Pompeo confirmation hitting some potholes

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 13th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Rachel Sutherland


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it is 8 o'clock this has been taken SS morning news was even dead I'm Ted Woodward Steve Macintosh has today off it is Friday. April 13. The president's. Pick for secretary of state. How things go with the confirmation hearing for Pompeo yesterday those details are next on campus governor signs a bill increasing penalties forced wanting. I'm Dan don't you find manifest meteorologist Dan Holliday. Lately it's felt like summer but winter makes an ugly return by this weekend our forecast is coming out. The Wichita police officer who fired the shot that killed a man during hopes emergency call will not face criminal charges. District attorney mark Bennett announcing that decision yesterday. Saying there was a reasonable concern at the time that 28 year old in defense may have been armed with a weapon. Couple of mr. finch is physical movement after opening the door. There's insufficient evidence to establish an officer one active in an unreasonable manner. In the defense of the officers Dre for at least the house there is insufficient evidence. To overcome self defense community under Kansas law. Police have said that fans is called keep his hands raised but reached toward his waist line. An officer standing across the street shot him when he reached his hands up suddenly. An officer's name has not been released the finch family is suing the city of Wichita for damages in connection with prince's death. Kansas governor Jeff collier has signed legislation that will increase the penalties for making hoax emergency calls when they lead to injuries or deaths of others. All your announced Thursday that he's signed a major designed to combats wanting to send a message but the behavior is unacceptable. Legislators passed a bill in response to be fatal shooting of an unarmed Wichita manned by a police officer in December. Eight general Andrew fans was shot after police responded to a California man's hoax call about killing and kidnapping and pensions home. New law takes effect July 1 and calls were presumed sentence of more than twelve years in prison for first conviction. Hoax causes someone's death the toughest prison sentence is now nine months Dan O'Neill K and SS news. President trump pick for secretary of state may not sail through the confirmation process unscathed it. Former CIA director Mike Pompeo sparring with senators during a heated hearing on cap. Lil two key senators from the foreign relations committee in particular could put a wrench in president Trump's plans for Pompeo to join his cabinet. They are former Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine and Jeannie Shaheen. Also senator Rand Paul told reporters yesterday that the hearing solidified his opposition to pom pay out. If all three of these senators vote no it could spell and have pumped hands candidacy. One thing senators on both sides of the aisle made clear they want someone in the job who can stand up to president trot. That's Fox's Gillian turner with that report the nation's capital Pompeo former Kansas congressman EP isn't approved by the foreign relations committee. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell could still take his nomination to the full senate for a vote. Teachers in Oklahoma getting back to work after a nine day walk out. Oklahoma education association. Asking for pay raise of more public school funding. Called off a walk out after receiving an increase of 479. Million dollars for the next school year. An average pay increase of 6100 dollars for each future. The teachers union says although the money is a small victory it's time to shift the focus to the next chapter. The Oklahoma teachers union is asking every school district to start sending teams to lobby the State Capitol next week to fight for the ongoing education bills. Caroline Shively Fox News. The president touts tax cuts in the Rose Garden. Nearly four months after he signed the winner and a half trillion dollar tax cut legislation into law the president surrounded by small business owners in the Rose Garden said the new tax code is making a real difference to families and the economy. More than five million markets are already received a tax cut bodice a pay raise or did you. Thanks to these really massive tax it. On trade the president said negotiations with Chinese president she's seeing king re in his words getting along very well to open up the Chinese market to American business. At the White House Jon Decker Fox News. In spite of a technical error made in the school finance legislation passed earlier this month. Kansas governor Jeff collier is happy where the intent of the bill is five. Hundred million dollars over five years is a good way that cities schools can plan they can implement it. I think it answers the quartz. Projections of their concerns overall and most importantly. We have outcomes that are in there outcomes and accountability is very important need to making this people. The plan is supposed to phase in more than a half billion dollars in annual funding increases during the next five years as it passed the plan falls eighty million dollars short of intended spending in the upcoming school year and legislators are trying right now to fix that error. Well we've got Smart knows wandering all over the place and it do you have Chris tobacco phobia today. Those details are on the way Kagan SS news time 806. Eight only nine it was even 10 in the morning this is 987 and thirteen thirty K and as pets we've got. Smartphones Smart cars Smart homers. What's next Smart how owes. So dairy farm in central Georgia is one of four in the United States that have become the first with connected cows. Technology developed by a Dutch firm transmits data from a motion sensor around the cows next to a computer to tell what account was eating drinking or walking or just slowing down. The computer processes that