A police station... on Mars

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

Abu Dhabi police announced plans for a space project that will see a police center built on Mars, manned and managed by humans, robots, drones and satellites.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6:30 in the morning team back inside that Woodward. Firefighters were called the scene of a fire in the structure next to a grain elevator in north you can Thursday afternoon. City of Putin's spokesperson Erin McDaniel tells KS and use people living of the elevator report back. As a safety precaution in case there was an explosion. Explosions are always Arab the fear when you're talking about grain elevators. Luckily in this fire these fires contained to storage building adjacent to the elevator and the grain elevator is self is stable. There were no injuries firefighters remained on the scene through tonight cause of the fire is under investigation. And the forecast with Kate and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning cloud cover is spreading to south central Kansas is moisture lifts in from the south. And as we have an area of low pressure and a cold front move our way temperatures will soar well above average or high 77 with a gusty southwest wind. Cloudy 45 tonight. And then clearing tomorrow and much cooler behind the front are high 56. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan holidays now fogged missed 58 degrees south wind gusting to 26 miles per hour. Police captured a robbery suspect in south Wichita. Officer Charlie Davidson says it happened late Wednesday morning at Dollar General at Ponte in Broadway. Under a suspect entered the Dollar General indicated he had a weapon or gun. And then demanded money money was given to the suspect who fled the scene and white Cadillac. Officers quickly arrived in the area and didn't locate the suspect vehicle in the for a block of west Blake. An eighteen year old man was booked into jail for aggravated robbery of a business. If Tyson Foods decides to located chicken processing plant and Cedric county that will mean an estimated 16100 new jobs. Jeremy hill director of the center for economic development and business researcher Edward Boston University tells Kate and SS news. Adding jobs. And at being an opportunity. One way or another is gonna crew and our economy so from just a mathematical perspective that's the way we usually take it EU period expand the regional economy now that doesn't mean. They nimby not in my backyard kind of question. Jeremy Hillis our guest this weekend and issued 20:17 Sunday morning at eight on K you know assess. The economy will likely remain slow in a rural parts of ten states and western states in the plains as well and includes Kansas that's in the months ahead. Overall role main street index for the region remained in negative territory below fifty. And declined to 44 point seven and November from October's 45 point three. The index is based on Creighton university's monthly survey of bankers. Become asserting gos says the current low commodity prices and declining form income continued to weigh on the economy. The index ranges between zero and 100 with any number under fifty indicating a shrinking economy. The index tracking the price of farmland and ranch land declined to 36 point five in November from October's already weak 39 point two. Dan O'Neill OK and SS news. Vice president Mike Pence receive the 2017 distinguished service award at the tax Foundation's eightieth annual dinner. And skull the recognition meaningful. And it's especially meaningful. To do so on this very day it with your strong support. 200 into money seven members of congress took historic first step to tax reform for the American thing. It's a great day for America he's speaking. Lol textile Thursday with all Democrats voting no House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Republican leaders are pushing the bill through quickly. No one really knows what it contained. Abu Dhabi is planning to create a new police headquarters. One that's out of this world. The UAE is planning space exploration and colonization with an eye on planting its flag on Mars. But if you move earthlings they are you have to provide services. So Abu Dhabi plans on sending police officers to Mars to stay apple police station they are but that's not all. They also plan I'm placing copped some patrol in outer space. Just in case of spaceships decide to exceed warp speed. They intend on getting this all done by 2057. Abu Dhabi Centennial year Jerry bomb garden Fox News. All of Oklahoma's 149 state senators and representatives will get a pay cut of eight point 8% in November 2018. After independent nine member panel narrowly voted to approve the reduction the legislative compensation board voted to impose the pay cut effective for the next group of legislators elected next year. The eight point 8% reduction would shift a legislators base salary from 38400. Dollars. Down 35000. Bucks the additional pay for house and senate leaders also be reduced. Davis is news time eight. Thirty or even dead dead. They just got some problems there with their their budget for trying to balance it down now oklahomans have massive budget deficit still has hands. 635 now Steven and Ted and they'll hop Hopkinton. Massachusetts police department says in a face proposed. That they stopped a driver with a license plates made out of a pizza box. Tag another source Hopkinton police say the driver is facing charges that include operating and uninsured and unregistered vehicle. And attaching they call made it beats they noticed the grease stains on a license tag it and get it wrong here there's an end Joey over one of the numbers. The department says that discourages people from making their own place. Especially if they can't give up with something better than a cardboard box. And some felt pins he had to use what you have. To be creative you've got to use what materials via could all. A mothers should be a Muslim student. Athlete who refuse to observe the National Anthem for religious reasons has been kicked off the basketball team. At a Kansas collars this has ignited concerns over whether. Garden