Police in Texas investigating after package bombs kill 2 and injured 2 more

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, March 13th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Eben Brown live in Austin, TX.


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As radio. Is this station Wichita turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 47 o'clock this is the case in this is sporting news feed of dead the I receive Macintosh. Local law enforcement plans for a safe basketball tournament in Wichita we've got this story stuff mama on the team Wichita child is asking to be released from jail. I'm Dan O'Neill. Another winter storm blasting northeast US timetable toward those details just ahead. I'm KMS just meteorologist Dan holidays as we roll out which it does welcome mat for eight college basketball teams. The weather couldn't be better this week our forecast is coming out. The stepmother of missing Wichita boy is asking a judge to lower curve ball on the so she can be released from jail. An attorney for 28 year old Emily glass set in motion filed Friday. Back glasses 500000 dollar bond is to line. She is the stepmother of five year old Lucas Hernandez who hasn't been seen since February 17. She's jailed on a misdemeanor child endangerment charge involving her one year old daughter. Classes attorneys argue she is not a threat to the community and wants to be with her husband and other child who has been placed in state custody. A court hearing was set for Wednesday. Also on Monday when stopped police say they've closed an emergency tip line for information on Lucas but is still urging the public to call in any tips they might have. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Wichita police deputy chief Troy Livingston says the department is taking a very proactive stance insecurity and traffic control in old town. And the Entrust bank of Reno area. While the NCAA tournament is underway. The department has partnered with other agencies to form an operation plan for the event. During the tournament you'll see officers assigned to different ships offer will be in the area on foot bicycle. Vehicle or back and even a teeny. All these officers will be provided information. To provide to citizens going to games. And also we urge anybody. This season suspicious activity please Obama won and reported. Deputy chief Livingston says the extra patrolling will be handled in much the same way as for river fest. For the third time in less than two weeks much of the northeastern part of the US is slammed by another nor'easter. National Weather Service meteorologist mark should guard says most of New England is in port. A lot of areas looking at around reflect are even more on exactly could seek some totals approaching eight feet from. Eastern Massachusetts and of course that means. The storm. Also expected to dump more snow on parts of Pennsylvania New Jersey and New York. Airlines have preemptively canceled over a thousand flights scheduled for today at Amtrak is suspended service between new York and Boston. West our energy crews and some of the regular contractors are going to help in New York to get power back on. After the nor'easter nor'easter is that come through in recent days Gina Penn's biggest with the west star. We have about fifty lest our employees who are headed northeast that includes blank crews in support personnel. In addition we have about a hundred lying contractors who usually are doing or. On the look at properties supporting our customers do have access to do be able to get north pieces locked. Crews could be gone for as long as a couple of weeks. US Defense Secretary Jim managed his own an unannounced visit to Afghanistan. To discuss a sixteen year old war Matt is believed to victory is still possible. Don't want a club or a good partner. Unity government. I don't want to talk toward groups obviously a big game but burn faster there. Madison is a victory will be less of a military one but more of a political reconciliation with the Taliban. A fatal ATV accident Monday afternoon in Russell in north central Kansas. According to the Highway Patrol the driver 25 year old Timothy Burris. Hit the brakes hard it lost control rolled the ATV and was thrown from the vehicle Burris was taken to Russell regional hospital and he was pronounced dead. Can assist new time now. Motion control for 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. NCAA men's basketball tournament begins with a couple of games tonight and how the betting lines going on some of the local teams that you look at that. He wrote game shocker baseball team to talk about it all coming up sports. Wichita police looking for a Burger King defended that story coming up on the case and it says sporting news Stevens. McKay and just warning you diseases 7077. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Which the police are looking for the lone bandit robbed a Burger King Sunday night the total 100 block of west when he first. Officer Charlie Davidson explains what happened it. They reported there are no suspects have walked up to the drive up window brandished a firearm in demanding money. Money was given to the suspect within fled the area on foot. Suspects an unknown black male mid to late thirties. Get a brown and black mask and was wearing green in hand camel jacket and was armed with a black and. Vice president Mike Pence is calling the president's planned meeting with North Korea a remarkable steps forward. No decision made yet as to where presidents from the North Korea's Kim Jung on main means. But secretary of state Rex Tillerson says it should take place at that nice neutral site possibly in China. Meanwhile vice president Mike Pence stills Fox's Sean Hannity the fact that Kim Jung owner has agreed to a meeting. And is in objecting to US and South Korea's joint military exercises is remarkable. Old this breakthrough and we hope there's a breakthrough. Is it is a result of of the strong leadership the president has provided. But some Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill warned the administration that North Korea's been deceptive before and may be again at this meeting. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. A big stink in the south human waste from New York City. Is being shipped to Alabama for disposal. But a lot of it is sitting in railroad cars on a citing stinking up the Birmingham neighborhood. Fox's Catherine Patterson reports. Dwight Harris is not happy he says these rail cars might be hidden behind these trees but nothing can hide this gangs. Alabama is not a dumping ground for everybody else's waste these rail cars removed here last week after sitting on the tracks for more than a week Norfolk Southern controls Israeli yard big sky environmental ships these containers here from the northeast and Norfolk Southern spokesperson told me big sky has sped up how quickly and diss the containers. Big Scott meanwhile tells us it is an advised by their attorney. Not to speak with the media. Can assist news time now own 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock. It would get a traffic accident northbound I won 35 at the first and second street exit. Several callers calling in and seeing it is. Pretty slow there traffic tracker saying it. Really slow things down again that's traffic accident northbound on 1351. And second street exit traffic update from taken as as radio and he had chambers. And now they kiss and storm practically forecast with Kansas State meteorologist Laura fan and good morning Laura. A guys. Light winds from the northwest at seven miles. Like actor at nineteen. Actor by the end of the day. Where I keep with light winds from the north by the fifteen pounds aren't totally handled that calling for a high today of 55 degrees and sunny skies. Should be a picture perfect Tuesday which is acting near normal for this time of year and a carbon copy of yesterday that's which college. It's not even springtime yet officially. We've got a week away may when Tony yes the countdown is on and we're definitely I kind of disliked. But these Temps in the fifties behind a little bit warm back up at the end of the week. Any time though until another north in Kansas it's Kabila is Chilean dent that's gonna it's gonna be that way but it's Clinton's sunshine it's still pretty nice yes I'll really have the wind whipping around where it's like not actually holding you up Diana I'll take it tomorrow warming up in no looking at the weekend just a couple of days out to look at it. That this is sixties tomorrow the senate and ease all the way into the weekend just lacked in the rain apartment but overall I mean Republican really doing this is like Expedia a lot of visitors that are gonna come into town for. Tournaments. We really show how can discuss it with our audience an ounce up hasn't it temperatures. Plan. All right thank you for Penske is in store part of our forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura ban and so eleven now is Steven tidbit there right now partly cloudy 27 degrees we have a northwest wind at seven miles per hour and against 7-Eleven and we have some mouth him some packages exploding and killing people in Texas this is an Austin and Fox News radio is Evan brown is there to tell us about this morning to morning Evan. Now guys that are stated to pat what two packages yesterday and won several days ago and in what's what's going on with these packages being delivered to people's homes. Well there were two packages yesterday that exploded at people's homes and ran one back on March 2. The one on March 2 killed somebody one of the bombings yesterday killed a teenage boy I. And yes they they don't know who is doing is they really are trying to begin this it's. But. What they can tell us the police and the FBI so far in that. Whoever is doing it whoever's company's three year seeing course comic by the same person as saint group with a certain level of sophistication. With regard to the devices