information using artificial intelligence to predict with a particular cows getting sick becoming unproductive or is ready to breed. Perry former Richard Watson says he has 2000 head of bovine online. And believes the system will increase his farm productivity by at least 10%. Or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jack Callahan Fox News. Today is Friday the thirteenth some people think that pretty seriously. It will happen twice this year. Friday the thirteenth that is. Today is the first time and will do it again in July but isn't such a dreaded day. A good question no one knows for certain but the fear of the number thirteen and fear Friday likely combined sometime around the late eighteen hundreds that's according to the old farmer's almanac. Some of us just note today in the passing glance. Others taking a bit seriously refusing to cut their hair or dining out or travel or buy a house start a job or even marry on Friday the thirteenth. And still others have such a phobia of the day they won't even get out of bed. Whatever your opinion on it remember it only lasts for 24 hours on it empowers Fox News. 811 with Stephen Ted in the morning this is 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Stalled out vehicle this is northbound on I 2:35. At central. Watch for traffic slowdown there traffic on K and as as. Brought you by judge to Robin Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown and market and waterfront in the east every street mall and on line across tire dot com your home for complete car care. And we look at the weather forecast here heading into the weekend let's check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday this morning hello Dan. Good morning it is a warm start today here in Wichita this afternoon blood gusty south winds 25 to forty miles per hour or high near eighty now by tonight colder air begins to make its way and that may give us some light rain overnight possibly mixing with wet snow our low 34. And a slight chance of a wintry mix early tomorrow in Saturday's high only 43. I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan holidays. They Dan right now on which it saw we will wind out of the south gusting up to 34 miles per hour. It's partly cloudy and 78 degrees KM SS news time 8120. Of course yesterday in the nation's capital. Confirmation hearing before CIA director former Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo to be next secretary of state how did things go let's find out from Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland that. Live in the nation's capital good morning Rachel. Hey good morning I'm Mike Pompeo kept is always pretty much speak at schools the other side of the pillow the entire time. And however there's couple of Democrat that seemed to be holed out hit and Cain did 280 Jeanne indeed being at that they may not. The vote it ticket not the committee and whip Republican Rand Paul. Also pulled out compete. I don't actually. And he is that you will not vote for Pompeo because it could be Pompeo have a hard time getting out and foreign relations committee. How many members are there on that committee. IO. I would eat it it's okay it's but it's fairly stands pretty large committee that. I I believe it is intense but it is and you know obviously Republican poll the majority right. But wit. Rand Paul Heath and. That don't want it Turkey and right the dead it was there anything at the hearing yesterday that kind of triggered anyone or was it pretty much like we thought it was going to play out. It did play out very much the way you know we've gotten and and the question that grabbed you saw. Definitely. If questions about the Russia probe questions about different. Hot spot around the world by North Korea being one also Iran. Pompeo I think that even as a parent and child were to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal that he would continue to lobby. The administration used to have a strong statement rockets have a strong. Peel and keeping their nuclear program. Not to hit it eight you know not going to have. You know. He was asked whether or not people leave it. The Russian president elect aren't any really. I a lot of those questions and those that. And it's got people partly art Democrat architect. And of in the past he has been pretty critical of the Iran a nuclear deal that. That might be a melting a little bit since that's part of this process. Yeah absolutely he'd he had been critical. The president has been critical but I think in the role of hitting the top diplomat is it. Two different take on being. And though. When it comes to getting out paternity of this by the way have been trying to look at heritage is aptly when members killed and at Woodbridge hall in the majority here at that. But we need to want to write if he'd do if he'd bail at the Annika. Though about what it comes to getting out if he doesn't get out committee there could be. A situation which the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and pulling apartment Teri Hatcher he'll be curiosity getting. Caught on hand to war anyway and now I am not sure it'll come to. This is going is dependent on what these senators in. When are. Is there a timetable for that committee vote. I think he'll do it is it possible I don't know an actual date or time entitlement but I would imagine be and probably apparently at the. That was certainly a big a focus on Capitol Hill yesterday and what's so what's on today's agenda. Today's agenda on the hill. You know it's Friday. I you know I don't have committee hearing differently and I think it's gonna be a lot going on in Washington concerning. Kobe saying it. And things like that that tests are at the agenda for the capital that's what happened. You do that do things easily won down on a Friday. A puppet like you. Like they do and any workplace. Right now shortcut here let us. Wiki but aren't arrogant demeanor never any shortage indeed appear. In Washington elite Catholic Pico and lawmakers that tend to get out of dodge is that it they can't all right thanks for the update we appreciate it have a good weekend. