Police Chiefs inviting the public to participate in a golf tournament

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
Guests: Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder and Sedgwick Co. Sheriff Jeff Easter.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. This is the case individually. It's even dead actually Macintosh. Eleven dead after tourist duck boat capsized as on table rock lake we got the story. Carnival worker admits killing Wichita couple times it would work those details just ahead of Wichita State we'll have a new marching band beginning this fall. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 101. For the high in Wichita that's about eighty degrees above normal looks like another above normal day for us with a hot weather in store are complete forecast is coming up. Pianist his. Breaking news or for the shooting this morning in the Riverside area of Wichita. One person critically injured in the 18100 block of north quarter. Police investigating and now I don't on the scene again it's in the 18100 block of north Porter one person critically injured in a shooting. At least eleven people are reported dead after a tourist duck boat carrying 31 people capsized in high wind and sanctum table rock lake. Near Branson Missouri. Stone county sheriff Doug rader updates the situation. Guys. Well. Readership is a seven others were hospitalized six missing. A probable cause affidavit says a carnival worker admitted killing a Wichita couple at a county fair. Michael Fowler told investigators he shot sunny and Pauline carpenter at the Barton county fair in great man. According to the affidavit Ballard told van Buren Arkansas police that rusty Frazier and Kimberly younger. Also known as Myrna condom were with him when the couple's killed. Suspects buried the couple in a shallow grave in Arkansas. One person was injured following a police chase Thursday afternoon that ended in east Wichita Sedgwick county sheriff's deputy spotted this stolen as QB and try to pull out over the cart. The driver sped off. Sheriff lieutenant Dan Hurst Berger says the chase ended when the driver crashed the. The vehicle I was involved in the collision with the vehicles next thing sound. Experience I want 35. And out vehicles flipped over and you know. Driver treated for minor injuries she was wanted on a number of Warren's several others were in the issue be including a child at. They were not injured two suspects were involving an aggravated robbery near downtown Wichita on happened early yesterday at the circle K gas station at cynic and McClain. One suspect came into the building pointed a gun at a female employee demanding property but left the store empty handed. Meanwhile another female employee was outside in front of the store she was not working at times he was sitting in her car when a second suspect approached and stole her cellphone. Police officer Charlie Davidson has a description of the suspect. It's for suspects and unknown black male mid 7. To six foot fence bill. Was wearing dark jeans gray hoodie and attic clowns skeleton mask. The second one that I know white male early 11. Then build. Black sweatpants. Gray hoodie. Black and white bandanna covering his face sunglasses. And a ball cap white gloves back. The woman's cell phone was recovered nearby at third and dodge Wichita State University plans to start a marching band this fall. The university said at a news release that the band. Which will be called the shocker sound machine will include graphs saxophone and a drum line. Jim Jay director of bands of the school says the group and will feature high energy performances. And perform mostly at which both state basketball games as well as major student events but school hopes the band will eventually have about 200 members. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. The senate has. Passed a non binding resolution 980. Saying the US should not allow Moscow to interfere. The interview former ambassador Michael McFall and other American officials. He rejected an offer the White House says Russian president Vladimir Putin made to have a former US ambassador go to Moscow for questioning. Delaware Democrat senator Chris tunes called that ridiculous. The idea that somehow it was. An even credible proposal. Any former US ambassador to Russia would be subjected to cross examination interrogation by an hostile power. I'm sadly shows our president doesn't understand. What it means to serve the United States overseas Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake says this will be added to his list of questions. When the secretary of state testifies next Wednesday. They thought that. We were leaving their explains that. It's what now must be chilly. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News there was talk of a blue wave in the mid term elections in November with Democrats winning thanks to voter disapproval of Republicans and especially president trump. Republican Kansas congressman Ron pastors tells me Unisys news. I don't buy into the theory that there will be a blue in the Democrats can take over the house and senate. You know I believe that Google is bounced the Republican told Al scripts these representatives and probably increased. In the in the senate in terms of the number Republican senators. Estes is competing to retain his seat in the house in the primary election August 7 Kahan SS news time now 7066. Manifesto o'clock. Kansas City Royals get back edit after the all star break and the wing nuts are home this weekend we'll have pre is coming up sports. And dividing pot. On the stock market. That story coming up for McCain is a sporting news is Steven says it. The case and there's there's more users even dead now own 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock which star radio personality Bob alludes co host of the drive on KF eight to use co-founder of lead 42. Name for baseball star Jackie Robinson's number. Can assist you talked with Lou it's about Lee 42. That's a youth baseball organization for urban children. And our kids and their horse almost 600 of them this year our fifth year of operation. Come from the inner city of Wichita. There African Americans and Hispanics there why there Asian. We love the diversity of leaked 42 and brings families and kids together for common cause. Bob lute is our guest this weekend and issued 20:18 Sunday morning at 801 K in a sense. There is a new way to enjoy marijuana. Legally. They