Police standoff Tuesday afternoon in W. Wichita

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Wednesday, May 16th
33-year-old man was intoxicated, and had a weapon

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Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news and assess which talks number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good point 6 o'clock this is the KE NS this morning you whose Stevens the ninety Macintosh. We have followed and big east and 61 degrees. The police standoff ended peacefully in west Wichita Tuesday after. They're under 190 street and Taft. Police officer Charlie Davidson says officers were contacted by a man and woman Monday. Saying their 33 year old son was intoxicated and pointed gun at them officers couldn't find a Monday they followed up on the case Tuesday. And the police swat team and a dog were called in the man was arrested. At Tuesday's meeting to which does City Council approved the design initiation. Of the cities are clocks master plan. The cancel proof that master plan last year with Tuesday's approval one point two million in aquatic plants funds are budgeted this year and next for design and construction. The city's selected water's edge products designed to handle the design phase. Overall the city already paid for facilities turn five swimming pools and water playgrounds and built two additional water playgrounds. Which will address such issues as water conservation safety accidental seasons and operational hours. And cost savings from eliminating lifeguards. The capital improvement plan includes 22 million dollars in funding for aquatic facility improvements through 20/20 six. Ronnie Price KUSS news. One bone bruise was killed and three injured Tuesday in a selfless south Kara California explosion. Fox's Rick Lozano reports FedEx. Closure on inside of a medical office building. At first reported as a car into a building but we've learned. There was no car involved but rather a large explosion of some kind killing one person and injuring three others extensive damage to the building fire and police some massive response including the bomb squad. Hazmat canine units called in as well as swat debris from the building strewn throughout the area while across the street. A daycare center and some staff members are removing. Some cribs and other furniture and pieces of equipment. Meantime children who were inside that daycare center they were evacuated safely. The FBI believes a package bomb likely caused the explosion. Kim Jong-un is threatening to scrap piece historic meeting with president trump a day after canceling ties with South Korea North Korea says it has no interest in a summit. If all the space on his quote one sided domains to give up its nuclear arsenal. North Korean media also warning ongoing joint military drills and South Korea could derail the meeting. Calling them an intentional military provocation. Miami Republican senator John Barrasso who met will present trumped Tuesday. Tells fox is ninth the president may just pass out the summit the president does is really focused on trying to accomplish this realizing he may just have to. Walk away the summit between Kim Jung an impressive trump is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore in Washington shaman told fox needs. Kansas go to collier has signed bill law that will allow those who are wrongfully convicted of crimes to collect 65000 dollars for each year they were incarcerated. Under the law signed it Tuesday those who wrongfully convicted and whose convictions are overturned will be eligible for 65000 dollars per year he's been behind bars. Michelle Feldman of the innocence project says the new system is a gold standard among such compensation laws. Case in SS UConn now 604 Foreman and spent 6 o'clock. 97 and thirteen thirty K and as says. He did in the morning now 6099. Minutes past 6 o'clock on this Wednesday morning. Since taking a look at traffic here on the Wednesday morning commute traffic running smoothly on the streets of Wichita at this hour. We have any traffic tie ups or accidents will feature lets you know Stephen says right here on tape and assess silencing him the forecast now with pianist says staff meteorologist. Dan Holliday get more. Mean damn it's good morning release system is moving from northwest in the north central Oklahoma and that will spread in some clouds this morning. Our best chance of shower or thunderstorm today should stayed in the south of Wichita or height 84. Partly cloudy down to 65 tonight sunny warm and dry tomorrow with Thursday's high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Hollis. I conditions now fog and mist and sixty degrees no wind it's almost. Or should mention that in his debut possibility of traffic fog and mist. Pitcher fog lights on if you got him and Mexico lights are on. Still dark out there tonight yet similar path. Partly cloudy and breezy day across south central Kansas Tuesday which is outside temperature was 84 degrees. And which are recorded wind gusts at 33 miles per hour which is pretty tame I guess from the well we've been having recently. May sixteenth published in 1991. That. An F three tornado develop their Clearwater and moved northeast across south and southeast Wichita. It damaged around twenty homes and caused a million dollars in damage but the pushers track was very similar. To that of the infamous and over tornadoes that occurred just twenty days earlier it's. Tony is after and over active leaders of an F three. Following the same path didn't do quite in nearly as much damage all right may sixteenth when he eighteen on the state. In eighteen to 68. At the US as that the US senate impeachment trial of president Andrew Johnson. 