City community college violated the civil rights of nineteen year old Russell semi year. Who continued shooting balls during the anthem November 1. It's as Samir was dismissed for violating team rules. The ACLU says he may have been disciplined for exercising his first member rights or maybe for just being a knucklehead. It. Shooting baskets during he's lucky he's lucky in Garden City that people didn't string of and what you think I don't know and understand expressing yourself but that is the height of disrespect we go to any that's one thing shooting baskets yeah. An interesting story exited the vehicle to relive it right now. Six the other is a that is part of a butting heads when it comes to this issue and it's had. Flaring up in different places well it's 636 now with Stephen did India. You heard our sound byte with the Jeremy he'll awhile ago talking about jobs slow job growth. In Wichita. The cat who he and I talked it's. This is an issue sure we're due out this weekend and Sunday morning at 8 o'clock but we got a lot of stuff that frigate and Ted. He darted about his basic economy here in Wichita. And what's going on this thing. And as we move. Away from heavy manufacturing. And he compared which you talk to other markets like that. But the recession of 2008. In the recovery from that we're still in Wichita behind Kansas. Behind the rest of the USA we're still like a fine. I don't know what. I was gonna take while we lost thousands of jobs and one phils right it wasn't a trickle it let me. Blew a big Lawson still like you said in Jeremy tells for eleven recovered from still down as a community were down 121000 dollar house. Morey were nine years ago. Let's and a I've talked about this you know I've talked about this cannot change in the dynamic look at that you save them and of servers should say this is a dying down. Or at least not get any bigger better. So it's a good conversation Jeremy is it very very sharp of course and has great information tournament I love talking to him it talked about what year. He's good source it says 638 now which Stephen tick in time for our. Can't assist commodities up Bateman mr. I am last girl left her commodities according to Adam. Good morning Steve. Live cattle feeder cattle futures traded mostly lower include maybe Thursday. We can't do what they didn't make it off the lows position and also does not make new loans for the week. Evocation cattle trade this week have been mostly at a 119 dollar. Today about who catalog peak report is expected to show increases in the upbeat number and also increases in the placement number. Without also closed negative yesterday on the cold December why can't work 65 cents lower at 11955. GM Peter spam 35 at 15390. Kimberly go to dollar to blow it sixty KM wheat corn and soybean futures closed vague yesterday. Corn futures all the contract wrote for the court decision that pep fixation. We also treated very close to the contract closed the grain and the soybean public and to continue to trade. That any type of major news persuade prices. At the moment we received some upside December Casey week three they're tired poured out sporting event. December corn up a penny and a quarter at 337 and three quarter GA MP3 and a half cent higher at nine to 75 and amp. January crude oil 80% tired strategic nineteen. December gold four dollar and thirty cent iron at 1218250. December S&P appoint the court total award a 2583. And three quarter. December dollar indexed what he once sent forward by the 360 pork. December veterans teachers seventeen points lower at 2300407. A commodity trading right marketing advisory contact Oprah commodities on the pro Obama web by using 866. Billion. About our our morning a Butler county weather report we're foggy and misty here in Wichita right now how over the in Augusta where you war. We're definitely was frame relay is where there outside the Ed you can't seem very hard. But because I know that if someone from the. All going to be beautiful this could be one of the prettiest days of the year in all turns out in out. Well I went Amobi Okoye sniper hopefully the last time. You know but this I haven't done that I've got that on the agenda and I've got to pine needles out there but I'm thinking. Even if I don't get to it here for a few days. They'll be okay because it neighbors are gonna do anything and still. The neighbors leaves a really haven't fallen on my yard yet rhetoric about cell. Yeah I might put an offer Deirdre but I uplifted that that weather holds up through Saturday here and so center is not gonna get cooler tomorrow but to the builds up there's going to be a lot of people out there with the you'll racan ants. Every time I do that because you know I don't have any calluses on my hands anymore and I get blisters on my hands and so forth. And and I helping them. Have a true very throw political way it tried some different I don't blame tour. Yeah off a leg in trouble for that. You know when I was a boy we were living in in Kingman. My dead for several years we burned off the law. I did you do that that time and get them are my Brothers and I out there with with fire over the fire hoses rated ago. And he burn it off. And that was in the spring time but did and it did all growing pretty gut you know after that. I do think playing my grandparents that yard brother or else. You know he's four he had little boy standing around with a with one garden hose in two of us became a urged. Maybe that's where we got the bug. All right Tom you have a good day thanks for being with us this morning 641 now is Stevenson and take about a concert coming up. On 9 November point 7630 PM at the highest. It is that you for Ryan's car right since Christmas concert for the good friend Ernest Alexander singing I have a family 4 pack this morning if you'd like to go to that concert. Got a four pack where you can call now at 86913. Thirty. 86913. Thirty this against the NC youth Verizon's Christmas concert at Hyatt regency Wichita. On November 27 before back. 642 and now Steve intended. If ever done grant seemed happy about money tracker. Housing biz is by abuse he says that's all the waste even though the morning on tape and assess.