Canada's industry comes of age a major Canadian grower processor and distributor completing the first candidates initial public stock offering on the NASDAQ. Raising 153 million dollars justice Canada prepares to legalize marijuana nationally on October. Cheers and British Columbia based till ray and began trading on the NASDAQ at seventeen bucks quickly jumped to 21 closed at twenty to 39. A portfolio manager at navy capital says the US is beginning to institutionalize. Canada's investing much cleaner way he says to invest in marijuana. With 70% of the IPOs investors US based. If you had bought into until race pot IPO. You would have made 32%. On the day anyway. To Reese Crowley Fox News. And your version of speed dating and that involve the cops Memphis police say a man stole a State's car and drove it to a date with another woman the woman reporter car stolen after Kelsey Griffin went to her house to take route. Detectives say Griffin stopped at a gas station and asked the woman to get some cigars. While she was inside he drove off. Later that night another woman contacted the victim a told her that Griffin had taken her on a day. That woman but police to a drive in movie theater where they found the first dates vol vol Griffin wasn't the driver's seat and cops slapped cuffs on him. Drove him to jail. Tom or Gotti Fox News. Pianist is used on now 71212 but it spent 7 o'clock. Taking a quick look at the gasoline prices in Wichita not seen much change out they're still for the most part 257 a gallon I did spots and better and 256. Gasoline Douglas and Seneca falls the 47 street south of hydraulic. Traffic update from cape and SS radio lines get achievers. McCain is in a storm credit report has now we've Kansas State meteorologist Rondell Williams to blowing run don't. Hey good morning Steve on that would say Hoffman yesterday when it. Yeah you know what they were it was so hot yesterday was actually the hottest day of the year for which we hit triple digits which. Yeah we've done before this past June we did hit 100 few times but yesterday we hit one a one. Officially making the hottest day of the year so far anyway. Well it's in numbers checking with the National Weather Service this morning and I said. You know I recorded. Heat indexes yesterday afternoon around 12. 112 they said the topic was 113 and three Fareed index that's yeah that's right it pretty toasty here here yeah that's that's exactly right in that you know that's why when when the heat indices get up there that's why we release stress you know to drink water you'd have to be outside. Just make sure you take him plenty of breaks because that is just brutal we get brutal and he's funny Murano which is Jelena in my life that I in the afternoon we're inside. Every seemed to be. You know be worth feeling afar yeah he glory inside an air conditioning you know. Yeah yeah in my in my case he was running all day yesterday ended. Usually I can pass are shivering a little bit after what hadn't happened yesterday our alms be anonymous US forecast now as we head into the week answer please. Yes we head into the weekend still gonna be hot steamy muggy out there back in the upper ninety's possibly even its breaking the triple digits again. Going well into the afternoon. Wins it should be pretty light out of the east at about eight to eighteen the occasional breeze out there but of course that they are still going to be mainly still would winds mainly light so not getting too much relief from the winds. We do have to keep the night of the sky watch out made for maybe a slight chance for. Shower storm late in the afternoon especially during the evening a couple of rumbles of thunder possible during the overnight is well. And then into Saturday. She's gonna be hot again but not as hot is that today or yesterday dropping down in 93 degrees of some pretty toasty out there. But nothing like what we experience today or what we experienced yesterday. And I should be pretty trial day as well so I think we should get a nice little break from the storms out there today lauded for a current conditions right now one. All got to talk about right now even though it's pretty muggy out there pretty stuffy as well 74 degrees. Looking like a mainly cloudy sky for some of us out there just breaks of sunshine as the sun continues to rise. A northeast wind at eight miles per hour that humidity though that's what's making you feel. Pretty stuffy out there 85%. Dew point of 69. And I'd usually when we have those temperatures get closer to the dew point that's what makes it feel very very humid out there so they're only five degrees apart so you do the math. All right thanks Brownell they can you also comfortably forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams got a couple of deaf to the studio let me guess. Let me guess guests and I have outstanding warrants to new here to take me away in America. Just like last. Can you break it. That's his Centre county sheriff Jeff Easter with us this morning they Prius and their answer thank you Andrea unscheduled. Ago this is dead skin isn't supposed to happen. And our other special guest this morning news Austin police chief. Doug Schroeder yes hello church trader at least we go straighter but I answered either one thing I've just been I answered the dinner. Yes that anything of doubt they keep Schroeder trader. Is that the man who stop the active shooter that excel industries and Aniston a couple of years ago and you've you've posts are you both back. Even the AK ACP. Is that we're judgment what is it Kansas association of watch it and chiefs of police Kansas association chiefs of police. I am an interactive yeah size feature here is he's got a policeman. I'm iMac and yeah. I. Take it easy to. So what is this organization what you guys do. Well it an organization of chiefs of police obviously. But I think the reason why we're here today as we they upcoming. Fund raiser a fun way to do it to play a little bit of golf out there and it benefits the valor foundation. Development nation and what is it about foundation is is really. And I'm excited about something that's that's close to my heart. It's basically has funded aid. Annual. Awards banquet where we can recognize officers that go above and beyond. The line of duty and you know I've really helps some people. All right and you both who have been involved in some pretty bad situations and Allen and know that. Share priest or lost a brother several years ago