Pennsylvania special election too close to call

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Wednesday, March 14th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Jared Halpern in Washington D.C.

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Is distinction which should talk turns to first firm. Live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock news to dictate and as a sporting news Stephen says that. Nineteen Macintosh. A special election in Pennsylvania is too close to call. Kansas governor refused round declarations covering the state I'm Dan O'Neill. A warning about sports merchandise that basketball tournament time line to put the word those details are just ahead. I'm KMS us meteorologist Dan Holliday. We're one day away from the first round of the NCAA basketball action in Wichita and not only will be excitement sore but so will the temperatures. Our complete forecast is coming up. Kansas governor Jan collier has declared a drought emergency warning or watch across the entire State's governor calling your side. An executive order Tuesday following several weeks of abnormally dry conditions. It all 105 counties. It declared an emergency for twentieth southern Kansas counties and a warning for Tony nine others. In central and southern Kansas the remaining 48 are under a drought watch the order directs state agencies to combat drought conditions. It also opens up land in the federal conservation reserve program for cattle grazing. And temporarily lives height and weight restrictions on trucks for easier shipping of Haiti into drought stricken areas. Dan O'Neill came on SS news. With a special election in Pennsylvania too close to called Democrat Connor lamb. Is slightly leading Republican ricks a colony in the district eighteen race lamb is declaring himself the winner of the race. People want to be hurt. They wanna talk about serious things an honest solutions. Not be drowned out. By dark money distorting the truth and telling lies to our children. District eighteen voted for trump over Clinton in the 2016. Election by nearly twenty points president trump his parting ways with a as secretary of state making the announcement on Twitter. The decision comes after the two disagreed on several issues including how to handle the Obama era nuclear deal with Iran. The White House says Tillerson learned aspiring Friday and oust the president to hold off on breaking the news until he returned from Africa. But the State Department released a contradictory statement reading quote. The secretary had every intention of remaining because of the tangible progress made on critical national security issues. I received a call today from prison United States that low afternoon time from Air Force One. Now also spoken to White House chief of staff Kelly's. To ensure real clarity as to the days ahead. President trump selecting CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Tillerson Pompeo will be succeeded by Gina houseful his deputy during his time at the CIA. And Washington Caroline Shively Fox News and. Tour bus ran off a highway in Alabama plunging into a deep ravine. Killing the driver and injuring at least 37 people. It happened on interstate ten near the Alabama Florida line the boss was carrying members of high school band from Texas. They were heading home to the metro Houston area after a trip to Disney world in a phone interview one student described the frightening moments following the crash. There are a lot of panic like creating. This. Just there's C double war on top of others do. And it a lot and actually people out. First responders repelling some fifty feet down the ravine to free victims from the wreckage investigators are on scene now looking into the cause of the accident in Atlanta drop considering. Fox News college basketball fans in Wichita this week will pick up some swagger like. If your shirt or act. To remember their time at the attorney. But not all swagger is authentic Ted stern and burger owner of tens locker room tells KS and news. His store has official NCAA approved gear and any official merchandise will have an NCAA hologram sticker anything else may be too. We can't discourage that because they're gonna pop up everywhere. Thing we do try to do is make sure that we're going through the proper channels so that we do by quality merchandise so that one Q where you can take it home watching. And it's not gonna fall apart it's not gonna shrink up really small it's going to be good good quality. Once the tournament games begin you will be able to start buying official merchandise it in trust bank arena KE NS testing is time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. All eight teams are in town for the NCAA tournament you can go catch their action and practiced today in trust bank arena. And a surprise name released in the National Football League will have details coming up sports Kansas may be leaving millions of dollars on the tax man's table. That's story coming up on the cape and it's as boring users Stephens says this. Sinking in us this morning news receive it and now 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Kansas are potentially leaving millions of dollars of their money in the hands of the Internal Revenue Service says spokesman Michael DeVine. In Kansas we think there's about 111100. Taxpayers. Drew could be missing out refunds that average 852. Dollars. More than 111600000. Dollars in unclaimed refund. The only way to get that money is to file that 2014. Tax return. President trump has made his first trip to California as commander in chief. The president toured the eight border wall prototypes sitting at the O Chinese port of entry comparing them to the old sensing there. And it's just in without a wall system you don't have a country. I'm just looking up hundreds of calls that in. And next so defenses are not strong enough it's not the right. He told military service members of marine air station Miramar that he engaged in the biggest military build up since the Reagan administration and the the next fighting domain is in space we may even have any space force. Develop another one space ports where the Air Force One of the space for many mock the media saying now space force will be the big headline of the night. And he got a big laugh from the military when he said. The news. In San Diego Jack Rosenthal Fox News. Delaware's death row is now empty the very last few death row inmates in Delaware every sentence to life in prison. The news journal of Wilmington says 43 year old Michael Manley and David Stevenson got the news sentences for the killing of a Macy's security officer. They're changing sentence comes after Delaware's Supreme Court declared the State's death only unconstitutional Bakken 2016. There have been thirteen men on death row at the time. Now all of Delaware's death sentences have been modified. But state lawmakers are working on producing a new death penalty law Christa mail Fox News and now is 710 and 10 minutes past 7 o'clock here on Wednesday march 14. And the gasoline prices going up today. That's right. And maybe just a coincidence that the NCAA tournament is in town but those gasoline prices going up this morning. 