Only five months in, a resignation at the Wichita Eagle

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Thursday, December 7th

A local business update from editor Bill Roy at the Wichita Business Journal


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7:45. Stevenson in the morning you're listening to 97. And thirteen thirty change and as us. Coming up shortly they'll have a local business update from Gilroy the Wichita business journal a few not a big announcement from Spirit Aerosystems. Now it's time for three big things Stevens dead to me. A one billion dollar expansion project in the works of Wichita based Spirit Aerosystems. Seeing. Some reports that Democrats senator Al Franken of Minnesota may resign today from the US senate well. Big upset last night college men's basketball number two ranked Kansas. Suffered its first loss of the season losing to Washington that the sprint center in Kansas City. Three big things seem intent on 97 and thirteen thirty Kate and yes yes. If you look at traffic here on this. Thursday morning commute we do have a stalled vehicle that could cause problems northbound lanes of the canal route you're seventeenth street. We did have reports of traffic lights flashing red XC 96 Greenway it's the ultimate traffic tracker. Phyllis in on traffic lights flashing red at 47 selvin rock. Traffic like the like this cold weather that's not. Such traffic updates to Unisys traffic rocky ledge. Overall look and Carl's Goodyear tires located downtown market in wonderment. He needs cherry street mall and on line Carl's tired dot com is. The home of the 3495. Royals change Joseph brought us and Carl's Goodyear's tires. Think political weather forecast here on this Thursday morning. For the cold right now we're on our way to a sunny and breezy day with a high of 34 degrees. Will be under clear skies tonight and overnight low down to twenty. These little warmer tomorrow partly cloudy on Friday with a high of 48 degrees currently in Wichita is clear skies eighteen degree her. Wind chill of seven right now we're on our way too high they've thirties worked degrees. Kagan assess whether rusty item on our offering five dollars elect appetizers Monday through Thursday from four to 6 PM for happy hour. Triple cocktail menu eighty found that monarch Wichita dot com a great place to hang out the monarch in the delay no. It is 747. Was Stephen 10 in the morning on KMS tests here on this Thursday morning frigid Thursday morning he. All the Mercury's leaked out of the thermometer. Then I don't know about you but I just love the the kids' Christmas programs come on and this time of year before Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of my favorites is a frosty the snowman right. First aired on this date on CBS in 1969. We're sitting on a piece of history here 1969. Classic. What's the other one Rudolph the red river is already out Rudolph. And a lot about the snow Meister an ice miserly without a Santa yeah us yes I level that is does look forward to this time vehement. For those. Brian Wilson of the yeah Beach Boys on this date in 1964. Had a nervous breakdown on strike between Houston and Los Angeles. That's somebody eventually led to his decision to drop from touring with demand. And news that it happened I was thinking it was on ideas on the ship are remote instead of a plane that I remember when that happened now knows. He's having some problems yes he was in 1990 on this date Edward scissor hands opened nationwide. I didn't think I would ever liked that movie I didn't go see it when it came out when it finally came out on non on the movie channels on TV I watch it out of boredom. It's really not a bad. I wouldn't wanna watch five or six times that it and the story like that movie. It was a it was a watchable the last movies and Vincent Price yeah and I believe and I believe so. Who who don't Johnny Depp Winona Ryder him GAAP and Burton movie it was Tim Burton moving. Eric burden announce that the animals and break up later in a month back and in 1968. On this date. Like the animals I'll he has done battle of the animals in 1967. On the states as we're looking at the calendar here Otis Redding. Made his big hit. Sit on the dock of the bay a record that on this date in 1967. Not one of my favorites. I liked it I like to put some a little older than you to know normal bottle revenue with. In 1962. Bassist Bill Wyman audition for The Rolling Stones. He played his first gave a demand the following week I'd say that worked out an independent not it was nice gains that it worked up as James good work eaten it and he got it. Marc Anthony renewed his wedding vows and his wife bearing. Dana we're Eric jet at Torres in San Juan Puerto Rico in the state ten years ago back in now on though it's been more than that now 2002. They announced their break up five minutes earlier but never filed for legal separation divorced