Pennsylvania Woman receives 284 billion dollar electricity bill

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

The utility company says the bill was a mistake.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on it. Good morning came back in time that we'll bird. A couple from Lewis virgin northeast Kansas is celebrating before Christmas miracles. Caitlin and Josh apartments are preparing to bring home for help. Eight babies from Overland Park regional medical center next month the Kansas City Star reports the three girls and one boy were born November 17. Doctors say they are remarkably healthy for quadruple its. And on the forecast with cancer stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning you'll likely want to heaviest code you've got and the heat on a high on the drive into work this morning. Another blast of Arctic air is moved in and temperatures today will be in the mid teens by noontime twenty later on this afternoon at the windchill near zero to five below is cloudy and nine tonight tomorrow sunny and 24. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Mostly cloudy sixteen degrees and the wind chill is one hell has Kansas new open carry firearms law impact of law enforcement. Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey tells K and assist. News we do know that we're seeing an increase and shootings we're seeing an increase of you know what we call pointing aiming incidents on the roadways of road rage you know where a lot of people may be used to. Give someone a certain sign with with a hand gesture now we're seeing people are going on at gunpoint at. So. It might be society's changing I don't know the answer. Randy says he'd like to see some research on the impact of changes in firearms laws. Kansas city's secrets Santer added again this time focusing his annual good cheer on Kansas capital city. If reporter for the Kansas City Star tagged along recently as secret Santa fault his long tradition of handing out 100 dollar bills to strangers into peak of places where they're hurting and downtrodden gather including a shelter Andy thrift store. Local policing Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt accompanied the secret Santa Schmidt called it a heart warming experience. The secret senate tradition began years ago with a man named Larry Stewart. When stir was dying of cancer yes the current sensitive carry on the mission he has done so for eleven years. That Campbell can't SS news. A white Christmas in some spots has made for dangerous conditions in parts of the rocky mountain news several inches of snow have triggered avalanche warnings in parts of Utah and Colorado. Forecasters say the dangers hiking the mountains of northern Utah and I goes for all of the Wasatch range including areas like Ogden Provo Salt Lake and Park City area mountainous. The Utah avalanche center director says conditions are especially dangerous. Because life can be triggered from some distance away this type of snow is powdery it's wet and prone to give way. High avalanche danger through Tuesday morning was in place for parts of color products including Aspen and Vail and summit counties particularly above tree line level. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. North Korea had a harsh response to the latest round of United Nations sanctions the UN Security Council voted to crank up sanctions on the row Communist regime is the first set of sanctions since North Korea's long range missile tests last month. Which flew higher and longer than any in its history. Pyongyang responded in a statement Sunday saying the vote was akin to war. Forty yeah we define that sanctions resolution reduction by the United States and its followers as an act of war caught violating peace and stability at the Pentagon the kissed Tom Watson. Fox News. Congress has a longer to do list when they get back to work in January that would include funding the government and fixing daka. Boxers Cadbury from has a rundown. It's just going to be eleven days when both the house and senate. Are in place and they really haven't dells the flow of the flames that were still erupting before Christmas time they haven't changed any thing. And they really have less time these are the same intractable issues that have to fund the government they have to figure out a longer term spending plan. For the Pentagon they also have to address something called CSR is caught sharing reductions. These are these health care payments which president trump canceled in October for the poor. Republicans only have a one seat majority in the senate after Alabama Democrat Doug Jones is sworn in. Kansas students have to undergo CPR training graduate high school starting next fall. The Lawrence journal world reports the state board of education approved the new requirement earlier this month it seems like Canada is dead. 634 now Stephen Ted. Here on a Tuesday morning December 26 feels like it. A little bit like a Monday to meet Ted but it also feels quite coal. What a switch from what you can make you. We've been cruise along with a great weather now all of a sudden here it is got the title frigid winter right here in that she was gonna drop one of these days. Mary horror romance skis electric gadgets were working fine but it was for electric bill that gave the Pennsylvanian. A shock. She was charged 284 billion dollars. Like at elect her electricity provider. She told the Erie times news her eyes just about popped out overhead which each other bill. That are first thought was we had put up Christmas lights and I wondered if we at the wrong. Well the bill. The bill she had a paid in full by next November company says it was a mistake. To have been 284. Dollars and forty success. Not 284. Billion million. But I would challenge that would pretty quickly. A group of Muslims plans to reliever. Christian volunteers at a church based Detroit soup kitchen. This day after Christmas mercy USA for aid in development it'd mobilize Muslim volunteers. For today's manic community meal at the soup kitchen at saint Peter's episcopal church in Detroit. The aim is to relieve the regular volunteer surely you spend more time with their families are on holiday. It's an interesting thing is. Muslims come and a belt now that Christmas. 