35 out of 54 senators voted to find Johnson guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. Over his attempted dismissal of secretary of war Edwin M Stanton. Falling one vote short of the two thirds majority needed to convict the trial ended ten days later after two other articles of impeachment went down to defeat as well so. Andrew Johnson barely. Escaping the impeachment they're right after the civil war. Chris he's exceeded that president Abraham Lincoln it would have been assassinated. A mr. Johnson was that from Tennessee at least from Tennessee. So pretty much a racist and I don't think you bet he did not put new reconstruction. And at and I think that was one of the big problems. With a high crimes and misdemeanors just. Wanted to fire camp and secretary should be OK and with tensions running high in Washington DC now. Ever yeah a lot of enemies that was tough yeah he had many many enemies apparently it was a very very personable person at all. A passenger on a night Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage Alaska was. Restrained after he ran naked up and down the I'll leave dead we've done a little fly it would or anything like this and passenger mixed duffel. Says the man had been seeded two rows in front of him near the back of the jets Stovall says he looked up from his audio book to see the man on clothing yelling and moving forward. The man reports of cockpit and stempel says he thought it might be some sort of attack. But then the man turned and ran toward the back of the jet. Doubles as he stood up and slap the ban of face. Of the passenger pin the man's arms and help restrain him with. The flight landed safely about 45 minutes later the man was taken to a hospital obviously. The men's it's of the medication problems or you know if something went wrong there and he was running around in the cockpit of that plane naked. All right from the New York Post website this morning she's really. Really a crappy cook. A Michigan worker flushed her career down the quoted by trying to serve. Laxatives spiked brownies to a coworker according to a new rebel that's not nice that's newsroom. Police rushed to MMI. Engineered solutions. A plastics company outside Ann Arbor may third. After the firm got a tip that the 47 year old employee plan on serving the bowels loosen desserts to a departing colleague yet they all eaten away. Gift it's like ex lax and nothing goodness. The devious baker initially denied her threats retain her treats retreated but. Came clean when cops children they would beef perform forensic tests on the brownies. And then the company fired the woman but she avoided arrest because no and actually ate any of the contaminated takes. Makes you wonder people bringing workers like that bring treats to work here up. Of course people bring treats to work here they are consumed within about ninety seconds soft that it doesn't take long if there's anything bad in there. We're gonna find out her yap. It's ingested really quickly makes me wonder about you know whenever we have a staff meeting in there have buffets. Seems like I always go first. Is become sort of a tradition. Maybe that's just our boss Jackie wise way to make sure that everything's okay you've been tester that if if he keels over. It might that be good are usually bull before anything actually take effect that's right now and I'm at home. Resting in my they would never know bet. Take a look at the kid is as weather center radar this morning it's a lot of just. The politics and stuff already around us but there's nothing really in south central Kansas but. If you are headed to Oklahoma City this morning are coming up from Oklahoma City now on 35. You know there are showers alone from Oklahoma City. Probably Auburn facility Guthrie at least. And over Enid every area of showers that's all moved to the east. And little bit of the and then look to the northeast not gonna affect Wichita itself central tells them look like all but. As we said earlier we do have what about 20% chance for rain today. You but I don't situation for him but. Books later he's pretty pretty clear today. Just look at it one elegant FaceBook while ago we got you celebrating something you did just marking. 