Orlando Florida's tap dancing Santa

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

Red Kettle Santa goes viral tap dancing for donations.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KE SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news even dead. I keep Macintosh. And more information about the shooting and Mateen you know Wichita we got the story and more ball for him which is thought pizzas but why was there. I'm gonna leave. Congress needs stumbling block for the tax overhaul bill I'm Ted with word of those details just ahead on KMS has meteorologist Dan holidays could be breezy across south central Kansas with a gradual warming trend over the next couple of days are forecast on the way. Pizza Hut is offering a 101000 dollar reward for information. In the death of. One of their drivers last month in Wichita the company announced the reward Thursday seeking tips in the November 26 killing of Osama Roman. His body was found in the trunk of his car and he's Wichita police say he was shot to death. From a deliver pizza orders the previous night but didn't return to the restaurant investigators say they currently have few clues or leads and is deaf. Crime stoppers has also long overly 2500 dollar reward in the case almost moved to the US from Bangladesh seven years ago when married three years ago. WOKNOSS. News. Teenage girl was shot in the back in north which it sawed investigators believe she was wounded with a bullet. From a gang related shooting police officer Charlie Davidson says early Wednesday evening. Or six people at a house including some miners some adults. Meanwhile events for going on outside the residence. There were five juvenile males. From ages fourteen to seventeen. We're having a BB gun war outside of our residents in the thirteen and it was reported that it's over car drove up the block. An unknown person from the vehicle. Began shooting. Multiple shots and the fixing your opium I was struck one time in the back. The girl's hospitalized in serious condition her condition has now stabilized. Bullets also hit that nearby house and police believe this was not a random incidents. The the target of the gunfire might be a fifteen year old gang member who was part of the BB gun war at that location. Congress hits some stumbling blocks as Republicans move forward at their tax overhaul bill. With Republicans in congress pushing to get tax reform done before Christmas Florida senator Marco Rubio says not so fast. Rubio says he's a know right now is pushing to do more for the child tax credit. A lot of people making thirty by 4025000. Dollars. Working and I'm able to utilize them as much of the credit that he. Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey a Democrat is praising rubio is efforts. Our side and actually go a lot higher than. And senator rubio was busy making an effort. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. The attorney general of New York promises a legal fight over the repeal of the net neutrality. Eric snyderman says he'll lead a growing number of states who don't want to see a free and open Internet controlled the Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back Obama administration rules guaranteeing equal Internet access. And AT&T officials said the Internet will still be the same tomorrow but snyderman masks. How long even if they promise not to do any of these things today. There will be no rule against in changing those promises down the road. Simon Says he's also been looking into fake public comments that he says corrupted the process leading to the decision. In new York and all scuffed Fox News. So open your drug abuse is a growing problem across the US net includes south central Kansas. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett tells Kate and assist his prescription painkillers are fueling the problem. Journalists with the pills. More tabs and and that sort of thing that you can get prescribed for pain. People start take on the addicted to rather prescription. That we get more at some point they make no longer get them legally. Manages prescription drug abusers often turn to heroin but he says meth. Is still the biggest drug problem for local law enforcement. Mark Bennett is our guest this weekend and issues Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. KSS news died several worn out or minutes at 7 o'clock. Busy sports weekend coming up really tomorrow is the focus got chiefs playing tomorrow night and the Wichita State Kansas Kansas State men's basketball all play tomorrow as well we'll have that those previous coming up sports Kansas high schools Ernest C grade in teaching personal finance. That story coming up. Well McCain is this morning news was even dead. They came in us this morning you can Stevenson now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. High schools in the state of Kansas or deceive this week for teaching personal finance the report card prepared by Champlain college's center for financial literacy. Grades each of the fifty US states in the District of Columbia on how well there high schools teach personal finance Missouri. Tennessee and Virginia earned an eighth grade eight Utah always the only state to receive an a plus. John Pelletier is director of the center. States that caught and a half. Require students to take a standalone. Personal finance course that's equal to one semester perhaps of an academic year epic about an elective high school in order to graduate so they have to take. A lot of education that works out to about sixty hours sitting at a chair in a classroom learning about personal fine. Kansas got only a scene because the State's requirements are not specific enough there is no specific course. Cited in Kansas State students must take to graduate. Hotels in Houston are on high alert after a string of ATM robberies Stephen Morgan with fox TV affiliate KE RIV in Houston report. At least five AT and thefts that Houston hotels in the last six days the crime is quick no longer than two to three minutes officials say. The group before eight masked bandits walking in the head to the ATM and carry it out. No weapons had been shown until the most recent robbery early on Thursday at them very odd near bush airport. Where one of the suspects displayed in the city. When employees began questioning them all the best happening overnight when the lobby seems please visit. All the deaths involving an ATM that is not bald kid or secured. Entertainment can be part of