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland lied this morning from the nation's capital selling missile but about the Mike Pompeo confirmation hearing yesterday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee thanks Rachel. We appreciate it it is 816 with Steve intent on K and SS here on this Friday morning. A chicken man known for its intelligence. Resilience and ability to withstand cold winters. The sum he'd like to have around a step closer to becoming the official state poultry a New Hampshire. The New Hampshire state senate passed a bill designating the New Hampshire red a as the State's official poultry. It was recommended by fourth graders. Supporters say it's good choice bird Smart. As other qualities reprimand the represented New Hampshire residents now awaits the governor's signature date. Whole tree you mean I'm sure Kansas has something. Out of the lesser prairie chicken brown well I. I honestly out all the uproar in the honorary Asian and I wouldn't it be and we'll go to another animal now catfish. And hockey tossing catch fish yeah popular hockey tradition in Nashville Tennessee Nashville Predators. Finally have their own cat fish tank at the arena. And then they've unveiled a new tank just hours before the predators faced Colorado in the opening round of the NHL playoffs first of four catfish into the tank. Will be followed by the second before game want. The 404. Symbolizes the wind you needed each postseason series and the number series you have to win to win definitely kept. In majestic fish the gap and course we've had seat I was sucking bottom feeder but it is there is the docket this of course that it has the it's tradition and I'm lore. Just red wings yeah. Yeah yet just in Detroit there the octopus or wasn't we had the rats with that Tampa Bay and years ago and a on the ice they they've thrown I think they've done rats at the new York and I'll end. Well course new York at that but that it was 75 A you know earlier in the show today and during the 6 o'clock hour we had Todd star and Fox News commentator telling us about some. University students that are at war with Thomas Jefferson GAAP never want his statue moved to a different place. On their campus. It was 75 years ago on this day that president Roosevelt dedicated the Jefferson Memorial in the nation's capital on the 200 anniversary of Jefferson's birth. X. So I guess that would make this the 275. Anniversary Thomas Jefferson's by the would be correct that's correct yeah Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson Memorial is a I think it's a real treasure there in Washington DC it's over on the other side of the basin there and it's very pretty spot. And it's it's a it's pretty stirring I think. Ego. That was dedicated 75 years ago today it is 819. As we Steve intent on taking an SS and let's. Taylor what's going on in sports. We have a baseball home a series this weekend for the shocker is. And you know the first thing you do isn't the figure out who the opponent is is that the weather or visit Connecticut. Maybe it's votes now so the shocks are ranked number twenty in the nation. It's a matchup of two teams that are both the top 25 in the nation in RPI. But we have a big cold front coming in tonight so they have altered the schedule this weekend's series. Usually have you know game on Friday one game Saturday one game Sunday but that is not the plan now. In fact they're going to play a doubleheader today at 3 o'clock for two games today then nothing tomorrow. On that very cold day and then they'll finish it up with a 1 game at 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Good ideas so let's kind of seemed like the best way to proceed at this point. When he frank Wichita State and UConn. Doubleheader today at three no baseball tomorrow and in 1 game at 1 o'clock on Sunday all those games are right here Mike Kennedy we'll have the call. On a 987 and thirteen thirty KM SS tune in this weekend. Today and Sunday soccer baseball. Major League Baseball for the Kansas City Royals last night once again kind of a consistent theme and no offense for the royals almost at all and the bullpen did not. Get the job done it's hard to get the job done when your offense is scoring runs the Los Angeles Angels. Who are on a red hot streak right now they've won five in a row there aren't first placed on the top teams in the league and they beat the royals last night's 71. So hailed Tommy could have bases loaded triple to break things open in this game in the top of the seventh inning. The royals and angels will finish up the rest of this four game series of games tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon at Kauffman Stadium was all those royals games live up. On Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Indoor football for the Wichita forests. Hitting the halfway mark of the regular season tomorrow night with a home game against the undefeated first place sin city bandits. We'll be on the air with force football at 645. Tomorrow night. He will ticked off at 7 o'clock downtown it in trust bank arena. Let's enforce football tomorrow night here on CNN assess. And then on Sunday it's time for hockey action at impressed bank arena for the post season. The first time in five years that the Wichita thunder has made the playoffs. And they were in the finals five years ago. The thunder is matched up in the opening round with first place Colorado Eagles. That's the best of seven series in the first two games are in Wichita game one is Sunday at 405. At. Downtown it in trust bank arena or. Under hockey action in the post season. The nets series underway the sports the Stevens said it is 822. Was even 10 in the morning. Here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as as keeping your traffic and weather. And at the destroyed trump alt left mainstream media hacks want you to believe that this is the number one most important issue facing the country. So what is this. Well he will explain the Sean Hannity morning minute is next on K and SS.