A Picture Perfect Wrap Up

The Good Life
Saturday, October 21st

Guy wraps up his visit with George Rose, author of the great new picture book "Vineyard Sonoma County"


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Yeah. Welcome back a bit like how you didn't just join us would have pitted don't forget the Canucks have radio dot com follow look. The the clicks to get you to podcasts that in this. You can get anything from the bottom. Congratulations taught her that he was lucky fifth caller for out of a bunch of calls for a copy of vineyards Sonoma County. This new beautiful. That's to book it needs to be somewhere where you look at them more often than that. Great photography book. George right here backpack perfect here and and I can't wait to see it I got to get a copy and he graduates of top hers again. George Allen dropped an email after the show in other words lives and and wonderful thing I really appreciate your time today George it's been a pleasure to do loan. Thank you guys yeah. Question everybody could opt out there and that's. It's been. Come in business in California. Well I'm coming. In and didn't make it this week and I'm gonna be there at. Last week the margin of the first couple days of April and 28 pin maybe for your room and buy you dinner. You've got my have a great weekend George rose folks don't forget if you wanna get a copy of this great book vineyards Sonoma County. With some of Georgia's from a photograph it and you work. Go to George rose dot com you can't miss that some of opens up there at the picture of George smiling face hold a copy of the book and right below that says order now. Really good stuff. The one of the week is coming up next and I've got some Butler beat. We'll take a break but would before we take a break let me read you a couple things this is so cool a bikers treatment and cool times roll. At. It's in the parking lot above those 33. Pizza burgers and beer and it bikers had just put this on. It's. The first annual bikers tree as an opportunity to through those of us who have two wheels and the and the time to put it together dress up your bride dressed up yourself and your spouse or your partner. Go to this event stop your. Your bags too full of candy in the kids come out and the adults get a look at bikes go to Bubba is have some great food and Beers. The kids get free candy. And then the offer good cause you can learn more course. A stop by Bubba is they have a deal there or stop by bikers as they have some information it's October 29. At others 33 there in Tony's mall parking lot six to 10 PM October 29. So but a lot of fun this when Beth and I hated seeing these last night over here the new and on the east side pizza was great. And Jesus outcome of it does appear today in the fairway here you have been listening to my show. Cox communication presents the 2017. Which atop pizza best. Saturday November 4 noon to five at the WA TC campus on north where broad. A DJ Carbone spin and music. There's going to be pizza and fun for everybody at dollar flies. And a percentage of the proceeds go to the depth issue matzo. Pizza past 2017. Over report. And any other final thing before we take our last break of the day. Have been telling you about this holiday tables and yours truly lobbied for a mom with my lovely wine hand maiden Beth Bauer. Are its November 3 through fifth that's holiday tables were there on that Saturday evening porridge from line. Fifty years uncork your holidays period it's a mark parts. They Mary or Coke arts center and he would probably central. You can learn more by going to mark art website. Which I'm overlooking at the time and again it's. The Friday November 3 six to 9 PM. Great fun and that's that's the news at 75 bucks and were probably perform. It would take a break we'll come back uptight about the one of the week. Get rid of course cork out of Edgar quite fourteen Chardonnay and a got a killer camp to go with that as well though that's.