Out in theaters on this day 20 years ago, a record setting box office success

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 19th

On The Blur Ted has a look back at the release in theaters of "Titanic"


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The 4830 steam ahead on the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward Kansas health officials say the flu is increasing in both parts of the state. The Kansas department of health and environment spokesman says three flu outbreaks have been confirmed in Sedgwick county. And another was confirmed in Douglas County the department says the flu is expected to increase in Kansas and it likely has not peaked in the states yet. And a forecast with K UNICEF staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning day and good morning some moisture moving in from the south is giving us some low clouds the start today we become partly cloudy this afternoon and low fifties at noon time 57 for the afternoon hide. Cloudy overnight are low near forty. Mid fifties on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday elf fog mist 47 degrees southwest wind at six miles per hour. Today the Wichita City Council will discuss possible changes. In the city's fireworks ordinance which bans the more powerful fireworks permitted by state law in other parts of Cedric county. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K Unisys news. I think we should have a couple places around the city. Happen doesn't mean those were and where you can. Legally. Said doctor archer. Places like oh Parker. Set activities that are at work out agreements that some of these places in and let people have a stay by the coach of our work. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve into the morning show right here on Kate in aunts passed an Amtrak train derailment left three people dead in Washington State passenger. Patricia Freeman. Talk about the moment to train but off the tracks. It's just kind of twirling the pinball and everything on their car miserable. This was the first time the Amtrak train was traveling on a new route ended the indications are that the train was going about eighty miles per hour. In a thirty mile per hour zone. Republicans in congress are moving closer to passing their tax cut plan. After holdouts senators Susan Collins of Maine. And Mike Lee of Utah all announced their support Monday the final votes on tax reform becomes seal the House of Representatives set to take the first votes. Virginia Republican congressman Dave brat telling Fox News on the plane is an ideal he believes it is a major step forward. We didn't get it perfect. How about we we got rid of a lot of deductions a lot of special interest and that's the goal rice to harmonize taxes smoothly across every one everybody gets a fair deal Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi congress planned a Frankenstein's monster with giveaways for the wealthy and powerful. Cinema Torre would John according to the vote the senate could come tonight or Wednesday morning Chama Angel Fox News. Instead of celebrating this holiday seasonal a local mother is sorting through her belongings after a break in. Her home it happened over the weekend in south west Wichita. Jen among those says that on Sunday when she came home and discovered items were missing she immediately called police. She estimates that about 151000 dollars worth of her belongings were taken. Electronics cosmetics gifts for her son and even food were taken. The single mother believes it was a random attack and says her family and friends are helping her get through but the support does it make that that's staying around the holidays any easier. Unfortunately it's not the only recent break in on the street. While Munoz has renters insurance it will take her awhile to replace everything. Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact them in the web KM SS news. Oklahoma lawmakers have convened for the third time this year beginning a second special session. To try and patch the budget and shore up funding for key state health agencies. House and senate each met briefly Monday afternoon lawmakers introduced two bills. Two problems there in Oklahoma with their budget. 813 for now Steve into the morning on Kate in SS and it's at time of the day when we take a look. That's entertainment use recalled the blur with Ted Woodward to. And today Ted. As some more watchable allegation as there are some Laura allegations and talk of sexual harassment we've also got a somebody stepping aside and not because of allegations but something to deal with substance abuse issues will start out what that that. Their concerns ESPN. Am in a statement Monday John skipper stepped down from the Helm of the sports network as well as co chairman of the Disney media networks. Skipper deciding with the Walt Disney company that it was appropriate to resign noting that he struggled for many years with a substance addiction adding quote. I've decided that the most important thing I can do right now. To take care of my problem and quote skipper joined ESPN in 1997 as senior vice president and general manager of ESPN the magazine named president of the network in 2012. Former ESPN president George voting undertakes overs acting chairman for the next ninety days to help Disney chief Bob Iger find skippers permanent replacement Matt polyps on how Fox News. You're talking those allegations an eight Lister calls out her former boyfriend as part of the meat to movement any driver tweeting her disbelief about her ex boyfriend goodwill hunting costar Matt Damon's remarks about sexual misconduct. Ever interviewed by the guardian newspaper saying many and even once she loves to understand what abuses like on a daily level. Her interview and also some tweets last weekend after Damon appeared on ABC news's. Popcorn with Peter Travers. Talking about the recent onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations and Hollywood and beyond. He says he thought that that was the difference between rape child molestation and someone getting patted on the but. Which got him a ton of backlash and driver tweeted right after incredulous. That Damon was differentiating different levels of abuse. Tweeting some men are utterly tone deaf on the matter. And profoundly and surprising. I'm actually Lotto Fox News. While I'm