because there were able to leave them on a door stop or front. Without the exploding in until the right time went somewhat by the X on my opera Oprah and inside trust open at. And exactly why or who it is it's still really in history. Has pretty much a peaceful city Austin, Texas. The SXSW. Festival going on but police don't think it has to do it that the only connection has been covered. Are really all. Its interest in but it may not in May be coincidental. Is that the father of the man killed on March Specter. Sprint swift the grandfather of a teenager killed. And and exactly what that means means we don't know com it's not like three houses were next to one another. The three Google Maps driving distance between the relocation. Seventeen miles. And you know. Police are still having to do their job they're getting back but the BI which sources. Money in technology and people but ultimately. They need more Clinton's. Just to be clear the packages we don't believe were delivered by FedEx or anybody like that other. It's right or not the mail service they believe that they were being placed at these properties. Again whether it. You know certain marketer and only used oh but police are telling people that package goes up a door brought you. You haven't ordered any thing. Not expecting anything Nolan sending you any thing. It doesn't appear to have the right shipping label or or the proper you know ice in the Amazon. You know it's got Amazon barking woke. You know it is it just doesn't look like don't touch don't bring him in house that picked it up. Just call police they will come over and deal with that and perhaps at another clue. And we'll loud we'll have to see where I was but today it certainly is scary. Concept that it Elizabeth City that normally quite. Yeah that Boston probably a little bit on beds in the a little unnerved about the national telling folks there and you say it is a state capital of Texas and of music talent as well and entertainment out. I'll add it to music count at the party. But he also. All is sort of exit and like the bubble unrest action. There and agriculture. You know counter culture it and it being very very peace and gloat here. Might attend at universities tax. For seniors. Well killed that day. All with fond memories and all that. Oh you know it's. It's certainly shocked. All right and thanks for your help this morning your coverage news Fox News radio's Evan brown reporting from Austin, Texas. Released and house oust these packages have been exploding. Fatally it is fatally injuring people. Again Austin wealth tip you and I were in Austin what. Last. Fall September were we not. Spent a day or two there for the year the Marconi awards and picked apart Marconi awards and it I was surprised I had been in Austin for I hadn't been there are many long program. And it's just it's not a finesse it's not a small city it is a big it's pretty pretty impressive thus guy craze scrapers and its interest and talk about the cap a degree in town with crummy infrastructure. You know I had a little time 1 morning in walk walk from our hotel down in the state capital but it. The tourist state campus fun. Really good time that day I today is a march 13 2018. And this is a big day in Kansas weather history on this date in 199028. Years Leona Ted nineteen tornadoes roared across parts of south central and central Kansas. And the largest and most damaging was what would become known as Heston tornado this is Susan Harvey county an F five. It traveled to F five corn the Fujita scale that's the biggest thing measure. It traveled northeast for 48 miles striking the west side of Heston. Killed one injured sixty and just as that tornado began to weaken a second tornado developed. And quickly achieved F five intensity if ingested the first tornado gobbled up the first pew yeah. You know now in this abort to extract 22 miles from one mile north of Aniston across extreme southeast McPherson county and into southwest Marion County. That tornado killed one before it dissipated. Near Marion like all of this is the anniversary of the instant tornado on the court arguments that. Editor bill Roy which dubbed as the surely they were talking about tornado coverage and he mentioned that Aston tornado now. That he may have been involved in covering and is well that's the anniversary today a lot of folks remember that day yet. So come on 718 now is Steve intent intense got a lot of basketball talk about this morning as well as. Some baseball tell us about it practice. I think let's get into. What's going on in. The NCAA tournament in fact we have a couple of games to get the tournament started and first for action in Dayton Ohio tonight pair of sixteen season started off Radford. Against LIU Brooklyn. And Natalie followed by a pair of eleven seed UCLA taking on saint Bonaventure with both those NCAA tournament games lie ever. Beginning at 5:30 PM and that is on Sports Radio CF 81240 AM 975. FM your home the NCAA men's basketball tournament on