Potato soup, grilled cheese, chili & margaratias

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

A hungry Steve McIntosh must be ready to dine, as he chats with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal ...


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9713. Thirty to. As we are expected to add in the morning at 847. The three big things they need. American women capture a hockey gold at the Olympics are seeing the Internet is his step mom arrested on child endangerment charges. Icy conditions bring more closings and cancellations. To south central Kansas. We make things even dead on in a sense. Traffic update here on this Thursday morning and we've had some slick travel in some places in the Wichita area some of the main roadways or slushy but there are some must side streets. If you have a much more icy. Complexion to them that's causing trouble in some places this morning. Including the Riverside neighborhood near north river boulevard and eleventh street where car went into the river one person to get out safely with some minor injuries. Fire crews had. When that car out of the river. And it was described as north river boulevard was described as a complete sheet of ice nearly impassable at one point we had sand trucks out there this. But it felt that situation a little bit. We do you have also the report OK sorry and it did just 1854 and where the and police taking up the report of an assault in the 2800 block of south Emporia traffic update from Kagan an SS radio announced the. This. Winter weather advisory until noon today 30% chance for freezing rain and drizzle today high of 36 degrees. Yesterday's tigers in the gates on Norman up a little bit. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight loan twentieth and Friday partly sunny and warm up to 46 to march 5 conceal melting about that. Now freezing drizzle called Andy's pretty Green Zone and a golf. Hall. That's the current river freely that's right or Michael running almost everything right that the best spots there. All right 32 curveball poll by the way Kate and assistant weather brought you by the monarch. Go to one of the best burger bars in America by the for a good grief you're looking to find 79 mr. Douglas in historically known of the monarch. Eight Ferndale Michigan man. Who used to smoke bomb to try to rid his crawl space of skunks succeeded. But he also owed nearly burned down his apple yeah firefighters were called to a home after the renter who lived their uses smoke bomb in the crawl space. Try to drive out the skunks and there in the middle firefighters arrived flames were already in the crawl space at all on the first floor. The mental fire authorities he waited fifteen minutes after the fire started. Before calling 911 apparently wanted to make sure that the house's. Root you on fire and not be charged for hopefuls call. A major liberal policy group is raising the ante on the health care debate with a new plan that builds on Medicare to guarantee coverage for all. Called Medicare extra for all the proposal to be released today by the Center for American Progress. Gives politically energized Democrats more options to achieve a long sought goal. Still the plan would preserve a role for employer coverage. And for the health insurance industry employers and individuals. Would have a choice of joining Medicare extra but it would not be required. And stocks. Closed Dalembert yesterday S&P fell nearly fifteen points Dow dropped a 167. And the NASDAQ lost sixteen points. 851. Now Stephen tint on Cain is this a game under store all move in Wichita editor bill Roy though it's a business and with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yeah gander outdoors says it will be moving into the space that was gander mountain in Wichita as water rock development. Began around doors Twitter account said it will open look opened a location there in May. K our water block referred questions to developer George why am. My ham development spokesperson Amy Leno says the company doesn't have anything to share at this time we'll keep following it. Don hadn't Chevrolet buying these Ford the guest of grant and Steve and the owner of the Ford dealership the transaction expected to close march 1 the purchase price was not disclosed. Rumors have been swirling about the possible deal for several weeks business journal asked patents general manager about possible sale. He denied it Eddie's Ford will now be the fourth which is high area patent dealership. Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad is spending a lot of money in Kansas this year the company says it'll spend 130 million dollars. To make real improvements throughout state. BNSF says the plan emphasizes maintenance projects with the largest component regular rail ties. BNSF track passes through which Todd Newton against it and Wellington. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role of bill. You're dealing with a frosty weather and I mean it personally you. Steve and probably won't be printed word of stock in camp down to work there at the that's been the most and cabinet and a big sweater on so now there's kind of stay warm that lie in course taken it easy out on the streets Asif sweater have a big the picture rub dogma or something like that are just went oh no pictures and it's just kind of one of those quarters zip deal. I'm classy yeah like yeah fashion like here about fashion. Having you know Johnson County well. Oh. You got me a threat that's veteran a plaza. On. Oval all the ball a little. The last night to say Chile fix me some great potato soup. Meehan was yum. East. But we have and Clinton in there capital you know we don't do and that's what's at stake in this every thought that saint gently on the gonna criticize or coping. She could hear about it you know sometimes teachers are active duty purposes to deal she also threw an grilled cheese sandwich or. Man and I like your mail penalties sandwich with a couple pickles every royalties which mound can't say that I had this kind of a thing down here in western Kansas had one of those Kingman deals are piloting went into dot cities debate on pickles. Al Dotson as well I lived there for a time you know. I don't think they've got any action or statues out there that extent that I think that they don't. Today is severe hall of Famer and a bit. People in Kansas don't care about that says that is national Margarita day. Yes the tee to elevate Scott Steele. Pickets have specials on mark Reid is almost everywhere right during the afternoon. Oh council via a U Margarita and again I feel like you know. I'd I'd I do like Marguerite it is not my preferred drink but I do like Margarita as we had a Margarita machine. If you'll remember at the biggest lottery last summer. I don't know if you guys got that. Into that. I don't way I think I don't all of the other wedding. I don't out. I don't remember that maybe it's because I had in my career that's there you go on it now apparent that the as alternative we can celebrate national chilly day. All those great day fortunately this is a chilly day a new election legal EU debt are. Elicited we're celebrating the fact that the US women's hockey team won the gold. New Zealand Louisiana three into issued out of the Canadians. And congratulations to the win and beat it about that moment Lubbock 854 Stephen Teddy coming up K and assist news at nine. Another icy day brings closings and cancellations that normally hear at the top of the heart the dead on king and a sense.