Police capture naked man walking on highway in Philadelphia

Steve & Ted
Monday, January 22nd

Authorities say at one point the man began picking up and throwing debris at passing vehicles.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 630 Steven Hill in the morning on Kate and ask ass yeah. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says the vote to end the stalemate. That caused a government shutdown is now scheduled for noon today. That comes after the Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer objected to holding the vote late Sunday night. I am happy to continue. My discussion with the majority leader about reopening the government we've had several conversations talks will continue. But we have yet to reach an agreement on a path forward that would be acceptable for both sides for that reason I object. Democrats are demanding assurances that the Republican majority will focus on immigration reform. Now the forecast with K and assist staff be rolled just Dan Holliday get boring then good morning we have blizzard conditions going on in northern Kansas were roads have been closed in snow is piling up but for us we're far enough south will get the southern end of this system for some rain possibly wet snow through late morning. Temperatures in the low forties by this afternoon with strong northwest winds clearing off overnight Carlos 25. Sunny and 48 for the high on Tuesday on K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy skies and 38 degrees a west wind. Seventeen miles per hour that makes it feel pretty chilly out here this morning. Forecasters expect a major winter storm could dump snow on most of Nebraska parts of Iowa and Kansas. And that's storm could make travel difficult the National Weather Service says storms already moving across Nebraska. And blizzard conditions are expected at times many schools and a closings and delays across the northwest part of Kansas today that we're still is already falling. National Guard units are in place to help during the storm in the northwest part of the state. Hutchinson police say one person has been arrested following a standoff Sunday. Sergeant Eric Boehlert says officers attempted to serve a juvenile awards. In the 300 block of east eleventh street. Sargent bowlers as police had knowledge that two juveniles armed and did not vote to give up. Police around of the hole and made contact with the suspect. Asking the person to surrender. Nearly four hours later the suspect walked out of the house and was arrested without incident but Wichita business was robbed at gunpoint Saturday night. Wichita police responded to an armed robbery at the Dollar General the 4500 block of east Ponte. A female store employee say two unknown men entered the business armed with handguns and demanded money. A sixteen year old customer was battered her wallet was taken and most pepper sprayed along with the store employee. Both women sustained only minor injuries the suspects took cash and cigarettes and then fled on foot. The first suspect was a man of unknown race approximately five feet eight inches tall what they medium build. The second suspect was an unknown white man around five feet eight inches tall with a medium build. If he had any additional information on this case please call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or Debbie PD detectives at 2684407. Rodney price K and SS news. A jail in northeastern Kansas is seeing a rising inmate population. After a Tony fourteen law that redefined to defendant's right to a speedy trial. From ninety days to 150 days. Lawrence journal world reports that the Douglas county sheriff's office is calling for a 44 billion dollar jail expansion to combat the rising population. Sheriff can McGovern says the speedy trial redefinition is one of multiple reasons why the population has exceeded its 186 beds. Defense attorney Jennifer Roth testified against the then bill in 2014. She said the redefinition would force defendants awaiting trials and unable to afford bond to spend more time in jail cells. She also said it would increase the cost for Kansas counties has defendants spent more time in jail. Phil holed a brand can get SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback has moved one step closer to leaving the state and taking your job in the top administration. For a second time a committee in the US senate has approved his nomination to become ambassador for international religious freedom. This vote puts brown backs nomination right back where it had been for several months awaiting final approval from the full US senate. Given the delays Brownback says he isn't packing his bags just yet. Appears to be progress in but I mean I'm not gonna make any conference. Thought the timing us much what actually happens that's that's the case Brownback had hoped to be confirmed well before now and already handed over some duties. To his lieutenant governor Jeff collier. But after his confirmation was delayed Brownback said he would not step down until he's officially confirmed. As ambassador. 635 Stephen Ted isn't the way I think you're going in Washington in the senate could be awhile longer. Governor rounds back before that thing is finally. Confirm that nomination. 