Packers promo fails spectacularly at a Wisconsin bar

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 22nd

The bar is honoring it's "free beer until the Packers score" promotion.  Green Bay was shut out last weekend.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it is 733. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 and SS. If you're flying for Thanksgiving this year Kansas State university's Crist and Alex says to arrive at the airport at least. Two hours in advance to ensure your catcher flight. Those looking for less hectic travel days should consider flying on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow which is one of the least traveled days for flying all year. Tuesday Wednesday salaries under kind of the worst case since tribal. Flying out iron at Thanksgiving itself. Unanimously nodding in the top 100 troubled days which is kind of interesting and more around like once when he went 25. When flying Malick advisors detect as few bags as possible because of the increased chance for lost or missing luggage during the busy season. Instead of taking carry on bag with you especially for your electronic items. Remember anything larger than a cell phone will need to be screened by the Transportation Security Administration. Let's take a look at that weather forecast heading in the Thanksgiving meteorologist Dan holidays standing by Dan. Well good morning we have high clouds across Wichita to start today and the clearing sky sunny cool this afternoon our high 48 with a light southwest wind will be clear not this cold overnight target temperature falls near freezing into the low thirties. And warming on Thanksgiving to seventy Friday when the N 72. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. And Dan right now on Wichita we have mostly cloudy skies in his twenties four degrees. A small company made headline news when it won a 300 million dollar contract to restore Puerto Rico's power system following hurricane Maria. Now a new issue for a white fish energy. Well the latest dispute comes just days after the head of the Puerto Rico power authority resigned white fish energy is halting work on its remaining agreement ten days early. Because quote after meeting of the terms completing difficult work on time and under challenging conditions they have not been paid the US territory's government opposed the Montana company more than 83 million dollars for work done in October with the island still 47%. In the dark the Puerto Rico electric power authority claims that payments are held up because of a November 16 letter from a white fish subcontractor that quote requested the stoppage of any payment to the company since it owed the subcontractor money now officials say they won't pay up until that situation is clarified Kevin battled Fox News. The Wichita police department partnering with the union rescue mission delivering Thanksgiving food boxes to more than 100 families yesterday. The officers nominated families they've come in contact with on the job many of whom are going through tight various types of hardships. Officer at Donyell Watson tells KS and news he met with Carter family a year ago after a violent crime in the area. What's funny about this situation they didn't alls come in this morning and yet they already had a thank you caller for me. Just from other things that I've done Foreman. This merger means the world and implement a difference in us alone do. This is the fourteenth year that police officers and men from the union rescue mission of delivered those food boxes. There will be another meal give away a little closer to Christmas. At least 69 employees of essentially health were fired. Because they did not get a flu shot. Ascension health has hospitals and clinics in Minnesota Idaho Wisconsin in North Dakota. And the hopes of keeping patients from getting sick. All of its nearly 141000. Staffers were told to get a flu shot or be fired on Monday. The company says about 99 and a half percent complied. But 69 refused and have been let go. However some people are still going through a conscientious objector process saying mating give the shot because of medical or religious reasons. Several unions are ready to fight and file grievances to win back some of those jobs. Till NATO Fox News. The holidays a busy time for every one the American Red Cross always has a special need for blood this time of the year the Red Cross spokeswoman Jan hail tells Kate and as as news. They need a blood continues. As our lifestyle. As we. That echo the same time with sprint and they normally would gather this week. To be grateful for poor than good being in our life and in just remember Red Cross looks you remember. And making that blood donations and that is one as a way that you can can certainly get this holiday. You can learn more at Red Cross dot org donate blood downtown Wichita 707 north main phone number is 2194000. The Girl Scouts offering some family advise. This holiday season. Your relatives might be puzzled but girl scouts of the USA tells Fox News that amid swirling claims of sexual impropriety in the news. It may be better not to force her daughter to hug or kiss a relative. The Girl Scouts explains they're telling your child that she owes someone a hug just because she hasn't seen that person for Wyler. Because they gave her gift can set the stage for her questioning whether she always another person any type of physical affection. When they've bought her dinner done some things seemingly nice for her later in life. Suggesting less personal touch instead with the family a smile and thank you are giving grandpa high fire. Teresa Crowley Fox News. President trump continues at Thanksgiving tradition at the White House a presidential pardon for drumstick. In the annual tradition does before the Thanksgiving holiday president trump pardoned at 36 pound gambler named drumstick. The feather full blue headed Byrd was donated by four age group from the great state of Minnesota. His counterpart wishbone didn't get the pardon but he did get a chance to tour of the white house press briefing room it's quite a site. And in case you're wondering no wishbone won't end up on anyone's dinner table this year either. Happy Thanksgiving. At the White House Kevin gore Fox News. 739 with Stephen Ted in the morning KM SS it was forty years ago today regular passenger service began between New York in Europe. On the supersonic Concord. The yeah supersonic travel in which we don't have anymore no we don't like that anymore we just like normal points. That the super fast but at that we with we're part of the jet age back yeah happy birthday today to a guy that I think is pretty funny animator and movie director Terry Gilliam 77 today very fair and name all very American member of that money on the iPhone yeah. Terry Gilliam makes you laugh yeah I just look at his face makes a lap when he's won a sketch get stuff and a fantastic. Who's the best team in the National Football League well right now the Philadelphia Eagles are nine and one they just blow on out people. But Los Vegas is not buying in the Eagles just yet the updated Super Bowl odds do not have the Eagles. As the favorite to win at all. Not even the second best era. People still put their money on the New England Patriots. Best odds to win the Super Bowl followed by the Steelers. Then the Eagles at 41. Where to the Kansas City Chiefs. Course chiefs. Few weeks ago when they had at five and oh start. Might have been up near the top. After they Eagles it's the saints at ten to one on the vikings at ten to one odds. Then the next grouping has the chief okay chiefs and the rams. Both at sixteen to one odds to win the Super Bowl wow. Last couple of weeks must really hurt he ought. Yeah now. A plus group and its cease with the rams. And a I don't know that's a cities have a veteran quarterback yeah rams have a second year guy. You would thank the chiefs would stand better odds of winning Super Bowl and the rams would but that's not how Vegas has it pick right now. And then you go wait on the list the Packers at 101 the ravens at 100. Well. Both with terrible offensive issues right now. Your Vegas odds and a well speaking of the Packers to before we close it appears the Packers. There's a there's a promo edit bar in Wisconsin that has backfired. There's a bar located just outside Milwaukee. It had to serve a lot of beard patrons at promotion gone are after the Green Bay Packers got shut out against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. It's called the Bavarian beer house. And today along with the bloody Mary bar typically sura free beer on Sundays until the Packers school the app until they school well. The Packers. There quarterback Aaron Rodgers is out Alley is so the Packers offense isn't quite ability used to be the idea. Obviously you know the Packers never did score on Sunday they got shut out 23 to nothing by Baltimore I bet that place is packed out. I think it's small place but there is apparently about 200 people were packed into this establishment during our game and they continued to serve but they said up to 300 cups of free beer. May ask some fans had more than others assists but that's. It's a hub hub Packers fans. That the bill to the bars credit they did not have any intention of halting the free beer promo regardless of how many free cups that entail honor and a promotion so promotion continues and it will be in effect next week apparently as well and break up. If it hasn't Thanksgiving facts when we come back Stevenson in the morning 743. Was Stevens said obviously you know what you think you know about Thanksgiving. We'll discuss right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and assess.