Opening night on Broadway for the Jimmy Buffett musical

Steve & Ted
Thursday, March 15th

"Escape to Margaritaville" opens tonight featuring 3 Jimmy Buffett songs.


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So clergy they can end here this week for David at a morning. I can talk Ted Woodward it. In the special Pennsylvania election. The Democrat claims victory while the Republican refuses to give up a recount in the race looms. In Pennsylvania's eighteenth congressional district both Democrat Connor lamb and the GOP's ricks the cone wound up in a dead heat and with a margin of slightly more than 600 ballots favoring lamb. About 375. Military overseas and provisional votes may narrow the margin or widen the gap. Officials have a week to process those votes the Republican Party is looking at its legal options which could include a pounding all ballots ahead of asking for a district wide recount. But even if cyclones defeated is confirmed court mandated redistricting will likely give them a second opportunity to either defeat clamped. What do served with him representing a new district. And all stopped Fox News. Sedgwick county government officials are grappling with a challenged by atheists to a decades old practice of opening county meetings with prayer. The Wichita eagle reports Sedgwick county commissioner David Andrews said during a public meeting that if they don't believe in god he doesn't care if they quote go to hell. The Kansas senate has unanimously confirmed Tina Meier humble as a state secretary for children and families. The action Wednesday show that legislators upset what problems at the apartment for children and families have confidence in my humble. Several senators told her during a confirmation hearing last week she has already made improvements since becoming acting secretary in December. Bar Hubble was executive director for nonprofit Lawrence children's shelter before becoming acting secretary. Should replaced former secretary Phyllis Gilmore. Dan O'Neill can and SS news. Neighbors of the Austin, Texas package bombings are being allowed to return to their homes but police. Have to say that they made little progress in finding out who would've sent explosives to three homes in different areas of the cap. City Texas FBI agents could still be seen canvassing neighborhoods like on go windows street where a package bomb sent a woman to the hospital. Neighbors are still horrified they've known victim Esperanza had a at a forever for at least 65 years money yet esque you know grew up in the home directly behind. She says it's a quiet street often boring they usually leave doors unlocked not anymore. Even a scary to go out at night in your own yard because you never know. Which define. Obviously we have dogs but when I even secure with because a package to beat them over here a docket open in Austin Evan brown Fox News. A man who claimed he cremated Natalee Holloway has died during a kidnapping attempt. The disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba made global headlines in 2005 now a man who claims the suspected killer. Paid him to dig up her remains and creamy Kim has died while trying to kidnap a woman in Florida north port police say 32 year old John look weak. Attacked the unidentified woman in her driveway and that she fatally stabbed him during the struggle last year Lodwick claimed urine under slew paid him 15100 dollars to get rid of hallways remains. Five years after she vanished look at we're told this story in the miniseries. The disappearance of Natalee Holloway that aired last fall on the oxygen network Carmen Roberts Fox News. Two states are planning to carry out executions tonight. The state of Georgia is Parole Board refusing to stop the scheduled execution of Carlton Gary convicted of rape and murder of three elderly women in the late 1970s. And suspected afford other killings he's known as the stocking strangler because of the method used to kill his victims. In Alabama Michael Wayne Edgar's has fired his lawyers dropped his appeals and says he wants to die as soon as possible. The murder of his boss seventeen years ago his now former attorney arguing to the US Supreme Court. The beggars is schizophrenic and delusional. And shouldn't be allowed to make that decision on his own. Absent court intervention both men facing lethal injections tonight Jack Callahan. Fox News now looks forecaster with K Unisys stampede urologist Dan holidays good morning to and the good morning with a mostly clear start today during south central Kansas it is going to be sunny windy and warm this afternoon and it will likely be in the upper sixties by lunchtime 77 for the high with gusty winds up to forty miles per hour through a red flag warning for fire danger goes into effect. Tonight's low near fifty breezy and 73 on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. 835 and a Stevenson in the morning here on McCain in a set myself looking great forecast had a pretty good day yesterday. High temperature was 68 degrees normalize 57 sew up a pretty nice day weather wise it and temperature wise of the debris yesterday. Let's take a look at that entertainment use a blur now with Ted Woodward here on a Thursday morning. March 15 that aren't little politics of former White House staffer will be writing about his old boss the New York Post reports that former White House communications director in the east Euro Moochie dizzying to book deal talking about his time in the west wing as well as president trumps management style. The mood says the blue collar president Al trumpets are reinventing the aspiration a working class won't be filled with gossip. But instead a book about the president as a strategist and communicate her. Scar Moochie notably only spent ten days of the White House I'm elated by a profanity laced interview with the New Yorker Magazine. My cancer Fox News the Science