Pair of Americans lead the pack at the PGA Open Championship

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
A weekend sports preview with Ted Woodward.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 8 o'clock this is the case an assist for the users even dead at ninety package on. Thirteen dead after tourist duck boat capsize is on table rock lake we've got story. Carnival worker admits killing Wichita couple times it would word those details just ahead. Which because they will have a new marching band beginning this fall I'm Dan O'Neill. Find him SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 101. For the high in Wichita that's about eight degrees above normal looks like another above normal day for us with a hot weather in store. Our complete forecast is coming up. One person injured and is shooting in the 18100 block of north quarter. The original call came out there in the Riverside area instead of virtually critical condition what's the update on. Status of that person of victim a man shot in the arm is expected to survive. And that that that's the latest Matt's situation 18100 block of north portal and Riverside. The search continues for missing people. After a deadly tourist boat accident on table rock lake at Branson Missouri. Dive teams are still searching for five of the eleven people believed to have died when the ride the ducks boat capsized on table rock lake last night. 31 people were on board when severe thunderstorms roll through the area seven people including children were taken to a hospital two adults critically hurt. Trent bear saw the initial rescue. Out to people would be way off in the distance so we are at the front of the boat there are way off in the distance. I believe they may be on actual workers jumped in after others. Try to save them. So I believe that's what was. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating. Tonya Jack powers Fox News. A probable cause affidavits as a carnival worker admitted to killing a Wichita couple at a county fair. Michael Fowler telling investigators he shot sunny and Pauline carpenter at the Barton county fair in great bend. According to the affidavit Fowler told van Buren Arkansas police that rusty Frazier and Kimberly younger also known as mayor and a con were with him when the couple's killed. The suspects buried the couple in a shallow grave in Arkansas one person was injured following a police chase Thursday afternoon that ended in east which had talked. Cedric county sheriff's deputy spotted this stolen suvs try to pull it over the driver sped off sheriff's lieutenant Dan Hurst Berger says a chase ended when the driver crashed. Vehicles. I was involved in the collision with the vehicles exciting sound. Experience I want 35. And vehicle flipped over and you know utility pole. Driver was treated for minor injuries she was wanted on a number of warrants several others were in the SUV including a child. They were not injured. Two suspects were involved in an aggravated robbery near downtown which it's on happened early yesterday at the circle K gas station at Seneca and McClain. One suspect in into the building pointed a gun and a female employee demanding property that left the store empty handed meanwhile another female employee was outside in front of distortion not working at times you sitting in her car when a second suspect approached her. Stole her cellphone police officer Charlie Davidson has a description of the suspects. For suspects and unknown black male mid 7. To six foot fence bill. Was wearing dark jeans great really an attic clowns skeleton mask. The second one an unknown white male early 11. And build. Black sweatpants. Gray hoodie. Black and white bandanna covering his face sunglasses. And a ball cap white gloves back. The woman's cell phone was recovered nearby at third and dodge Wichita State University places started marching band of this fall. The university said at a news release that the band. Which will be called the shocker sound machine will include grants saxophone and a drum line. Jim Jay director of bands of the school says if you ban will feature high energy performances. And perform mostly at which those state basketball games as well as majors in the event. The school hopes would then we'll eventually have about 200 members. Dan O'Neill came and SS news the senate has passed. Aston non binding resolution 980. Saying the US should not allow Moscow to interview former ambassador Michael would fall and other American officials. He rejected an offer the White House says Russian president Vladimir Putin made to have a former US ambassador go to Moscow for questioning. Delaware Democrat senator Chris tunes called that ridiculous. The idea that somehow it was. An even credible proposal. Any former US ambassador to Russia would be subjected to cross examination interrogation by an hostile power. I'm sadly shows our president doesn't understand. What it means to serve the United States overseas Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake says this will be added to his list of questions. When the secretary of state testifies next Wednesday. They thought that. That we believe in that case that. Immediately what now must be chilling. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News there is talk of a blue wave in the mid term elections in November with Democrats winning. Thanks to voter disapproval of Republicans especially president trump a Republican Kansas congressman Ron Estes tells Kate and assist news. I don't buy into this series that there will be only the Democrats can take over the house and senate. You know I believe that it will it bounced the Republican told Al scripts these representatives and probably increased. In the in the senate in terms from the group of senators. Yes this is competing to retain his seat in the house in the primary election August 7 pick in SS news time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. We'll have the latest results from the British Open in golf and we'll take a look at. Home action this weekend for the wing nuts and the royal sports disputes Wichita broadcaster reaching kids through baseball. But story coming up on the K and us this morning news and Steve dead. The K and as as more users even Ted now 809. 