14100 block of deadly. In south which is thought Jeremy Honeycutt made his first appearance and Cedric county courts he was charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon by a felon. And it cuts a bond was set at 150000. Dollars his preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 5. Russian President Putin is in talks with Syria's leader brought. Shouldn't state TV is saying that President Putin met with Syrian regime leader Bashar Al Asad in the Russian city of Sochi. The last time the two leaders met was in 2015. Shortly before Russia launched its military campaign in Syria to help bolster his sides forces. The talks come in Syria finds itself in ruins with more than eleven million people described as refugees running from the violence. The United Nations sponsoring another round of peace talks next week. With some countries insisting that a sub leave power but it's doubtful that's going to happen since his military controls about half of Syria. Still NATO Fox News. The US is putting North Korea back on its terrorism black list. President trump says that designation as a state sponsor of terror is long overdue and promises a new wave of sanctions as part of a maximum pressure campaign. Over North Korea's development of nuclear weapons he says the Treasury Department will begin rolling out the new sanctions today. Kansas attorney general Eric Schmidt and the Kansas public transit association. Have formed a new partnership to raise awareness and to work to combat human trafficking in Kansas. We partnered with the number private sector groups to try to increase the number of our engineers that are trained around the state to spot kids and others. We're trafficking victims and and need assistance drivers and public transit all over the state or with your partner patent ever so. We're going to be training drivers of this partnership of bus driver of the transit drivers what they know what they're seeing on the yet and protocol. Human trafficking is a criminal activity of holding another person for the purposes of exploitation. Through forced labor and or sex trafficking. The cost of protesting at the Kansas capitol in Topeka is increasing sometimes substantially. Currently Kansas charges twenty dollars for any event at the capitol but beginning January 1 duel charged based on the size of the event and other factors the lowest price will be fifty dollars for events that required a set up or clean up. The Kansas City Star reports factors increasing the price will include if groups require a podium access to the public address system more tables and chairs Kansas department of administration spokesman John Milburn says the increase will help the state recover costs and incurs for providing space and clean up for protests Davis Hammett at a peak activist says the price for his group's event in January went from twenty dollars last year to 500 dollars this year. And information that Brit Brit Schweigert. And Mary Fallon will SC Oklahoma legislature to return to the State Capitol for a special session. To address the State's ongoing budget shortfalls and have jeopardize. Funding for state agencies and services. A follow spokesman says the governor is working to pin down potential dates and define the parameters of her special session called. That will determine what kind of bills lawmakers can consider. Kate assessed is I'm now 735. Stephen did in the morning here. Again on the Tuesday November 21 just ten days we may trigger a district two days. From Thanksgiving. While you have that right it is upon us yes it is upon us and this is a said this November Tony first. On this date in 1980 landmark. For a network television. An estimated 83 million TV viewers tuned in to the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas. To find out who shot. America was tuned in that it turned out it was a Christian shephard. Played by Mary Crosby who is and the role of his sister along I think supplement. And us ST on the piano but but the that's three when that happens in Dallas came on their late seventies and I remember them the show came on and it was an immediate and huge yet. My wife and I like we had. Chris ship of relatives of living in Texas and we like the theme of a dividend is a very raunchy at first I mean or stuff on there that. They they had to move away from some certain things we're going to it was pretty. Dog on raunchy. Yeah but then they get it was a blockbuster television show for several years. Dallas. About a family called the Ewing is there in in Dallas and and they had to the oil money in investments and so forth and and he indeed they misbehave constantly after that wealthy people for Americans and well that's okay but we don't have behaved in our house yeah. Most people didn't look at eighth and don't and Omaha bus drivers as a man punched him after he refused to stop to pick him up. Police were called to a downtown intersection last Friday when the driver did not answer his radio officers found the bus with the drivers sitting outside. Complaining of dizziness and nursing a cut to his no huge. Says a man tried to wave him down but it wasn't a posted bus stop so we kept driving east following the rules right. Yeah I don't know girls in his later the same and got all the bus punched the driver several times in the face before running away. Yeah or buster were just following the rules I would think that the driving a bus would be necessarily hazard occupant answers occupation. In this case it turns out. It was yeah in busted in the nose there. A woman whose pick up displays it. And expletive filled message to president Donald Trump. Has and an identical rant aimed at a suburban Houston sheriff's apparently there's plenty room and a pick up their right nasty stuff apparently zone Karen Fonseca. Says fort bend county sheriff Troy mills messed with the wrong person. When deputies arrested her last week on an old unrelated warrant for fraud and Nelson posted a photo of the truck on FaceBook last week to identify the driver. After getting complaints I tracked down a photo of that threatened it was written very large on that truck it wasn't just a bumper sticker atlas. Yeah as bait sheriff Nelson is publicity about the truck. Brought idea August Warren to his office's attention and they went and picked up. Ms. funds. Well with that message written that large on the track she wasn't exactly being inconspicuous. Well we had a Ibis. At my my son's house in derby last night to. My son and his family. They have a new dog new dog new pup it's a little Boston Terrier justice cute as it can possibly be. The dog's name is all. And my granddaughters. Bob my daughters' kids Mary and jostled they've been. Hounding me that's right were pounding yet enacted into singing isn't all what does she holiday so finally the Scot myself let us come down. And they get to visit their cousins dude dog it's. As we have that we are really nice evening. Evidence Sammy Jo has done an injury in their house they're the new owners all of the you know depositary for a very nice dog now while I was there yet I took yourself. Not every not terribly technically could this yourself feel myself in the dog. And Evan my granddaughter and another man granddaughter jostled non believers in the renew it I'm Jenny. Post just a FaceBook almost helpful. And I you know might my granddaughter Evan who's thirteen to grab that aide whose act. And she's trying to post a saint funny and I've had trouble with my FaceBook is you went over this one time we did. If he keeps posting is some guy is he's religion based on the guy and and and so anyway she you try you what you try to do she tried again. She the on uninstalled uninstall this guy none out uninstalled face insult FaceBook yet yet it took two times to do it. And uninstall it twice the I only I only on its all at once maybe if I'd done it a second time and I don't know why that was on there but she got it done for let's get it wow. That's isotoner Evan I know you you know. Something nice to buy you present or something for doing that for me. Because. When I tried to fix that I did not understand what uninstalling the app and then re installing it wouldn't fix the problem and it apparently she ended twice but he got to do. And skit and yeah and you are we're we're pressed for time we were trying to work forward so yeah. But she did about ten minutes 510 minutes tonight it's a depressed easy younger people over the they're knowledge of its computers to how they work is it is down to name he's going to be by go to person if I have a computer problem we got a couple of guys around here. Yes nick I British. But older guys are there thirties. I think leader and I think you'd tell them the ball and just hire part time. Thirteen year old kid coming two hours we can solve all of our computer problems exactly. Into it that's kinda which club thank you Evan for fixing my FaceBook. On myself prefer to 741 now with. Even Ted. And hey you know what time it is time for our very fired coffee break on Kerry and SS now prairie fire coffee is a precious coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very fired coffee at your office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com happy for a 740 once he did Gilroy after the which business journal and come out he's gonna have more on the as Tyson's. And their plant in Tennessee the Tyson food processing people. That's 207. In just a moment here ST that's dead on in assess.