635 now Stephen dead and two army captains who met at West Point every turn there. To be married in what is believed to be the first same sex marriage of active duty personnel. At the famous New York military academy. The New York Times reports captains Daniel hall and Vincent French you know were married in January 13. Captain captain captain they're both Apache helicopter pilot stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. The men met in August of quote 2009. And French you know was a freshman all the senior. There are sort of throw every army veteran never everywhere it. React to it so way to respond to. Authorities have captured a naked man who they say walked in and out of traffic on major highway in Philadelphia low and through various items that vehicles this time a year and called it at a lawyer. He was first spotted Saturday on the southbound side that interstate 95. Highways two right lanes were briefly shut down as police tried to apprehend the man. They eventually got an intent to commit to Cassidy. The incident caused likely today he's delays in the area at least one minor accident no injuries were reported itself and slightly reminiscent of your greased pig story earlier. Naked men walking up and down a highway throwing things well. And you gotta think you associate state guys gone crazy on drag on Laura he's got some mental problem. And the and it sounds crazy and weird he's in funny but on the other hand he's somebody there has a real problem now sonong via. According to a new study Americans are actually getting more sleep. By ditching nighttime bleachers like reading a book or watching TV before bed and published in the January edition of sleep you take sleep magazine about an alloy that's of an exciting agreed. That. And editorial page turner African researchers from the university of been known to get remembered that Slate Magazine one year bought. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine indicated that Americans are averaging seventeen point three minutes more sleep each night than they were nearly fifteen years ago. Which translates to an extra seven point five extra hours of sleep per year that's it that's it. They get their findings officials tapped the American time use survey. A questionnaire conducted by the US Census Bureau that follow the sleeping habits of more than 180000. People. From 2003 to 2016. Participants were age fifteen and older. All of that ever to find out all out to find out you're just sleeping seventy ms. waters leaving just a few minutes longer well. Ought to somebody as a valuable and others to give taxpayer money spent on matter to be somebody who makes mattresses are like deadly thing Melbourne. He by the way just getting more sleep than dad I only I am it nicely and I did five years now I'm need to do we have it's great stuff coming up from the 7 o'clock hour here we Stephen dead crime stoppers update with detective Wendy Hubble. That's 7:10 this morning intent. And it's 735 Mondays with the mayor Wichita mayor Jeff Long well believe will be with us now last week he bailed. Because he was sick I don't make you a 100% hell he wouldn't even do a girl you are back in our I think yup I summit couple days later looks like he's he's in he's and it ain't right now. Now he's in new Lola whether he had yet to get healthy for that big it's street sweeper this yes and operates the zippers of the point sweepers look well. 630 A testing instead on K and assess time for McCain in his has commodities update where Tom Butler of wealth or commodities morning Tom. Good morning Steve and Mike Cameron Peter general putrid that you guys for the week. Hollywood social on Friday did traded below the lows in close on the negative side Friday. Friday afternoon can't get a great took place that mostly 123 dollars will someone Tony turning fifty. Those will bode well just under a 120 dollars to resolve the previous week. Good to penetrate closed mixed up in the prime contracts. Would close Friday they've given bail a nickel at one point 190. Arch Peter dollar 57 of 14560. They've borrowed 97 sort of be too little seven and territory and go broke they record includes part of private. But it went on the big besides Christian the height of trigger inflation. Include the court including the export surplus to balloon you know robust. Affirmed increased their net short position in the mid court and prudent last week. And so I didn't support today and I will report guess Argentina for the next two weeks. What can continue to promote between a quarter of 233. Quarter and it's grown up to a quarter to two point during the quarter. So even think they have the entire 1985 and three quarter but could this morning down seven cents at 6320. Sport. They're going to vote don't vote thirteen 13170. Fortunately there a point they have the tornado leather may have historic index and turned pro in 1920 no. What's that do teachers didn't hit point point 57996. Let me trading right marketing advisor in contact look at commodity on the program live by using 866. Who can talk. They tell arcade is as mothers generate are now indicating absolutely nothing going on as far as precipitation. In Butler county you're you're in Augusta. But are you hear the forecast that it possibly itself the before noon right. This possible. You'd yeah because we're going to be on the southern jet. Yeah it is an embattled northwest part to start to get some pretty good snow maybe some. But boy it sure might be good for the cropped up that way but it's all kind of Boylan down sort of in this direction mostly mostly to the east. I great men to be gets up right now and a little bit don't they in northern Reno county so if you're west hutch. You maybe she is up and right now but here in south central Kansas. So far so good I mean and not much going wrong. That's right we have been different most everything ever boost and a slew will be beneficial to. Crowd but they're northwest corner of the stadium close to stay in Whitley. Yeah and I'm just I say so far so good I'm I don't particularly care for this type of weather on other hand you point out something. A very valuable that is reads we need to move moisture desperately. In this part of the country no way. That is correct but you removed because we'll look good so it's also got its problems through because. Killed injured or have to contend with this simple not a good situation from there and so there's nobody available. But it's always up the right. Thank you Tom McCain is as commodities up David mr. Tom Butler they all the way done grants the FB demonic record. Not gonna talk about investing around bubbles. That's on the way. Stephen took the morning on KN SA.