9 minutes past 8 o'clock and Friday morning. Which is our radio personality bottom includes co host of the drive on KF HX is co-founder of leave 42 a name for baseball star Jackie Robinson's number of in SS news talked with Lou it's about league 42. That's a youth baseball organization for urban children. And our kids than their worse almost 600 of them this year our fifth year of operation. Come from the inner city of Wichita. There African Americans or Hispanics or why there Asian. We love the diversity at least 42 and brings families and kids together for a common cause. Bob boots is our guest this weekend on issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on K in a sense. White bread brown bread and now insect bread. New creation on sale at bakeries and symbol on the. So in this laid their how many cricket seven tickets to blow it you kind of sit McAuliffe is slicing a lead for Brett with this difference. The head of innovation to finish bakery chain FactSet he's the front nine. What the still says is a world list Brett made with ground cricket says that's very nice job. Period structure crispy crust and then that picket state you not the flavor in the right so it's it's a nice combination he calls it a more sustainable source of protein and says despite skepticism from some consumers. And he sales a good. In Helsinki Finland Simon and Fox News. Sounds yummy. Today marks 49 years since the United States made but is perhaps humanity's most prolific achievement on this day in 1969. The. And Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin walked the mood there colleague Michael Collins stayed in lunar orbit Aldrin remarked after exiting. Yeah. Yeah. And speaking with Fox News radio in 2009. In the conversation leading up to that I think I had heard the word magnificent. Also heard the word beautiful and it and somehow that didn't match. President trump has expressed desire to build eagle lunar base one from which US spacecraft could depart to deeper space and in brown Fox News. Now look at the for a cancer about 811 lessen its best 8 o'clock which Stevens did it. This morning the gasoline prices here in the Wichita area. 257 a gallon it's no change from yesterday I am seeing some better prices out there. At 256 at Bonnie and hillside. Also remember yesterday got hot enough that the road buckled on our Kansas north of 25. They got some lanes blocked there. Traffic update from Candace has radio on Jad chambers and that all the forecasts with Kate insists that meteorologist Dan Holliday get morning Dan. And the good morning it's that time of year when deep moisture set sand and all we need is a small triggered it could give us some isolated thunderstorms and that's would be the situation today across south central Kansas otherwise sunny and hot with a high 98. Tonight becomes partly cloudy Arlo 72 with. Been hot and dry for the weekend Saturday and Sunday night before I'm KO SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy 75 degrees we have an east wind at seven miles per hour Stephens in the morning John K and and send us. And today is July 20 S 20:18 Friday morning Indo on this date in 1980 core. Reigning Miss America Vanessa Williams was asked by pageant officials to resign because of nude photos of her that appeared in penthouse magazine. She gave up her title three days later than she went on from there. To have a career in film and and so forth I remember her nail. Arnold Schwarzenegger movie I can't remember the name of it to. Just naturally going to be just a beautiful woman for Nestle Williams and and had to give up the crown winner in 1984. Ask sixteen year old Connor Kelly how his day of golf when it will probably give you a big wide grin the team pulled off. To golfing feats that many players play a lifetime for and he did them on consecutive holes. Playing in American junior golf association tournament in Massachusetts. Kelly ripped a hole in one on the par 38 hole. Then using the same ball on the following hole the 480 yard par 59. He picked him an albatross. Also known as a double eagle albatross is this tour of three under par on a single hole. And if that weren't enough success for one day Kelly followed with a birdie on the par 410. Hole. All that of Kelly with consecutive yet one adultery 123. Yeah on the scorecard. So. I presume in golf that's something that's interesting it. It is interesting that the yeah it's a game of the strokes and in numbers and not something that's gonna happen very honored and very often you know. An albatross right next to a whole albatross like you know there was an albatross has gotten now try to get an albatross to help on how he is editor our ports world. Helen is under par three under par double it is a birdie and eagle. And it's an the president double legal OK I've got it now I've got what I've done albatross dozens of times a miniature golf I don't. Not the big dealers if I have played miniature golf long Dem I gotta get my ranking is out there that yeah yeah play miniature golf of your drink do you know now we're talking about the I'm about Brent classic. Parliament table rocket Branson Missouri is one because of the boat tragedy. The duck boat flipping over and and so forth that I remember the elements in his last time I Wednesday here. With my family my late brother Don was download this and we decided we're gonna played miniature golf out there. But the high with a goes out to the table or even. Director on the edge of town and so we got out there we got ready to go and it. I did not know that my wife had never played miniature golf or any kind of gulf before. So she did to what