Oregon golf course to use goats as caddies

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

The guys wonder what animals might make the best golf caddies.


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An affiliate with the new tax law. Yes yes I am because this. Standard induction is W and that's a huge. 9713. Thirty K and as soon as Stephen tentative in the morning here on Friday. Three big things. Three wood to. Wouldn't a mayor won't wells traveling to the White House to talk about infrastructure. Team is alleged rapists of small girl of downtown Wichita YMCA has been arrested. Again the line. Congress works through the night shots down then reopens federal government. Three big things even death on tape and assess. And the gasoline prices down just a little bit this morning that yesterday we were looking at 242 gallon today. 239. Here in which stopped traffic update you and SS radio I'm dead chambers. Mostly sunny today with a high of 39 degrees after yesterday's side of sixty. Mostly cloudy and cold tonight if it down to fifteen. For an overnight low then Saturday mostly cloudy and all the tomorrow's night 24. Now cloudy skies 37 degrees northwest wind at thirteen miles per hour. Taken assessed whether brought to you by the monarch featuring the largest selection of Graham burdens of this piece in the state of Kansas. The monarch over the military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. Delay don't. 847 now. Even Ted this is February 9 when he eighteen on the state in 1964. The people's made their first live American television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show broadcast from New York on CBS site confessed you know I was watching. Parents yells soul as everyone else in America radio station that time which itself was sick Helio and they were playing Beatles tunes and on all of us kids in junior high school or just. Love to recruited. It was terrific and as you added Utah said earlier this morning Ted at that time we were just coming off the Kennedy assassination. In this country and we needed something to tears up I think a lot of people. Yeah plugged into The Beatles that hey these guys there there's there's Sandra. Positive and fun and short and they had good messages and we'd love to and he think as a nation America is depressed for a few months and looking for something to. And wake them up and I think that that night kind of did it and Ed Sullivan of course introduce them there on the stage in New York amid all the they kept panning the audience. And interest is black and white did TV in our house anyway and I and and it just place was just packed with these young girls. Screaming their heads off and tears streaming down their counties. This is going crazy for The Beatles now. And beatle mania was taking off in the US at that point it was in and out something like that from young women since our last staff meeting when you know I showed right. Which I think they were probably excited about the Strauss of being served on that that it's you hysterical. It's. Are like The Beatles. Thank goodness and is this somewhat several months ago Shelley who was up by election is huge Beatles fan. And it was a hot one of hype what's her life here few months ago which you know what's people are in all McCartney and interest banker he was terrific well. The three and the concert decency and next time because I think he's planning on coming back that probably probably like to. Right he bright listen to Stephen to Edmonton in town yeah probably go about their bite right now. The retreat and links at Sylvia's valley ranch in senator or Oregon excuse me. Announced the opening of the new seven hole golf course okay cold McVeigh's gauntlet in 22 all right. As if that name wasn't cool enough golfers will have the option of taking training goats as caddies. When they take on the seventh hole track. I love this idea. I'm on I'm ready to sign up for a tee time right now according to the resort the caddies are raised right on the ranch. And they'll be equipped with a special pack. That will allow them to carry drinks. Golf balls tees and even a few clubs. Day ago. And it's time to putt they'll probably come up and ran me right in the backside now. How to eat does a good idea I've gotten there are many caddie only about a very loud bleed to gain per play golf lifetime that we know that is a good idea of having. Gopher for caddies on this thing it's a fantastic. You know and I'd like sea monkeys for caddies and that would be well yeah they can drive the cart. You know they're they have monkeys are funny you know should be a movie. Produced by Steve Macintosh and I'm lakes. Lancelot Gary. It all the vision the vision of a distant okay that's what it is the one Stephen dead on gay and assess and says. And networking opportunity for local women in business editor bill Roy the which business journal of us this morning good morning bill. Give parting Stephen dead the big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today it's the event that the which this journal conduct same time. As our 42 other business journal says he's mentoring Monday. Our parent company American city business journals started the event five years ago it's an opportunity for women a network. And to get advice from professional women in the community there 28 women who are serving his mentors for our event Monday February 12. Begins at 8 AM will be held at the venue it distillery to 44 an old town. More than a hundred women have signed up to attend a get a chance to meet with several mentors. In ten minute intervals we have we'll have complete coverage of the event on the periphery sixteen business journal. This weekly feature a special report on cyber security it is a hot topic these days more on the business owners and leaders. Should be paying attention to we talked to several cyber security experts who offered buys. They discussed the costs of cyber security measures how much pew implement them. And how much you might pay if you don't. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and to Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill. And as a graduate Kent state university and sure you have built a lot of knowledge about animals and and their capabilities and so forth. I'm wondering if it husbandry yeah husbandry. Do they have they have golf courses in in Manhattan at Kent State then. Absolutely some beautiful golf courses one of them right there on the the new one Colbert hills. Colbert hills now that the what do you think about maybe employing some Holstein are efforts is as caddies up there. You're assuming that they don't already have done well yes I was. That I'd like to see you riding to the that the tenth hole like mongo on the back her up I don't. Couple of bad outing. Yeah and it. The thing is if he would go thirsty for milk cadets of fresh milk they're probably better you know I mean that's that's the kind of horrid thing he's going advocates so many good ideas. Today. Today is national bagel day. You know the bagel one of the few breads that are boiled then baked I didn't know that now while it takes like Greece a soft inside well keeping it Crist outside. Bagels originated in Poland in the early seventeenth century and now sell over a billion dollar for each year here in the United States Ted. That I hear that you're not a bagel for. It all like bagels with cream cheese. On some alien to slather. Something tasty on it to make it palatable but he's a laid out of the Panama ideal thing we've got the bagel interest Michael cream you have the union night from the cream cheese and elegant well it's also an element today what do you think about the pizza bagel the pizza bagel and a good idea. Now aren't that and as a compliment both topics on the goat caddies. Thank you gentlemen thank you for great week bill we'll see you next week 855 now Stephen dead coming up in this as you advise congress works fine. On budget and government shutdown at about 910. K and assess.