Police in Los Angles confiscate over 500 guns from felon

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
Over 500 guns and illegal accessories were found in the residence

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on us. 7 o'clock this is McCain as a sporting news is Steven says it. IC Macintosh and managed dead after a motorcycle crash in southwest which. We've got the story. Man arrested after a shooting in northeast Wichita on trying to Woodward those details just ahead I'm writing prize the first steps to improving what's docile north Johnson took place Tuesday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday's high in Wichita was 93 but it doesn't look like who gets that warm today. A break from the heat and some rain are forecast is on the way. And then from L Laredo is dead after a motorcycle accident Wednesday Tuesday afternoon at night to 35 MacArthur. In selfless Wichita I would patrol reports of driver lost control of the motorcycle ran into a ditch. The patrol identifies the dead man is 41 year old David Alan Cooke. Of Alfredo. Police arrested a man in connection with a shooting last evening it when he first imprints in northeast Wichita. Police say a thirty year old victim was shot once in the chest and was hospitalized in critical condition. Bullets also hit businesses and vehicles in the area the first two sets to improving which does north junction took place Tuesday. The north junction interchange is nearly fifty years old and can't handle the current traffic demands of almost 100000 vehicles per day. K dot has hired PEC to develop plans for alleviating the most congested routes northbound I won 35 to westbound I 235 K 96. And southbound I won 35 to east on K 254. There's currently no funding for right of way acquisition final design or construction mayor Jeff Long well stressed the importance of this project. It's critically important in the whole region and that's why I think it's important for rested team with the county. The city will initially covered the 86000 dollar cost a higher PEC and request reimbursement for Cedric county perhaps of that amount. Rodney prize KN OSS news. Widespread flooding is to blame for 75 year old man's death in Wisconsin. Flash flooding left roads and businesses damaged causing dozens of sink holes and making traveling a nightmare for commuters Fox's Mike Tobin has more. At least seven inches fell on Michigan's upper peninsula setting a new record and in areas of Minnesota a stationary storm front produced torrential rainfall. Damaging several major highways local officials aren't out touring the damage promising a quick recovery as tourist season ramps up but they're more caught off guard by the fast rising water and the area suffered major damage that won't be easy to repair many say they've never seen flooding like this before. And they're anxious to start the rebuild. The body of the 75 year old man was found near his pick up truck by a flooded road in Ashland county Wisconsin. President trump has given his okay to a Republican immigration bill. That would end a policy of separating families after illegal border crossings in anything meeting. With house Republicans president trump endorsed a consensus measure two bridge divides between moderates and conservatives. There's 25 billion dollars for border wall and legal status for young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and children would stay with their parents during immigration proceedings. I think the president's visit today. Did they encourage house Republicans to do. More towards getting legislation passes. Florida Republican Carlos cabello was a sponsor democrats' legislation is not needed for the president to reverse a zero tolerance policy blamed for family separations. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern. Fox News centers governor Jeff collier has denied 21 requests for pardons and piloted his decisions. Well the news conference focusing on a case involving a pregnant teenage girl's murder in 2006. Collier announces actions Tuesday during an event outside the Sedgwick county courthouse. One request denied by calling it came from Everett gentry. Was among three men serving life sentences in connection with a strangulation. Of fourteen year old Chelsea Brooks in Wichita. Cain is there's news out now seven. 04 Foreman has spent 7 o'clock. One more day to go before the Wichita open begins for golf action in town pro am is today we'll have a preview coming up sports. No drugs in the system of the man shot during the Wichita swatting incidents. That story coming up. On the case and is this morning news receive and says yeah. They're just tennis is sporting news receive a dead now seven only 8 minutes past 7 o'clock. Frederick County authorities say a man who died after being shot by a Wichita police officer in a squatting case has no drugs or alcohol in his system. The county's autopsy shows 28 year old Andrew French died in December from a single gunshot wound officers respond to a report of shooting kidnapping and which address when pinch when shopping outlets who shot pinched. Tested by deeply finch had a weapon was going to fire finch was an armed. Prosecutors say tighter barest called in the fake report to police to swat another man because of a dispute over a video game bet. It's his home was the old address for one person allegedly involved in the dispute but Paris is charged in state court with involuntary manslaughter. Tony do saying OK and ass ass news. President trumps attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to Fox's Sean Hannity about special counsel Robert Muller's investigation. Giuliani says the investigation may soon come to an end our. Believe that this investigation is very very close to being able to be thrown out anything they do. Including a man afford indictment including the pursuit of mr. Colin. And certainly any kind of process data initiative the president United States. There in jeopardy of having the whole thing thrown out. President trump frequently calls the investigation a witch hunt and says he has done nothing wrong. A deadly shooting in Chicago's west side defines the fire department being investigated. Or potential