she did as she put the ball up there and she just to. Rare packed into it with all them light. The ball went over the fence out into the highway. Last three sought it was rolling down the highway and restore. As it honey you've got to do it does here in the little softer. But you know should ever before. You know how can you not have ever played miniature golf kind of Americans. And well. With you regarding my life okay you can. Before she met me she'd never met a truly handsome men aren't million. And T miniature golf. All right does Stephen 10 in the morning now 815 and yeah it was hot yesterday but today's cynical. Cool off of a vote and get really cool off in less talkative with the gonna say it is less hot we have tomorrow. A huge day in the history of Wichita it is our cities birthday. July 20 1870. The city was found it yeah Dan one of the signers of that the charter was so button that debt. Billy the kid's mom McCarty was her name heavily as the only female to sign that charter actually I think she was a wonders sting from New York percent now to add that senator turned out to be a business owner. Her son just turned out to be a pistol. In more ways than one Billy the Kid actually he had made his reputation down in New Mexico later on now. They had some some Lincoln County war or something like that politics political wars like they had in tombstone. That turned out to be all the things with a wired with lighter than they ended OK corral similar type thing and he got involved somehow apparently this little guy. He wasn't bashful about he would murder you in your sleep the united care he keeps it. Instead of a temperature as he broke out of a jail down there and killed somebody Gannett. But dead so he started up right here in which it's. To tomorrow's our 148. Birthday now now the 150 can help orally here are years away from that sort of thing that Wichita. We're gonna call it that Jessica Winchell was the Centennial big you'd think their big plans underway and we better start making them and I think mayor long wells actually mentioned that have to ask the Merrill Monday at yeah what's what we gearing up for the 150 win and you you know he's doing something tomorrow for the birthday and for the something going on that. He will be there. And representing our city. On the 148. Birthday. Wichita Kansas are amber plugging along after all these years now. Just getting better and better 818 now Stevens ended sports time which at Woodward and that we got. Delay would get Major League Baseball going back an accident when I answered the door on the road is that right nothing wing nuts are home this weekend this weekend and go on the road again okay. Kansas City Royals back data after the all star break. He sees it means to break I guess they had lost twelve of fourteen heading into the break. Hosting the Minnesota Twins a team that has won eight of ten billion deals Barbary. Games tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon and all those games live Iraq on the Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. F Mandela. Starting pitcher for the royals tonight is Danny Duffy who has thirteen straight scoreless innings under his belt going in tonight's start. Pro golf the 147. British Open the second round play is underway today in Scotland at Carnoustie. Current leaders both at six under par are a couple of Americans given to Isner and Zach Johnson both those guys. Played a couple times in the Wichita open. Now they are the two co leaders right now the British Open he Isner was the first round leader yesterday at five under par and he talks about the course in the weather. The golf course is great for me is it with the conditions there are have been fine and going forward you never know what you're gonna have a Stalin or no rains coming in tomorrow I don't think hearings could affect the way golf courses plan and one day. I'm gonna have to just keep doing I'm doing and if I have twenty plus the next three days out that I have a pretty good shot. Second round of the British Open continues today. The Wichita wing nuts are home this weekend hosting the cleaver and railroad yours tonight. 7 o'clock fireworks after the game tomorrow night 7 o'clock which top pilots heritage night honoring the former Texas League champs. And the eggs Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock after this weekend the wing nets will be gone for more than three weeks during the national baseball congress World Series. So one last chance to the wing it's at home fourth we expand this weekend at Lawrence Dumont stadium. The wing nuts lost to clean burning three to two last night to open up that four game series as clue the railroad Ers tied to the league record with six sacrifice buns in the game. Including two late inning squeeze bunt that got runs across wow we Mets stranded eleven runners on base yesterday they could not move runners over. We know it's a two and a half games back for a playoff spot six weeks to go in the season. And speaking of the wing nuts let's get a Minor League Baseball update on the former Wi net's first baseman. Fernando Perez he is in the Mexican League playing the Tijuana Soros. Went three for four. Last night with a run driven in and it doubles. The night before that he was four for five pleas in back of four for five three for four in the last week he's batting four O seven at the plate former wing nut. Fernando Perez. Hit the ball all over the place in the Mexican League right now sports with Stephen Ted KMS best. 821 now Stephen dead don't. In his session. You have got coming up here. Well even here for a man got entertainment news available right that coming up with a few minutes. When you talk about the brewers scored a lot of movie preview for the movies coming out in the lane meals fight back. Comic con with all sorts of things and keep here for the Hannity boarding minutes. Who is hacking boo on Hannity David in the morning on tape and assess.