Popeye is making a comeback, on the internet

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 24th
First new ‘Popeye’ official content in 10 years coming to YouTube.

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He's just 5038. And SS feed good morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. US Border Patrol agent shot and killed an illegal immigrants after reportedly being attacked by a group. US Customs and Border Protection says it happened in Rio Bravo Texas an unidentified border agent responding to a report of illegal activity. That a gym by himself found in tried to apprehend what's believed to be a group of illegal aliens. He was allegedly attacked by the group CB pieces they were using blunt objects. That's when the agent fired off at least one round in fatally wounded one of the attackers. The others in the group took off but we're eventually captured by other agents the FBI is investigating the incident chill NATO Fox News. Investigators have determined the fire that damaged Kansas State university's main library was accidental. Manhattan fire department spokesman Brian Ames says the blaze began while work is being done only able library roof. Damage from the fire Tuesday was limited to part of the group but was there was extensive water and spoke damaged throughout the building damage estimates have not been determined no. Injuries reported. Two men were injured when a truck was hit by a train north of Belle plane near 110 and Oliver. The pick up went around active railroad barricades and was struck by train the driver of the truck a 56 year old man from Belle plane. Was taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita. 47 year old male passenger from our Kansas City was also hospitalized. A man facing charges for domestic violence case from last week was arrested in southeast which atop. The investigation led to the suspect's location late Tuesday morning the morning that is near area and George Washington boulevard. Often resolved the suspect leave the house and a car with a stolen license plate. Suspect drove away leading to a police pursuit officer Charlie Davidson says because of excessive speeds that case was soon terminated near central hillside. Officers they continue to work on the case and were able to contact the individual. By cellphone. Individual had stated that he was armed and was making threatening statements towards himself. To which public Robert hostage negotiators assisted. With this case. They eventually convinced him to return to the residents in the Tony 900 block of east senate. Where he was taken into custody 32 year old man. Booked into jail for robbery criminal deprivation of a vehicle. Aggravated assault domestic violence battery fleeing from police criminal use of weapons and drug and traffic charges. A meat to inspired anti sexual harassment bill could pass the senate later today. The senate Republican and democratic leaders issued a joint statement signaling support for a bipartisan sexual harassment bill they say will pass in short order. The bill eliminates mandatory counseling mediation and cooling off period for Capitol Hill employees who wanna file a lawsuit for sexual harassment or other workplace misconduct. It also requires members of congress to repay the treasury for harassment settlements even if they leave office. And no settlements would be made public house passed similar legislation with a unanimous vote several months ago on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern and Fox News. Police are looking for a man who viciously attacked a little driver surveillance video in Philadelphia shows a suspect running up to another driver's SUV smashing up his windows and then taken the hammer to one of the people inside that vehicle the footage shows the tail end of this road rage incidents at a parking lot with a suspect gets out of a pick up truck with a sledgehammer. And busts out the SUV driver side window. The driver then tries to take off and a passenger is seen falling out that's when the suspect runs over hits that person with a hammer. And then hits the SUV again taking up the rear window is it drives the weight cops are still trying to identify the victims and the suspect who remains on the loose. Tens LC Fox News and now the forecast with K and assist at the villages Dan Holliday in born to and the good morning this stretch of summer like weather is going to continue forests and we warm up even more as we head into Friday and the weekend at some cloud cover early on with a few scattered thunderstorms possible he will be breezy with a high 89 storms roll roll in overnight down to 69 and a few storms may form Friday with a high 92 room I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy 69 degrees we have the southeast wind at seven miles per hour. 836 now Stephens said it Steinbrenner Tama abuse the return Woodward here on a Thursday morning dead. The chew toys no longer hasty to ABC. One costar talks about abuse. I'm chablis now. The shoe was swallowed by ABC. Which canceled the daytime cooking series after seven seasons can happen if not soon after one of the original members of the show Marion Vitale left in the made sexual misconduct allegations. However ABC said the cancellation was for businessmen from since they are replacing instill in the third hour of Good Morning America. Which might need a new title like connected. Jeffrey Campbell it's costar on Arrested Development Jessica Walters says she had to work. On not being angry with Jeffrey who plays her husband on the shell according to New York Times article she said he never crossed the line on our show with any you know sexual whatever verbally yes he harassed me that he did apologize mother Arrested Development cast members lead in on him or situation including Tony knows that we've all had moments. The rest of development season five part one. Launch is may 29 on Netflix. That's Fox News on Fox News. Let's get close time for a celebrity profile pop celebrity profile on Terrence Howard the empires are noticing is very loyal fans these days are. You illusionist more often there. And anything. Yeah yeah well I