grossly. Negligent behavior gunfire erupted early Monday morning two people were killed two more injured seventeen year old Erin carrying suffered a quote catastrophic head injury he was presumed dead paramedics covered his body with a white sheet and moved on to help another victim than someone allegedly yelled he ain't dead. He saw motion movement underneath the sheet. Officers who were present notified paramedics this man still alive Chicago PD first deputy superintendent Anthony Riggio says the paramedics then perform chest impressions Kerry succumbed to his injuries when he hours later at a trauma center officials are investigating to find out which paramedic originally triage scary there also securing phone calls radio traffic and footage from the scene Kevin battle Fox News. In assist used announced 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock thing. And traffic this morning in the Wichita area that's starting to get pretty heavy out there in some spots seeing some heavy traffic right now. Around north junction I want 35 by 235. In king 96 and load into the gasoline prices that we're seeing out there. 259. Gallons few picking on your when he first inmates. Traffic update from Kate and test as radio lines here at chambers and now the pistons stormed record three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett good morning Laura. Hey good morning it's it doesn't rain across parts that can't says the dissolved valid argument right onto the seats to take. If this would hold together right did you think god does that mean there's some people literally can't they did it really rain and then there's other people ought western Kansas like yeah I don't know lottery and yes it did absolutely and as far as we have this morning we aren't scenes mixed clouds a little bit of sunshine we have some light rain showers further off to the west census out of Hutchinson the Arlington pretty prairie down to Kingman really won't amount to a whole lives. If this can hold together and went left that's mauled potentially could see some spotty showers in around the metro or the next couple hours that are really wouldn't count on and not enough to really get without the umbrella. As far as our temperatures go this morning we're on the cooler side he deftly fielded changed their relief we'll see highs today in the middle eighties we'll see high of 84 here in which to us out when becoming northwest. And lots of winds also pick up the second half of the week in the nineties don't take back over until the weekend we do have a small T as for the storms Friday night has value more meaningful chance in the short term. I'm sadly enough going to canceling your weekend plans. I'll watch and have the radar. Earlier this morning. There were some showers lined up in some severe thunderstorm warnings being issued just two counties over to the western. Me I now. Oh and then just like analysis really kind of all fell apart annually acted FaceBook live owner fan page earlier this morning anyways is a whole lot of wind to know that some people they told me that was actually what woke them up that you hear the wind. Is whipping up a cider house and it looked outside like votes like sprinkling with Scott. I don't really think so that so far not much to this. Does she think we'll get anything more tonight tomorrow maybe years. Just that small potential wow spotty showers storm raining really that's about it that we've got as far as your meaningful rain and her relentless and all that mean letting us know what you liars of an inch out of the airport then just to get credible and his mother nature's teasing us again you know we're pretty much it was kind of agree -- enough to dirty your car to flee the jury in your yard maybe even pat downs a little bit hope. We nineteenth at. All right thank you are the K a sandstorm Parker street forecast with. Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett houses. But there's been interesting watching this morning earlier this morning we have another warm day across Kansas Tuesday yesterday's high 93 degrees. Good data get out and work up a sweat of your did any of walking or running yesterday afternoon again and good run and yeah it was good in Monte. The contrast this morning is that it's 66 degrees we've been. Haven't temperatures this time and in the in the seventies and eighties almost and really muggy and today just on that a relief. Comparatively feels pretty nice I'm just to take a quick look at the McCain is as weather center radar here Fraser's. And as if this can touch Geneva that did real caddies get pretty good break it down satellite but again but it's all loaded Campbell north northeast and right on up. And give Canon disintegrated the willingness ball park. Ted I guess that's good because they get golf going on right we talk about that in a minute but we do have golf going on. You know Wichita pro am holdings it's going yeah I Newsom was so I know something was gone on because I'm a saw Mike Kennedy in the studio yesterday. Yeah I like very often around like gearing up for of the big golf weekends get all excited about it so it'll be you know which he'll have live coverage of the third round on Saturday in the final round on Sunday. Right here on tape and assess how about that Mike and yeah 47 years has just say house lawn is less than 28 years in ones I've been decay in a sense they've been to an attorney and a do a fantastic. Job okay. Florida that this weekend. First time the sheriff's department search to one convicted felons all the they say they found 432. Firearms. When they went back a day later they found another 91 guns hidden in the residence. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Palmdale responded to a tip from a neighbor of Manuel Fernandez six year old man. Fernandez was arrested on charges including being a felon in possession of firearms. Possession of an assault rifle being a felon in possession of ammunition and possession of large capacity magazines. Gun accessories that are used to hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition. California a magazine and holds more than ten rounds is considered a large capacity. And no matter what you think your news about the the about the Second Amendment about guns and firearms. This is a problem because of these guns wind up in the wrong hands. And this guy had cute Corey. 