245. A gallon. Traffic update from KM SS radio I'm dead chambers and the case is sand storm tracker three forecast now with Kansas today meteorologist. Laura van and get boring lot. Hey good morning and happy Wednesday happy and you'll enjoy it. They have had Wednesday halfway through week you have to enjoy the calm now because we are talking about windswept too warm for this Wednesday but the results are you beat pretty we just have to get into Coldplay this morning it's chilly out there. Eight degrees at the airports no wind. Never happens right to rentals are not met much of a problem this morning. Hi today. 69 degrees I'll be a beautiful sunny day winds from the southwest fifteen to 32 typical Kansas wind but nonetheless gorgeous weather and just really continues all the way through the end of the week and it's right on cue was a lot of excitement kind of really builds back up with the NCAA kicking off. And the governor found out or it should. But he declared yesterday that most states under drought right now. All about death for awhile. Sweet dad and his. Do you check in with me tell you that one out in the media with the drought going to only out for today fire when his immediate concern media does reflect whine don't go into effect at 1 o'clock this afternoon and remain in place until 7 o'clock. Small stress fires can easily get out of control these mindful that threat flight out enjoying the weather I don't see that really changing anytime soon as this are all things fire weather as far as the excitement in our department and the drought really looking TD to worsen an icy to change an hour when it. All right thank you appreciate your time this morning thinking is and stormed back country forecast. With Kansas today and meteorologist. Laura Bennett Steve intent here it's a 7:12 problems as 7 o'clock. And didn't Pennsylvania we have a what's. A Trace it's too close to call between a Democrat challenging a Republican in a state that. In the presidential election by twenty points went for president trump but this is morning Fox News radio Jared Halpern. From Capitol Hill lieutenant looks like at their recent changes coming in congress can mourned here at night to have you with us. Get to be what you're yet dictated this district at the present moment twenty points personal data to the human target. Much closer and it at a Pennsylvania. But in this debate. Your point. Can't land the Democrat in the race very young 33 former prosecutor former marine. It's being. That beatable they at least in the street campaign is declared victory he has not by. A few hundred point it looks like they're gonna count absentees there may be a recount mechanism but the idea that this race leading competitive. Considering that two years ago that congressional district way to the president or twenty point. Really speaks to hiding inherited it's been building over the last few months and that is. This enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats in out of money. Democratic cut at with the race vs the vote in this district. What the turnout has looked like it and that's going to be something that really resonate that think that we look for moving forward toward the November it turned it. Even in these districts state. Seemed to be reliably state Republican districts. If you'd have to get the right mix. You know democratic candidate. People supporting him. What the messages. You know they can put the stake in plane that's what obviously Democrats are in need if they want when packed House of Representatives and. Sure looks to me like lamb and basically as you said got the money. And then who's had some sort of message that was zeroing in on two or three things that probably. And it took him more to the right of his own party. That yet that's the army yet and only a moderate Republican. You know did not sort of you do the that that it did democratic standard bearers for him you know on you know national Democrats to plug the others Newt is stay away Joseph Biden. It campaign or Biden overly popular. But that the country. You know and Pennsylvania that sort of working class Democrat model that it has been the cornerstone of Joseph Biden's political reforms that president and so Utah State's be that but again lamb really tried to run its rate. Locally. Do a lot of nationally or didn't you know ask for a lot of national Democrats campaign for the content together and tried to run hand in hand with president Rogge the president was there on Saturday with a rally. With. The code. Donald Trump junior did from the events or account Kellyanne Conway I think that if you're and so that was really I think why Democrats. Are are looking at this rate and things aren't maybe this is the strategy not every district but in some of these districts that you know the president won by. Popularity may be sliding a little bit. A Democrat consider run on their message being independent. Sort of moderate Democrat in some of these places. And and the Al ad does running again you know somebody who's his writings sort of and it and the president. And just to be viewed. Clear about it mid term elections a lot of times assist the president will see those mid terms slowing the other way after an election. Or yeah outdoor lady burst mid term of an administration goes portly accompli reverend when he and President Obama at that Aqua about that was such a lactic. You know that happened the Al wires to two the first election. After an eleven. Republicans did did pretty well epic that was almost a case sort of hold the ground kind of campaign and and the circumstances are certainly very different. Bomb to your right historically. You know Republicans probably are getting get into it and the Democrats get but he is interesting and the district