Paying taxes in retirement

Steve & Ted
Monday, August 14th
Moneytracker Don Grant with some information about the taxes you have to pay, and ones you don't.

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Does it instead of reducing costs and raise costs and I believe that led to. Less optimal outcome in government should have less of a role in health care. Yeah I mean. 97 at thirteen thirty K and innocence. 646 down Stevenson mourning news pretty big thing. No powerball winner jackpot up to 430 million dollars. Three dead in shooting at a drag racing track in Wisconsin. And pedestrian hit by vehicles. Seriously injured on Kellogg in west Wichita. The big things Stephen did on their innocence. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning well I've not seen in gasoline prices still. Around that to nineteen gallon in several places but death and some better prices at thirteen fourteen your thirteenth and may traffic update. From cape and has as radio on jet chambers mostly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain today and a high of 87 degrees mostly cloudy with a 40% chance. For rain tonight you'll overnight low 71. Now for Tuesday partly cloudy 20% chance for rain tomorrow's high. 89 now mostly cloudy 71 degrees near the southeast wind at eight miles per hour. Pet and Jack has a great selection of some perhaps still available. Mentioned you heard this ad on Stephen dead and received 25% awfully straw hat through August 19 25%. Off any straw hat. Have been Jack 601 west Douglas and at the clock tower. In the Leino. Political fallout after a violent attack in Virginia she's focused on the White House. President trump is getting flak for not specifically calling out white supremacists in Saturday's deadly car tech in Charlottesville Virginia. In Cartagena Colombia vice president tense minced no words. We have no tolerance for hate. And violence. From white supremacist. The neo Nazis and kkk. I'll former White House staffer says the president should have been more forceful in his first interview since being ousted as White House communications director Anthony scare Moochie told ABC news that the president's message fell short I think he needed to be much harsher as a related of the white supremacist he said that car attack was nothing short of terrorism. As you add the president was drawing false equivalency between neo Nazis and counter protesters I think he's also of the impression that there is feature on all sides. Palm but I I disagree within the man who lasted just eleven days at the White House added that the president doesn't like to be forced in the positions by anyone Brad milky ABC news Richard Cantu ABC news one of America's oldest barbershop she is marking a major milestone. Georgia's barber shop in Tsongas of Massachusetts. Is celebrating the first major renovation and expansion in its 115. Year history. With a grand opening today rendered in fifteen years businesses founded in 1902 by Italian immigrants George more yellow. It's run now plays great grandson Mike Oreo. He says are older barber shops in the country but none have been owned by the same family. And in the same location longer than news. We will says the shop secret is a blend of old styles little old school style with a modern flair. Kind of they are big fans of the movie Edward the scissor hands it a general statement in the Italian barbers. Like onside felt. Speaking of my haircut what I like mine excuse that we may well look at the back there are kinda it's nice. In a trim than four hours on Saturday at least chains or edit. On the 25 north and maize road that was fun to you know we had a fun day on Saturday and then. We went on FaceBook live in Nicole gave me Erica unfazed all right a furry fun asked she's good with the Berlin. So if you wanna on nice a haircut for twelve bucks. For men and boys and on out to Levy genes haircuts for me and yet we needed to close and a north these road and yeah high. Gains among technology companies helped snap a three day losing streak for US stocks Friday though the market ended at its worst weekly loss since March. The S&P 500 rose three points Friday dal. Gained fourteen NASDAQ added 39 points. A Chinese state newspaper has ward president Trout. Could trigger a trade war if he goes ahead with plans to launch an investigation. Into whether China is stealing US technology. And I can become a tough right now we're trying to get the Chinese on board with a stop at North Korea that as international politics Camille Little. Complicated it's now it's all the the no frills German growth for the expanding in the US says it. Will offer grocery delivery for the first time in three American cities by the end of the month. Company says it has a partnership with instant carts to deliver groceries to customers in Atlanta Dallas. And Los Angeles. And the average price of a gallon of regular grade gasoline jumped eight cents nationally over the past three weeks to two dollars and forty cents. Industry analyst will be Lundberg. Of the Lundberg survey said Sunday that the spike results from higher crude oil prices. Current price is 23 cents above where it was a year ago. But well below what where was in mid August of 20152014. And 2013 itself. Compared to what we're better off than we were written the wealth. You know 34 years ago right now again at 652 now Stephen Ted retirement tax issues Don grant CA FP the bunny tracker this morning good morning Don. Good morning Steve you know getting older and as you know as it works great beat. Restaurants and theaters offer discounts there or Derek 98 ski resorts that now a lot allows seniors eat for free. At age seventy now Juan what you won't get this out. It's from uncle slam no matter how long you live terrorist on subway or taxes not your wallet. So as we planned retirement don't forget to calculate your tax burden. Her age fifteen I'm happy to start pulling money from retirement can pretax accounts will tax all distributions as ordinary income. Now if you don't mean to pull those account you will be required to. After age seventy and her failure to pay out of required and I were required minimum distribution. Will which you in front of 8%. Penalty or any money's not there and tax so. Plan for distribution taxes. So security benefits can be act as well. If you're single you make more than 25000. Dollars or married filing jointly who make more than 32000. Dollars. You debate a portion of your benefits. Higher income filers make paychecks are much as 85%. Of their Social Security benefits. What you retired you won't have important would hold on your beat. If you have substantially. You'll meet descended to the Irish yourself. Or quarterly payment if you watched you can request that he and security administration. Was old taxes you. Now other distributions may not opera actually holding services so check with pension providers and financial institutions. That's in New York money regularly. Transplant. Planning for a retiree can be more complex that were working employee. Tax advisors are by. And help you design a plan that won't create ease and penalties or late payments to the Ira and of course you know equals and he wouldn't call. Extreme or on each one. Well Don yes you we weren't here yesterday but yesterday's Sunday was left handers day. Or are there are. Are you lefty here Natalie. I didn't elderly and I guess I never noticed because. You never really right with your left hand in here that I can see. No because I've I don't need to write about. Couldn't balance and I are very benign need to I don't have to write down. Policy. But there are probably 10% of the population is self ball that means left handed. Any problems you. Might immigrated other until one granddaughter who's a lefty Jocelyn and you know they're learning to write Akerson has been candid with a problem. Have a. Well you know when I was a character teacher who actually try to convince me to your tribe which. The program. That my parents had none of that so. And you know you do when your left handed and you write Koppen you know Inca and drive right away some merit with your your use of yours your nightmare well. Another I. I do things and the ducks curiously I mean I I I woke. Play tennis with a left and it serve but played mostly right. I bet right but row last. Armed and he I don't know what I. It's the mile you reversible yeah. I did earlier. In at a lucky guy who goes both ways like that. When it ended on a court order that didn't sound right to it and got twins one of those are riding along a little rusty. We've grown up we've had a kid a kid and Aybar left handed kid named John summer Hauser. And in baseball team's catchers so we had that stupid glove on the wrong thing and that it it's a he was it was a best catchers and we've we let him do you know. I left handers day was yesterday today we're back right handers and a thank you Birmingham this is Maurice hurt as always. On grant C appease the money tracker 65060 to dead coming up at 7 o'clock. McCain is as boring into Stevenson pedestrian hit by a vehicle on west along. In Wichita that story and more on the way Stevens head on Kate in a sense.