scared to say anything to you better not. And NASCAR cup bowl is calling it quits after five years together Danica Patrick in Rickey still has junior's relationship has spun out a spokeswoman for Patrick confirming that the couple split re affirming rumors that begin in the NASCAR and Indy racing star was a no show for the stock car racing bodies awards ceremony last month or stand outs is being honored for making you monster energy cup playoffs this comes weeks after Patrick announced she would retire from racing full time the outgoing celebration she dubbed the Danica double racing the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 next year in her final two career races Matt polyps on how Fox News. And in TV series based on an iconic fantasy series gets a major commitment from Amazon. But will former actors from the film adaptations Vienna. And Lord of the Rings TV series coming into Amazon they've already committed to multiple seasons in the series which is currently in development. Original Gandalf the Wizard says he's fallen actor Ian McKellen thing he'd love to play again off the white again. Graham Norton TV personality in Britain asking McAllen about the new Lord of the Rings series during an interview on his BBC radio talk show. If there would be another actor in his spot McCown responding what do you mean another standoff. McKellen says he's ready to take up the character again sadly Andy Serkis who portrayed and column. Says he's over I'm not interested. I'm mostly Lotto Fox News. Please popped a little bit about Matt Damon earlier in one aspect now let's say it'll closer look Matt Damon discussing his new pint sized films it's. It's almost like honey I shrunk everybody's downsizing by Alexander Payne looks at a world where people can shrink themselves to five inches tall it's an unusual films star Matt Damon says has a lot of big ideas. It's an uplifting kind of an optimistic message would he ever consider getting strong now no I don't think they thought through the whole kind of birds and insects part of this thing I know I mean obviously it's a totally ridiculous idea and if you just kind of go with that at the beginning the rest of the movie makes total sense like that you just have to make that one leap that like we're checking ourselves down. Another concept at hand is how crowded things get in this world of the film we ask tally in real life he does with crowds. Since I became famous some worsened crowds I am like I do I used to not mind them at all and grew up going to ball games and stuff I mean there was never really think that once you're gonna crash if you're at the center of attention and a crowd and jackets fanatics scare and that doesn't really happen anymore. Actually divorced him Fox News. And take a look at some money anniversaries today. Start on Broadway sixty years ago tonight a Broadway. Show opened up my dad and really. A lot of Broadway work prior to that. The music man who Meredith Wilson. Wrote the music man and it became a Broadway. Smash. The odds to open up. The upon Broadwind Christmas Eve who is starring Robert Preston it was and in the news well there were several hold overs from the broadly today moved. Robert Preston of course. As the in the title role. Shirley Jones fairly Jones is not in the drawn Robb Robert cook. Great artwork that was on Broadway she passed away this one of the few musicals I have watched beginning it is the I think it's the quintessential American views against us just so all American and that's clever. And it's clearly it is. And it's just he just a mean. Meredith Wilson just nailed it. The music great it and ran it its first run on red ran for three and after years before finally clout of it and now people just flock to see this thing. It's opening night the music man on Broadway it was sixty years ago on this night and we have a couple of movie anniversaries as well. Fifteen years ago in Wichita theaters this debut of the movie musical doctor Doolittle. It was on turner classic and last night was the last night major I missed it. You don't like doctor Doolittle. New Rex Harrison has aids and veterinarian who knows how to talk to the animal's mind Anthony newly Samantha anger. I'm not a big fan are you that's gonna go for doctor Doolittle. And I like well and and in the movies very dated you know this got great views got nice music that's nice musical moment. Doctor Doolittle came up. Fifty years ago today. And we do mark the debut we do mark the anniversary of another movie came out twenties years ago on this day. Became a huge. Success. Yes tight and it all about a movie theaters twenty years ago today. Don't you do that don't you see goodbyes. Not yet to understand being. He was tremendous honor. It was prompts me. It's a surprise that. You won't give up little what happens. Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet there. We're in the water at the end of the movie out there chronicling the life there at the end. Director James Cameron's epic Titanic it shattered box office records upon its release. Its current take and these two billion dollars that brought wow. It would go on typed in her for the most art center and won by a single film at eleven well including best picture and best director along the way and preteen and teenage girls went in saw this humiliated again and again and again and it just became cult. Fascination yeah. My lesson from that is kids learn Ellis Wyms. Solid Seacrest I went and saw Titanic hit the county's theater thought exist anymore I think that's always Shelly I think lit him. David Titanic came up twenty years ago today in which a movie don't give away the anyway it's not Christmas movies clearly there evidently is beginning theatrical. The or CME showing miracle on 34 street Thursday night downtown. And Warren theaters are showing it's a wonderful life on Christmas. Album yeah. Terrific you're looking for an out there you go there's entertainment news brought to you are good friends. Pizza Johns in our case server and a tasty pizza. We will allow them there and they've been in business since 1969. And today they make it they do it right targeted pizza that again and again we love them the right there on T fifteen at 208 south Baltimore trying out these are John's in a 43 now Stevens did similar to what you promised us an update Stevens at the morning on CNN sense.