who was a law enforcement officers well Jeff. And has so you know that this is a good deal you know what when are we gonna do this event it's it's a golf tournament is next yeah yeah coming out because if I'm lucky cat. Cat well we might hit you up for that now those polls are those clubs they have they're they're different numbers element do. Are you not so good with your numbers is that going to be a problem I'm not good with anything. That's why haven't I area well it's coming up here it's August 10. And where you are were arranging for perfect weather that day though we want to we want a full house out there it's going to be a sand creek station in Newton. If you never play golf out there that's beautiful track and we're gonna Havel who were in advocate timeout there. And raise money for a special costs lucked and he had of people involved mean you look at the players here donors are what really for you bet we're looking for support. I'm so yeah yeah we'd love to have a field full of golfers out there and non golfers we can let them play as well. Arm and also supports though really just going on line. A quick Google of Kansas valor foundation golf tournament. Voice products is the company here in Wichita that puts that on force and they do an amazing job. Everybody that plays and in Houston instrument has a great time chief it's nice to meet you and it's nice to have you tell all about his sentinel he brought. And what you brought Easter along with him but I'm just saying years of experience this here for good looks photo ops Matt. Actually the Fowler terms for several years been a part of it yeah always looking for volunteers help with the term it. It's it really brings a lot of business community you know all Forstmann make those connections. And it's just too good timing us for very good you know of course that. A used to do business with your father. That's not a good thing no I would every morning I'd call him up and say what's happening and you would give me the you would give it a lot of report reverend I was there a few times. They say what is this you don't really get what you think Jimmy can know how. I don't limit all right guys that called action again how can we find out more about the big golf tournament coming up it's and creek on August him yeah. Go online Kansas. Valor foundation. We have radio website Kansas association chiefs of police voice products. Like this was okay yeah. I'd gadgets go online there's several ways contact voice products here in town they can also less rich app again we'd like to have players we'd like to have. As support from the community and we elect people that have a good time out there. I would say Google and stalker from voice products but that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Anything could come up. Everything. Actually he doesn't know that he's got works he's going. You're a good candidate Steve gentlemen thank you so much for me it was just a good cause and or their list of wanna support you guys in and you have a great turnout there again. August 10 in Kansas usually is just beautiful weather so that they. Haven't brought her hot out out and stopping senator Ingrid and steer right guys thank you gentlemen appreciate your time this morning you tested police chief Doug trader and Cedric county sheriff Jeff Easter. And they're talking about the idea and just association chief of police golf tournament sand creek. In Newton on August 10 720 now Stephen dead on Cain is active sports fan we've. At what we're indeed Major League Baseball has gone back into action today right to it that. Back at it after the all star break and the royals will hit it at home taken on the Minnesota Twins. Minnesota going into the break 18 of ten of the royals have lost twelve of fourteen. And we have. Three games this weekend. Tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon and all those games live on Sports Radio KFH 12:40 AM 975. F them. Danny Duffy it's starting pitcher for the royals tonight. He has worked thirteen straight scoreless innings going in this when that the second longest. Active streak in the American League. Pro baseball the Wichita wing nuts as they are home this weekend hosting the clean burn out railroad yours may have games tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon Lawrence Dumont stadium post game fireworks tonight. And then tomorrow night is switch atop pilots heritage night honoring former Texas League champs and act on Sunday afternoon after that it'll be more than three weeks on the road for the wing nuts so. Last chance this weekend to see the wing nuts at home for a while Lawrence Dumont stadium last night cleaver and beat the wing nuts three to suit. As cleaver and tied the league record with six sacrifice bonds including a couple of late inning squeeze bunt to get runs across. Between us three to two wing net stranding eleven on base last night Wichita Falls two and a half games in back for a playoff spot in six weeks to go in the season. Pro golf the 147. British Open is underway at Carnoustie in Scotland. Second round play actually is under way today right now in our first round leader after yesterday's play Kevin his near the American at five under par. God played a couple of times recently in the Wichita open right here in town first round leader at the Brit. If you don't believe in yourself. How here you know get run over pretty quickly so I'm pretty sure everybody has a lot of self belief are so we wouldn't be doing it. And currently does this second round leaders we still haven't now have a three way tie atop a five. Under haven't seen Isner at five under to starting his round Zach Johnson another guy played the Wichita open a couple times at five under. And Tommy I think Tommy Fleetwood the Brit. Five under par right now so tightening things up a lot of guys up atop the leaderboard at the British Open in Carnoustie over in Scotland. That's sports was even Ted KNS. I did 722 now get a different Rush Limbaugh morning update for states are suing it. To demand more tax cuts that's coming up with Ahmadinejad right now. Time for the prairie fire coffee break OK and assistance. Prairie fire copies of precious copy the Wichita area because very tired coffee beans. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you can get pretty fired off read your office by calling 2673771. Or online is very tired coffee dot com copyright 743 now Stevens head of the morning on Kate and the S and us.