33 years have been doing baseball public a public address gas finished. Up shocker home portion of the schedule last night for baseball on. Republican backed that. Finishes my 33. Straight year of doing College Baseball public address announcement coming nine of those 33 right here Wichita sociologists say all of the Wichita State no well not all of them for Notre Dame 429. Wichita State that was set up there added didn't cut your teeth on them is that. Did you do OK from August zone on. I had a fun time nobody complained of you get a little extra when you do your PA announcer you know that I've been to the day you blow holes in all you tape people we have some fun yeah. That the usual now by hiring a number form of the idea that was at guy's big gains notorious in New York Yankees Yankee Stadium and dream big boys. Rivers. He finally passed the last away if you energy bill public address announcer the Yankee Stadium bar very brewed here at packet you're sixty years and I was ludicrous it's interesting because. What was his name Johnson. But you know. When people say hate it why you get into radio what for me I always tell the story about when no it was a bruises youngster I don't know nine years only years old. And living in. Kingman my dad would help me and then Monroe on the VFW softball. Concession stand and today and it was a downer depart it was right behind home plate. And you want to do does boost up there and their exit you know oh window yeah you're right I don't play my dad would go up there and do the PA announcer it's. You know and so I'd sit there. Wendell arms folded little taste of grotto and finally 190s it you'll attract this doesn't know. It took me couple nights were up there you're just yet still to come down the detention delegates and popular you know and to popcorn and a well I did it. And meant. Your voice goes on this microphone goes everywhere and why did they do that's like a load of stuff. I started I started out as a PA announcer but I gave it pretty quickly if you got. 33 and now is known for 33 anybody give you a big kicker I'd go to Tuesday. This at the negative thinking about me and it's it's a great great deal right. Thank you dated 26 good chicks lead of sport to Ted Woodward this morning and I was looking at some of the results from last night not good or in the even the royals or the shocker looks like in baseball Alec. Got that right last night. Beautiful night for baseball like guys really it was the last home game for the shot here's a big crowd of more than 4000 on hand a lot of them clad in purple. At Kansas State in Wichita State gone at each other last night the only time this season. And does shocks just. Couldn't quite get it done on this night despite scoring three runs right away in the bottom of the first inning. After that it was pretty much all K state let's check in with play by play voices soccer's might Kennedy who had a game for your right here on T Ennis. Suckers just never could get going offensively only six hits. Off a guy who tends to give up a lot. He didn't at 328 over the weekend against a very good South Florida team. Suckers fall to 3218. And one that may have. Sealed their fate they may go to Clearwater next week maybe you'll win that tournament. To get an NCAA tournament it. And it turns out that's the only time the soccer's lose all season against somebody from the Big 12 Conference last night K state won that game seven to three. No more home games this season with soccer baseball. Major League Baseball until last night at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City the royals taking on the Tampa Bay array is. Tie game in the top of the ninth inning you heard the game on KFH. It's pitch. Line in left field that's ahead will they be able to score the run scored enough with the firing home and not in time. And again Alex was in a position where throwing home blues and really untenable I mean. All of this momentum going toward. Left center field. And you wanna hurry the throw you can't get your feet properly shed too important good accurate throw. And for the second straight night the royals lose a one run game to the Tampa Bay Rays Tampa winds at 65 last night the royals lose their fourth in a row. They'll wrap up this series this afternoon under the sunshine. Kauffman Stadium royals hosting the raise. Life pregame coverage begins at 1230 this afternoon game starts about 115 and that's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM. 975. At them. Pro baseball here in town last night the Wichita wing nuts in an exhibition game beat the Fargo Moorhead redhawks six to five downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. The supply split its four exhibition games thus far one last pre season game tonight the wing nuts boasting the Red Sox 705 downtown. And Lawrence Dumont stadium we nets' season opener Friday night. Jim goes softball the national tournament beginning today to division one tournament in saint George Utah the Butler community college grizzlies. Are back to back national champs and they start. Prime for their three peat today with a opening round play at 6 o'clock tonight against Walters state of Tennessee. Butler is 141 of its last 42 games heading into this tournament. The division two national tournament starts in Mississippi today Kelly college is the number six seed and they will take on Madison Wisconsin 330 this afternoon. Men's soccer today is the second round of the US open cup does the national tournament is being played. FC Wichita tonight is visiting it's also rough next both teams are too you know on the season. Trying to advance to the third round of that big tournament. NBA basketball last night's game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals the Boston Celtics at home. The Cleveland Cavaliers 10794. Boston with two home wins not two games to zero in that series the starting lineup for the Celtics. Former Kansas jayhawk Marcus Morris with twelve points five rebounds and three assists. That's sports with Stephen Ted KM SN I six Tony do doubt given you for Fox News commentator time stars. Stevens in the morning on Kate and answer Eric's.