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Friday, December 8th

Entertainment news update in "The Blur"


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You should win to talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Then the morning feedback into. Austin what word just. No parole for Donald lakers' the man's convicted of kidnapping and being an accomplice in the murder of nine year old Nancy Shoemaker 27 years ago. Had a parole hearing in November now. Todd Burdick where the tens of our corrections as wacker has been denied parole. The Parole Board passed on wacker because of the serious nature of the crime because he denies any responsibility. But who will be eligible for parole again in December of 2019. Now the forecast with Kate and assist meteorologist Dan Holliday get more and and good morning will likely want to heavy coat that had in the gloves to start today yesterday we only got to 33 today's high 44. A front moves through this afternoon a clear tonight Tarlow 27. Upper forties Saturday and low sixties with sunshine on Sunday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday mostly cloudy 23 degrees south west went to twelve miles per hour wind chill. Pat and Jackson as unique holiday gift ideas that can work for anyone including gift certificates. And that's always make great gifts now open Sundays from one to 5 PM until Christmas at and Jack's 601 west Douglas by the clock tower in delay no. A deadly shooting at a New Mexico high school. Two students were killed and Aztec high school by a third student who also died but officials aren't saying if the shooter was shot by police are committed suicide. No one else that the school was hurt new Mexico state police chief because service says the call came in as morning classes began hostage. These were dispatched. They responded initially and of course made and yet entry into the schools and making the situation. Because those schools on lockdown that entry was made through a window state and federal authorities are part of the investigation. The identities of the victims or the shooter have not been released. And all scuffed Fox News. A convicted sex offender has been sentenced to more than 22 years in prison. For sexually assaulting a twelve year old Kansas girl. So every county district attorney's office announced that 44 year old Kelly for a Scott city was sentenced Wednesday for attempted rape. The victim reported that far began assaulting her when she was in sixth grade and the abuse continued for two years. Or was also convicted in 2004. Of indecent liberties with the trial under the age of fourteen. Dan O'Neill KM SS news. A federal judge in Kansas dismissed demands drug indictment citing misconduct by the prosecutor who has criticized earlier this year. For handling error handling of the case it caused a man to be jailed for 23 years for a crime he didn't commit. US district judge Julie Robinson ordered the release of Gregory. The judge said federal prosecutor terra morehead threatened to witness and also belatedly disclosed evidence that might have helped a rust goes case. The Justice Department is opening an investigation into Planned Parenthood. DOJ wants un redacted records from a senate committee probe of Planned Parenthood and the potential sale of human fetal tissue the federal probe comes after a 2015 investigation of two antiabortion activists who posed as Beagle researchers and made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood the women's health provider rejected accusations of illegally selling fetal parts and acting unethically noting previous investigations cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing and Steve Rappaport Fox News. An officer who lost his canine partner almost nine months ago now has a new four legged friend to. Patrol the streets with him on March 18 of this year Brewster a Wichita police department canine officer was shot and killed while in the line of duty. After roosters memorial service officer shooting a gun traveled to Indiana to pick out his new canine partner. He chose a two year old Belgian Malinois named Jane. While being finished his canine training in June officer Don says he content to train with they once a week to make sure he's ready and prepared for any situation little might face. Officer Gama says he has fond memories of his time spent with rooster they had been together for four years. Being has some big shoes to fill that officer comes says he's getting there any web K and SS news. 835 down Stevens and the more he got hit kind of a busy morning Ted when it comes traffic here on Friday yeah we get those couples all The Beatles collection know about them northbound lanes Greenway it's just south of Kellogg got a stalled car there are also take you 54 and Oliver. Might see stalled vehicle and people moving over for those. Traffic update brought to you by Joseph to Brahma and Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown a market and Waterman in the east Terry street mall and you can go online Carl's tired dot com. It's your home for complete car care Joseph do brother and Carl's Goodyear tires for entertainment news a blur with Ted Woodward start off here on Friday morning talking about movies right to Dallas skit gone on the big screen let's take a look at what's going on non fox on film. On the shelf Leno the shape of water is already getting high praise and Edison critics and has garnered several nominations just warn him. But it is a long long long year rodeo turow films have been amused janitor who forms a relationship. With an aquatic creature in 1963. Search for. Katie Spencer and Michael Shannon star Hugh and I. Just so let's just getting started his comedy it's his life begins at seven. An ex FBI agent played by Tommy Lee Jones and an ex mob lawyer in the witness protection program Morgan Freeman. And to put aside their petty rivalry on the golf course to fend off a mob him and as a lot. The disaster artists to expand to all theaters the film tells the tale. When Greg says Darrow and aspiring film actor meets the weird a mysterious telling lies though in an acting class that former unique friendship. Travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true