what draws people the Salvation Army kettles to make donations. In Orlando Florida they've gone a step be on the usual we've all seen Salvation Army bell ringers. Or a trumpet player belting out a favorite Christmas tune. But in downtown Orlando people were amazed as CC applause kept dancing in front of cattle. Not only is Sandra drawing crowds but he also drawing worldwide attention on social media. The salvation army of course is hoping that he's drawing people wanna help stuff his cattle with cash as well. Jerry bomb Garten. Fox News 710 out of 10 minutes past 7 o'clock received as a zealot was very good to have the answer to that didn't really sound like you know I don't think that. I ran out of endlessly the first portion of it where he not released at this but he you know those big boats that. GAAP semite he can argument around. Fifty the gasoline prices up and looked up this morning still. Averaging around 219. Gallon there are several places you can go for justice and borders so often it's getting involved from one of our traffic. Records early morning traffic tracker rate on yeah thank you race and death. Instead that the gasoline prices went 95 persons colonists to San Antonio is Texas yes but that yet to be headed that way for the holidays. You know get as keepers at Houston will be useful information traffic update their data and it says radio Jeff chambers I dedicated send storm triggered record gas down Kansas baby biologist in US and you're going to eat. I got it on and it looks like we've got a pretty dog gone good forecast for the next couple days tell us about it. Any yet not that it simply call this morning but that after gamble or cover will be at about 53 degree front nine which itself. Lots of sunshine that we don't do that either just a bit breezy at southwest at 818 miles per hour the Charlie that warmer and I beat you wonder for Saturday. Let's yeah Saturday imminence on Sunday comes after that we're not gonna ask you out. We don't we did is it going to be taking you bring in the weekend no music. He batted a positive note ya that. Excellent coming and it looks like we will actually get enough moisture pick up man for at least some light rain showers Saturday night and early Sunday morning hey. Abby and we will take it at this point I think. It's actually a lot obviously not really in help us with their drought or anything but at least we've got a little bit of a chance and that there. We don't last night there was take Christmas. Program for the grandkids gum Kath about 730 got the car. There were some drops on the windshield last night we got a little those little bit of moisture in the air it and. Yet there's just a couple little sprinkles that a partner out again it. Not much but boy it's at least nice to see that we haven't even gotten that good at that goalie. Now these this dry weather I'll let them we keep we have a fire danger but so far I'm knocking wood. We haven't seen a lot of problem with fire beat because of the dry temperatures that. Mean could it anytime shall be careful out there right. Right exactly especially moral that would be cranking up quite a bit too pretty dry it will keep but I. A very good I think Katie appreciated that kiss and storm tracker three forecast with Kansas State meteorologist Katie western. 713 now Steve intent in the morning here on Friday December 15. When he seventy Cooper day across Kansas Thursday which does high was 51 degrees but still. As a cooler day normal high for the date is 43 has pretty good now. Not bad at all we have ten shopping days left of Christmas. On this date in 1939. The civil war motion picture epic gone with the wind starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. At its world premiere in Atlanta. Also Olivia de Havilland and some other great great actors diet dot. I can bet you that I am I I didn't see this. This milieu I was kit to what shell. No they didn't show it to these aren't they finally revived it to end I believe I went to a theater to see it must have been oh in my twenties maybe. Yeah humming and and shall not once every ten or eleven years against the movie theater diamond and shelling I get seat for the first time and I had never been a huge fan of Clark Gable. And anything that's on in the old movies the wants on the gulf the wind like cattle and pretty good and he's pretty good and and you know his character Rhett Butler is based on a an actual luckier man who lived in Savannah. Now at the time not Atlanta but in Savannah and he was at. A blockade runner at all is that so yeah they're still does a lot of his historic historical accuracy in that of people think. You know it just romanticize is a time when people were slaves and whatnot anyway it's it's entertainment too great movie. Take it for what it's worth that opened in 1939 that 1939. What are your for movies and Addai out there remember all of but there were some really great movies that I was a watershed year and a and a this was probably. The keeper as far as of as it's still like to see it. You know many people considered the gold standard of American cinema and it was pretty may I was in Atlanta a few months ago I think there was a little bit immersed in the got a little wind cultures interesting town I was out there a few years ago. And it's an interest and need you know it's a lot of pine trees around the area. Is set the very big airport and right. Push the theater Oregon to win premier it is no longer there that there are now they bulldozed about that. Right last evening. My wife and I attended the of Christmas concert this Tuesday at this choral concerts and mostly singing at saint was the NC school and church in west Wichita where. My granddaughters. Jocelyn and marry the twins. Were on the risers last night they also each of them had a speaking part. Almonte and they were in singing little groups as well wow so the girls did very well ran into a good friend of yours. A man who does well he does most of the sports work on the air for Butler community college. We're speaking of course of deficit president of sapiens who is of great friend of the show on a big listener Dennis has and nephews who grosses just like a classmate now girls. As a leader Sonia but he he does tell me some things about my twin granddaughters what they've been tuning class that. Apparently they got in trouble for something only he knew about it before I'd dad is tennis yet that Edison that's also a candidate Macintosh clan all this he's not a great all right