Polish government says "go forth and multiply."

Steve & Ted
Friday, November 10th

Poland produces a video praising rabbits in an effort to combat a low birth rate.


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Good morning six they're. While speaking at the APEC summit in Vietnam. President Donald Trump says the days of unfair trade regulations are over. Lower market. Other countries didn't open their markets to us. Trade has been a major topic during Trump's visit throughout Asia. Now the forecast with David says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning we start today with temperatures in the thirties and expected to see more cloud cover as we work our way into the afternoon and it'll be breezy with a high 53. Cloudy tonight not this cold are low 43. In some drizzle start moving in from the west on veterans day tomorrow's high 5458. On Sunday. I'm Kate and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now cloudy skies 31 degrees east wind at ten miles per hour. Two days after a news story questioned why police hadn't compiled the reports on the fatal shooting of a black man by to speak to officers six weeks ago. Police released two records. Lawrence police release a single page report Thursday showing they were assisting to become police on the September 20 incident. House spokeswoman said the report was compiled after raise substantial review. Tobago police released a single page report of shots being fired guarantees the peak of park before two officer shot thirty year old nominee quite. A city spokeswoman said to pick a police inadvertently forgot to compile a report. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. On November 1 a 63 year old man was approached by a male with a gun at a quick trip on self hillside in Wichita. Officer Charlie Davidson says police have since made an arrest in this case and. There's begin working diligently on this case which led to the rest of fifteen year old male suspect who was arrested and booked for attempted aggravated robbery and also has been since been charged with attempted aggravated robbery in reference to this. It's officer Davidson that commended the investigators in solving this case and making an arrest. Wichita police and firefighters will hold a charity boxing event Saturday it's called cups vs axes. And will be held at the wit style sports forum at K 96 agreement starting at 7 PM. Officer Charlie Davidson explains what's bouts. The fifteen about hard on veterans day features members along horsemen against local firefighters. It begins at 7 o'clock and what they opening video message from which probably department officer Brian arbor. Proceeds from this event will benefit the ardor vs foundation. Also which talk firefighters charitable fund and develop boxing club delinquency prevention program. Ticket information is on the cuffs verses axes FaceBook page or Wichita sports forums web page. Those are really eliminations as a huge annual event for which applause Britannica. Executive director Marty Miller tells K and as this news eliminations begins the Friday after Thanksgiving running through New Year's Eve. But those who have never visited Metallica Miller says the ten. There really is a unique place it's a canvas. Of garden. With theme gardens like our children's garden or Chinese garden Shakespeare garden are woodland gardens. And it's absolutely. Amazing how you can this walk a few steps and Vienna another. Another part of the garden of an experience a whole new different experience. Marty Miller is our guest this weekend that issue Tony 17 Sunday morning at eight on king and assess. This Election Day had some real teeth in Maine. Election Day workers in Portland Maine found something strange in a polling Booth human peace. Really set of dentures left in the auditorium. That served as the polling place hopefully it doesn't take a longer find the oral prosthesis for the owner as it did George Costanza inside felled comic dot. I just remembered where pirates coach Greg. The pearly whites sit in a plastic bag in Portland City Hall waiting for the owner to pick them up probably with a close mouthed smile. Ayman digs them Fox News. Stephen tell them are now 634. Here on a Friday morning November 10 when he seventeen. Some sad news this morning John Hillerman. The actor who made a career out of playing snooty types including Tom so what's the studiously state. Caretaker Jonathan quail Higgins the third on Magnum PI died Tuesday he was 84. A little guy with a great big voice Hillerman received four Emmy nominations in consecutive years for portraying Higgins and won in 1987. He died and his home in Houston family spokesman spokesman says. And she's of the cause of death has not been determined. That and had roles in many top films including. Mel brooks' blazing saddles 1974. Attorneys Howard John Howard Johnson of the Johnson Johnson Johnson yet translated Japanese Howard Johnson Roman coming up on rent skis. Classic Chinatown 1974. As rust yell Burton deputy chief of the fire department. That is of course what in my top yeah five favorite movies of all time in and out of him. Implying that's part has died. At the need to eat for. OK let's see what else we got this morning old polish government. And encouraging citizens to go forth and multiply like rabbits. In a country with one of the lowest birth rates in Europe the health ministry has put out a short video. Praising rabbits for producing many offspring. Video shows rabbits munching on lettuce and carrots while a rabbit narrator. Reveals the secret of their big families. Exercise and healthy diet and and very little stress no stigma to it. In rabbits having a lot of baby rats. And viewers are told if you ever wanna be apparent follow the example of rabbits. It's the latest step by the conservative government in the mostly Catholic country to reverse a shrinking. Population. And new. Have a PR Everett there it it went to Poland to behave like rabbits. That. Usually criticize people and a carry the city's usually. Authorities say a woman that does this is this is a given okay authority woman tried to. To sneak more than 18100 dollars worth of electronics. Throw Florida wal mart's self check out by switching the item's price tags. With those from clearance items. 