500. Guns. I get a neighbor if somebody urgent while fought people all over there at the mention the little dance it would be got a tough. And any of the bad part is guarding the convicted felons which are convicted felons are not supposed to have my rights but how often. Do we had that happen here you argued you don't police department every time criminal discharging a firearm and criminal possessed notified it turns out all the time it turns out to be a Fella. Now these guys are back on the streets again and again and in this thing so. There's problems. Convicted felons and against. Eight Ted VIP Wichita the great magazine on the streets or the at Dillon's. At the village stores that are in the magazine reckons it's no charge for the magazine and it's got great pictures of both celebrities and people around Wichita and as with this month we've got to. And add that Steven Stanton Kaye Unisys radio and I got rushed. Limbaugh Sean Hannity and Eric Stephens that are also there to take us out. Nice picture of us winning are Marconi award last year they have a copy of the Dulles or VIP which to about the 617 now Steve intends to make it 717 LC intent on gaining in his hands and sports this morning and guys and it's gonna talk about. Based Global Sources office now we are getting ready for golf to golf week in Wichita they Wichita open. Annual event gets under way tomorrow morning is Christie country club. That means today's activities all day long as the annual march page pro am big benefit for junior golf. Morning tee time in fact they started teeing off about twenty minutes ago about 7 o'clock this morning for the morning groups. March page which you one of the founders of women's golf. Yeah he's a legendary figure like Rolling Hills country here in Wichita yeah. If that's part legendary yes and changed and so much to Foster leaving golf for so many people that's one of pro ams. Honoring her and junior golf programs and I thought area. Rio doce the morning groups are all out on the course and LB in other afternoon groups teeing off about noon today for the pro am all day long. Wanted to check it out salt free today on risky country closed Wichita open begins tomorrow. Minor a Minor League Baseball last night in the Southern League all star game in Birmingham Alabama. And one of the all stars as former Wichita wing Mets pitcher Omar Ben Como he is in double lay with the Minnesota Twins for the Chattanooga look outs. And Ben Carlo did his part in the all star game last night came in through scoreless fourth inning got about 123. Then Como is number two in the Southern League with a 2.2 three earned run average this season former wing nut Omar bin Como double play. Twins performing well in the Southern League all star game last night. You're in which it's all the what you calling nuts for inaction last night beginning at various short three game homestand against the Sioux Falls canaries. We nets won the opener for its new wing that's bullpen did its job working for scoreless innings to hold on to a lead get the win. That's four wins in Euro now the wing nuts and they've won eight of their last night and they get a game closer in the standings or four and a half back in the south division wing nuts. Posting the canaries again tonight seminal five downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium game two with three game set. Major League Baseball up in Kansas City last night couple last place teams going at Kansas City Royals hosting the Texas Rangers. And once again the royals struggle on offense the Rangers win the game four to one of yours Denny Matthews after the game. Other royals don't do much offensively and its now familiar pattern over the last few games they just. Did nothing offensively from mid game on now there's an example of that tonight the royals got to run. In the fifth inning Gordon scored the run driven indict Rochelle Guerrero who shingle. OK so one run in the fifth inning. From that point on innings 678. And nine. Royals got a grand total of one hit a single year you said it's been a common theme in this month of June where they fall to two in fifteen this month. Royals lose their eight in her old Rangers lose 41. This royals host the Rangers again tonight in the series finale and homestand finale live pregame coverage of the royals in the rangers' begins at 6:30 this evening. It will start at 715 you can listen live on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. It was fifty years ago today big names in Wichita passed away Henry left. 950 years ago today were founded Henry's stores and race and again. Henry Levitt arena around outside Wichita State was named after and relook. Henry doors were very very nice clothing stores where like that the reported Hornish out when it. And the namesake of Levitt arena has literally he's 74 and that's when it was fifty years ago today. Sports Stephen Ted KM SS say. The Wichita open alternative he talked about at all about the Wichita wing nuts at home of course. Tonight at Lawrence Dumont stadium taken on the Sioux Falls canaries you know every Wednesday when nets fans get an awesome Wichita related giveaway. So on and on out of the ballpark tonight make sure he built but that's. And we've been giving our listeners when that's tickets all season long about another four pat let's get a four pack a wing nuts to get to one of our lucky fans right now. You can use those for any game on all season long about a four pack to color number four called me now at 86 denying a thirteen thirty for four pack up. Wing nuts tickets tying him for our prairie fire coffee break on Kate and assess very tired coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because Perry fired coffee beans. Are roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you. To get prairie fire coffee at your office by calling 2673771. Or all line. At prairie fire coffee dot com copyright seventh what do you do now given your for Rush Limbaugh morning update goes zero tolerance border policy. That's on the lake Stevens and blowing on me and a sense.