Police pull over car with fake license plate... made out of a pizza box

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

Also, its National Homemade Bread Day


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All right so you know the UN. Then they rent so yeah. Man right. Then you literally. Thirteen thirty taste it and says we are Steven 10 in the morning at 847 year on a Friday morning. Three big things. City house passes tax reform wouldn't fly in the seventh seeded fire destroyed a warehouse in Newton while. Tammy stoning to what you post first female feet three big things even dead on K and its fans. And this morning here in Wichita those gasoline prices in which off continuing to slide a little bit you forty war. We are seeing around yesterday but lots of station's morning around 242. I spotted even better to 39. At Kellogg and Broadway traffic updates from state and SS radio and yet she's. Becoming mostly sunny and breezy today with a high of 75 degrees increasing cloudiness tonight overnight loaf. 45. Saturday's sunny windy and cooler tomorrow's high 54. Now fog and mist 59 degrees south wind at eighteen. Miles per hour. Data assess whether he is brought to you by the monarch featuring the perfect patio for conversation. And cocktails. On our coverage of military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 849 now Steven Ted fifty miss daisy is seventeenth of November. Fifty years ago today. 1967. The death of Wichita industrialist spread Coke. At the age of 67. At a hard tackle on a hunting trip and you saw with our scene McCormick the owner of the broad view hotel. And of course his son's four cents down very well known. Some of the richest man on the planet that is sons in reflected. Company still based right here in which it only twenty years ago today we had a visit in which about 1997. President Bill Clinton showed remember that day very well. And President Clinton here in town twenty years ago today right now that covering it for K and assess the yeah. Stephen Ted which Toppert dot com poll that we're gonna retire this question should the Wichita police department use cameras to spot traffic offenses. 23% said yes if you don't wanna take it don't broke the law 77%. Said no. Big Brother is watching us. New question this morning are you traveling for Thanksgiving. No. Our yes more than 100 miles or yes less than 100 miles the Stevens averaged about Turk perch dot com poll is on our web page. In this is radio dot com the out. Hopkinton Massachusetts police department says in a FaceBook post that they stopped a driver with a license plate made out of a pizza box. Hopkinton police say the driver is facing charges that include operating and uninsured and unregistered vehicle. And attaching fake homey place early exits apparently can read one of the numbers because there's agree sting India and Oliver something you know. An inch over the department says it it discourages people from making their own place well okay. Especially if they can't give up with something better than a cardboard box. And some felt tip pen now. And makes sense to run those plates to find others from Latinos Downey wedeman wedeman. A South Dakota woman who is the tough critic. Facing an aggravated assault charge because of a police state. The 49 year old Sioux Falls woman hit a man in the head with a frying pan Cong why now. Apparently it was because she didn't like the guy singing. And struck him at her home last weekend was in her house a victim and a friend left and they called police. After he hit him in the head with a frying pan if he'd been like saint. And an up close on Wall Street Thursday the Dow. Closed up 187. Points the NASDAQ. Up 87 and Standard and Poor's. Up 21 we had some down days this week old bounce back to mr. little a little outspend IT 52. Down with Steve and Ted and the time for a look at the business journal update from which to a business journal evaluating self funded health insurance plans for companies. This is the time of year companies and employees. Are taking a look at their health care coverage. They have to decide no matter what happens in Washington some companies. Are doing research and figuring out what's been blocked but figuring out that moving to a self funded insurance plan is to just waiting game. Donald Lee is director of underwriting strategy and partnerships set by campaign he says companies need to examine the pros and cons of changing to a self funded plan. Does it really comes down to dollars and cents but. Companies have to understand the strategies behind it. In 201539%. Of private sector establishments self funded at least one plan. Also this week the journal offering profiles of the people who received philanthropy award from the Wichita chapter of the association of fundraising professionals. Eight people received awards. Thursday for their Philanthropic Philanthropic. Work as volunteers. Executive fund raisers. Outstanding corp corporation and Charles EB. Won the distinctive community service award. All of their profiles are in today's which does business journal I didn't know there was the society of fundraising professionals and they should be in that society should only help to fund raise funds Gabby you wouldn't. You wouldn't do it for philanthropy now you you'd do it for the you know the Macintosh funds via so whatever that may be the recognition. Local breaking business news every day on T and assess and which style business journal dot com for the which some business journal. And Steve Macintosh. Today Teddy is national homemade bread day. Today I have a feeling that most people don't do that now and a couple of occasions over the years Shelley my wife is made to only bread it. Most of time we do not it's still easy to buy some really good breadth of their the grocery store and it's OK Doug is homemade well when once you get home need to realize how. It's you know generic the stuff you get it's why I suppose as homemade breads especially when it's warm yeah well very. Today is national bike club on a day or but Paula value every elected. They to say it's believed to have originated. By the Turkic people in central Asian nations a dessert in many countries. Prepared in several ways that it's got. Layers of Ito pastry known each NetSuite there was a report and eat and absolutely delicious my late sister in law Mary used to make this. Homemade and go with the layers of Filo dough and batter him on that. Two hours and hours to me that's it's a little bit labor intensive but the price and product as well at the end of the day Darden did it was absolutely delicious it's always -- I've never seen any left over that's one note you don't have always gone and whatever that last seen about what levers six or seven peace and that left over but it. National homemade bread day and national book club Wednesday or Butler Butler. 855 feet instead on KN SA instead. Got up and we got a big event coming up a week from Sunday. It's the miss Kansas USA and miss Kansas teen USA state pageant it's going to be held. Right here in the area in Kansas star arena in mold may end up. Make sure you're there to see into this Kansas USA and miss Kansas teen USA crowned on Sunday. November 26. We got pairs of tickets to giveaway to go to this event at Kansas star Reno on Sunday the 26. Please take these pairs of tickets are 98 dollar values they're fantastic. Let's give those away our listeners right now. Caller number 45 and six give me a call at 86913. 38 Unisys news a dime of Wichita has a new fire team that story a couple of nights even dead on Kerry and SS.