here artistic it about Christmas pageants and get most people. Would say in people is just right now it's 88 or nine out of ten at some point in their life they were crisp is that. A program. A singing programs and the like an applicant it certainly was superstars and white banner goes effort not to marry a man I'm not purse say I was in but I did music yeah high school and in college. Always very busy around christmastime and if you if you're churchgoer and Christian there. Protestant or Christian church Goer at the this time of year there were pageants always for the kids. Having to do with the nativity and so work the story so. I can't remember specifically. Being in Mumbai like you have a lot of vocal stuff go on now lot of singing even in junior high school and at a music and seventh and eighth grade and lot of singing. Next week we're going to be talking about singing in favorite Christmas songs all kinds of stuff like we get a big week. Planned for next week to week before Christmas estate do it Anderson bunched up next week. My activity last night was the Star Wars movie did you go to seal the deal came mile away well. You're gonna tell about it now in regularly toddler area. I I those who don't get I don't wanna give away any spoilers well known I guess not just had a good time and I. It is good that that means it must that I wasn't necessarily planning on going but we got a ticket they came free through my brother and I asked Nadal final bill. I'd 718 now Stephen did not say what sports wise. Can we can plant in a lot of it's gonna hear right here. And 9713. Thirtieth ministers have them on stuff going on this weekend I think it started out with the Kansas City Chiefs and not play on Sunday they play Saturday night in prime time spot this week. And the for the second straight week. First place is on the line the chiefs and the Los Angeles chargers both at the same record at seven and six. And other loser will be knocked out of first place atop the AFC west division so it's a huge matchup between the chiefs and chargers. Tomorrow night chiefs have beaten the chargers seven times in a row but keep that streak going. Both teams earth have had different fortunes this year corsets she started out five and know they lost six of eight cents. Chargers started out 014 but now they've won seven out of nine. And they are addicted to it basically this game is a pick him cheeks are and one point underdog at home. May told us we'll have live coverage UT's football beginning at 6 o'clock tomorrow night's game will kick off at about 730. That's right here on your home the chiefs 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS. And of course one hour from now about 815 are live a weekly chat with me told this. And somehow this chiefs chargers matchup will relate to Wichita State football Mitchell tells you that challenged Mitch retreat was the 8:15 this morning. College basketball tomorrow after a week off for finals. Hoops is back. Third ranked Wichita State hosting 24 ranked Oklahoma that game is Wichita State's annual downtown game it in trust bank arena tomorrow night. Shocks or eight in one Oklahoma is seven and one. Sooners making their first visit to Wichita in 42. Years they haven't been here since 1975. Growl. To be interesting. Doctors in the sooners Mike Kennedy and Dave doll. We'll have a live coverage at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon gable tip off at 3 o'clock it in trust bank arena and it's all on 103 point seven KEY and it goes some of those fortunately our principal all given appears he. There are it will be a big crowd what stuff you know welcome to the senators and then make sure after the game I'll be damned ball pollutes take your phone calls on a shocker locker who show will be broadcasting live edit twin peaks in east Wichita. And when he first and Roth. Big day for shocker hoops tomorrow. Kansas back at it after back to back losses twelfth ranked Kansas visiting Nebraska. A rivalry that goes all the way back to the year in 19100. Did. Only the jayhawks and the cornhuskers no longer conference rivals. Do you making its first visit to Lincoln in six years. K you basketball at 7 o'clock tomorrow night it's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Kansas State back at it in Manhattan tomorrow night wildcats hosting Southeast Missouri State at 7 o'clock. Will be televised on fox sports Kansas City the wildcats are eight and two. Pro football last night on Thursday night football the Denver Broncos go in Indianapolis beat colts 2513. And where she got those two former Kansas Jayhawks starting in the defensive secondary for the broncos' Chris Harris at right corner a key to leave it left corner. To lead had five tackles. Harris had a couple of tackles and forced a fumble. Jayhawks only given that they've played saint time did that it him you know big time on defense. Four of the Broncos they got that road win at colts last night back to back wins for the Broncos. The Wichita State women's basketball team has back to back home games echo arena this weekend tonight 7 o'clock hosting Chicago State. Tomorrow night 6 o'clock hosting Al corn states soccer women hosting invitational. And in the NBA last night in New York Knicks got a rare road win the you know and inept too far in his head that would be. Borough clinics where at in Brooklyn taking on the nets. And the next one at 111104. Coming off the bench for the knicks is the sixth man former Kansas State wildcats Michael Beasley with fifteen points. And former shocker Ron baker also off the bench for the knicks had five points a couple of rebounds two steals and two blocked shots. Three wins in her own now for the knicks or holding on that number 6 spot in the Eastern Conference. Once again art. Weekly chat with Mitch told us from the chiefs at 8:15 this morning less than an hour away don't miss it right here and take in a sex I'd 722 now given here for. Rush Limbaugh as. Morning update good news from a climate change summit. Rush Limbaugh coming up here in just a couple of minutes with Steven. Once again for our prairie fire coffee break on eight NSA has prairie fire coffee is a precious copy of the Wichita area because. Very prior coffee beans are roasted. Fresh right here in which it on the scene doses is that being said you can get prairie fire called read your office just like Stevens hit by calling from 67. 3770. Bought all online. At prairie fire copy dot com are. 723 now Stevens at the morning on KN SS.