Pot luck ideas with Aly Rosen live in downtown Wichita

The Good Life
Saturday, March 17th

Guy has Aly on the phone live from downtown Wichita. Author Ali Rosen has put a long career in the food world to use, drawing on chef and restaurant secrets for easy dishes that will have friends begging for the recipe.


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Did welcome back good night it's gotten them you live today from the right off the Douglas by the clock tower that landed this. The Saint Patrick's Day parade and on and really thought it was a great place to watch your brother circle. Got a lot of traffic that that it would be head down this way go down Seneca northbound and park but they're like out to the west of the quick trip. And you'll be right there were depleted today at the moment just part of Seneca and you could still have part of a funded school and I'm probably another aren't happy with. So you've still got on my guest today is Alley religion the founder of both the pop up with Sally wrote that Google search and you'll find some very interesting thing. That she's doing Susan I ACP award winner. And this book is called and tried to lift the pop ups and countless native. We're gonna do it copy the next break it. The good life got dot com you can find out all about the book there's links to. Alleys FaceBook page and and you can follow her on Twitter and a lot of good. Alley we talked little about. Some of the things he might wanna consider whether you're having or going. Two it potluck. What are some of the things that and let's talk about. Hot hooted and not only transporting but some other recipes in the book that you think are really suitable hold up well. Her apartment. I think it. And I can type of hot is it brings up Hala line is that make it. Cook and his legacy and at the cool down a street and the others but I'm really light up again. And it can't over cook so I think that make it work well are. You need that require long. Feel like that the rest of her and shortness. Of Shalit. It's really easy began to impart to overcome you can make them today and I think they are that it thing and kind of read keep them. I'm there's a lot of talent corporate history they can occur are really long time that he beat them back up. The other not and figure for the having now over cook who's the you know the other and it is is like the elaborately heart you know they hail her as. Carrey made it hard hitter great in the back in Yemen for a minute it happened hot but and ethnic what. You know now that's pretty and it scared the you really wanna hear. You know with hot it is not over but he being planned because you know like over the and that's. You know one of the things I think is so cool is there's so many creative. Pieces of a cooking and or. Keeping warm equipment these days you know with those little mini propane tanks that they're outside midi like gave fondue set. Where it's propane bed is just have a little playing you can control what you. Did you know aside from that didn't even some of the if if you're going to a place of an electrical outlets. Some of the plugin deals and and and hot plates little light I. Transfer and he performance with the but do. Quit if you were gonna put on a party and you couldn't help people to bring. Salad issues. But I think we've all probably had this beautiful salad with fresh lettuce and you get it there and it's kind of will be any techniques to. A list of Seattle put it. And talent and the biggest thing you can do it he addressed to separate and cut that want to get there yet he could make the whole everything. But try to pocket the the other thing is to simply make sure you have greens that are heart into it and out. No you don't want again. You know. Mahler greens that kind of will I'm a people everybody to love Taylor at the moment I. You know really is it greens that would ever distracting is really threatening them. And want them being the party into the pulpit is that recipe in the book. Erica hill Alice that carry in your acting as often and you know. You can address that later but it's one of the ones that illegals to hold up as one if they really want to make sure that you're not in the week brown eyes well. Well Beth made certain my wife made solid last night or will make group and and it had just what you said it and it. He could well. He and slices. You know pencil thin little Julianne he could but terrorists and cabbage. And in the dressing was kind of an Asian themed. Little sesame oil you know and those vegetables help upgrade of it was added really nice crunch and you could put the dressing on and it held up for. Three hour. Before we let the other thing. Yeah I mean having at Alec without. Another thing in the book unit as a fighter amount of broccoli now news that. He's here and the elderly you. Let it wouldn't like he would have to have let it with a talented you know I mean a salad. Or vegetables and I think whenever we won't let them have a rampant on it though. At the other options you're really trying they're a fully. Letting. And go for something right like it happened like hearing that he's holed up and deal. Now with my vote without them they're here I think it will things with time. Had you ever used Brussels sprout leaves. I love that the fraud and ballot yet at that in the front the front part of the book in the Brussels sprouts salad. As well that they actually did he said it you know you wouldn't necessarily think that keeping go to get their that the rustic nature of them. Heartened that the heat with Mary perfectly together. Just there's so many things that. You get the habit of you use an iceberg lettuce and at the moment matter even Andy the other myriad other letters to her baby greens. But there's so many other things that you put the silent and it just and how you cut them. You know it's at like Julia and sticks. And beats of that's the way he c'mon c'mon. It then you don't you don't have to dig up the mandolin and if you wanna change stuff we use eight A. Yeah it's that the state Karen Allen. You can hit appealing it. You know people think that they need and equipment you really don't know him that you through regular healer and it's great you can have anything then settle workers who. He handled it pretty precarious. And you could do it almost any vegetable salad and. You know at eleven I wanna we're gonna take a break your commitment I wanna pick your brain we come back and talk about. What this coming year like if you're going to a party tonight and it's gonna have a green team what you might do you know. And when you you talked about the red pepper some interest in the book. You know making promises probably one of the easiest things you can do and then any other dip that has sour cream or manager. Cream cheese in them over the green colors. Indians. And then of course. Eastern Canada but we'll talk about about that but now will be to give you a copy of this book you've got to be caller number five you load number. Area code 316. 86913. Thirty palm now 31686913. Thirty Andrew Baghdad revoked and we'll do a copy of bring it. Try to lift before potluck and that's what it calls now we'll be right.