beat beast wrong. Republican districts. It is he would sort of bella does add to that point if this week's special election. The person who ultimately when that only at an office in January and have another election in November this is one of those districts that we re drawn by the supreme court of Pennsylvania. This district come November is going to be a little bit more favorable for Democrats anyway. But again it's not about did that district in this race and more about sort of acting. Trying and it has the you know where these trends are and what kind of message is resonating with voters. Infinity swing year districts that are not even sweeter districts heading in the editor. Hey thanks for being with us we appreciate it Fox News radio's Jared Halpern with a us this morning talk about that election in a special election in Pennsylvania that may or may not. Some sort of trend setter course. Political people always look at these kind of things intrinsic. If there's a trend going on there but we had a sunny day across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature was 57 degrees normal life of the date. 57 degrees how about that and and we're talking about today we're looking for a high. In the upper sixties seven or Tina I'm seated in the morning on K and as says it is more time with him liberties got a he's got to play load this morning Egan cavern just a battery going Arrington. Exciting a time out and sports. Course right here in Wichita we had eight teams who have all arrived in Wichita for the NCAA tournament. Most of those teams are down at the downtown Hyatt. And getting ready for one more day of practice every year on one of those eighteen fully practicing today. Ads in trust bank arena downtown. They don't get along mail get about 45 minutes to show up and shoot hoops for a little bit then now move on to the next team. It is open practice today all eight teams get the practice time it is all free and open to the public the doors open at 10 o'clock this morning. The first practice will be Pennsylvania. As the quakers go at 11 AM this morning that is the team that Kansas will be playing in the opening round tomorrow. Kansas will be practicing at the jayhawks at 1230 this afternoon. And then he goes all day long Montana will be the last team to practice shortly after 5:30 PM tonight. And it's all free interest bank arena today you wanna watch this team practice of these eight practices basically back to back. Of course Kansas arriving in town Bill Self as head coach of the jayhawks has never coached a game in which it's off. But that all change tomorrow of course head coach Bill Self already thinking about the first round opponent the Quaker. I I know record nine notre coast and that was the wrong time. I haven't really used so. When you finish if you guys at all cost. Oh yeah will be here will be a good all night tonight for him home working on that. Certainly I mean she was a coach's corner he got removed image one possession game you know who else. And it's on home Tuesday while. You know so he saw light on a pilot last night yeah that was coach self and his staff of late. Pouring into the night the Midnight Oil over the Quaker fill in little green binders on him. Right the NCAA tournaments had 21 four games in Dayton Ohio last night saint Bonaventure came back and beat UCLA first win for. The Bonnie is in the tournament in 48 years. Since they went to the final four back with a with a guy named Bob Lanier back in nineteen sell out Lanier. Bradford got its first win ever in the tournament BLU Brooklyn by ten points last night two more first four games in Dayton tonight. The pair of sixteen seeds started off north Carolina central taking on Texas southern. And no follow that one with Arizona State taking on Cyrix views of 211 seeds and Alan. Those you can listen to those two games tonight live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM live coverage. Those two game starts at 5:30 PM. And run the FH this evening. News out of the National Football League beat Kansas City Chiefs. Looks like they've added a couple pieces of the puzzle wide receiver Sammy Watkins 24 year old receiver looks like he'll get a 48 million dollar three year contract to via. On the primary receivers who have. You quarterback Patrick Holmes Sammy Watkins is explosive when he's on the field he has had some injury problems in his young career so far but. She's still see an awful lot of upside in this guy. And the chiefs of also sign another guy looks like it glaring need to middle linebacker Anthony pitches the former Dallas Cowboys 25 years old looks like he'll get a five year deal for about 45 million dollars. Couple of seats pieces of the puzzle falling into place. However one guys now unemployed that we know a lot about Green Bay Packers have released wide receiver 32 year old Jordy Nelson the former Kansas State wildcats. Third leading receiver in Packers franchise history. He's got 69 touchdowns with the Packers just two years ago. He was the top receiver in the National Football League now is unemployed. As the Packers cut him. Analysis on that from. From a Adam chapter ESPN NFL insider. And the irony here of course that can Aaron Rodgers so close out Aaron Rodgers for a last year. This reduction is not the same without Aaron Rogers. Ultimately in the end they made it difficult decision to part ways which will be Nelson British because we know. That Aaron Rodgers wasn't real happy but the fact they got word of his quarterbacks coach Al Tampa now they got rid of his. Mean wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Hey Jordy was scheduled to make one in ten million dollars this upcoming season the Packers have decided that. That Jordy and use that money for some other players elsewhere. The shocker baseball team ranked number twenty in the nation. But they got thumped last night on the road losing nine to four at Missouri and wasn't even that close the shots. Our twelve and three now on the season as Missouri wins its ninth in a row and instructor baseball note. Forty years ago on this day soccer baseball team won on the road at Dallas seven to four. First win ever for shocker head coach gene Stephenson how about normally do that hall of fame career yup startup of that win number one somewhere you bet it was forty years ago on this day. A sports with Stephen Ted K and SS 723 now keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger. In Boston. Seated at the morning on tape and asks asks.