the Wichita radio dial and three check that out. Of course so we'll we've got our eyes set for later in the week Kansas will be playing here in Wichita on Thursday afternoon. Shoppers will play on Friday afternoon K state will be playing on Friday evening. Kansas State and crates. How are the betting lines going on the wildcats in the blue jays in that one. Last night that was part of the discussion on Faye you know Spain in fits on KFH they were talking with Scott's right serve from wager talk dot com. By the united kind of you know the price don't want the 89 seed that Kansas State is getting a ton of money right now over Creighton but yet. The eighth seed blue jays are still appoint point out favorite. As we start looking at some of the games on opening weekend rear is some of the big money coming in you said money pouring on to on Kansas State what are some of the other. Dogs if you will the money rolling in on. Well I tell you what the top three as far as the amount of money back on one team over the other right now is two dollar via the short favored religion Kansas State over Creighton 97%. Of the money taken at William Hill right now is on K state get that number still. Creighton won one and a half. That you put some money on the wildcats. Allan how about that your bets yet. So we're looking elegant sport of those games coming up on Thursday and Friday there is one referee that we've seen it more than a few shocker games this year it will not. Be seen at the NCAA tournament. Ted Valentine officiated the final four last year including north Carolina's went overdue and zag in the national championship but it was an instant during a UNC game in January that's keeping him out of each army completely this year. Valentine received a great deal of criticism after he turned his back on north Carolina's Joseph Barry the second during the game how one point considering retirement and publicly apologizing to bury and UNC head Coach Roy Williams even more surprised into the fact that Valentine's being held up the torment. Is the fact he officiated the ACC semi final between North Carolina and duke. Had a polyps I'll know Fox News. Put my Playboy is a shocker might Kennedy. Actually say this is not exactly a member of the Ted Valentine fan club look at that. We just turned his back on the player. I don't get it now let's. And Saturday the vehicles that whatever they want it it does a lot of stuff that always cat gets appeals there. He's at one of these arrests that. You know his name because he's always doing something to get on TV. You know. That little face time yeah there's some of that deal to any. But aptly be we won't be seen that down time the NCAA tournament day. We'll football news for the Kansas City were cheered chiefs have released one of their career sack leader is at 34 year old tomboy holly. Released by the chiefs that saves and nearly eight million dollars in salary cap money. Ali's been a great player for the chiefs over the years but he's not getting any younger he only started two games last year as need pain. He's much decreased production of late and it paid him a ton of money so. Letting him go there to save himself some money in there try to get somebody younger and we're healthy on defense chiefs are already. They also are releasing a veteran of their secondary Ron Parker and I beat the guy who is only missed one game in the last four years but. Once again a move to save some money getting rid of a veteran that'll save in five million dollars. The chiefs are making moves to shore up a leaky and aging defense and they're trying to probably. Store up some money so they can buy some more offensive weapons for their new young quarterback Patrick moment. Lot of us moves going on for the chiefs. I'm holly Ron Parker both getting released. College Baseball tonight big game for twentieth ranked Wichita State that shoppers are at Missouri tonight shocker for twelve and two. Missouri's thirteen and three Missouri is 18 in a row shoppers are visiting Colombia Missouri for the first time in seventeen years. Stocks at Missouri you can or live coverage tonight beginning at 6 PM game start at 630. Soccer baseball right here on 97 and thirteen thirty KMS. Yes. And now want to wish him happy. Wedding anniversary today to mind. Brother Andy's. Wife Brooke sister in law Indian brook got married nineteen years ago today. Happy birthday to. To a in the congratulations. It's. Sports was being intent on K and a sense take time for the prairie fire coffee break here on okay innocent now prairie fire coffee. Is a freshest coffee in the which area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right you're in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee girl was like going 267. 3771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. And winning streak Stevens had given her for Rush Limbaugh morning update. One liberal media writer seems to be changing views at least on one topic. Rush coming up Stevens in the morning on in his past.