Channel will be honoring the late Stephen Hawking. Until Leno this. Discovery decide channel streamers to daily motion and curiosity stream is replaying the series and documentaries of the late physicist Stephen Hawking all week. But something of a carryover gossip find many on 20 and just days after the launch of Scientology's TV Cheney network announced. Former Scientology's Lee remedies science LG and its aftermath is back for another round. The series which was one of the slate dot key series that the network launched solidified their decision to go back to. Unscripted after taking some failed baby steps. In descriptive meanwhile if you checked out Scientology's TV on your roku or Amazon fire you might notice no commercials. Networks telling the raft that's because it's not fair to generate money to preach or to convert just to inform. The final season of game thrown its promises to be the bloodiest yet as one executive from the series. Speaking at a conference says they will kill off the main cast of one by one and that. Can hurt that's fox two on Fox News. Let's get up close with Steve Harvey. I showtime at the Apollo continues to air on fox host Steve Harvey has this advice for contestants it's still the same rules just to win over that audience. They are the judges they all the measuring stick grave seeing everybody come through his door. It's always been a Mecca for entertainers newcomer proved himself but the Apollo Theater this is then 82 year old franchise. And it always sales out. It never stops. And when it comes to adding this hosting gig too is already busy courier he says it's all about. I'll guess you would actually be stunned at how much you can accomplish our gift to save 24 hours everybody LC is just that I happen to care about every minute of the day look I'm very fortunate I'm blessed argued to do something love love to do really I'm just after telling jokes Ottawa blow mock oval booked at didn't Denny I'm just out there telling jokes and they can give me these check. Ashley park and Fox News. To trend we've certainly seen a lot lately another popular movie has been made into a Broadway musical. First preview performances this week fans are showing up. I'm Jane bestseller. And nineties until he. I've already. Broadway previews are packed for mean girls and the musical based on the hit 2004 movie. The story Lindsay Lohan as the daughter. But some meet his parents who moved the family from Africa to the Illinois suburbs where she found favor with the popular students. A female high school click dubbed the plastics. The film written by Tina Fey who wrote the book for the musical her Broadway debut. For the self described former high school feeder nerd. Who says she couldn't singer dance and was happy to make the chorus this is that in its aim to right. Reduced price tickets available on Wednesday is for audience members hearing something pink because. I'm my own pace and that peaked. Sales acts that spot on stage. Nicolas Cage is getting to play another superhero he's dreamed this one Nicolas Cage is finally getting his dream world the actor has been tapped as Superman however cage. Will not be suiting up as the man to steal the Oscar winning actor will voice Superman in the upcoming teen titans go to the movies you know what makes a real hero. It's having your roof. Gates famously. Almost played Superman pose 1998 film Superman lives which would have been directed by Tim Burton and scripted by Kevin Smith there has been footage of cages costume tests floating around the Internet for years he's such a super fan that he named his son LL. After the characters Krypton name. The animated film hits theaters July 27 the shelf Selena Fox News. It was fifty years ago today the last original broadcast in North America of the Speed Racer. Animation. Only had about fifty some episodes. Became wildly popular probably for the first really super popular. Japanese anyway in the United States and North American Speed Racer is still shown. And respond to other areas. Of its dominion. The original Speed Racer the last original and aired in North America fifty years ago today on ABC. And that we talked about Broadway musicals earlier. Talk about it again with opening night tonight on Broadway. Or escape to Margarita Ville escape to bark okay and the poster says more than a musical it's a way of life. Yes to Broadway musical featuring 23 songs are written by Jimmy Buffett. All that would be exciting new ago. Opening night is tonight on Broadway then you stand them and be pleased to know about it I am I'm with you. And you must mean he certainly has largely Arnold on you know large following and you know that the Broadway musical translates the makes it very go tonight so none of broadly escaped. Few margaritas will. The only entertainment news in the Fuller is brought to you my good friends at Johns into Saturday. Taylor let me let me give you their phone numbers if you wanna carry out. Pizza during the NCAA tournament. Angela I'm gonna get the phone never and a lot of area a few times on old and hearing the NCAA tournament and my gosh Avaya could you imagine they'll just grab a picnic area ordered on for you here's the phone number 7882011. 7882011. It's open Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM. They do have delivery available from 5 PM 9:30 PM that's right there at 208 cell Baltimore off of cape fifteen. Game. I don't know if I should say this. If you drop it and see if you can say Haider race. Today and answer right. My grandsons were in there that's just been task. And you could see of course our photo right there and we got a picture of their body count yet. Brought up the case fifteen to 08 south Baltimore pizza Johnson. 8042 down keep their editor bill Roy the witch style business journal coming up. A new apt. For folks to up its stuff for March Madness season has the morning on face and hands and.