didn't. Know that the show has that kind of. And impact on our fans tell what better way to say they argued that does scare the daylights out of that I was always afraid of demons and spirits and all of that and I was a kid the actor transform this is New Orleans this state enjoy haunted house for Terrence Howard's right club complete with hitting camera we. Invited about two fancy commenced in the weekend with me and put him inside of a haunted house or non unusual circumstance and watch their interaction and allowed him to play and have a good time. Oh the moral of this right club clearly is to talk about it and to scream your way through it does not just hey how you do is like you skewed. Out of me Terrence Howard's bright cloud airs may 24 on fox actually to mark and Fox News. Danica Patrick will go from behind the wheel to behind the Mike you are hosting this here is asking its primary. Jimmy found there on NBC's the Tonight Show confirming with gets Danica Patrick that jewel in fact be the host for ESP and SP awards on July 18 the award show honoring the best athletic performances across the sports realm every year this upcoming edition being its 26 and the first time with a female host. And the first time as a woman so I'm gonna be the first woman was acting. He announcement coming ahead of Patrick's final professional racecar career in Sunday's Indy 500 where she will start in seventh Metafile top well Fox News. A prestigious comedy honors are being bestowed to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia Louie Dreyfuss will be the recipient of this year's Mark Twain prize for American humor try to set a record with her sixth consecutive lead actress in a comedy Emmy award for starring on HBO's. I have a very clear strategy I call it my dreams are we need to reform. Reaffirmed. Via the third car he award recognizes individuals. It's who've had. American society Richard Pryor was handed the first honor and recent recipients include Tina Fey Carol Burnett Eddie Murphy and Bill Murray the outer will be handed out October twice first in Washington DC the shelf Leno Fox News. Happy birthday today to Palm Beach on net. Who is eighty years old today ridiculous half of the teachings on comedy team in the 1970s. And the probably actually interviewed to somebody yes Steve Macintosh interview Tommy John Savage news very very nice very friendly. Barry picker is meant what he came off on the radio with me. A lot more intelligence that is characters he plays well we hope so yes and has done this it is it's. It's you know from being in California refuses to. Like a look at baseball waters them. Nice guy he was it and now he's in his eighties Tommy John turning eighty years old today. Popey the Sailor. Finding new life on the Internet he's gonna make his YouTube debut the. Worst Popeye cartoon came to life in 1929. At the nearly nine decades later these spinach loving sailor is making a comeback with a new animated series on YouTube the Popeye and friends channel thanks to a deal between family entertainment company while brain and pop it license or king features syndicate the president of king features saying in a statement while brain plans to produce new compiling oceans of pop my classic cartoons drawing from shell is including pop I pop by and sign and the continuing adventures of pop why the agreement will introduce the first original pop icon taking over a decade setting up a brand re launch for the characters ninetieth anniversary next year on increasing gun went Fox News. I'm wondering if the new pop idol will be able to without using his hands. Turning his pipe into a blowtorch. And opening tennis village without ever touching it with him well you'll have to find out as the old pop like you do it catches and a them. Via coming up Popey the Sailor man into the 21 century. Dick Martin passed away ten years ago today median Wal-Mart where he was part of the coming dueled Roland Martin closed the black. Back in the sixties and seventies. I didn't I didn't see yours says Dick Martin played a drunk heckling a Shakespeare performer that as a mainstay of their lives. I'd love to see that this that's big and again be bereavement. Add a couple of 25 years ago tonight a couple of TV shows England. 25 years ago tonight designing women had its CEO series finale like that's like this show. They enjoy that the rhetoric between the women I don't know that I ever. Awful absolutely and went down and Arkansas. Yeah five women Dicks I Carter any thoughts Jean Smart Delta Burke and hooks up via you know beat Jack Taylor is also intends. Designing women wrapped up 25 it was a little politically correct but on the other hand it was kind of fun to it was a good right. Well those rises the results produced by friends of the plea yet at the flowers you know. And also on that same night series finale of Doogie Howser MD. Which had a run four years wrapped up made it started Neil Patrick Harris I drank my feet I did not wanna watch that show but I got into it. After order to have so I like game that was Steven Bochco David B kill again there. Patrick there but should also ended 25 years ago tonight all right let's end with a couple yards from Conan O'Brien on TBS. She always has unveiled a sandwich called Abbas burger that contains I've kind of meet. Yeah I'm not to be outdone RVs release a sandwich that contains some kind of me. I all right let's stick with Conan for one Lauren in California a 102. Year old man 102. Year old man. Has set a world world record by being the oldest person to publish a memoir. Nickel about so when asked what inspired the book the man said what book. Entertainment news in the blurs brought to you by our good friends at Pete did Jon didn't derby. You know they're open Monday through Saturday 11 and 10 PM there's and pick the intent right there on the front at all by the desperate to get out. And have yourself a tasty super tasty pizza. It's on page fifteen it 208 cell Baltimore pizza John's end earning 844 Stephen did name change for a local company editor bill wall I thought the waist up business journal all the way. See the head of the morning on tape and as ass.