635 now Stephen dead right Deborah back and here the day after Christmas and a hope things work well for you. Oh certainly they didn't get any great big it's Christmas present like to tell us about some mountain. WB that brand new Mercedes. Well the night I got a microwave oven and a I've got one this to my wire always been busted for I think over a year I need a new two items I mean put that'll list. However. Spending Christmas Day with my lovely spouse. I daughter Lola belch or say. Something sparkly. From Powell's jewelry and an out and Hernandez and as face she is seeking bids you know she's been struggling with these that these two replaced knees. And took the pain and get back rehab from Ludlow Vermont do a great. And I thought they have this field cheer up now. It's a good enough bubble she's way up there very not yeah I got her. So we got I got tampering I I get spent I got to iconic quality shirts as hell don't have the right there right now. Myself my boss that does that final hours of not yet it kind of looks like yeah I could until the laws and got a new briefcase to have that intercom briefcase of those yes the handle was warning sign is about to fall apart literally instead of asking for a new round opener comes still does that's our parent company. Chile is gonna be in a new through it pretty nice very nice as what you put computer. I I know you're not going to do that the Internet but you could if you if you wanted to and I would just like say that on Saturday went Christmas shopping with that myself and Scott and Mike. Granddaughter amber and she's thirteen we spent little time together. When does he had meant Jack look at you Christmas shopping 123 yet yet I ought to have marriage act and we and he was he was busy they were how many laws. And then we went to Carlos Achilles for lunch. Boom. Always good to go there are good friend Dave Phillips is in there as he says he does these either CEO now. Is it is pretty high up if you know corporate ladder and Phillips is way up there in the stratosphere but anyway. Great data bus mine and my granddaughter. Mary nice soft that. Oh well we got on the sport well or back in business today. Crime stoppers at neighborhood detective windy humble coming up at 7:10 this morning. I don't have this confirmed but I think we're going to have Monday with Monday for the mayor on the Tuesday. Haven't got all the special edition. But if he's listening I emailed a while ago. He has invited as always. The dew on the mother settlement Tuesday at work here on Sunday you're assuming the mayor's awake after that shortly and we town you know the guy should be in France he could be in the in this part of the reason Harry is he's a world traveler. Yeah and I guess we'll find out we're gonna find out back at 638 Stephen did McCain has has commodities update now the markets closed on Friday. But that didn't stop Tom left or from coming in this morning tells all about good morning time. Well good morning Steve. Cattle complex of new lows for the week on Friday if they treated to cited include negative. Catalog speed will report on Friday would beg people placement at a 114%. A year ago. They called close positive Friday at their highest rate in the past two days a week on the pick report Friday neutral slightly negative. We felt that like candle and 32 cent for the week arch Peter Cahill lost seven dollar and that we dog in a dollar 45 last week. They get a closer look at dollar in lower Friday at 11857. Game Peter dale about 37141. If he. By that we broke the dollar forty yard 997. Friday the greens straight it makes it closed mixed on that. Clique Y holiday type trading station and a real lack of freshmen on Friday. Over the week in wearing spell at southern Brazil int he area Argentina that the pressure of soybeans today if we mark Casey we gained a nickel. Salt pork soybeans Luke eighteen at the march corn gained a nickel for the week. Trading for the greens it'll livestock market will resume this morning at 830. On the closed Friday march Casey we ought to use their support 42 and a quarter. Art chord with recorder that they are 350 in Indian being up three quarters of a penny Friday at 949 and amp. As these markets are trading right elk ignore occurred well sports and slower if he'd 43 February gold four dollar 12180 to eighty. Markets and p.'s debt appoint a quarter point to Haiti born three quarter. Mark start indexes the getting hired an 1893. Marked as do teachers if you one point slow work. 24007. If he or commodity trading right marketing advisor contact with the commodity bubble over on the web what you think they say they do to. Here are we are in the last week of the year. Anything special does that mean anything to commodity traders at all. If you would mean things can get kind of quiet. Give a lot straighter lead they're very Ian. Awful will be the positioning takes place elsewhere in the books have been the year take. OK hey he had to Christmas goaded Seneca lost cause clemency a low price you know he should be. I don't like get this year. And and a chicken with this is left where she probably keep analysts on him. The wives and the mile and a reprieve at oak tree do not agree to help you need your viewer go along here the single guys have a great time to get married all of a sudden. You make the money list every year because your wife's watching your. Right I want to. Make that made the knowledge was he before I got married. And there's no statute of limitations on hundreds I don't know that art yet they're on that you're on it. Like it's up down left there Olympic bodies coming up. We've got Don thread CF beat them on the tractor on the way predicting future college us right Don we're gonna do that at. Governor fairways even in the morning on CNN SS.