James Franco stars and directs the film that's soft on film I. Can speak to the movies let's take a look at. Actor Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington leads the new movie Roman. LA defense attorneys who after being used to being a behind the scenes guy takes filled me then sets out on his own past after his partner dies Washington said that aspect of the film led to the first question he asked about the character. The more I can do is bought scheme in the back from thirty years. He said I chose to vet everybody has their own now. As for whether it was out of his comfort zone to play the role even physically it's all part of his job had to go down that road for a lot of ways to walk classroom so communities and I mean I liked all that I don't have to look a certain way because I think. My public thinks I shouldn't play in a role some from the theater that's what I do is enter the room. Animal imaginative that return to teeter and ice can comment on Broadway is spring up 2018. In the meantime find Denzel in Roman. Fox News. Sound like some pretty good feel for adults now let that crazies that they themselves do in the ice man Thomas. And some of the material it on my. Yeah. Now very interesting to NBA team owners have been named defendants in the lawsuit against disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The suit alleges the New York Knicks owner Jeanne stolen in Milwaukee Bucks co owner mark last three new of Weinsteins pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct warning women because of their relationship with him. Dolan who was chairman of Madison Square Garden. Was a member of the Weinstein company's board of directors from mid 2015. To June of twice sixteen while last reward on the board for mid 2016 to October of this year this is part of a lawsuit filed by six women in Manhattan federal court claiming they were assaulted by Weinstein who has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault in recent months manned Apollo Tom O Fox News. Steps are celebrating in Italy after the United Nations has now added that pizza. To a world heritage list or not at all. In Naples Italy pizza makers tossing dialing the streets in celebration. As the UN's heritage agency you know this guy who. That's pizza to its world cultural heritage list specifically the odds of Naples traditional Neapolitan pizza maker as well he said he only. Cooking sin crust pizza and it would find open. Campaigners like Massimo bloody did up ready to go on and it won't say it's tradition that's been passed down the generations. In London Simon noted Fox News. You Rolling Stones keep on rolling along. Old is new again in the rowing center capitalizing on it with a new album songs recorded. In the 1960s. The Keith Richards admits with a laugh he barely remembers some of them. Growing stands on air was released last week it features 32 songs that aired between 1960 through 1965. From several BBC variety shows Richards says the songs are incredible pieces of history. Sounds like satisfaction in used to love her are included as well as covers of Chuck Berry classics eight of the tracks were never recorded or released commercially. The shelf Leno fox needs. By the way in the top twenty global concert tour whose list is out ranking artists by average box office gross per city. He thinks it's not an atlas team I would I think you do. Public art. And but it beyoncé the Rolling Stone still. What an inspiration average ticket price 159. Bucks I'll pay it this go tomorrow people obviously are paying it and still making tons of money her. You to number two Coldplay third lady got golf course. Guns 'N Roses rounding up top five out. Let's take a look at some late night comedy let's check in with late night with Seth Meyers on NBC and Ireland will be collecting fifteen billion dollars. Okay I'll try that again OK here we do very good night except mine. Starbucks is serving in new limited edition Chris mystery fraph which you know that has temperaments hear a mocha sauce top with green whipped cream candy Grande area a strawberry and karma drizzle. And like a real Christmas tree anyone hydrates it will be dead by December 25. That's good copyright. Let's let the outs but lets sit up. I've done the grant was talking about. Chocolate chili yearly holiday itself Doug Brown he's and I did rally legally chocolate yeah yeah now let's check in with Conan on TBS. It's Ireland will be collecting fifteen billion dollars from apple. In a settlement over back taxes fifteen. And Brian. Yeah. Yeah. Ireland will receive the money on Friday and Guinness will have a at all by Monday. And this should be only the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon on it. NBC. Hopes. Kitty is selling wine for the holidays. So if you're someone who wants to order some hello kitty whine I'm Chris Hansen from dateline tonight. And we close out artists and the blurred. J.'s deal now. This movie came out sixteen years ago we live on this date in 1957. Oh they movies which he played there huh. Convicts. Do rehab himself in prison became a music star clown and a pretty gritty stuff. Elvis. And I'll be and one of the big movies 1957. Year course of these songs as well. And says Judy Tyler as the lady that played his girlfriend this movie. Hands and Judy and her husband's. Died in a car crash is. Couple months. Before this movie premieres your candidate and Wallace was so distraught that he did not go to the premier and reportedly he never watch the finished product I'll regards. So. This sadness there associated yeah this movie. Check that out Elvis and beauty Tyler. Perhaps the way before this movie was released sixteen years ago on this day. 57 through were. That's entertainment news and bourbon this week brought to our good friends at Yves saint John's in Germany. Yes they serve up pizza yeah out. Every day Monday through Saturday 11 AM 10 PM and he will not mean this please don't go by reputed good stuff. Right there at cape fifteen to 08 south Baltimore to Johns in me 844 Stephen did you and your your film award which the business and don't like about. Big Bang views this week the Wichita Steven that in the morning one K and answer yes.