two years later sold. Showbiz splitting. The old love yes is has a bill like a duck the teeth like a crock a swan like neck and killer claws. It's a new dinosaur species has been uncovered by scientists. Might look like summing Dr. Seuss could have dreamed up but also had flippers like a penguin. Walk like an ostrich it can also swim. First time swimming ability has been shown for a two legged meat eating dinosaur. Tiny creature all that it was only about eighteen inches tall. Only eighteen ounces I was expecting open I know even a little thing is run around that bow our heads that it roamed a 75. Million years ago in what is now Mongolia. It's full curled up skeleton was found in a sandstone rock. Paleontologist who coauthored journal study on the preacher says it's mashup body let it run and hunt on the ground and the fish in fresh water. And so did and instead they never name apparently having a named it yet but what that looks like what it may sound area is what you come up with the name Matt creature by acts yeah you have to take a letter from me saying it looks like and try to make the word out of it. A gas station in Pennsylvania it's testing whether blue lights in the restroom. And discourage drug use supposedly by making it difficult people see their veins. This gas station chain is installed the lights as a pilot project. Company working with the local police on the initiative designed to help customers and employees avoid dangerous situations. Now seeing that works on the bathrooms blue hues jarring at first so they say but. If it's if it finds it. Curb it curtail drug abuse that location and l.'s aid works you know there's an old song about the house of blue lights maybe that's what they were talking about. The body of murder mastermind Charles Manson was barely cold. When relatives and long time associates started bidding for his remains and belongings as in gruesome yes remains. Their plans have not been the bulls put some fear it might create a shrine for those are still fascinated by Charlie Manson. Behind a bizarre celebrity slayings terrorized Los Angeles in the sixties. The value of Manson's belongings which include music art work writings to guitars. I'm very clear yet what those might be worth but probate attorneys said the real value of these state could be in the controlling use of his image. And the power operates any biographies or documentaries. And it's incest is. That's just terrible to think about yes it is especially when the robinsons and not the thing an ad running things I write anybody profiting off. Off the legacy of Charles Manson it's 753 was Stephen says here on KN SS must take a look at. A local business update editor bill Roy from the Wichita business journal a big announcement from Spirit Aerosystems hello bill. Good morning guys yes Spirit Aerosystems announcing Wednesday it would spend a billion dollars on an expansion project for the Wichita facility. It's a move that is expected to create a thousand new jobs and leaders say for every job created its spirit and other three could be created in the community and other businesses. Like subcontractors and suppliers. Spirit CEO Tom gentility says Wichita had competition from other communities who wanted those jobs. The Wichita eagle announced that its publisher has resigned after about five months on the job. Kill lemur will rejoin his family in North Carolina girl was announced as the Eagles published current vice president of advertising in July he replaced Roy Heather Lee. Who departed in May or was the papers six publishers since 2007. A Wichita contractor has won the work to build a new water walk hotel apartment project in Oakland park. Jake un general contractor will take on the fifteen point seven million dollar complex. Construction on the 153 room hotel will begin this month it'll take about fourteen months to complete. Okay architecture is designing the project. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and which are top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Thank you bill talk you again one hour from now on get the latest another local business update from editor bill Roy at the Wichita business journal guess what. It's time for our prairie fire coffee break here SA NA test it's that time prairie fire copy is the precious copy in Wichita. Why because prairie fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here is the end. The Wichita area you can get prairie fire copied your office jot down phone number here 267. 3771. Or you can go online at. Prairie fire coffee dot com time for our prairie fire coffee break when I went our way towards the 8 o'clock hour. You're listening to Steven says 8 o'clock hour coming up. Big sports stories last night in basketball if you business deals coming up in the Wichita area. And of course entertainment news in the blurred big 8 o'clock hour on the way skiing instead on tape in SS.