45 year old shy man ever west was arrested Monday charged with. Felony grand theft and felony shoplifting at a loss prevention officer at the Vero Beach Wal-Mart. Told the deputy he saw west and another woman selected computer. Videogame controllers and other merchandise from the electronics department. And the west re covered the bar codes. With stickers removed from less expensive items rang up to just three dollars and 76 ants. Yes so now she thought she was and get away with that. But the folks at Wal-Mart we're ready and able to take care of business there. That's that's of interest he scanned it never heard of that building Hampshire people don't lie that it sale item. Tag and put on the the right now that I'm not a bit not talk about two months of elect somebody might trying yes. If they did exactly that they knew it would get caught in the east and I am afraid that would be happening here. While preparations under way if you but listen this morning we've there who we talked to a Marty Miller a botanical. He's going to be an issue show this weekend preparations under way for eliminations are now almost. Two million lights this year it's not a candidate in light in which their gardens has never been to that it's going to be a as get a lot of people there. Yeah but did tell me that they've you know they've got all kinds of parking says the different lots right around out and around there and shortly going to be gone so that they're gonna to be taking care of people and Hamdan we hope that netted start to let the Thanksgiving go to. We're hoping for good weather report eliminations. At that Annika you catch the weather just right that is that we were out there when you was they are very cold. Hey you're looking for a new career check out our virtual career fair at all online at K innocence radio dot com. I was sick of the commodities applicator assists commodities update with mr. Tom left of left or commodities more time. Well good morning Steve. The live cattle feeder cattle closed mostly positive on Thursday and then lifted up late inflation. Buying them mainly came from the feeder cattle lower grain and soybean prices may have gave support to defeat him. Also the case straight this week and a few yards has been one to 44 on the a battle but lower than last week straight only dogs rated Q sighed and closed mostly higher yesterday. On the phone yesterday symbolized Campbell 45 cents lower one to 4247. Seniority and took 95 cents at 15785. In assembly vote 37 lower at 6317. Apparent did you mr. Yates. Great report showed a much larger corn crop than expected. I'm old. Well a little change in the soybean crop and smaller we carry over not only the week closed pods and mr. Beck. But corn actually make new contract rose just say the corn yield. But at a new record 175 point four bushels per acre eclipsing last year quicker yield. At the moment our December Casey Blake opinion airport for 27 and amp. December accord and a quarter of a penny 341 and a quarter January soybeans down three quarters of a penny at 984 and a quarter. This simple accrual three cents or 57 14 December gold down a dollar 821218570. The recipe BMI in the quarter report supported by 74 and three quarters. December dollar index forces fired by the 440. In December Belgium's future 48 points lower trading at 2300368. Per commodity trading like marketing advisory contact club for commodities on the photo on the web by using 866. Due to. Told them are the markets open today than. Everything's opened so it's a regular old trading days then. Okay well is veterans' day or by the way that it's kind of personal but are you veteran. I'm I'm not either that. I'm my son is a veteran okay. Yeah he's way ahead of me I'm gonna have to go out volunteers spent twenty years in service before I can be a veteran. I don't think they got tied you. I think it get a little close for you Steve and the well. Scott makes up for everything everything bad I've ever done basically it is a good a man. Died young and he will beat that. You retire. No one of these days you're gonna retire. And I. Possibility. I retired minister upload right away that really lame from our family. Rail because you don't and your wife would say I don't want him around council's time rise to try. About the media and it's you Joyce comes down to you know retire or just lead to this is a move to Alaska. You know that the good. I have a feeling they will want its both in the same studio at saint. It could be create some real problems of two things. I. When you're not getting any Postal Service today and you can't go to pay your. Your traffic tickets but you have a good day new okay. That's answered again at 641 now Steve and as a have a but got done grant CF feed them money tractors thank you receive the data on 97 and thirteen 38. And as.